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3-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon the he would -- Think yeah if you go to the hole looked up moderately anxious and my brother. The fact -- -- -- Ford dead Americans what I'd had a right protest it was because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied me. There really is nothing like a short amount. -- -- Thought in mind. -- 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. It I've got to tip they could never made that movie today ever. It is that night minutes after foreigners -- at 930 WB and nor could they ever put all the family -- television. But not today not all and today. Not only got hips. In public office black politicians who think that the term black hole is racist. Are you serious how dumb can you beat talk about playing to -- racist stereotype. How stupid the use down. I believe it was somebody's who's black hole that is a racist comment. Really the and you really are stupid. And you're all you've done there is given racists. Food for give fodder for their propaganda if you're not -- It is -- ten minutes after four news radio 930 WB EM I call -- legacy of folks. I don't like racists I think they're scum of the year. But some people I swear their life's mission is to give racists fodder. And they don't even know they're doing it. Which is just so mind blowing it's amazing. By the way again. -- I put this delicately. Actually lead lawyer spring I have got. A black ice oh wait a minute hold on here. I guess after saying black hole I better do the disclaimer I. Now this is not intended for my daily black hourly audience of conservative area and free thinking intelligent black people. This is meant for the dumb asses who came here because some liberal we went out. Calling your racist story whole ball full or whatever misogynist pick a moron they wanna. Whatever phrase they use. When I use the expression black ice it has nothing to do with the color of one's skin and the nature of one's ancestry. Or. The amount of -- and in one skin or the texture of -- year. Black ice is a term that is basically made up by people to describe the sensation of being. Now about that sensation. But it is hard to describe the sensation. Of driving along and then suddenly you're skating along because you run into black ice ice you do not see because it blends into the black pavement. So. I had to educate the dumb people sorry to -- intelligent black audience who's with me every day and a major source of my strength and my support I have to educate the dummies sorry about the interruption there. But black ice is a possibility after sunset tonight. And especially areas south and east of buffalo. Which makes sense because of those areas west the buffalo do you get the -- -- lake and if you drive it on the lake you meter took a wrong turn or your Kennedy. Let's -- Move to zone let's get back to the calls I don't know -- on -- one because oddly enough I can't see the name on line one this is our peace. Pete for OP from Ontario. -- there's a town in north Ontario and Europe WB and hello. -- helpless. And its record song. All I'd. Be nearly tied to remind I would have sex with the -- I EE EU really agree you bring it to see if some of the stuff that you live and on our does -- Brings new different -- drawn out really good but I'm you know I try and indict. I don't really have sex with nearly young I decided to get a rise out of you the fact it went horribly uncommon and I knew makes me look like the real last year so well played sir well. Well played totally -- -- the -- by silence I. I -- you. All right so are you calling from Ontario and we do but we'll look at your point you -- anyone to show you anyone material I don't think your points. We talked up and are you know listen now now might be some give her might all the old copy blocked. Might -- call it black or African American Beauty in -- -- -- I don't know what else. You're gonna have to put the disclaimer there. Especially in the people's republic of Ontario that black person at all I. -- really black person out of Jamaica a lot I she's a very deep browns I don't see the totally black person nobody ever seen a totally white Persian in my life. It ought to come up here you don't that the black and white -- -- and -- -- to -- -- -- In my life. And I'd keep my current block and I don't -- It could upload it -- you very quickly. We are human note are up and try to act all short ball that beat them like. Now I know for a fact that all look and how are better they're they're so let's leave it got caught up all. 88. Because they're going so bad. All right what are both ripped it right and people are people. It'll. People are -- -- for contents. We don't. It's ideology what one. All people that -- out there. At oak people. I got. You know what I have to interrupt here -- I've got it erupt because I have to tell -- something. You know I get my information from about what goes on inside the Buffalo News and how Warren Buffett you know that great. Humanitarian. I'm gonna get my money away before I die. Bastard has laid off more people and destroyed more careers and lives at the Buffalo News that I'll ever be able to do. Which kind of makes me sad the way because there's a couple of people over there I'd like to destroy personally and professionally I could but I hold on hold back to -- and class but I oh. But but -- like my point my point is all the bitching and whining -- dual Revere about the evil capitalist man. And their -- guy Warren Buffett. Goes through that paper with a star Heidi. He is gonna this staff and they're not gonna tell you that I have to. And I know that because I interviewed Warren Buffett's neighbors. Yet but couldn't get it could get it is worried about it up or out. There -- -- at record there would be over. Italy. Yeah you know. Honestly -- -- let alone -- there. I -- being let it be. All out battle to. That the current cut that people like you prepare people like rush or are back. The people that back there there it may not sound -- at large. And our -- good -- good etiquette and what people believe that. You're you're good match. Well. Your wife seems to think so and that's good enough for me. All right thank you I'm glad you called thanks a lot beat I had to get in the last shot to -- won the first argument I had to at least consider a near draw. -- Are right -- thank you very much. -- know three all right thirty start I 3180616. WB EM I can't wait to see what the media outlets do. To the parking lot owners charging sixty bucks to park. The media outlets all have -- their advertising rates especially the Buffalo News. They're not -- -- for charity. Out of the goodness of their hearts. To make it. The only difference between those guys and your humble host is I -- does that make money. I -- but again understand seventy I've got a code of honor. Whether or not the left wants to admit that are not I do. And let's let me simply say I turned -- I held a lot of money over the years because clients did not cast my mom test. In other words if I would recommend them to my own mother how can I possibly in good conscience recommend them to you. So on the that for the moral dollar. Which is -- -- talk about dinosaurs pumping. Moral. You expect him one let's get back to the calls -- stoking its use online one guys I don't know what's going out the phones. 803 all right thirty starlet thirty and 180616. WB yen. So up. Anybody wanna complain about the sixty dollar parking look here's the bottom line folks when you go to a major international sporting event. You're going to get out coached. You are going to pay through the notes an expression the origins of which I can we -- set. At one point were brokers used as currency that's the only thing you can pick up. When people say you'll pay through them dollars really. Expression even spartans. Why typically it would have no basis in reality or what would blow the cause of putt either. So are some that was a rambled but a -- a valid one. It 030930. Start at 3180616. WB yen anybody wanna complain about the parking is is sixty dollars gouging people or should people expect to be gouged they're covered in the NCAA. And I'm sorry I'm not the world's biggest sports fan I couldn't give a flying fig. About a bunch of guys I don't know from schools I don't care about throat a big brown all around trying to get us -- hole I did. It does nothing for. -- like the thinking man's game hockey. -- bunch of people whose names I can't pronounce using wooden stick to pound piece of rubber through oversized goaltender pads into web -- Because that's a thinking man's game hockey. We look we've all -- things basketball just isn't mine. The fact that I'm sure has nothing to do it then I'm sure they go through all of well. Much to my elementary school gym teachers harbor. In the fifth grade I did -- one from half court. Not even a bad boy Tom. All of that there was such a Dick. It is up 419. No actually was a giants are. It is ninety minutes after four news radio 930 WB yet -- -- -- thirty start at 3180616. WB and I try to drive by 9/11 by his house every summer modular camp. Anyway. Need an amateur like that anyway what's up restraining order 803 on -- thirty nobody wants to talk about the parking OK that's fine. I thought we might. It by the way I don't want to say that's about CNN. Edit and folks if you wanna call this wacky I really don't care. And I heard that post. Here this morning kind of mocking the idea a whole programs. I did not seat the CNN report on holograms I don't know where they went with holograms. But ladies and gentlemen. You have no idea. How advanced holographic technology has become over the past ten years five years three years. They have done things with holograms. That are nothing short of amazing. I am not and please understand I'm not endorsing the hologram theory with the plane I'm not. But I'm simply saying that just because CNN might screwed up. This story by inserting the holograms into it. Does not mean that holograms. Do not exist and have not been almost perfected by now. They have done amazing. Things with them. Ask your friends. In the military and look at the blank stare you give. -- they will give you -- that are. That thousand mile -- Street here which lets find out if you're gonna drive 5000. Matos here's Alan Harris with traffic. No sir we just have every count -- conference call are 500 miles was the song I. I would five under the mild at a that one -- aren't. AccuWeather basically look out for black ice that racist ice that will happen after sundown tonight south and east of the city. -- untreated. Roads. And just dealer it will creep up it will creep up on. So be advised of the black ice situation and even though it's spring on the calendar. Mother nature did not get the memo and that's highly unfortunate. All I ferret out those birds were yesterday they were Robbins. For the Robbins sounded like -- -- -- that -- Eight in a while since those mornings get home at 630 after downing about three hot dogs at the town restaurant. Going to bed as the Robbins are waking up here -- those days right. John you're that was last night for you now 8030930. A there ought to switch gears here because I guess anybody would bitch about parking. Is probably already -- and and the probably and I watch in the game. But seriously folks. Big get tournaments equal big cost big tournaments equal big money. This is like The Sopranos the esplanade project. This is like -- carpet and you find this audio here John. I know Joseph -- could mean the basic guys actually working but -- but the same work hard run we're blooper to Ozzie is talking to Johnny sack. After Ralphie -- -- joke about -- but. And -- one of the whole thing settled. And Carmine said there are millions of dollars at stake here remember he says that. That's talking about what the NCAA this tournament in buffalo -- Dollars at stake here. You don't think the people are gonna give up their for their share of that money right this is a blow them. And again until with the see the media coverage. Of the sixty and forty dollar parking rates of my first question is immediate consumer would be well what do you charge for 62 -- Mean. I'm sorry it was a more than sixty dollars that I hit a nerve there are hopes. It is Doherty putted all right now you're not -- find it. You know Joseph -- would have. I mean what he's actually here. He's working today next week. Maybe an amateur sports 44 at news radio 930 WBBM. We are totally dragging on -- be over today -- and figure that out. I've yet to send out dirty text to him because I think -- could possibly be used in court as evidence of a hostile work environment so I try to watch that. And all right big day a question for this is a topic seven -- to -- Olympic stayed -- the -- my doctor if it by now I'd be number sixteen in the line. You're now number sixty and my question is. -- not about holograms. Don't not call programs -- I'm totally serious folks believed that your own research take -- were report. Just an idiot on the radio. Her own research. Talked to her own friends in the military to use the word holograms. And if you know what engineering geek who's done you know. Who spent any time and a lot of -- the commonwealth of Virginia the last five years. Ask about holograms and look at the look of they they get on their faces they've done amazing work. It's really it is incredible. That does not imply endorsement of CNN's theory were walking through the hologram on -- -- no no not related. I don't like CNN. My question you know is the topic Evan -- to do now for what three weeks I haven't gotten good. You're our kid. Asked to do the question. Now not a word icon from not Howard Davies made. Your kid asks asks you the question mom dad. I'm going to be graduating from college in a couple of months. And I wanna start my career. Should I stay in New York State. Where should I put down roots elsewhere. And what you tell them is. But I've mentioned this network I'm back then. I was. The forty year old listening to the show would have been born in 1974. And you would have been about. Ten Deborah -- Ten years old or so when that song you know would have been a part of your consciousness I forget exactly which you're came out but it doesn't matter because. You know what songs on the radio was hit it's always that I was -- -- that was an 81 song was if you want okay. These -- thought it was like mid eighties. Well still. There's got to be aware that you gotta kinda. Get conspiracy. Lives that. Like if I was -- every -- played Bobby -- bombs. Used. Bobby Darrin he was a real famous American Italian singer Italian American singer. Known for his rendition of -- the -- That -- is important. Somewhere. Beyond the C. One that go to for a okay palette that's what it's let's guess I was taking the bat that OK -- -- -- -- -- -- all the -- But actually -- real singer Mac and I've -- us not via. Lucky. The F three penny opera. One that I Heidi fish -- I have to say I love the -- has teeth that he hides in his face. I didn't do -- are right are -- your -- says. The very -- producer out for. Are you're talking about here is focus on one's work which I clearly don't have to -- Did the -- keep anybody else up last night. Had a hard time sleeping last that I use -- is obviously but like a freak and old -- -- Catching up. Last night was tossed an intern and turned it into Austin toss that in turn all night. Brilliant John brilliant so anyway. Your -- says mom dad I'm graduating from college. Should I stay in New York State. Or should I -- And this is the -- been dying to do I want your phone calls because you know what my answers. Now I can't stand the Little League grateful bastards but I mean if they want us today. Guys are laughing when I say that it's of don't know it's supposed to be like the anti doctor Laura nonsense you know it's it's it's supposed to be the anti small stuff. You know there's nobody expects -- talk show host to say Pakistan little bastards. It's actually. Everybody expects -- Is the predictable. Predictable. -- but seriously I do I do love my kids. Sometimes and up. I've advised them both if you want a career. Do not do it here. Go to a place where you're not gonna be tilting at Windmills have the time. Go to if you like freedom and both my kids and what -- I'm proud of my kids -- they want. What I can't assume that you should be but. You think that being my kid. Must not have been a lot of fun. Because I impose my iron will politics on my children. Never. Ever ever ever ever. I always told my kids. Kids. You don't have to think as I think. If you want it -- think is I think but you don't have to think is I think. I didn't savior but no seriously because if if EU. I said I want you to weigh all facts all options and make up your own mines. As it turns out my kids -- ball. Right of set the -- we're concerned it's actually my sons are registered conservatives. Believe that this shorter. -- I think is a registered Republican. I feel sorry I'm working with a round that she needs special help on that I'm working on it but they're both kind of conservative and I'm proud of that. And my ex wife as a -- She did a great job with their children as she knows. And she was the same way. She never try to force over. Political beliefs which -- grown increasingly conservative over the years by the way. She's she's never forced her beliefs on markets. Anymore that yeah. Because you can't force feed people have got to see the -- themselves. I wasn't born brilliant art I was born brilliant but I hit the work of a whole opinion thing. -- let's go to car in buffalo on WB and karma incredulous that a Michelle and I always say give me thirty years and I'll give you. Some I give -- reason to keep listening give me thirty years and you get Michelle all right you're on charm what's up. That's brutal questions Tom and am I struggle. What are white helmet kit. I believe we can't make it here. If you want to make it here you have to choose a career that that is double flirt sheer being a little. No medical and armed. Oh no. OK I have to steal credit I have to steal a page from my dear friend and buffalo broadcast legend art wonder. No no no no no no no no. I don't know a single Doctor Who want their kids become a doctor after obamacare not one doctor. -- -- scratch that stretch -- that somebody was going to be nurse or something. And maybe part. It's a tough question because. All I do believe that armed. We are going to need people you're gonna need engineers here. You know all -- we're going to need work. Or can't -- away slammed. Where it needs something here. -- But it will be tough if they want to stay here they're gonna have to find something. Arm didn't have to find something that's going to be needed here and I don't necessarily mean a government job that that's not a good political. You don't want to go around here -- you -- -- I'm not trying to be argumentative for the sake of being contentious and argumentative. But the people I know with the best health care plans the best retirement plans the best pension plans the best houses. The best dental plans and the best everything. Work for government. You're right but they're gonna change because. We dropped from Texas and we need to we still need to or meat products sector and we don't ever order collapse. But -- but you know what even the pensions. Are guarantees. Even if the state pension fund took a giant dump taxpayers would make up the difference you know that by law you understand it right. Yet all the weapons and -- what happens one near -- become what you old Soviet Union. And yeah -- you're promised -- than what we don't have. Then that you either artificially inflate the currency as they did invite -- Germany in the 1920s and which were up by the way were to Ron Paul does a brilliant a piece on the hyper inflation in Germany in the 1920s and why it will repeat itself here in the United States in his opinion and I can't say that I disagree with them. But you know I say I understand what you're saying like. You know our government job is the easy way out and I'm not saying that everybody in every government job has it easy sell me a few guys are working over QB right now the pickup trucks for the maintenance service department I'm talking about you guys you guys are hard working people you don't get the -- Rolls Royce of benefits plans. But other people in other positions. Just you know twenty and out and they basically are the kings of the -- Then they run for public office and get appointed to the Parole Board get elected the New York State Senate and stuff. And it's still a brutal question because you know I got young kids. And you know and -- They're not too far off your children -- I wouldn't want them to be happy arm but I also believe in the back my -- didn't -- a company whose common gonna come back to. The capital city near a lot. We'll car are also harm a negotiated is Carmen and your replies son. Family is everything. To Italian Americans as one of the things are respected and anti Americans the whole family thing. They did you know I think my grandfather. The brokers artfully Sicily because. His parents -- there any luck knowing that he was gonna bring back what refused to come up once he was anchored here. And then the war broke out and then it is torn right. And get at least there's an excellent book too about that and it's not so Italian the others because not only what they absolutely had to. When it became one they're backwards against the wall never -- all -- -- straight. Mark not we're pick. -- -- -- time to inserted dire straits mark doppler joke sorry I happen -- -- holds of swing on the radio yesterday to that was first and foremost you know how. Continue talking -- you -- because here's here's what you know here's what I think your perfect callers to start things up. I realized. At a relatively. Old age of like 25. I realized that Italian Americans it was all about family. That family was everything. For -- more so I'm sorry I don't. I don't mean to generalize but more so than for the Irish certainly more so than the Germans. I mean all Germans do is drink beer and half parting contest that's the extent of are right. Italian Americans are all about family. So you've got a special set of circumstances. And I wanna talk about that because. Anybody who thinks there isn't a cultural difference doesn't know any Italian vs aliens. So a lot -- hold on charm and I know you're an Italian American I I know the American part is first and foremost but you cannot. Run a way. From the family love of your ancestry that's of the that was -- not to you it's in your genes right. Yup I have a -- by my producer -- down. If he's a crowd would you expect. He's going. Well all right well. And well our -- mobile will give you pass that doesn't make -- bad person by the way but Germans are bad people will hold out will put chew on on hold. And we'll continue this after the break. And those of you wearing later -- about to write a complaint letter my name in German means little -- a little -- And basically I have to get out of freak are on pretty much any ethnic group like an insult because of such a mishmash of genetics. Really and I -- -- is up and I'm proud that a moment. I like months happy be in a month so what I say things like crowd understand. And help my family is from Germany. Come back France Asia where else who knows. I but the -- are dinosaurs. Now and I just want to elaborate on what -- just said if it's foggy along the river what do you do. Do you Stephanie accelerator she'd get out of the flawed fast you're. Or do you slow down we give yourself increased following distance and increase -- -- just column. I mean I so like Larry hunter Larry loves driving and whether seriously go to his -- that's what makes a great talk shortly -- for weather. Anyway AccuWeather rarely -- the 24 tonight and we're gonna get some black ice may be an untreated surfaces. After sundown. So after sundown if you're heading from buffalo back east view where you could run in the black ice. Course you're at the game right now also this word will go unheeded by -- So hopefully the thruway authority will change the signs to let you know instead of stay alive don't drink diet. Jesus nice reminder I don't I didn't. Let's go to new up karma again in buffalo -- harm again. Sicilian ancestry you don't want your family to have another -- ass bro or diaspora if you prefer you wanna keep everybody together but economically -- It might not make sense. Well and if they have to -- skeptical. Dot com. They kept calm and they want to anyway -- -- not enough material to keep -- -- -- Also to -- all it's your family that you're going to need when you know thrown up all of Florida and cleaned it up. In -- -- meaner or stick to your hour here in trouble -- backs against the wall you know well can you tell attorneys. Well I ask him -- the. Get up. -- what's the difference. Blood already. It adds up because I think one of the reasons why their background. -- -- -- -- that is because. -- all the government never party where they came almost totally corrupt and you couldn't trust anyone but the people that you know in your own -- It's right. Well I I get that I've actually done a lot of Reading about Sicily. And have a pretty good understanding of a culture that for years was subjected to every single invading army that area of the world could produce and an order to be safe and feel safe and to be secure or you. At the stick with your family yet had the stick with your blood it was either that or you're gonna be massacred by some Venetian. Exactly on the funny patients -- it -- -- and I'll get people disagree with me this is also widely pushed. We work instead of education. A lot of them not all a lot of them because. If you work and -- she worked with other I've done. For the women worked -- other women work -- you know people enable it worked. And -- change because it's so much for repeat that you get -- the college. They change and they broke away from the elite dynamic. And that was not part of armed. You know -- dot com that would not there they want it you know they didn't want you to break away from well on the family thinking. It's tough it's a tough decision. Bigger you know as far as you're advised that -- gonna have to give to your kids and I -- talk all day about the up and about you know the cultural stuff that you inherit. I probably do a show a lot of that actually -- -- -- all right a car I'm really glad you called. I thank you and I know this much whatever advice you give it will be the right advice for you. And your family and it's gonna be given only after the greatest circus action and cater. To your. Advice to your children you'll offer sage advice like colonias that his care. I hope I -- ever -- we do need people here organic -- from Morgan need to court. Smart people here. You know unfortunately they'll be living in Texas not paying income tax. Why would -- thank you cut the budget called. It's 455 news radio 930 WB yen just sent. Great to see that's the problem when you got a governor who says if you lock a right wing. If you are a conservative. If you are anti gay. If you are in favor I've gotten. We don't want -- in New York today. Well you know what Governor Cuomo. Because I just as -- live in Texas where I don't have to -- -- -- -- -- and income taxes. -- have a bigger better house. -- live for free. Mike nice for opening my. Andrew appreciate president.

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