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Visit Buffalo Niagara CEO Patrick Kaler

Mar 21, 2014|

President and CEO of Visit Buffalo Niagara Patrick Kaler talks about day one of the NCAA Tournament in Buffalo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo was in the national spotlight and hit a couple of days most exciting games and it men's basketball tournament. And Patrick from your standpoint how to buffalo look at how to buffalo do. I think we did a great job yesterday you know we had a late night last night what is going -- pretty -- a couple of overtime there but. You know we showed great on TV. I think the 181000 stamps -- -- the arena had a great time in between the two sessions yesterday and restaurants were very responsible and I think overall it went very well. Patrick I know you must've heard like of course we have. About a parking lot to. Price gouging a week and call -- that in downtown buffalo not too far from a first Niagara center and -- not much you can do about it but what do you think about it. Yeah it's it's really unfortunate and before I actually went to the arena myself to give to my seat. Much it'll right through war and you know I saw about. Stream signed with the right that's going up and down by. In my opinion they were pretty far and few between. And we were very aggressive -- our -- team putting out these lives that had. More reasonable parking. Sometimes and the single digit as well above the ten hour. Metres along the streets leading up to you via arena that we're. Open as well you know Regents Park and ours for two dollars so we were doing a great job unfortunately there were some of those votes should -- we were driving -- that chills through period at fifty dollars and that -- portion -- -- -- you're right there's not a whole lot I can do about it in my position but. I think we did a great job as far as getting now -- permission on the cheaper places to park and it's actually have those connections to decide where they want that the car. Well today's an off day for the buffalo tournament against a resume here until tomorrow night so I think this is when you guys really ramp up and you not only helping with restaurants and parking tips. The cheer him. -- entertaining fans to -- That's our plan today yeah we the hotels were awful last night we've got people staying through Saturday and Sunday. In town so we're hoping that everybody gets out about the many of the museums are running specials today and specialized -- -- about we've got all the its mission and our visitors center of the market RK. We're gonna be tweeting all day -- -- -- change. At hatched -- but hoops. So lots of ways for people to find out what's going on where they can get information man. You know we're just. Pleased that it's going to be at night stay -- sirens started to come out and let them look what they have potluck today. All -- all Patrick -- -- some reaction from out of towners and how they like being you know how you're being catered to. He added that that's been the great thing to a personal medium yesterday while at the tournament I was giving away hundred dollar gift certificate to restaurants that the I have I'm in between McCain spent. I spoke to Syracuse fans were actually -- -- They were thrilled with everything that they were experiencing. Spoke to some -- -- And they were having a great time and upload. You know and partially. For the Ohio State fans that I spoke to -- of -- went. There are so have a great time -- How did they ask me signs go and -- they've -- and still be out you know on today and tomorrow to. Yet yet there's still going to be out about it and they were great in between the two sessions yesterday I walked up and down even saw a lot of interaction and that was really great what a -- other stories we actually help somebody our social media under 24 hour pharmacy. Because with regard -- mother -- at home so wait you know were also popular on the medical front here about oh well that's -- -- -- Miles sounds like it's gonna via a lot different in an NN could weaken a four Patrick thanks so much for joining us. My pleasure thank you that's Patrick Taylor he's the president of visit buffalo and Ankara.