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CBS Correspondent Steve Futterman

Mar 21, 2014|

Steve Futterman gives an update live from Malaysia on the search for the missing airline jet.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have made our connection to Kuala Lumpur or the capital of Malaysia CBS's Steve -- standing by to talk of those. Steve is there any promise at all to all of this searching of the south Indian Ocean. I think there may be but pretty. Birdies out there that would replace today's realist and it's going to be very difficult not to that people -- -- not -- the complaint. Didn't probably go down into court would be Indian Ocean but barring that these relatively small objects he delivered and are willing to work. Mutual large of the plane compared -- -- bad trouble and Indian Ocean and this is like a a speck of stranded at the beach. -- yesterday we're hearing that the searchers had been a bad weather to deal with poor visibility and -- very low clouds and so forth what was the weather like today. The weather wasn't true but visibility was much better they were able to conduct the church is another problem they're -- is what what he's trying to go out. This search area. They're using most of their fuel. You go back and -- are only -- -- it'll be able to do actual church. For a couple hours and can't go back feature called that would not fuel on the playing choked back another complicating the issue but. Other what did you think was apparently okay now the next couple days Carnegie warring in the area. So that's gonna complicate things -- so one thing that was nurtured by the acting Transport Minister here Malaysia in the last couple of hours. He says we're in this for the long haul that may not mean it we're gonna get -- -- solution. Anyway I asked this question of an earlier guess we've been wondering -- all of the expertise that this country has the USA. We're wondering is there any reason why we are not more actively involved in the search for this plan. I I think we are actively involved. They're under a lot of pride here -- Malaysian officials want the world -- she that they are able to deal with something like this they -- getting lots of Coke in fact today B Trent acting transport units are good. They have the most. Sophisticated equipment in the world that they're being allowed to utilized. Although best the most sophisticated plane to do a search like this are being provided by of the US and other countries. They have these are pieces of equipment these aircraft app -- -- their disposal but you know it just not make any difference again it's like I didn't expect a stranded the beach. And we also heard yesterday too that the satellite images that we were all focused on what those two objects. Were four days old me today to five days old at that has to be part of this too. Yeah what does take awhile for these the departure of should be completed received these images it's not exactly like the stroke -- you to try your opponent but what you see it. Eric -- a lot of processors tempted to become the picture that we saw. Our in our newspapers and on TV but you know that that does bring up another issue obviously with the currency and there are very. Very difficult current in this part of the southern Indian Ocean obviously. These remnants. Aren't all the objects are not where they want work. How Edberg they do have tracking. They do have tracking data to indicate where these peace is like being right now civilian area they are given a bit of an idea where these these pieces would probably be. Based on the current that they based on the Indian Ocean. And that the waiting has to be the hardest for these families. That's right -- -- at least argument they hold onto any glimmer of -- ended chill remnants are -- -- this forty. They are -- to hold onto the glimmers of hope that they have. Even know. Almost every one. -- it is virtually impossible that any of these people on board the -- are wide and the idea of this plane landing somewhere is -- -- sure I guess anything's possible but as each day goes by. Even these. Fractions -- impossible really become what so much. We are grateful for your time this morning folks I was CBS's -- fun of us live from Kuala Lumpur war in Malaysia.