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Former Pilot Peter Buffington

Mar 21, 2014|

Former Piliot Peter Buffington Updates us on the Malaysian plane search

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's been nearly two weeks since Malaysia airlines flight 370 was lost -- aerial search of a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysia jetliner. Has so far come up empty. And talk about it now on the WB in lifeline this morning is former pilot -- off intense piquant morning. The more than that isn't the only -- does it have we since we first yeah. So we don't and we don't have that much more inflation now. Now after those -- expert were discovered on science satellite images does that surprise you that they haven't found it. No you don't really like finding a needle in haystack those. Opted that this suspect that that they had followed our 16100 miles off the coast of Australia. And they're using -- Australia at the they -- the search and rescue. Effort and this you can that are out there that -- creole and -- aircraft that are using. To go out and search this area. In our kitchen this three hour flight just yet there. And then they're probably. Only able to search for maybe 12 hours before and -- return for refuel so. It's a very daunting task. Peter if the plane did crash and into the ocean and you would think it would break up and then among the first items to float to the service. Would be the plane seats you would think would not be right would that be correct correct assumption. Yeah there's a chance of that however have the the aircraft. -- touched down on them and were -- flaps. A profile much like the Hudson River crash. That could have -- -- the maybe the wings broke off from the capital remaining to. That were the case then the only thought you might find our our -- are -- aircraft and these seats. In order for them to float free you have to have a breakup of the captain. So there is that possibility that the tablet remained intact. And so without those so without a lot of the -- well into the surface. The other way and has they're very -- and the fact that they hope of fuel and aircraft in -- -- through its fuel. There were the air attacks -- console when he missed that floats. The wings so electrical southerner 200 feet in length. So. You know if you have one -- -- off -- to you could easily find. An object sporting that was anywhere chilly maybe fifty and a hundred -- like and that traffic concurrently. The Arctic that had found yesterday it was 78 he -- so there's hope that that could be one of the links. And a and an object. Like -- that size could still be floating thirteen days after. Sure yeah you know be much much like a raft with. You know buoyancy of -- -- who's the fuel tank so. But you know the longer it goes fired more difficult it's going to be to find the actual. Crash location -- back to the ocean current drifting. Storms and he changes them and current. So even if they were defined -- -- -- there is the task of actually finding the exact location of -- that the crash. Retrieved the black boxes. Peter the US has teams that qualified experts who could assist the Malaysian government -- airline to search for the line. Except for like a minor role is there any reason the US is no more actively involved illness. Well articulate the main thing has cost you -- to have these just these navy ships out searching them you know that that the money has to come from somewhere and insured defenses pretty -- the how much money they're actually spur spending and how much effort. As you know leading nation in the world we -- elect our expertise and help and assistance. But looks something like that's you really have to look at how much money the citizens costing the nation. You know for a 44 aircraft. That down and so whatever I think everybody talks. A quick then reasonable conclusion this just to happened here. And -- doesn't affect us but it's gonna happen peep thank you for the time this when we appreciate it. Earlier former airline -- keep nothing ten also author of squawk 7700.