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3-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No one ponds with an assault rifle -- Yeah. -- -- the all time. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. It happened to that. Gary -- To strong silent type. Was a maverick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like you. You have loans. I'd like bonus yeah. Right. It's true that a lot of truth in that intro. I have not figured out my section I I have not figured it out I don't know that I ever will look at it like that Ryan. Steve Jobs used to a John knows that. -- always drives by my house. I know is one of these days he's gonna get an equipment violation. Dude you gotta get a -- muffler that's an equipment violation. Get it fixed pay Amherst ups. I have set people that believe me -- or distributors. How old are right too soon Ryan gates is our call -- it's never too soon to -- yourself. I do. And also never really pulled my side but. I made by. How are you good but. -- a couple of topics for you. Because this this is about you guys. Use guys. You guys -- gonna have kids graduated college couple months. And if your children are. Thinking ahead. There are thinking to themselves whether there graduated with a BA BS -- have -- every day or god forbid a Ph.D. God forbid they get a Ph.D. in philosophy from UB and then go on to teach at Rochester and say the climate change the niners ought to be put in death camps I mean prisons -- camps. God forbid that happens thank you be releasing that. -- to use the -- too many times to. Tool on the world. What do you tell your kids. To stay. Or to -- And I got something else for you which I think cut ties activists in a weird way. Because. I noticed. As a cultural anthropologist. And please keep in mind. What I say cultural anthropologist. What that means years. I pretend that gives me license to do anything I want in the name of show Oprah that's exactly what it means. Moreover. It means that I study human behavior. As an amateur. And I figured out that all of life. Can be explained by love sex and money. Everything to do with life has something to do with love sex or money. Everything. Why what it's hardly original thought. Every great my it has come to the same conclusion. Love sex money the biggest -- of yours in the universe among stupid human beings. But I've noticed. Probably in my twenties. Never really paid attention to it that there was a real difference. Between the sterile white bread family from which I came. You know German French Asian denial. There's a real difference between our family. And the Italian families and cozy Italian families. You know there are always like family with a capital F. The family that I. I have was more like family with a small -- I know that this is generalized thing and I hope you'll forgive me. But generally speaking people don't mind if you generalize but in a positive way. Italian Americans. Tend to have. Not always tend to have very strong family roots and there's a lot of pressure. There's a lot of but there's a lot of pressure. That comes from being an Italian American especially the further south you go on the boat. And god forbid jurors are so. Because then god forbid your dating somebody who isn't a Sicilian whose great great grandfather had an issue witnesses tell -- all I got. These things military or. But I do have a question for this kind of based on. What I talked about with car. How much of York like family history. Lineage. You know what do you German Americans Irish American polish American. Yet many American publisher that carries down through the ages. I think it's a good question if you did -- one of those situations you know of what I speak. If you haven't been one of those situations and you don't know of what I speak maybe somebody will be able to explain it to you better than I. But as a cultural anthropologist I did notice this many years ago. Bet the strongest families I saw tended to be Italian American families. Also some of the most vicious. In a vicious feuds fights. But at the end of the day hugs and kisses are let's go to Albert in -- -- -- Albert you're around your children graduate. -- -- ask you the question now that I have my degree from UB where babies come from. Now they say now have a degree from UB delight stay in buffalo or two ago what is it. Yeah well hum I actually first my son to join the military is that certain. In the regular do that no you resides in Florida. And he just opened the second law practice. Went to join the military as an attorney. So he automatically went in as a commissioned officer. Well you college degree at their nickel and as an officer. OK but what -- how. At what rank did he entered the service. You oh he didn't do it all okay sorry you have you lost -- Initially -- armored eight urged him that that I love the military like four years during Vietnam. And I didn't purged them that say -- there's great benefits UB over the because I don't be a lawyer but in the military to get great benefits. -- -- what but you know what the law is that I'm not -- anything you don't know. The law is so broad in encompassing introduce social specialized. That you know some people do real estate law. Personal injury law slip and fall law can be a sub specialty personal injury law. -- -- -- about how many times legacy that damn man on TV mesothelioma. Testosterone can tell you. If you could tell by testosterone call us felt well I haven't killed by testosterone. African. Yeah. But anyway what what is your -- special area of the law. Yeah I attended his graduation -- -- Vanderbilt university in the actual but I do remember that being saying he opened his speech as saying. You graduates will always here which. Because the IRS's -- -- Eric flaws. -- -- -- system that always change in the works -- that are. And now. -- -- New York. But I can't fit but I'm gonna ask you the question one more time before I give up what is your son's special practice of the law where does he specialized. -- all in Florida. All hello what's up easy street. -- -- doesn't surprise me in the least. -- -- -- There's a special right here and in -- -- so rarely talk on the full. And it's very possible to do that you do not physically need to work in a state in order to earn an estate. Are pretty I think that's pretty impressive now is as his father. Are you at are you still disappointed that he didn't go into the military because that's -- his bag baby. So let's find out or not -- supported emit light position. And become an -- like I watched and then turn golf pro. Because -- so we we have an agreement that he would be accurate accounting. Degree and eventually golf pro. But. In the first period -- -- all political and locals are and I respect -- Okay that part. The all -- and I'm letting my daughter go for political science degree is as a springboard to law school because otherwise she's gonna be flipping burgers. That's an excellent at local fire up stagger your. Where I went. It's a fun it's a fine school with a great reputation and I'm glad things worked -- if somebody got in order to have a business like that. It just out of curiosity. Why did he choose Florida. Instead of Western New York because the ultimate metaphor for Western New York is when they tore down my elementary school and replaced it with senior housing. That pretty much sums up Western New York why not -- year. Yeah well are you a warm climate. And I hear you hear what Florida by the way -- -- -- -- -- book overly. Well all right -- friends not enough Fort Myers is -- yeah yeah I do until I went four miners. Annual profit micro on what you -- about. To happen now. How is that 23 point. Oh -- And. What ultimate -- -- when -- and I'm here. You're in children -- well our electorate. I chuckle. I -- we say nineteen years ago. When I don't spring brook golf pro shops and the business partner -- his office and he. And he was sharing with me that there's like biological clock was -- out that there thing about having -- -- And it does -- -- out of his office he has been a question. He has requested. Is accurate or well welcome YouTube just turned out well. And I -- I don't know what the answer sort. I don't know too much law. And and and look I'm glad you called. I'm not gonna say look -- going to be some guys they all my kids were perfect angels they never got into any trouble at all. I didn't we wanted to -- that I think that but guess what they outgrew. They went through -- there are now my daughter wants to be a lawyer my son. I I there's a lot of stuff I'd like to see go to film school. I know that sounds really stupid for father to say that but he might my son is -- he's too brilliant that's the problem. He's Smart -- that I. Certain seriously measurably smarter demonstrably smarter than -- he's like this so -- genius type. Bastard all right it is. I'll get a text from over the about a two minute tepid and LOL thanks. -- let's find out about that traffic here's our traffic's a month notice I did not say idiot here is Allan Harris Alan I'll go to the drive home. AccuWeather basically all I really wanna tell you about since the weather is just gonna continue to suck until I say otherwise. Look up for black ice after sunset south and east of the city. Is looking at this rate your driving west of the city in your on the lake. You're going to be in deep do do no matter what so don't drive on the late bad news by the way. They're really nice voice mail from like Kevin McCaffrey -- just retired air one. And eatery county sheriff's department and you know I gotta tell it. Kevin -- lieutenant Kevin retired. -- to me. He always that we're never gonna agree on drug wars ever. But. He represents. To me. The very finest in law enforcement. Because his model was always to protect and serve. How did you realize there's -- he just retired. And by the way the Erie county -- make a whole lot less money than some of the local cops and certainly the state police on on ballots to Seattle. Kevin McCaffrey has saved more lives. That anybody I know. Anybody of whom I've ever hurt. At risk to his all. That's what I wanna emphasize -- got paid for. Do you think -- getting paid for it made it any easier to fly his chopper to virtually the break of doom. At Niagara Falls fifteen years ago or actually 25 years ago or more. To get those people out of the water. He put his own life on the line. In -- times to save other people's lives. About sitting here just get out of blow smoke up Kevin can operate but I just wanna tell -- That was how cops used could be. That is what I used to think of what I thought police work. God is who not only would give you the shirt off their back. But guys who would literally sacrificed their life to try to save yours. I don't see that same kind of dedication as much anymore. I see a different mentality in the younger cops and they do in the older cops. I get I get the email poke your bashing police. Now there's a difference. When police are protecting and serving. In good faith are always gonna have my support. When they're abiding by the constitution. We will always have my support. Here's the problem. The guy is that I know best. Are either retiring or already have retired. Today were the best of police work. They respected the constitution. They respected. The Fourth Amendment. The Fifth Amendment that First Amendment either was speaking in generalities here they knew. What you get what rights you had and what right you walked ahead. The younger crop. Are the products of the clintons bush and Obama. I don't trust the younger cops as far as I can throw. Because I think a lot of -- more -- To be honest with her I think a lot of them are not in it for the right reason. There in it for the money there in it for the benefits. Their -- for the twenty and out. And if they have to screw your constitution. For that but for their projected -- more than happy to throw into another into Walter. That's how I feel about most of the younger cops I've met. And I'm gonna call upon you guys or older preferably without the collar breasts. If you guys who may be turned out promotions over the years in even take the sergeant exam you'd ever wanted to be lieutenant. What you talked to these young kids coming out and say a youngsters there's more to be a cop and write a seatbelt ticket. You've got to be called on at any given moment to sacrifice your life for somebody else like Kevin -- read a lot. You've got to understand that freedom still means something in America. And it can only come from other cops can't come for me it can't come for my listeners and asked to come from guys in the clot. I'm imploring the older cops before you guys retire can you please. Give the younger guys and gals ladies some lessons in the constitution and freedom. Because a player. I've been under well there are some of the younger cops -- Hate the senate I have 526 at WB Ian. Here. I mean this. -- -- -- And finally figured out how to -- is rich hall hall. -- Can't sing and as. You. Such an easy little thing here but so poignant so affect. -- at 535 news radio 930 WBE. And now -- well it's not debacle I'm sorry. It's so typical entertainment personality you're good -- one thing and you think that by virtue of being good one thing you'd be good at other plants. I do agree talk show. I've -- idea great guitar player all -- But anyway eight thanks for is not a party today with me -- Can never. In a gazillion years. Give you enough thanks. For bringing me into your life. Hopefully when you've got a tough day in getting your car. In the world blows. And you know you're gonna go home to a -- storm. Hopefully I've provide some respite for -- hopefully I get you laughed once today. And ideally I get you think about something you've never thought about once a week. In -- -- done that a five major lap 300 odd days a year in a fight it got you to think 48 -- thoughts every year. That I think of them my job I've never been under the delusion talk radio can change the world it can't. Now it really care. Much as I'd like to believe it can it really -- But anyway thanks thanks for being part of the dysfunctional. Radio audience. We have great chemistry. A magic in magnetism. I can't explain it. But I know that it means everything to me and I. Think you can tell wanted to screw around -- abusers it it really does. Now. A lot of hit earlier today. -- wanna do this topic. But I was at a rant at the beginning of this year. About the people bitching about the parking prices for the NCAA. Folks if you go to another town. Do your due diligence before -- -- Anybody seriously. Anybody coming to buffalo. Could've easily stayed. In a seventy or eighty dollar A night hotel. Okay parked for free you beat south campus and take in the trade down for what ten dollar round trip. Less. Well I go to -- hockey and I think it's ten dollar round trip but it's been awhile. Because we have to go back to the time we had -- NHL team out of trouble lately. So well. That's -- you had did that. And I know that some of the media types. Are gonna be going after the parking lot owners. And all you parking lot owners have to do to a Buffalo News reporter is say we'll tell us something Bob McCarthy. As your newspaper work for -- Tell me something how many people Bob has Warren Buffett laid off -- the Buffalo News in the past three years. Why are you so scared of talk radio. Ask questions like bet. And if it's a TV reporter. Asked the same questions. Yup I pay sixty dollars so people can park in an all day event what do you charge for one minute commercial during your news. Lou you've totally shut them down. Totally. -- be bullied by the media don't let them bully you. Because they like to pretend there on your side right. I am. Obviously I have a financial interest in this I don't work for free. I don't expect parking lot of tennis to work for free either. I don't expect parking -- owners to work periphery. Now are they doing the right thing by got by gouging. Well. If people are willing to pay it I guess they're not overpriced. That's like somebody saying all these pro athletes are overpaid. No not somebody agreed to pay them 100 billion dollars to play football. If somebody agreed to pay them that the word that. -- ask a question. Your wife might be the hottest. Woman in Western New York. All right it chances are I probably know. Sorry guys -- little contribution in my life but I appreciate it but your wife might be the hottest thing in Western New York. How many -- could she put into an arena or stadium. May be a hundred. So -- a football player signs for a hundred billion dollars. The owner who pays the money believes that athlete is worth it. Prepared. I can never understand that argument. You wanna talk about people were underpaid I got there are so many people were underpaid and our society idol were to begin at all I'm sorry I do. Our our people our military. Any idea the kind of -- money the military pays people. Go over -- Afghanistan or rock. To get their legs blown off give any idea. They make crap. It is our society screwed up now. It is. Is it ever gonna change now because no matter how brave our soldiers are. Unless you turn into the next all Eddie Murphy. When you get out you're just another guy looking for a job. Unless you've got a special skill set that's gonna put 5000 -- -- in -- -- Every that's just -- these are cold hard realities of life. That you need to understand it. I'm not saying there right and that's and it's the wage should be a it unless it's -- way I like it but it just happens to be reality. -- Reality sometimes sucks. While ago I try to escape from it every -- like it's called Jamaica. 803 on -- thirty is the phone ever start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. So. Parking lot guys are gonna get savaged. By the way Michael Savage Savage Nation and the one tonight WB yet but. I've already given them defenses against being attacked by other people in the media. Bad if your cold out like people like Byron brown or mark Poland cars part of the Democrat machine that runs the state. Here's all you have to say. Well if were. Being so confessed at -- with the money we're charging. Did the county. Put out a memo saying it wouldn't accept the bad tax revenue from tourists. Because I didn't get that memo. Is the county not gonna collect sales tax money when people fill up their gas tanks to drive back to Syracuse. Mitt -- cars today puts out this -- Sixty dollars we've rolled out the greed debt carpet why is OK for government to be greedy. But the private sector. Takes a beating for taking advantage of a situation where it is a supply and demand equation. I don't know if you know this mark pulling cars but New York State has the highest taxes in the universe. Maybe a slight exaggeration. -- just stick with what you know. Stick with what you know don't tell parking -- guy how to run his business. And unlike a park like I say he can't go to people. And forced them to give them much money. You can't mr. Paul and cars. If I don't pay to give people in my audience don't pay their county property taxes you have legal authority to make them pay. The parking lot guy has no legal authority to grab somebody by the steering wheel and jerk them in the parking lot. I think all the cars is being a disingenuous populist with this. Tweet he put out today. And -- book if I were a parking lot older. When I feel good about bullying people for sixty bucks though. I I don't think we're at it but what I do it if that's what I would get for parking spot who wouldn't. Come out. If you would say that don't know why don't we charge five dollars. You're not a business person. You know business runs on the bottom line. In up soldier I've I've earlier went into the monologue about all businesses even this one. We have bills to pay. You know every employer -- the -- this week folks. Every employee that this radio station. When we look at our fight -- statements you know what they pick up for Social Security what you don't know is that your employer is matching that dollar for dollar. So you know it sucks to see all that money drain daddy your paycheck for your employer there at the same amount. And it's not like the government's gonna say you know what were not greedy we're gonna take it easy on you. It's. If the Democrat machine or the Republican machine in New York State. Could literally turning upside down and shake you and get the pennies and live out your belly button they do. And don't try to kid me and tell me they wouldn't. All right. I have a question two questions. And you know the parking lot playing I picked the wrong time to do. And even now I don't think is it time to do. Music is a game. You people read together you think people are too practical. To buzz vehicle. Activated -- Beers. Yeah I mentioned that earlier. As one of my annoyances about this whole thing that people get all up arms about the parking lot owners charging sixty bucks for parking. I don't remember the last time somebody called in to bitch about an eight dollar beer at the arena. And again what because a local family owns a concession in -- bunch of billionaires were supposed to roll over and say. -- Now some people don't live their life that way you can let your life that way. It's like the people who I mentioned this earlier -- Have you ever gone out I don't -- revisit the entire first hour to Charlotte just happen to them particularly brilliant. It's like the people that go to concerts. You've got third row seats to see. Mick Jagger on the stones. Or Paul McCartney. Trying to sick. Any -- spent half the time getting beer it. Well it always drove me crazy little I was a kid. I would find myself asking the question did these people come to watch the game what do they come to drink -- Because if they're here to watch the game they're not standing and and this was that they were you can buy eight gold level seat at the ought. Best of the house for like five dollars. A break give oil ticket stubs I have every single one every game my dad ever took it to -- -- Billups. And until it via the better addressed the person was. The more expensive the seat was in which they set the greater chance was a they spend half the time drinking waiting to get beer beat socializing outside or BP it. -- They weren't there and watch the -- they were -- to be seen at the game. I think something like that with concerts I'd give my left testicle -- her groceries to see Paul McCartney. Anybody wanna make that deals and it probably but. And the right want to. I would. And what I see people on videos you know to rewrite the middle of I saw her standing there it is see people getting up and leaving like. At 547 a news radio 930 WB -- I need to break but we will take some calls to topics. Two topics number -- Your kit. Asked the question. Not the one about babies but the other one. Mom dad I'm getting my bachelor's degree. All or I've got my professional license now. Should I stay here in buffalo in New York State or should I move. My advice to my children is -- Texas or Florida welcome. New York State we just as soon ball. That's my answer to my children do I want to see them leave no two I believe it's in their own best financial interest absolutely. Absolutely. Why would that be. You can say -- you know that's just a coward's way out you're just retrieve it. Well I guess what's worse the coward's way out there playing as some people call that the suckers game. You know we got a guy that interrogation report calls it a suckers game or what is it but it would you rather be a soccer by stating -- and or would you rather be at Howard allegedly by leaving because it is how I roll sandy. If it it would abide by leaving and go someplace for -- actually put money your own pocket who's smarter. The personal allows himself to be raped the person who says they never gonna change. -- here. Just food for thought. -- -- -- And all you're really need to know about the weather because it's gonna sock I mean it's it's not you know spray is not wrong. Overnight after the sun goes down untreated roads may very well become slick because it. Temperature is gonna dipped down to 24 degrees please please please be aware of the possibility that you can be too little long. Out of out of and all of a sudden you hit black ice and that is like folks a public good driver. And it after if I am petrified by ice in particular black ice. Like any good western new Yorker it's happened to -- a few times thank god nobody was around when it happened. But it's no fun and don't panic don't panic seen this where flight training. Flight training even you know your pilot's license. Does make you a better driver. It really guts it instills league discipline in -- that you can apply to many aspects and areas of your life. Let's get back to the calls on the WB. Might. My question. Your kid asks you. Whether or not to stay or leave. -- or from western new York. And what do you tell do you have regrets about staying here. I'd like to answer that question but I don't wanna do now all due in the next now is don't wanna take time away from callers right before the break when -- get some people on. I can't what name is this on line three guys. I if I can't read it I can't say Iran is that the guys they. I am around Iran Iran. All right though take my chances here is that Iran and north I don't want to. I showed you hear from our you're UWB answer talk to me. So IIRL. Or your equally passion. In art. I -- for ER two years but just -- no. Opera. A copy that was working for actually just about the -- yet. Then they were giving more responsibility. All worked. But you -- you -- in the wake up he beat out here like back. All other elected to dude dude dude dude dude dude go but when it comes time for George George George George George that -- never comes. Yeah and I was fresh racquet I'll let it -- LA learn that much excited to -- shook it out. I think that it is about -- both Blake it would not -- the content they are apt. What did you do are you still there were did you take another half because. There are two parents you can go by but in the long run there's still time to change the roadster. Well actually right. I eat but all -- act that was -- but where are you. I I -- you guys you all. That didn't get it. You mr. Paul's. -- And and and what happened today did they give it to you or did they say well you young integrator and a year. That's what happened. -- I hop right back out after. How do I know how. Is it Iran or Iran. Iran okay Iran I want -- is that. India and Pakistan they what's the origin. Excellent I love the name I love the man I'm good at what you want to hold. And if it's okay would you hold on for ten minutes because I wanna talk to you more. Okay if it's easier we can call you back after the news it's all you -- work with my call screener but. I wanna hear what happened after you gave them the ultimatum and they told you'd get -- Because that it's gonna get your but I got folks have a talented young man. A talented young man who takes up all of these extra responsibilities. But the corporation does not want to compensate and and I I commend this young man for having the stones to say here's my ultimatum. And I got to tell you is open. I don't think I've ever given an ultimatum. And it added accepted a good college of an ultimatum it's usually are -- like. 556. -- Sherman I'm gonna give you an ultimatum. It hurt a W media. News radio 930 WB EF. I want the look on the view with great. Thing but yeah if India but hold look. -- anxious and my brother and welcome to the New York City. If they got beat extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. -- His ball club. -- now or leave it right what you showed that there is spot news radio 930. Check out the big -- you know -- -- Yeah. We're -- -- breaking fashion tonight Erica -- and and -- other Ricky is the it's energy work. Sounds like hocus pocus. But -- think until I had -- -- I'm so overdue for Ricky I can't even tell you. -- -- you know what. I don't like people with closed mines. And part of the conservatives are you met. Viewpoint use. You always keep your eyes open and your mind open to new. Experiences. And part of that is surrendering part of it is understanding that you don't know it ball. You don't you can't possibly know at all. And it might be missing out on some very beneficial things. If only you would open your mind to. Actually found out recently that somebody I didn't suspected. Is it to -- isn't a reiki and it's it's not massage it's. It's more of an energy pattern thing. And it is really. I think it's amazing. -- Look in the I don't know about that. All the all this interest in a believer and even thought of that. I did not even thought of that job -- -- that might be difficult to believe that thought never even crossed my mind. Apparently I hit badly influenced you -- young man. But go look it up REI UK high. Until I think it's it's amazing work -- really do. Given a choice between ten milligrams of Valium and -- Baltic Ricky. No I will. Parents are you -- tangent on you let's get back to what it brought in. Western New York who basically. -- took out -- haven't. -- -- responsibility for company. And they get the signing a more and more and more more jobs which he did it with. Great wisdom and great skill and to great benefit for his employers but of course when it came time for the employers to. Either you know what or get off the pot. He told them look I need more money you keep giving it responsibility I wanna be compensated. And they basically told him to take a flying. I so what did you do after that my my friend with a man of the size of the planet Mars. It was an interest in -- and my electric because I figured I was coming to that decision. That this is -- again be the only time in my life where I can. Walk away from something without any -- this financial implications -- still so young I don't aren't that many responsibilities and I think. So I would unemployed publicly. Two and after three months. The bases in the height of what -- -- but 2010. When the economy's doing pretty dot. Well you mean when we had when we had shovel ready jobs at -- shovel ready. So they can Balco lab and actually right in 2012 but the content was starting to get battered. So I would. I was out of a job for two top months three months. One of my friends who moved from Western New York to California a couple of years earlier I would -- contraband. And I I would I managed to find a job in California. Wall soul. Leaving. So so I actually -- already -- it took that job two years ago. -- and back in the area. Ironically. I got hired by the same company in California. And and now have support that I need to do it ma. Eric yeah. So -- don't edit the company that told you to get bad when you wanted to be compensated. Once you left they realize that you were in fact a vital asset to the company and they were basically re hired -- I'm guessing they ended up -- -- you. For help a lot more money than it would cost them to retain and you're the first place. -- were. Right well just a yes or no is what I was hoping for sir. Yes sir couple. Yes and no. Equivocation the go ahead is to only be. And because -- did -- incompetent that I got hired a completely different site. In a different state across the country and -- what I got there. Eventually would and move around and develop everything they gave me well now what old strike. While. So you you know what here's here's the word that made things work for you it starts with -- app and it's not that one flexibility. US flexibility edge we had freedom an -- set. You didn't have the freedom to be young and to be mobile I'll have to be adaptable. To be flexible and that is a must today. So where do you see your life taking you in in terms of your career. Your application. I think it was the best decision in my life. Off to my two -- notice and then. Finally to remote greater debt we hired by saying come get -- site. There and -- For the rest of your life -- arms do you see yourself doing roughly the same thing as you're doing now -- my question. Absolutely not arm but it I think I have so much opportunity still to grow. Older now. Playing ninety. You're very wise young man and I hope you don't mind me calling you were young man that's not meant as a term -- and your. Derision it's meant as a very high compliment that not many 29 year old I know. Are willing to admit that they don't know it all because I knew everything when I was eighteen. But look I'm really happy to hear from you and I'm absolutely. Taken with your story and I'm thrilled. We have how wise you -- in a house a geisha what's aghast at T you brought the program I like -- Our event thank you and -- continued success to you and by the way. One of the book you have to read. Write this down. Does this is good do you in good stead in life it's easy it's a one -- -- You. You cannot negotiate. Anything you want. Think that's the title you can negotiate anything you want. Yeah all people that you know what -- -- look up the real title of it make sure I'm right because. I'm just reading that one book. Has made need. Has more than paid for itself many many many times over I'll get the real title put it up on my FaceBook page I hope you'll check yet. -- and -- I have a pretty good luck. Iran calling in their and well that's good stuff. Get the title. Is exactly are. Now it's at Dawson I wanna say Boston is the author. -- had a call one another and others are calling this guy's name is Dawson I think we'll look at up off -- your daughter -- graduate Zumaya. What I want the information that I -- you give any information hey hey hey hey sure we get we've seen this. Sit sit out spin okay. John -- neighbors I take liberties with John I would not take to ordinary people. Poor rice and gates he's getting he's getting an education and showbiz have been awfully tender aged. For kids -- and they're going back to school current that's chipped back to the holes I WBBM. You are your kid says mom dad I'm graduating twice today in Western New York or Dubai move. What do you think is in your kids' best interest. And I have to tell you I think in my kids' best interest instead of fighting the beast that is New York State that ain't ever gonna change. The lesson to learn from her old man is get out now and go to a state. Were productive people are actually appreciated. And rewarded and not hold -- get out of dodge by the governor. Your show on it while it was bill on a WB and Sean and hello. Guy I could agree with you more of and my children to get the heck out of here once secretly. I say I wish I could leave. I'm editor and I can probably go anywhere but my -- the people that apparently can't leave until he retired. What line of work or would he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're a nurse that's easily transferable skill you have to qualify for the nursing board I presume and in whatever state to which would move right. Your husband would have to qualify for the dental license in the state to which he would move which shouldn't be about a problem. You'd be a partner at a practice you have to allow it. So he sells out he -- out and starts again somewhere else what's the big deal you're looking for reasons to stay. And -- OK well I -- and how long do you see this -- played itself out I mean. And here probably ten years believe. I've I've been planting the bargain this year you know especially with the terrible terribly long went fairly well that's seriously consider. Sitting up here. So it would be a climate move as opposed to an economic boom or what do you see the reasons that's what I wanna know what would be the reasons because. You know living at a great climate is great if you have the money to enjoy it when I lived in Florida it was like being lower middle class a warm place. With women with -- -- wrinkles. Routinely 121000 dollar property taxes that that's removed from -- X -- didn't. We know. Give you somewhere out there. It's -- -- but it's ridiculous I can't imagine being retired. In what I call about parking and I think bishop or I'm saying you know include the Obama health care surcharge. Mean. Yeah and make at least. A point that are. Well all I have. Have to tell you oh by the way if you're listening earlier the guys whose name I just couldn't think of off and it was big DOS Dawson. Roger Boston any book I'm negotiating by Roger Dawson. Is worth. Reading. Worth everything I know about negotiation I learned from Roger Boston. And -- excellent added I must I must admit I've often thought everything myself up other radio talent to negotiate they're contracts for them. People bring me with them to like ours I'm so good -- -- -- -- -- talked a little bit more -- at that his wife okay. His 121000 dollars a year property taxes. -- -- -- -- -- Oman. I think it under is reg united because I applaud success I'm happy that your champion and successful let's go to traffic right now. And ladies and gentlemen here is Allan Harris. Well as much as I wish I could play it at all -- How the bluebird Robbins and the cardinals are going to be fluttering around your windows along with hummingbirds tomorrow because spring is here. That would be alive. Because of snow showers will be around -- snow showers this evening. And otherwise is going to be cloudy. The wind will -- down and it will be cold tonight 24 National Weather Service says look out for black ice and folks when I say black ice I have to tell you I -- get a little panicky when it comes to black ice. That is nothing to mess with. There that it's such a helpless feeling. Driving along and then suddenly you realize you have no control over your destiny it's all up to nurture gravity and physics. And I don't like not being in control so. Look out for black -- especially south and east of the city of buffalo those you have backed the Syracuse let me get back to what -- -- Williams real -- is a nurse I presume an RN. -- -- Okay -- your husband is a dentist. I just -- -- my understanding is why would you not move now because your skills are very transferable. Well it it opened my husband's job because they just started this practice a couple of years ago for its -- in the building. Eight and I think you -- a little scared -- -- and trying to start all over again. Everybody needs a dentist. It what you do -- you find the best radio talk show host in the new area to which you go and you have him do your endorsements and your will on your way to duplicate zillions and get zillions -- dollars although talk and multibillion -- -- a multi billionaire. You socialists let me say it is all reported that Kerry -- done so that plate. You know it's even harder maybe you can -- Yeah well you know what -- you are grasping for excuses disparities so -- that he would specialize in what diseases of the gums which lead to falling out. Okay have you -- a state called Florida. So I'm going their next. And it. Okay well Perry O'Donnell -- disease is huge in Florida. Okay -- people in Florida. You know first of all there's not so some of the places do not fluoridated water I know people have different opinions and for the -- and everything and maybe that's a -- worms -- ought to open right now. But. And you've got people in Florida with periodontal disease in advanced stages even in their forty's I mean you were what you think Florida you're talking about a state where some of the women have spent so much time out in the sun unprotected but that by the age of 35 they look -- programs with -- -- And Erica I thought it was a pretty funny line thank you try the -- are so anyway. I do wish the best but you know what you're never gonna be hungry you have skills you can always transfer. I can't and other and other to -- Observation I think -- that -- islanders. Please I hope this isn't a joke because I can't go to jokes because and I'm thinking of the fairways. Yeah. What -- -- you know what seriously and I just wanted to know. That the passengers on the plane mostly were Chinese. It is much is China in the United States and competition over who's gonna rule the next century China will by the way. And sorry to say it but it's just the fact. They were absolutely devastated. When we were attacked by Muslim terrorists. On September 11 2001. They lined up outside our embassy to support the United States in Communist China. So I think that we ought to show them the same respect for their dead as they showed four hours look at all I mean I I enjoy sick humor as well. But I'm not you know what I mean they were so decent and honorable honest and I think that honor must meet honor. I I hope so but if not at least -- that -- died as painlessly as possible. All right thank you so much on a -- All right yeah you know three on -- thirty start I 3180616. WBM. That's a good question why are you still here forget the -- for a minute. I wanna talk about your kids in your -- your kids you know should I stay or should I go yes we -- music breaks going to be. But. Yeah I know John I changed my mind. My female side just came out I'm changing my mind deal with it. It's no -- my thirtieth WB and John Sherman is a master control today and it really he does love working with me. And yeah. Bryan gates is also -- punter. But you left. They -- and. Actually alumni. It's -- at that time. Not soon. It's just mail us at the. -- basically is expected -- and a lot of hustle throughout Western New York may we have. In all I know that mark Poland cars and he's all focused on these parking lot owners and what evil. Greedy capitalist bastards they -- I didn't see him volunteering to give up the county sure the bed tax the sales tax or the taxes on goods sold inside the arena. I guess I missed that part of -- week. But folks the bottom line here is. Public service. Gently delicately and effectively. I happen to love. Living. Where I live. It may not sound like. But. Don't you feel. A comfort level living in Western New York because I do. John you feel comfort level I can tell Ryan you feel there's a comfort level the comes from living here now I have to -- -- We are literally -- you're one step away from anybody city. And -- were such a close city that believe it or not. Left wing folk singer multimillionaire. -- the Franco and I probably have five common friends. I mean that's kind of weird. And don't like I'm bashing money to Franco. I'm not. Now politically we're never gonna see -- -- But I respect body to Franco and I'll -- a -- She put her money where -- once she renovated that church turned -- at the righteous today. You think that was -- And although it was not. She wasn't so big -- preservation is asking for money. Claiming some -- a recipe that merited taxpayer funding. Of renovating a public she used her own money like -- good capitalist by the way. I applaud her for them. What is there not to like about what she did it. So in other times when. I have no problem at all praising somebody on the left when they actually walked the walk. Paul Newman was the same way. All moment hole total liberal Hollywood guy. But by hundreds of millions of dollars Newman's Own that brand of food stuff he made. That money benefit -- charity. The heat heat heat and take the money he he gave it away. The folks -- those kind of liberals I can appreciate it. I can't -- and if you hate me for that hate me for that that's fine you are right they recruit. The the liberals like the light of the people who think that they've got to right the money to redistribute your money against your wishes that's robbery. But big buffalo folks you are literally one person away from anybody. And frankly I must confess having a job in the public -- That can be a giant pain in the S. It can also be beneficial. Because literally. This actually happened. I was out. Couple weeks ago. And I ran into a very attractive young lady. With whom I was engaging in social. Talking intercourse. And a friend that bubble woman I used to date decided this you know try to sneak pictures and be talking to this one. As if somehow I was doing something wrong by speaking with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was -- a conversation with somebody has a Frontline. Unbelievable. Anyway. Excuse me when I'm witness. All right anyway it is 638 and I finally went -- said. I'm so proud of myself produced -- that -- which is likely to pose for a picture for -- Barack. So well but buffaloes are comfortable place in which the -- It's not easy to think about leaving. But. Don't tell you what's worse the suckers bet of thinking -- they will actually change it's not going to. That's why the Donald Trump decision. Hurt me so much. Because I know that his decision. Is go. I know what his decision is gonna do in my life I'm not -- it's early. But I know what it means. I have to talk to my account and I've talked to a few other people but. Why should I pay the amount of money I pay income taxes to a state does not want. Why such a stupid that's just say that's a suckers bet. But then if I don't play the suckers bet I'm accused by certain people. Of running away because that's how I roll. Well we'll -- that is the suckers bet the state. By definition if that's the case it's a Smart choice them. Knowing that the state isn't gonna change I guess I must be just another clown. It is 639. I can't see the name on the screen guys is that computer decided to do that they get those. Terry online one on WBE. And Gerri welcome to abolish all glad you called -- what's on your mind. I am I -- my -- you know wanted to say that. I don't have the opportunity to live all over the United States' idea of live I grew up and. -- -- -- guy -- lived in Florida I've lived in Virginia I'm living California. That in Colorado. And I lived in Idaho. And I can tell you that I've been here for nineteen years and buffalo is the best place -- about her -- Well okay when you say the best. We all have metrics by which we live our lives you like that way I worked in that consulting word metrics. What are the most important components of your life when you judge it would use would you make a statement like -- the best place to live that's based on plot. Yeah I think it's based on the thing is based on the people and friendly net. That people in the area and it's also based on the variety of things that there are people here. You get support it and he wonderful. You get that to you sir you're wrong you get the two seasons he gets summer. Biggest summer for two months to get ten months of winter let's not kid ourselves. -- grew up in North Dakota. Well sir all I can say is elsewhere engine. But it is seriously I -- I'd -- buffalo and down. I think it's -- in my top. OK I love. I love western new York and I agree with your observation on the people the people here that we've got our fair share -- tools don't get me wrong. But. I have found also in my travels. As a cultural anthropologist. That. Generally speaking. If you treat people well. They will treat you well generally. Speaking. You know whether it's Florida. Or Missouri which is a lot like buffalo a saint louis' so much like buffalo its not funny that's Ryan Miller -- -- asks -- when -- With the Stanley Cup. Give it time it would be in buffalo by the way but anyway. The people here are effect friendly no doubt about it but isn't it discourage. Or to what extent does it discourage you that we have idiots like Andrew Cuomo. Who blatantly. Tell conservatives they don't want. That they don't want to the New York State and enact gun laws. Like -- start fire decrees. Which in my opinion are absolutely illegal. See that's what I can't deal with along with the property taxes. End and the imbalance of power between downstate and were we happened to live how do you deal with that has struck in the apple wall. -- I guess I I guess I'm an optimist and some of that stuff I think it is it is we -- -- and I am I guess I -- on. The other what it would positive about the area again and I think it comes you know wanted to -- special positive is that generosity of the people. We take care of each other and I think you're talking about -- The politics. I it has noise and I guess I'm optimistic that at the end of the day it's gonna work out for. Trinidad. Well unfortunately. Here is what you have to realize. And and this is where I think a lot of people missed my point. May I ask about hold your. -- -- Think about this how many good. Big money work in years do you have left in you don't have to answer that question. And why stay in a place. We're. About 6% of bets that the pens and your income level but. -- enough money is going to people outside of your family as being sucked off by Albany just with your state income tax. That if you read that money your own pocket you could be living in a larger house in a better climate essentially for for. Yeah I don't and I don't Patrick appoint -- -- think that the cost of housing areas is a lot cheaper than it did in a lot of places. But it it's a phony it's the -- again sorry I have to interrupt you. That is a phony argument perpetuated by liberals at the newspaper. Because when you have high property taxes as we do in New York State when you -- a piece of property unless your -- and actually they're paying -- them into it you're building equity exit. You build equity in a lower tax state much faster. You're you're paying yourself back much faster. And you're paying that note off much faster that if you buy it in Western New York. Sure absolutely I agree I think I think is the that being here and watching art it's worth being here and I think it's worth by example and the. Unfortunately. Where I'm at right now. -- you may disagree with me I know people who work here who do I think it's over New York State politically is over it is beyond hope it is beyond redemption. Donald Trump the reason I was excited about his candidacy was a I thought he was the only person who can beat Andrew Cuomo. And the career politicians. On both sides of the aisle who are all cheap prostitutes. NBA because I thought I could win and seat because they thought he could win. Again I'm sticking it out and -- here and I'm optimistic that those things will get better over time and I think it's worth it and Eric. Dude you're in your freaking fifties. I mean. -- -- I -- not who's hurt. You. I -- the other places I'd get up who would love it here I'm not only. Are well you know what then. You are happy at it and if if your geographic location and the metrics by which you are happy arm that your god -- it. I mean seriously. You have to do what's right for you. I'm delighted to hear from you and you are correct sir we do have a lot of positives here unfortunately for is nice as the people are here we have the dumbest asked voters in the universe right here in Erie county New York but dumbest asks voters in the entire universe are your neighbors. All right. Except if you live next to me architecture for much alleged culture thank you. All right interesting viewpoint. Ever it looked just this area. I wish we had a different political climate here. I don't know about you I'm sick of tilting at Windmills. I've got better applications for my energy. Then try to convince a bunch of people in Manhattan Yonkers the Bronx etc. To change their ways. They're not. It's a lost cause it ain't gonna change. 647 WB. All right then let's get back to the gloves on WB EN. Why are you still here and what are you -- revise your children to do a summit and got kids are gonna be graduating and ready to start off on their -- like real live adults -- -- just a couple of months. My advice. I would have to say. Unless you were so in love with the two seasons we have in western new York and the comfort level we have. You have to get out. If you object to gun laws that we have a New York if you object high taxes we have. Neither of those are going to change it will simply get worse over time. See that's the dirty little secret. As more and more of the productive people wake up and say. No. Even with Astro glide this boating you start to take a poll. The fewer people will be left to pay for the big social programs. I don't know who's on the phone guys -- their computer situation. Donna in Nortel -- you work on WB EM I eight. Hello I'm. Yes. I hope I'm not going off off kilter here. Just blew him. And that's about an hour ago I I turn on your your show and you posited uninteresting question about. Graduating students in their patients stay here I'm not that much older than you are and when I graduated from the engineering school. It was a no one actually been about being at home aren't our main thrust was. Where is our highest job offer. How much are they gonna pay out of the gonna give us a little bit and allow us to get started. No one thought about saying I'm not stay -- and they have 700007. The odd is that my graduating class from. University nobody went on the -- even a question if you home. It was because it was a very quite a major city it -- -- -- handle a large firm which higher doing you're just you lucked out. Knowing that no one wanted to talk with their parents -- wanted to get out. At a you know become independent it all -- going to college to become independent. And then making your own way and licensing go back in Andy and you know effective -- your parents do laundry. I mean other than that. We're -- and and my first job that -- hundreds of miles away from my house and my sister took her thousands of miles away. And it never they never dawned on any of us but that was unusual and only the -- -- here. Have I met people that want to leave the area. Because. Of their families or because of family ties I've met people with excellent degree. Who are are marketable anywhere in the country and -- are working as waitresses or waiters or servers or whatever. And -- -- to me I will never leave my family. Well you know I was taken hundreds of miles away from -- -- I -- left them I could fly home I could drive home whatever. But again our -- arming Iraq. Was too. We become independent. Become. Expert in our our careers -- -- -- ever picture and make a life for ourselves. It was at this point in time and again I cannot speak to Western New York I'm not from here. At this point in time it was important to establish ourselves. As professionals. And away we knew we were talking university we can take ourselves anywhere on the globe. -- I'm gonna have to interrupt you but I because I'm running out of time but I also have to say that what are the components I think you missed out on by not being a native western new Yorker. Is this fact that we are not a transient. Community like you'll find in DC. Or Florida. Or Boston you know people here have deep roots here which is why there's such a reticence to walk away even if there is a financial inducement of considerable magnitude. Donna I hope you'll call again I wish I had more time for it. But I but I'm I'm just plumb up and I'm glad -- I understand I guess I just want to just start my two cents -- And I'm glad you did and I I think you are which are to talk you -- under is that on dot I I can't. -- -- I wanna thank you Ryan gates for great job by calls Brandon what they -- John Sherman Oaks were being master control today and -- -- you. With two words. No yourself.

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