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Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz

Mar 21, 2014|

Poloncarz joins John and Susan to talk about high prices in parking lots during the NCAA Tournament

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome Erie county executive mark pulling cars. The county executive is our next guest on the WB a -- line as we talk about NCAA high parking fees and downtown buffalo. Mark good morning thank you for joining us. Mortgage. Market you've got downtown and you got the last parking space available. And it cost sixty bucks which you pay for it. I think it kind of part of their -- sort of park. It's great that we have the NC and is having a tremendous economic impact on the community I was at the second session yesterday in talks -- Cleveland. Just want to attend the initiation. Of -- -- that there were probably. Shouldn't put some folks Rochester and it was that percent because the Rochester folks go to -- -- one individual coveted that they were going to hearken back a lot. Until they realized it was sixty dollars. Though it normally park and a lot her favorite is there a little twenty dollars. I sort of that presage to people try to walk the red carpet. And it will help people -- income. Across the country that you've been Apple's older or taking advantage of the situation migration breached. More higher than they normally -- -- Other events. At the arena. You know are we saw you reacting on Twitter yesterday to the sixty dollar parking. And you mentioned may be looking into it with the attorney general I mean is there anything that can be done about it. I didn't contact -- -- Oval Office and spoke to his assistant attorney general in charge double for the Michael Russo. Political prolonged tensions are practice law in and that he confirmed that they were getting reports of it and it looked into it. And that you have a credit coaching law but it only apply. In situations that would be considered normal but it. Yeah he's in the current what you're seeing these slopes and different that the emperor of how all that often. Is not considered their global and to their global event would be. Maybe he winter storm or natural disaster were. Or bad need of that such a scenario which is returners to act the good example. If a winter storm at the stores are shut down. Stores. Are generally prohibited from object for Croatia -- looked really -- -- few. If this gas could get into Western New York. As a result of a closer picture on the roads. The remaining gas stations could picture person per gallon from three dollars and fifty cents a move it to eight or nine dollars -- -- illegal. With a situation like this is more. Well we'll -- -- buyer beware. -- -- it was -- -- it was all so good about its well we're trying to raw red carpet outer fringe of the convention and visitors bureau. Kerry -- story folks here -- -- help others who were cheering world's great economy in the crowd just give us much care Kara. -- it is so bad because we're individuals were disabled who returned to get those people generally try to park and host slots I can walked wild let that bother to actually able to -- a wheelchair. You -- to try to park and the -- a lot she -- so you can get in the oil too much. Trouble you -- the one of which were attracted the most. We're talking live with -- Erie county executive mark calling cards mark do you think buffalo gonna go to black guy because of the sort. Do you thing out of town and even our local fans are just gonna accept this is part of the territory that comes with a major event like the tournament. I don't know so much a black guy. It's just that he can do because they are chased in hero. Mostly in doubles all the at the parking lot charged global reached. That the parking -- are controlled by the city apostle owned by the shoot off slowly did raise the outrage they don't do adapt to keep the rate steady so probably the -- cultural event. -- church to go yesterday and the part they're OpenId. Which is all those situations where he sometimes happens where people try to take advantage of the situation but I don't. Spent a lot of time and effort with our friends from the convention and visitors bureau. Patrick can you live in the presidency you know church out of business leaders say look try to waste it. Show people that go well for languages -- -- not just that this occurred yet create the ignore come -- emerged that more time here. In the people think of our critic of the buffalo because I -- -- So parking lot while they're big they want to vote how accurate -- to spend a couple of trees here and see what we have. I would rather see that money be spent in the structure of our. For dinner and then hopefully they'll our our readers make some money out trips that are just going into the pocket notebook. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah what about tomorrow when the tournament moves up to the next level do you think. That parking Michael up to. I think parking is gonna go up. Based on the reports that I actually. Part started out that that one lot at 40 dollars in the morning in the -- is in their core search -- sixty dollars. So with Syracuse having moved on to the next shrouded in. Don't sound any better this year or gesture it was so be sure she stands in town -- expecting a lot. To be at their declaration gender or even more. Has that says not a legal which is all the things that sort of ways of irritation about. Because you're used the parking lot for example where people go with their for their work. They would think they're paid six dollars globally pearl open apart for the workers in the open to a lot to do over to a park period pre ordered auction. Well I -- Parker to work they should. Of the matter. So -- ultimately. Have an impact of the workers on Saturday I would expect if you're planning on parking. And a lot of it at all a lot of -- Why would trigger people final turn of parking. More we have a lot charging normal -- celebrate -- -- a little bit but appeared extremism.