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3-20 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do we know we're here. You know I don't know. What what should say -- It is a very difficult situation because there's an enormous amount of interest in the story. But yet because it's on all of the outlets it's on all of the TV. On networks it's on all the satellite channels it's on all the radio news -- channels. It's it's going to be the fact that if you're looking for a lot of other storage -- and find them Ukrainian but that's probably going to be about it. And now that 5200 kilometers southwest of Perth. Our satellites have an image of -- some debris in the water that they estimate would be a 78. The law and if it's a wing or whatever if it's identifiable. It might be helpful was so far it's not there everybody wants you know no false alarms -- just have to have the information make sure before even -- that is right. And so there's a lot of criticism about the Arab media. And maybe all overly hyping this event. I don't think it's -- I just think it's the massive of Bob Mueller coverage the missing plane is this the best of media or the worst of media. And I think it's it's media and what media does in today's climate. And as we said the especially the cable channels have nothing but. A satellite time and reporters in and and in time to fill so they're going to be on 24/7. And hurt feelings as you anticipate them at the conclusion of this. I can't resort happy certainly no matter how audience can use that. But -- may be relieved might be a good one. And I don't know if you if you saw the the grieving relatives of people on that flight. It's. It's human moment that answer your heart out so what about from -- is it too much. Because you know whatever we don't want these polls through. Even our listeners will say occasionally it's too much coverage but it's not designed to VO left on all day all night. All the time get your signature film and go from there let's go to Joseph and ever -- here on WB yeah. Quirk or interpret this complaint but on the networks. Why is should get a watch all the channels. People common goal like our -- -- human amount of art. Another couple second -- order. EB -- it looked like it or not resemble what. Give me your opinion. Is it -- about mommy and butter opera too because the cherry. One important to implement adamant and -- and. All right okay thank you he wants an Obama media boat traveling here's the deal on that first of all everybody's under contract. Radio on television basically. And its its job opportunities and there's there's some things that would lead you to leave one place and go to another. A one is more lucrative offer somebody says hey you weaving your terrific common work for us. And that might do it may be -- more successful operation. Maybe at some people have done very well this year going to an operation is not doing that well. And you would you bring them into prominence and you bring him into a position where now they're competitive which after realizes that there's millions of dollars that state. Not just for the salaries of the people that movement. For the networks themselves. It allows them to give more sponsorship. Charge more money whatever. That area but remember one thing here and you have to remember this -- it's important aren't. When a sponsor. Buys say they buy this show aren't. They Miami they buy you know oh. They by the audience the people that are listening all the people that are watching if -- a television show and that's what they buy so you try to accumulate an audience. That is a marketable some something that can be so -- and they have demographic as I have slugger graphics it's its age and lifestyle. And it depends on what that's a sponsor is looking for. So they will sponsor a show where you might not love the host. But the host has a massive audience. Now chances are that the mass of audience thinks the same way as the holes or at least most of the time. So budget not directly buying the holes that that way controversial holes. Who'll draw big audiences. Often times have very successful careers. Yeah -- it may be short term and they they burn out quickly but that's the way this so that you accumulate an audience at another location -- whether it's a TV or radio station. And that's the way it is you don't lose credibility if you go from say you go from I don't know MSNBC. Anywhere from an Amazon spent in it it. If it. You go to from MSNBC do public service announcements that at Wal-Mart. It would be a step up but -- you go from one cable channel to another you have a different. Audience you have different reach. And you try to be successful and that's the way it is -- radio and television so it's not that they lose. The the credibility. They're cleared their credibility is portable they take it with them it's individual it's not -- where they work it's within themselves. And that's the way that works OI hope I answered that I answer that there are -- -- -- -- so -- because people don't know. And in -- wonder why we're Gypsies by the way a more than eleven eleven states. We're Gypsies because we have to go the work he has. If you're gonna bank you can start off as a teller and end up as the president. -- radio station in the way you improve yourself usually there's two ways of -- So one would be more responsibility. But the other would be to go to a different market and that's that's the works where it used to be. There was more competition when I came to buffalo there were eleven owners the radio stations and awful eleven. Now three. -- happy that's the way it works I hope I answered his question Chris what's posted on FaceBook. This one is from Steve and he says all these ballots are such -- her to be first thing about the information. And what they do that they give up too much false hope we still don't know exactly what happened. Well I think. Goal. Tell if you guys agree or this or not. I think they they give you enough of a disclaimer and say here's the latest information it has yet. You know it's good to be vote approving whatever they kind of lay out what they have without presenting it as as a as definitive if it doesn't. Well let's you -- decide for yourself for. Fill in the blanks yourself the way you think OK well this sounds logical and all that's totally unlocked so I'm not gonna go with that. The way I look at it it's an educational process. I did not know what happens in the cockpit of a triple seven I didn't know that. We've had a pilots on to a 747 pilots and whatever. Who give us information about things that can be done things -- camped on. Ha what the procedure is remember we we learned about the -- pilot in the third -- We didn't know about that we know about -- had pilots -- know about that so. They feel and our information and we relate it to the people and we have more work or don't know more about aviation -- this is done. Then we did two weeks ago and that's pretty simple but to expect everything to be is a classroom. Okay it's not a classroom but there's education available if you're willing to listen. Will be back with -- -- beach company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Is that airplane crash in trash in the ocean twelve or thirteen days ago. In. That they're there would not be metal objects floating in this surface and metal objects with good news may be reviewed and sure sure sure pre attack that. They really don't have that much poignancy and I think they would they would probably. You'll probably think. A couple of questions there of the the missing plane is this the best of media or the worst of media people says the best of media. Think that okay -- getting all that information out of which are so many unanswered questions and fact there are very few answered questions. At least it's out there and I understand that it's going to vary. For Florida our day today and at least I'm getting as informed as we can be the worst the media is. There's too many things that don't turn out to be right. And I think under the worst of media category are people who like things wrapped up. Of the American way in an hour. If Mark Harmon and Z evo. Can -- and and that and also can solve every crime in an hour welcome this one Columbia salt and that's it. Every move our Arafat's had no matter how complex we get it done and and you have no attention span. So you're not happy about that you want it wrapped up that's yesterday's actually thirteen days right thirteen days knows. And cannot use of that you know like -- so I think a lot of that has to do that. But we also have another major story and that's the story by Ukraine amid that's and and Russia and a potent I mean that's a big story. But. You just have to show a little discipline. And those sampled and those as the every once in awhile so you don't get inundated -- and that I don't think dubious as critical. And so it's amazing. I don't think it's the best of the media his source of the lead I think it's the media doing their job in today's workplace. And your feeling at the conclusion of this I would I'd I would accept the fact that you would feel relief it's over. I don't think you would think you are happy. Because it's probably not going to am wildly the odds of it and meanwhile are really extreme just think -- just from a time frame along. I I I think a lot of you will feel that at last there's some kind of answer there for Maria people who work beside themselves not knowing what happened to their relatives. And as bad as the answer could be at least you know I think -- is that. -- damage of knowing and -- over not -- would you guys agree with that he would rather know even if it's it's the worst possible news then. -- not now -- -- -- I would agree although I admit that this you're just talking to writers felt. When and if the story wrapped up this morning when I walked -- they said they might have found it and it was almost like an empty feeling right. They're trying to -- notion likenesses Niagara is worst case scenario because if it's and the water. But there's not going to be an enemy. In order for the bigger than any of us on the land there -- a lot of things have to I don't care about the plane. After about one -- of the people on the OK so if they if they took the plane so -- -- -- the plane. That I don't care if they took the plane because they wanted to arm and make it a weapon I would care about that but I especially care about the people on. And I think it was on land the odds of them taking care of 200 some -- passengers. Feeding them any medical care all that things are so remote that. It can't be good news I mean I don't see our can be that's my perspective. So your feeling will probably be relieved that you know more than you know but probably not to not joyous. Chris another entry from our FaceBook this one comes or Nancy sees as the worst of this -- some of these goofy conspiracy theories I've -- aliens and black holes mentioned. It's ridiculous stop -- that nonsense analyst reports of factual information well that -- his right and I mentioned earlier I heard goals one. You know ghost is is is not this OK also is another thing for another time say that this is the Revis is the real world. Aren't and black holes and space from a record that and aliens. I heard that 12 aliens. So I heard one person say how can you discount. Aliens when you don't discount anything else -- I think common sense about that let's use some common sense. When the first alien shows up and Arabia they wouldn't talk. But it Tillman I don't know KT McFarland. Our KT McFarland of that worked in several. Administration's. And the is pretty much considered an expert on foreign relations and saying that there were 26 countries at the beginning of this story. Involved -- looking for that plane and we have different policies we have different. Political landscapes we have different religions. This Israeli combination of a lot of things and is she is commenting true. On on the something's a little different aspect. As we learn. About what happens during all of these things I said earlier it's -- educational process you you didn't know and I didn't know a lot of these things. But on an airplane as well we have pilots on who don't know. As we learn. Sort of the terrorists and this is something she brought up this is there KT McFarland. We've long since exhausted our national supplier of experts to a point where every man has known expert each -- his own theory about what happened. Some of which reached the limit of -- dual card credibility. We've we've heard just about every explanation short of rapture and alien abduction well we we have heard it collection. But let's first look at the topic are what we don't know about the missing plane and does the event. -- come to a level. That and a bit reveals a lot about us. There are folks out there that are watching our response in this crisis and -- the meat of what she's talking about there are watching us respond to a they're taking note of weakness says vulnerabilities. And blind spots in the international air system in order to exploit them in the future. Now if you are terrorists maybe you didn't know. There's only three countries where one problem. Actually checked these stolen passport lists before boarding. But maybe maybe our terrorism training or maybe aren't an independent -- for years and know that what you know now. Look at this one don't think she's talking about. All the world has taken more security precautions in September 11 terrorist remains affixed on attacks on airplanes. These attacks have now been made easier by what they've learned from our response to the missing Malaysian jetliner so security is really Smart. Terrorists and not all dumb as terrorists some -- can be very clever. There are little deranged as far as I can maybe a lot the range as far as I'm concerned about. So they look at they see what's happening. It's almost like. In a poker game you do a couple of bonehead moves. To set up something later. If you're good poker player every once in awhile you do something that's just bone and you'll do it almost purposely. Because people will see it as a tell or read okay you'll do something that doesn't make much sense. And if they ascribe that that's the way you're going to play poker on the night when the right time comes. You take the -- mostly these are things that you gotta gotta work him he got to know you gotta be around a little bit to get into that why didn't do that when you know he's done this this in this and -- -- -- again. -- -- Mean that's. That's the way it works the same thing we're race cars are aware of the wood drivers -- race cars they pull a certain -- they do it almost all the time but they don't do all the time. The onetime you don't expect him to -- -- when they don't. And it's the same thing -- this -- their learning how we are responding to a missing airliner so they'll kind of get an idea. Of whom they're dealing web and how fast they have to deal and get back to more KT McFarland and you. They don't trio are 301806. On 69236. Start -- thirty the missing plane is -- the best of media is that the worst of media. And how do you feel your feelings will be at the conclusion of this event will be back. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. -- now 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 -- toll -- line is 1806169236. Assuming that's another area that depth is so deep and it's it's it's so bad for them to actually started an investigation you have to bring -- deep sea submersible. And that's assuming you even locate the actual part of the bulk of the wreckage. Some like that is I think information and I think it's educational to learn how. You would rescue or how you would salvage things like that so there's a lot of things regarding the story. That's filling in around at that we didn't know and I think it's an educational process. And that's that's the way -- team that looks that it true except she's looking at a from the perspectives that. People who might be yeah future terrorists or would be terrorists -- from as well as that you weren't presuming I mentioned -- at the beginning of the show maybe you missed that. It's certainly an important event but they give you an opportunity to do something that probably have been wanting to do for a long time. It's the third annual buffalo -- and 85005. K run and walk on April 26 Delaware park. And is to raise awareness and funds to fight colon cancer. So it's it's big big event for an important issue. But the reason I'm telling you this specifically right now it's gonna give you an opportunity to do something that well I don't know. Maybe the kids have been begging you. You know there would do this or maybe a neighbors that let's do this together. According to this press release it's a rare opportunity to walk through a larger than life. Inflatable colon. And I'm thinking at all. He's a real real edge on the kids now hey you kids go to bed early or you don't get the go through the call and hopefully we'll go to sleep. Eat your vegetables or you'll get to walk in the inflatable -- personal I don't know water column looks like. So when it's inflatable. As it looked like. You know one of those things that what are your car sales words flop around at the top and you know it's going to be bends over and I'm -- -- -- it's a cylindrical. Is a round is that I have no idea I don't know art. A colonoscopy but I was on the wrong and see the shape it was and then I was under. The rest of what. But that's going to be a view a giant inflatable. -- call one you'll be able walk through at that event and I'm just again. Pretty much the intern when your blowing optical in on talking about okay. On the -- employer or miss yeah your internship. Up colon. What do you think he -- -- Yes that's what the caller we can have ice cream. Sounds like it and that'll -- good guys remember Colin Waco I'm glad it's gonna end of their eventually. -- -- -- Let me I'm having than usual day I guess technically am. As we said it's an educational. Process for us as this that procedure. Keeps winding. But it's also an educational process of people might not do as well. And KT McFarland your probably familiar with Hershey's. An expert on foreign relations and things like that. She said there are folks out there are watching are responsible crisis they're taking note of weaknesses vulnerability and blind -- a blind spots. -- in the international air system in order to exploit them in the future. -- the world has been a moving more secure a securely since September 11. Terrorists remain fixated on a tax on airplanes these attacks have now been made easier but what have and -- now been made easier because this. But what they've learned in response to the Malaysian jetliner could be important. What have they learn from us quite a bit. She's at first security the Third World countries and airports remain relaxed. The Malaysian. Flight's passenger manifest list has lots of holes and a some passengers were traveling was stolen passports and keep in mind there's something we all learn. That that they have in international database for stolen passports. But there's only three nations that use that. We're one of them that's out of all the rest of the world they don't even look at that. Does the passports are listed in -- but only three measures that some passengers don't show up for the flight but apparently there was no effort to see whether they had checked in baggage. And whether the baggage was still on the flight. So the baggage goes on the plane. But the people don't wanna play and that would be absolute sure fire. A red flag. Even if we have the technology and it is always used -- used correctly there were three separate instances that she quotes. That the missing plane wasn't doing their -- supposed to do so yeah Malaysian air traffic controllers miss them. India has radar but according to some reports turns a profit than in the evening to save money. So I mean -- visit time to save money but maybe this is and that's. Fifth Third World countries don't screen pilots. As vigorously as we do in the US airline pilots and crew get regular medical evaluations every six months to certify their physical metal help. The Malaysian pilots at issue is that would have. America closer evaluation. The USA is the eight team would naval assets in the regional the most sophisticated intelligence capabilities. Why were we not involved from the beginning. Did we offered to a war we told to stand down these are questions that we don't know and these things are going to be learned. We all seem to have agreed upon protocol for dealing with these incidents. If they have ball several countries finally despite Ukraine being the greatest major power our crisis is the end of the Cold War. The world has been focus instead on the missing Malaysian airliner talk about media frenzy and public fascination so she's saying that. The certainly the tragedy is the plane's gone and who knows -- the passengers. On it are gone that's absolutely tragedy. But an out and ongoing forward. Tragedy would be of bad guys learned from this and use that in the future. Now I don't know about you but if I was ahead of our country. That didn't use the stolen passport lists from Interpol. To screen for passports I would I would do that. Instantly that's the first thing without blinking get that done because they announce right away after the plane disappeared that they were to be able stolen passports and I'm thinking. If they know that right away how come I didn't know it you know like yesterday or two hours ago they know what now what did they do. To find out that they could've done but didn't and so those kind of things KT McFarland -- about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the missing plane. Is this the best of media is that the worst of media and your feelings about the you think your feelings about the conclusion of this event will be back after. I hope they found it one way or the other. -- -- -- -- It has -- governing the other missing plane story isn't the best of the media or the worst of the media your choice. And your feeling as you anticipated at conclusion. Will be one of relief. I I think that'll probably be universal. Because even if it's bad nose at least people mill. As -- of that unknown feeling. It probably shouldn't be here and and -- joy. -- because there will be no joy at the end of this against you that. So I'd like to kind of pick your brain there let's go to -- Larry in Niagara Falls Larry here on W via. Yes but Mark Zandi. You know all I've watched this for a week now and they've -- gone through the pilots they've gone through the passengers. I haven't heard any kind of flight attendance. Male female it's somebody jump -- the last minute he gets -- invite somebody else. Replied I haven't heard anything about the flight attendants -- and they would be a very important part of the growth and would have access to the cockpit would point. Yeah that's that's what I Bentley cars IA. I haven't gotten word banana but watching -- all week. This this piece that they -- by satellite. 5200. Kilometers southwest of Perth as there are racing they're trying to find out what it is. It's one of those things that could be a big clue or it could be another. A disappointment because it doesn't lead to any further information are are approved provide helpful. Do you hold your breath every time I talk about some new piece of information that might have solved his puzzle. Yeah -- a visit comes on the bottom of the screen -- -- figure allow me on every every bounce something. Have you learned anything from this I have I've learned a lot about procedures and and pilots and airplanes and things like that so I think it's a learning experience for me. Yeah there's quite a better education on you're very very worried on -- Outstanding you're in Australia it's nighttime dark so. I don't know what are going to be able to find anything out now but. Yeah I would doubt that especially in an ocean we think about it you know with -- all of our modern electronics and satellites in search finds or whatever. Finding something relatively that small means big plane but it's small object. In in -- ocean is is almost impossible I would think they're good at it but it's it's a tough tough tough mission regularity thank you very much. As solaris feels that way we do. That Chicago all you kind of hope you kind of hope there's some good nose off I think the odds of it being truly good knows what would be the best -- The best knows is that the playing. Well as a had mechanical problems. Lost it's communications but managed to land. Safely. Be the best that'd be terrific. No hijacking nobody hurt no danger problem Robert. After that it would be that the note that the people were OK but the plane was damaged the people of the key year that's the absolute. Some of the worst scenarios is the plane is being retrofitted. As a weapon that could be narco. Because of that happened chances are none of the passengers. So that would be that would be bad. If it if it had a catastrophic failure which nobody seems to believe now. Because there would have been time under most circumstances that put out some kind of a warning some kind of a an SOS some kind of saying where and distressed nothing like that. If it if the worst suicide by -- pilot. You have to ask if that's the case wide in the pilot just take it straight down. Why would you give Palmer course fly for hours if you're going if you were determined taken in the water doesn't make sense. So it depends on how this ends but I don't think it's gonna end of the satisfaction of anyone. But some more than others Chris though we among FaceBook. This one comes from a Peter he says what news coverage I don't think any of the major outlets or even seriously covering this story it's all -- nobody has any actual news. Why can't make it up you can't make it up and floppy is. See it depends on your definition. If talking to a pilot who is experienced in that plane is fly off that I guess the slot. But I don't think they're doing any Entertainment Tonight features. There's a red carpet Justin Bieber isn't is -- around. We're talking about a serious questions that are being asked and they can all have answers we just assume that every question as an answer. Well it might in time but it doesn't now. Another -- this on comes from Johnny says I think the media is doing exactly what I showed their doing their job doing it pretty well and they're keeping us in the grip to the story as it develops I would John on this one. I'm not not hesitant to criticize the media. But look you bring on people who know more than you do they know more than you do maybe about. The procedure. How the plane handles. How to fly the plane what you can do which can do that's information aren't you bring on the manufacture of playing they tell you what the you know the history of the plane and then some. Some things that are germane to of that particular model. That's information to you bring on a government officials who deal -- -- error not a goal of things. They can tell you about past problems and what worked what didn't work what happened what didn't have it's all a a a process. Of discovery. It's a process of discovering the information you need to make. Your own conclusion and then even then it may be a better informed conclusion. Not necessarily the correct one -- This one comes from Doug he says we select is going to win know for sure what happened it's all just a guessing game and a meteor only taking part to compete for audience and ratings if there's nothing new to report they should report nothing. Well you know that's the usual default position that you go to its. There are only doing it for ratings I think they're doing it because they want to show bacon to a better than anybody else if that results in ratings that's fine. I don't think they do it for ratings on I don't think anybody at CNN or. See CNBC or any of them of people that have anything to do this. Are saying great this -- going to be great for the book then act now that I like that but they'll do the best job they can. Sometimes a little over the top the trying to -- you know. I'm -- tried -- where better than they are so stay with us even after this events over. But the say they did at Florida now I don't think so I I think when the assignment editors. And when the news a managers -- news directors are working out what's going to be Donna what is going to be done. I don't think that's focused on. On. Getting ratings if it goes past the spot where they normally would run their spots it goes past. I mean if they go past the the format as they usually do it that's the way it goes. But they wanna show that they can do that there there in the -- and that's why they do. Another this comes from Matty says the media are just playing with the emotions of the world in turning this event into a mockery. Or at the point where it's not even news reporting anymore it's dead and at that at all. Get that at all. You know the I did say that CNN's though hologram. We have the anchor walking on the floor in the floor being the ocean. That seems -- and inappropriate. I mean that's just technology for the sake of technology and look weakened to a hall ground. And they forget that the wives and emotions all around the world involved no I understand that. But I don't think it's been a mockery. If it's too much because you don't have the attention span. And you want everything wrapped up in sixty minutes or last that may be disappointed. But there are certainly other things that are available through entertainment read -- jogger or go to the giants a blow up call and call him but that's not till April. I'd take a tour of the colon so I'm sure. About wraps up. For Beijing governor you'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB. We'll we'll. -- wish they never into music these.

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