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3-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE yeah. I wore us down -- -- with Rory didn't think it. If you go to the whole movement. Moderately anxious and my brother. And he's going good it's. The decency to clearing my name with the same thing. Which -- now Christmas. -- -- -- -- -- that news radio 930 completely cool -- who -- cool -- yeah. W media. I am I gonna have been noted Bollywood you know administrative thirty WB -- so. They've had this experience. I called the dot -- to get them well it was like an emergency situation and with mr. -- rescheduled doctor's appointment. And I got it to the call waiting Q what -- already think it was the lady came on the voicemail thing. You are currently number blank waiting in line -- number I was number twenty -- -- What happened and now you're now number 220. Really. That's encouraging because you know we all -- an hour and hang out on the fall right and we've all got an extra sixty dollars to park. Room so anyway and welcome to buffalo all bend over a plan Ryder. How can I don't ever goes after the Jacobs ran away for ten dollar Beers. Or seven dollar hot dogs or six dollar pretzels. How come based group people every day in their community heroes tell me why I don't get it why because there from a year. -- you -- any idea how much money sports service takes them. Give any idea how expensive -- overpriced the crap you buy at the arena happens to be eight and we pick in the parking lot of voters. You know about the embark on cars put to tweak. Well we lit up agreed carpet for visitors. Well mark is the county forgoing its share of scouting sales tax revenue for any item being sold them. Is the quality not accepting it's bad Dexter the city not accepting its bed next. Are the politicians also preaching that are they are you also following the dictates you don't -- the county sales tax on gasoline people buy it whether -- for the turnabout. Or it or does don't you only apply to private sector businesses and not the government. Public argument you and your cronies in the Democrat party have been boating and gouging the citizens of this state ever since I was behind weevil. And you've got up false to come after parking lot of owners in bitch at them for sixty bucks. -- -- at the -- for ten Beers. And seven dollar -- don't even know what the prices. Down at the arena for food and Clearwire has the sabres -- And the sabres are the only reason I would go to the arena I could I could give two flying -- about basketball. I don't care to budget very tall man bouncing the ball shooting it in the air. I would rather watchful eyes. Make club -- watch basketball. OK I would rather watch paint dry. Seriously. It's a punching guys I don't care about doing something I don't care to watch but wanna see good basketball -- -- go to garrison park and watch a little kids -- Except that they ever -- combine wanted to with Ellen doing their. And advancement politely to move along sir I say I can't. Why not about oracle loads that always runs into a problem in the newspaper than they talked to my neighbors anyway -- silly things happening. I just showed good semester control and yeah up. I work of body of Tyler gates. You're Carly Tyler dates to a does do that there's rights. -- -- That title around here -- wait a minute filers note that the -- is with the others do. But we -- seizure -- calls trader today on a WBBM. -- ever recited watching basketball is more important than work today. So will will be sending -- some nasty text messages during. Today's basketball games downtown like -- well. Getting a new job lined up. Page well. What's it like the blow off work. Hey -- didn't you just have two days off in Vegas. All going to be nasty to jail well I'll tell those guys but I wanted to recently and nasty text all day long during my show reggae got to him. Telling him how horrible it makes me feel that he'd rather watch a bunch of guys throw a round object through the air trying to get -- through a hole. Hey. Look I'm sorry. -- -- short. If basketball's you're playing basketball -- thank you look at me what why what -- downtown. To watch a bunch of guys I don't know and a bunch of guys about -- I don't care try to put a small black object. Past giant had worn by some French Canadian Jewish and they like really care. I should I think it excite us. But I do I guess we all ever thing. So. -- have to enlighten me on the prices at the arena. Because we we think the biggest. Mistake a criminal enterprise. Has that brings it all sorts of legalities but getting a lot of talk about gouging. A local company that they don't just people -- concessions every single sabres game. The last time I got a mixed drink at a sabres game at Harbour club level I think it was like eight dollars for a staggering and tonic I think it was eight dollars. Now the only time I've paid well. -- paid more money than that in Paris. For every ten bucks twenty years ago for a kangaroo at tonic in Paris I still remember. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For less than ten bucks if they like the push wind because they're French it's what they do the French are known for two things vineyards and syphilis that -- Oh and surrendered three things I forgot but anyway it. Those have you been downtown but it would edged Johnny -- the arena. What are what are they charge for -- polish -- -- for a large beer. -- -- -- XY -- -- tweet against the Jacobs news. -- is that what -- -- do they get a pass because they're like uber wealthy. And because one of the guys owns the Boston Bruins. -- -- they -- -- sacred cow is we're not supposed to go after they're great but we'll go after the parking lot agreed what are what -- the box of popcorn cost. Five bucks for a box. All right seven dollar -- forbid that -- probably cost five cents. Five cents to brew package and send it to eventually end up in your bladder. And you don't buy it of course you read that Archie Bunker -- away. A way way long time ago I I guess I just don't understand why certain families can charge ridiculous amounts of money. For peace a popcorn hot dog and not Joseph platter a beer popped a bottled water last LA with a four bucks for bottled water at the arena. That that's what you're charging the last time I went and paid. Usually if I go to the arena I wait until the company has been go to the company's -- all and I know what you're thinking. Only -- spoiled life. Okay let me explain to you we're going to a corporate suite is like. It's night's. -- it really all it is I mean they send an Asian hookers and everything else in the corporates well they must because Bill Clinton was sitting three seats down for me once. So I'm presuming that's what they did in that box but. The long and the short of it is. You do a lot of schmoozing. In the corporate box it's -- you can sit there relax watch the game. You know chances are you're gonna have to -- skills remember the company couldn't care less whether I have a good time at the game. I'm out there and have a good time I'm there to generate business. I'm there to let my people lol how important her support is to. Now frankly most of the people were with me -- -- with the long enough to know that I have a huge bag anyway but they still loved. So I don't really have to do a lot of schmoozing. I know I'm one huge bag over today help all that I've already exhausted my supply added I've got to wait till tomorrow to bring up the B word again but in any event. I just I find it ironic. -- again some people can do anything there a lot like the Jacobs. And how much money they charge for their concessions. And other people like parking lot owners get called out for sixty dollar parking. Its supply it's the -- I wouldn't pay sixty -- to see a debt -- pay sixty dollars deceased Ifill heel height. I made about the park anyway. Folks here's what you do if you wanna be persistent and if you're from out of town. It's called hold more. Well. Look sixty bucks is can just give -- We wanna be a big city. We wanna be regarded as a big city but then will we act like a big city people get all upset or act like a big -- So you. I just yeah. This is what big cities don't. This is what you play. Forty and sixty dollar parking in medical. In Boston really crept based sandy beach -- know that battered -- Be and he's very familiar with the Boston area and breaded buffalo late Boston never will be thank god. If I was lost in Boston hot and portals and street are there in Boston exactly because the letter which one above it always ends up in the bad part of town. It's like damn I wish I had a machine -- you know back kind of strict. So. The -- parking situation. You know. They really say -- really torn vendors. Because frankly part of it I think part of the blame. For people haven't spent discounted go to park their cars is they didn't do their due diligence. They didn't do their homework folks. Here's what I do. What I have to go downtown. What I have to go downtown to the arena. And I'm a native buffalo me. I park my car for free at UB on main street so big big campus she can't miss it may and Bailey. And there's an NF TA parking garage there you park your car for free. If these escalators are actually working you ride the escalator down about a hundred feet after buying your ticket. From the machine or god forbid there's actually human being in the boot from the human being. And you buy a round trip ticket the trade it will take you directly to the door and then back for what 510 bucks. By ten bella that's -- mile below -- you know have the pay sixty dollars to park if you've done your -- Folks I'm sorry but I want it to people become crippled. I -- -- and forty and sixty dollars to park well what are you expecting were you expecting bargain there's. -- Part of the part of the lure of the NCAA. Is describe people. -- look at the players the millions of dollars they make for these colleges and universities all they get out of it. Is a lifetime aches and pains polled tendons broken bones arthritis by the time the 28. And a short lifespan. The NCAA makes gives billions of dollars off these people so naturally you'd think they give a damn if you're paying sixty bucks the park. Couldn't care less so you look out for yourself folks don't expect the government to do it. And how disingenuous about all the cars. You know to get on the bandwagon are sixty dollar parking I guess we've rolled up agreed carpet -- Marky Mark here or there what I want -- to issue a statement than saying the Erie county will forego its share of the county sales tax. So -- gas can have a a better experience in buffalo. -- what did you try to what did you say they -- -- -- idea that Georgia from Syracuse. Or from the other place you don't have to pay county sales equity buy gasoline to go home. You'll do it why because he's just that. They all want your money it's all about the Benjamin's people. It's all about the Benjamin's. -- and you know I know pissing people off right now. But did you really think that you're gonna go downtown to the NCAA and pay five bucks to park. -- that's gonna run us out of them that's on you you didn't do your due diligence. Sixty dollars. That's a lot of money. I know a lot of money way to display some of you that's like hold it -- have -- -- called the what did you expect. I'm just -- curious what you expected. -- -- in this and I really got to galls me. About the whole thing is that -- -- -- taken the pollute it -- the politically popular view. Which would get be praised for almost everybody except parking lot -- is. I'm not gonna do that. Not as long as there's no charges 700 bucks for -- the times -- called a bitch about that. Seven -- bucks for beer I don't remember ever getting a call for about that for five bucks for a box of popcorn. The cost a nickel literally a nickel. So I think a big awfully selective in the people we attack is greedy capitalists. Mark -- cars. We pay the highest taxes of any state the freaking country. What did you worry about that mark you can control that. But it's easier to blame capitalism. -- -- have to admit mark you do bear an uncanny resemblance to Leon children's. The assassin of president McKinley you're really -- -- just say and brought us to Reno looks like a lot of -- and any kind of does mark -- cars could play beyond shall gosh. William Achilles assassin in any movie. And I look like any number of people so I would be versatile character actor okay I can do the -- -- -- story. I can do like you don't pseudo Brad Pitt toward you and David and I -- don't. All right. You -- -- -- unexpectedly big yelled -- here for being absolutely out of touch with people unexpectedly get yelled at. By people upset at paying sixty dollars to park when they got nothing to say to be paying ten bucks for beer or seven bucks for beer. What's so -- Beers a necessity that you can't do without for three hours. Gotta park are you gotta park so make up -- -- up by an eighteen Beers at the game is like like a concert. Does this is happening you. Painful rectal which -- how many times is this happening you. Where she still thinks it's not a -- I've not heard that expression since the 1980s. There's an advertisement that was on the year and every time a -- bodies became kind of a catch phrase painful recollection. Up the out. Answer it at the -- anyway. But. We we does break -- you know. Complaining about sixty dollar parking in the up its centenary dollar Beers. Seriously. On the ever figure that out as long assailant but I don't concert and and again maybe I'll finish the thought now for a I am amazed at people who pay great money. To get amazing seats. In the -- our third row. They are like inches away. For every bead of sweat Paul McCartney shakes off of his -- and they spent half the time gonna get. -- -- -- It's no lifetime -- Paul McCartney responded -- have to show either I said there are not hitting. Three. -- -- Well look I'm not a big -- fan. I'm not look folks. I -- I feel like they need to go into this disclaimer every time. I enjoy the occasional beer I enjoy the occasional direct. But I really get concerned when people cannot function socially without a damn -- their hand. And then they get up and down up and down up the -- I should people on this like 80% of unbelievable concerts in phenomenal seats because you're too busy didn't Beers. Really. I think so -- Wait for the dvd to come out and what did you what a real fan who actually wants to see the -- and I think I server in the beer have your seats. What you hate it when I don't have strong opinions. It's 325 news radio 930 WB yen John Charlotte is a master control. Bryan gates is your call screener. That I am not important to Joseph Bieber he'd rather watch basketball. It is important things you just -- It. Daniel price you did was wrong. Great thrill me. Maybe it's me good life was just a lot simpler than just saying about masses and I don't. Could be just me. It's at 334 news radio 930 WBBM. It is. I happen to serve makes a lot to -- like fall into a black hole. Wait a while others say that -- is that racist I've I've forgotten now. It's funny because of Rush Limbaugh was talking about some City Council meeting somewhere. Where some white council member said something that goes into a certain department ends up in the black hole. -- use that expression to refer to an individual I know on a regular basis and I have done so for the past twenty years. This person is white. Say if something has gone into a black hole. Is in no way shape or form a racist. It means that it's -- it disappears it goes way. Which by the way. Is interesting to note because AC NN anchor named -- Don lemon who is a black guy. Put the question for the guests about. With the player to have flowed into a black hole. Could the planes have flown into a black hole. Could -- The plane. Have flown. Into. A black hole. Could the planes have flown. Into. A black. Hole. -- remember this up Star -- Twilight Zone. But the Twilight Zone episode. Weather's all. Its not the one where the debt is not the one with the other -- on the winning with William Shatner or not that one. Which I find -- way terribly overrated but the other one where there in the airplane. But somehow they really -- fly into a not actually a black hole a lot hole except they didn't call the worm hole then because it in the -- normal combat. And they fly over Manhattan and instead of seeing skyscrapers. You see dinosaurs pumping. Well aren't accurate I could may be seeing something you didn't see in there anyway I mean that's what I see in the roll reject. Two Baltic. This one to dribble up. -- so they can that saw. Anyway long story short like the -- reliance. It just keeps going through all of these different cycles where one minute it's in prehistory the next minute it's over the 1939 world's -- Why not just ask that question to. Sir. I'm Don lemon from -- Do you think we could be seeing a Twilight Zone episode come to life here were plane flies over New York NCs dinosaurs -- I double dog -- Don lemon asked that he would be my new media hero. If he'd asked that question tonight what he's done. Seriously I would be I would like a teacher to Don lemon fan club. Is working and dinosaurs pumping into the question okay. It is 337 -- radio like thirty WBE NN. That's just try to make you laugh about Thursday -- all to my best failing miserably so. These visitors from out of town. This is another thing that. Folks you have the real world right. I live in the real -- I live in kind of the real world. -- live in the real world I kind of live in the real world I think the media is -- pretend world it's a real world but it's also pretend. And I told us a zillion times I don't hang out media people I don't like media people most of them -- backstabbing. Individuals who have been around far too -- and you know should retire but. -- -- most of them. They're like that. Some of the young people are fun to hang out with. But I've also been burned too many times by people of help along the way who then stab you in the back later on. -- problem. Anyway it. 338 -- news radio 930 WB and it but if -- -- bitterness in your heart you can just let it eat -- alive I laugh about it. I have to be whimsical about it. Seriously. Now even even when president again was in office I was still classical about. Folks. In the real world. I have a question for. Are the people here QC buffalo. What are the people here to see basketball. Are the people here to see buffalo. Or are they here to see basketball. I have a shocking breaking news development for you -- not -- basketball. The gala could be played in Timbuktu and and they would be there to watch basketball. I cannot see many if any people going back to Syracuse. Or anywhere else saying by golly. You know. Week we stay out late we partied we went to the game we had a great time at the game but -- We can't wait to get back to buffalo in the summertime. If you really think. That's gonna happen you may be a politician. -- -- politician in training that's how politicians thank. Folks that's not how real people think. Okay. If you go to court. Corning new York and -- -- -- recording New York is of course you do OK in court. There's a tremendous museum which I highly recommend except don't bring the kids because they'll be bored out of their minds it's the Corning glass museum. The only reason I go to court. To go to a specific location. To -- -- Somehow that's more exciting than watching guys throw around object through the year you know who. -- anyway I just realized what an Indian I am. One of the short of it is just realize that -- yeah I was slow learner. So the water shortages are welcome back to buffalo and say -- my -- you guys. Just I was over the weekend. In Corning New York. Wake up. Well I would say. Outlets according glass museum. And of glass -- your -- go check out some time. But I'm sure it targeted or raw raw recording New York because there's really nothing there are. Except the Corning glass museum and a few other minor places. But politicians I think. As I've said they don't live in the real world. People are not gonna go home they're not gonna go back to Syracuse. Talking about buffalo they're gonna go back to Syracuse talking about the game. -- games they saw or I was they're. Not taken pictures of themselves. We know what maybe some of the more most of the cell fees that are being taken. Are being taken inside the arena with the game is going on in the background -- the setup for the game going on in the background. Here's -- That the NCAA which happens beyond buffalo. That's what it is. Now. Let's just get -- that duet no actually got to break we're you know look at it. I want your thoughts Sanders. I want your thoughts why -- don't why doesn't anybody bitch about -- and over five bucks. Now they're not selling beer at this tournament -- get it. I know bet it's on our website. But we do play about forty hockey -- well forty alleged pro hockey games a year in buffalo. I'm sorry. I'm being too generous forty triple A hockey games a year in buffalo with a team that was formerly okay known as the Buffalo Sabres. Are right the hardest working minor league team in hockey. And I don't remember the last time somebody's called in to bitch about paying seven bucks for a beer. Which I think is ridiculous. You wanna -- it be my guest put it to free country. Nobody complains about that nobody complains about that what are the hot dogs. Five bucks six bucks. Nobody calls it says you know Tom I think I just who's -- nostrils they charged me five bucks. Trickles in to say that. But -- some parking -- guy charged forty bucks for a commodity. Where people can park closer to the arena and suddenly he's the bad guy. Of course it's greedy. Of course it's greedy. You know what the same media outlets that are going to be all over the parking lot owners ask about their ad rates. Ask about their ad rates if the Buffalo News comes out after the parking lot guys. Asked the Buffalo News what it cost to run an ad in -- newspaper and whether the rates have gone up or down despite an ever shrinking base of readership. They keep raising their rights. We do. So -- the TV stations. Because to be competitive. You have to have a revenue stream. Ice it's -- to get it to retain the talent. You have to pay talent. How you -- talent is by making sure the revenue comes in the paper at talent at the same time as your health insurance costs go through the roof. You're compensation costs go through the roof your taxes go through the ceiling. And you've got a million and want unplanned expenses plus budgeted capital expenses that have got to be -- So if the buffalo news channel two -- channel for channel seven. You know sends its watchdog TV journalists after the parking lot owners if I'm a parking lot owner -- the only question you should ask. How much do you guys charge for an ad and how do you get it. As they won't know what to say. What do you charge for bad and what do you get credit. Say the same question can be asked to the Buffalo News as you know they'll have an editorial. You know because they'll parrot whatever line mark Poland cars puts out. So -- problem well I'm 99% sure that they'll have an article saying they've rolled out the green carpet. -- Buffalo News really what do you charger advertisers. And as you have your rates gone up have they gone down. And we're gonna repeat business -- get. How do you pay your bills. Does Warren Buffett just write checks because he likes -- -- is well. He's there to make money with the newspaper. However stupid that might -- eight he's -- let it whip it. That's -- it's what. If buffalo new starts going after the parking lot of orders for charging sixty bucks for parking spot parking lot owners here's what you here's what just the Buffalo News. How many people as Warren Buffett laid off from the Buffalo News in the last two years. Quietly. How many full time workers have been let go from the Buffalo News in the past two years. You know they used to the head of the library they whacked him they let him go. A few other people. Got got -- They let staff go right left and senator -- over there. There they are hurting over there. Because they're not taken -- And daddy -- -- is get a little second -- that billion dollars put his lap every year. You know like John -- in the movie casino. And -- this guy just another fat. With a big suitcase on his way to the airport now that's somebody taking the money to warn buffet every year. So I think it would be very disingenuous. To go after parking lot owners. For doing what the newspaper and every other media outlet does what do you think we're in this for -- Some people may be done well. Well I'm gonna make money. Why do you work. The meg going to be. What's that how do you make money. Would tell is that how do you make money. Don't say is that your sister out I've heard it before in have been Acapulco how do you make money. You'll make money when you were in the comment exceeds. You're out ago. Not only do you pay your expenses but you've got some left over that's how you make money. Just basic economics. And she made folks but. All anybody has to do and they easily could have done their research on this knowing how many weeks now. That NCAA it was going to be a buffalo. All they had to do was look up metro rail mass transit buffalo and they would know they could stay in some hotel out in Amherst. For about 8200 dollars. Or some of the ones I've stayed out of the boulevard for forty bucks an hour or whatever. Drives Ubisoft campus parked the car. Spend what is it ten bucks round trip anywhere no bitching about the sixty dollar market. Problem solved. It's -- resonating with anybody. Because I think that some people are gonna use is just as another excuse to attack capitalism. You know. As if mark Paula cars is gonna -- the county sales tax or Byron brown is gonna weighed the bad text I forget where the -- -- go to the cloudier the city. But what is he gonna say well you know what we feel so strongly about -- where I could accept money from the bad -- poor people paid through the nose to park. Eight. That's about the real world these got what world these guys -- but you know they've they've every run lemonade stands most of and there's competition it's called metro rail. And -- people were too lazy to look it up is that really the problem with the parking lot older. 8030930. AccuWeather it's 33 degrees right now we're going to be going down to 24 tonight some snow showers this evening. -- that's not all. Otherwise mostly cloudy the wind is gonna diminished and a cold tonight. Q -- -- -- put a picture up on my FaceBook itself the I don't sell three by definition equals queer. Which does not my definition -- -- -- it's just queries just queer odd. Tom. So don't you know don't go after me for using the word queer it's been around a long time before homosexuals were. Anyway. I just try to laugh at my own historical absurdity of that statement but anyway. I did put up an awesome self. A myself doing show Oprah. And yes it's a -- feet. I hate cell peace but it was a moment and had to be captured. It was one of those moments where I couldn't figure out exactly what I was gonna do and I was torn between the whimsical and the serious. I captured that expression beautifully. Like -- Eisenstein picture on my FaceBook page it is seriously this is like -- we EG pictures. Not a ouija board is getting squeegee photographer New York City. Very famous guy took the differences he photograph that people. Difference between dead people in the right now they had more color in -- -- yeah I look bleak. He corpses at the funeral home -- more life in -- -- Eddie Eddie Sutton and Jamaica. -- at Iowa City to talk to Jesse Williams OWB Ian -- talk to me. They can't -- our technical. And -- Argument is for India hiked prices in the parking lot. Would be. Generally park -- pay like ten dollars fifteen dollars -- an extra -- -- paying six times the price. What you're used to. And if that bit and -- but the market will bear that's what the market will will -- I -- you know I paid four dollars and seventy cents last -- was 374 gallon gasoline hit. Well it went by and I -- your outrage that -- your pricing being at seven dollars were it'll buyer. -- patriot. I'm way down on -- Jesse Jesse Jesse. To put on -- listening ears OK what I said was why are people bitching and -- I don't drink beer at events. Are right amount of big drinker doesn't affect me one way or the other but people were bitching. About the price of parking. Who go to games regularly. And wolf down for Beers at seven bucks a pop. Really you're gonna bitch about sixty dollar parking lot. Well I'm just saying that -- only what is much as what they're used to paying. So the argument is just you know to -- differently for each of them. There's all kinds of scandals have hit and also a lot of it to who's gonna depend on what people curtain for a living made some people don't make sixty dollars take home and hold. For them I mean if Ellis put it this way for them I think -- -- go to an a to a brick and basketball game is a bad investment. Iran I believe parking lot insert whatever they want but I just commenting on where people that raged -- from. Just -- a different thing you know pricing will get an upper and. You go okay we can talk about the arena and we can talk about a -- Over the as well movies are the same way they make their money not from the movies they make their money from the concessions which is why I have always sneak by the all right. -- I mean I guess I see your point it's a different scale. But you know seriously and let. But it's still let's say multiply it by a factor or do you pay twenty bucks were for parking I've seen that at at some hockey games when he's -- NHL team. Now it's forty dollars for some of the basketball games so it's times to do. And dear unity depends where you go for your -- I mean the dive bars like go to his two dollars a bottle I hang out with a high pollute ground. All the elements are pretty -- dip your crew got a little -- -- an elegant creek sitting at the creek user. I do. All right or are we through. Barbara thanks magical I think -- I see his point I do. And they're not so unclear at this tournament but the selective outrage I find humorous. Very humorous. Well I don't. Have charged a sixty dollars. That's a whole thing is. Well if that's a whole day's pay I have to question. The logic of coming to a place spending money to for ruling. -- lodging eating traveled gasoline tickets to go to a basketball game. Seriously if it's a question of priorities ought to. Things I've ever done in my elected to expense. Like seeing dinosaurs.

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