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Gina Browning of the SPCA

Mar 21, 2014|

Gina Browning of the SPCA pays her weekly visit to WBEN.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gina Browning is here at her weekly visit from the SP CA serving Erie county -- -- -- mining and we have another dissident. And -- very desirable breed for news countenance and a wonderful -- six years old his name is -- I'd shepherd mix probably don't Italy had been here he's plant with his ears that stand right up. Very sweet -- And he's separate action however people want to see him at -- time I want to shelters he is and a volunteer monster home we comments and released on my. This is a -- who. Deteriorate and panels -- is a little nervous around other Don he's nervous around children. Can't make him a little jumpy and sell one or two days and shot her. We noticed right away that -- he was deteriorating. At a very rapid rate. We knew we can't keep the stock up for adoption is a great Don liked it it wouldn't work out with him in the shelter. These Foster homes are tied it when we say that these Oster -- giving animals a second chance -- life they do now if we didn't have -- Foster home what we have actions amount and an awful because he just you know nobody would be interested in this -- in -- -- anxiety would be just unbearable that tank and it's hard because people don't know we can't these animals unless our web site. And that we're always looking for Foster homes that's why two narrows Foster information session so important we put our numbers together for the session tomorrow. We realize out of the 121000 animals were surrendered in 2013. To the SP CA. 3266. Of them started -- sponsoring and screw my cash if you didn't hand these Foster families. Well in jail busting at the seams that's right and -- you know you look at it -- -- we could -- 3200 animals and you look at a face like dieters who you think here's one like it was saved because -- best. He 300 lines received because of these Foster program and now these are these are tremendous people who do this point now if somebody's interested in Dieter. What do they do they can cost they'll arrange a meeting with that a new lease on my hotline. And that number is 609. 0189. Or they can call me out and touch with the -- -- either in his. And he's how -- he's crate trained and write home he will be a plug in on. Probably an adult home would he do best in a one packed house while possibly you know made it remains to be seen getting some training now on his -- which is -- -- aliens. Right now if he wants considering. Think you know hey I can think kidnapping of Foster two to a -- They should act today -- Haitian people we have our information session tomorrow it's happening right at the time I want to shelter and has been around should you register for that if you -- -- -- we asked people to -- we have an idea we have to provide refreshments cadets of brinksmanship so we -- people Clinton. And respond Paris BP that it session with a conditional up to -- at 10 am happily accept block and isn't. People who can't make a session tomorrow but who still would like to balance here can -- our shelter and they get involved -- the Foster program with 1 -- on training. I have to wonder with Foster families. Do they often end up adapting a pet if they're watching veering off and there are some people -- felt Oster. None I think Garrett Eric -- argued it Fong monthly purify your pet. Does that stack them from Austria in the future sometimes because very often these animals hit behavior issues and Aaron home because they don't do well that animals. There is -- Foster family and it snapped at poppy can't have another animal. -- gearing up to our Foster families are intact and finding homes and around as -- -- and I that they don't take great pride in that I'll be absolutely do we have a Foster parents who take a man cannon man his letter. -- nine kittens. The Boston family becomes just incensed with that finding homes for all of those animals in the area and the animals never returned to the shelter of an entity stating. That it's fantastic anti -- program so this is right at the and -- and shelter to trial yet and again people can't -- the session will still take them on his volunteers with some one on one training. Okay and Gina great if you wanna check out dieters picture and he's a beautiful he's a shepherd -- with a little bit of -- all black really -- up. Just a beautiful -- and check it out your SP CA dot org the animals on the Airways page to have a great weekend things -- team.