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3-20 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Selling tobacco did you governor have said the beach the missing plane is this the best of media or the worst of media. And what do you feel your feelings will be epic conclusion of this of this story. I think one of the problems we have with people complaining about the coverage and and there are some over the top stuff as we explained of the CNN stuff although hologram. Garbage. But I think of people are used to quit. In -- conclusions. If you're watching a TV show it all is wrapped up in an hour you watch and CIS you know that in an hour you're gonna know exactly what happened the worst is if it if it's a continuation and that might take two hours. Go see a movie hour and a half two hours it's done. And especially with things that have unanswered questions. A we're used to quick responses where used to took a quick information and a tie it up with a ball and go on to the next thing. Well unfortunately real life is like that. This is a very compelling story it's an international story full of intrigue full of questions. And the words we just don't have the attention span for this and that's why a lot of people are complaining but I'm asking is this the best of the -- the media I think a bringing on. Certainly pilots. And the people who know aviation inside -- -- the manufacture of plane and and the government officials who deal with aviation has a very helpful. If it's too much for you shouldn't do that -- that long. Take a break from it do a little bit here but there but they don't overwhelm yourself and then complain that this too much coverage. Because everywhere you go of -- that handles knows you're going to see some. Shape or form of this story. Let's go to Brian in buffalo O'Brien on WB -- I see it BI first -- say -- all -- all their. What about area of fluctuate beaters and its aspects of of this story can sort forget which tree with a call. There and I'm not want to see you. Watching it but you what you destroy the British souls that have now the it away if they do part of you'll bring mr. conclusion there will be very pedestrian -- you know I don't know if the -- it was quote really it's got -- okay. But for somebody like me to -- -- and they bring your report Iraq -- of play right BO orchard where it goes well or don't but what more romantic than. If they don't. It is because the city you know we predict liquor that strip and that -- I don't -- You know beyond the field beyond. It -- -- it's -- interest. It's like a meal and it's like a million air hard she was burned into the psyche of America and she will remain there forever. And she'd get away should be kind of you know cute with her or restore it with that -- be you know that the basic history. Yeah it's it's elevated to miss a mythical proportions. And and -- -- it -- period short but I watched the people or what group or. And you know where it says you don't wanna buy them make people like -- -- you know. Oh. Collector -- down require record should not repelled by beating. You know all -- on vets -- Are my favorite movies and everytime I -- singing in the -- idea I get nervous about a year ago when your old you know Hillary out is. You'll. Here. A lot of reps but at the electoral that these the American read a book or a lot. Oh yeah and now we don't know is that terrorism is that a crime is it a mechanical -- is -- personal. A there're so many and unanswered questions. But -- kind of -- more on that end for the people who don't. In your right they're attention span is not nearly outweigh its not if that Jonbenet Ramsey that integrate that. That is the bit too far away BR and mortgage -- in the -- Yeah I had -- in -- -- in your own memories of flying a you bring your own experience intuit and how maybe your bare knuckle flyer and whatever there's so many aspects of this a which. Practically none have been answered yet. Right into their -- report regularly -- -- -- -- between. These of course you work if cloture to apparently. I I would expect that on the record in this sitting in the situation there and strong market and threaten and we don't want. Well it's you know it's like James Dean in -- a portion spider. The immortalized after three movies a what would have happened had he not been on that highway that day and it's the same thing -- his -- You're right it does have a romantic aspect to it it's a tragic aspect but. Men you couldn't write a story like this thank you Brian thank you for saying go well basically I feel to it's a compelling story thank you very much. You know we want we want a quick resolution to everything. If we're watching historians somebody gets murdered we wanna know who didn't and we want to know on sixty minutes. Even over commercials of a part of -- we got to know. We do we read -- always got a book sometimes we'll go to the back of -- first to see how -- -- this is the way we are now. Nobody has any. Nobody has any you know -- patients. Nobody wants it we don't wanna take the quick trip all the time instead of the more thoughtful. Longer path. That is what we wanna do -- -- -- burden ourselves with whom many things now that happens the regional I don't go to subway because as to any decisions be made so I'm not want to talk about that. Above what I'm saying his life isn't like that. You assume that you go to the doctor and instantly you're there an hour and he can tell you exactly what's right way -- what's wrong with -- Forget other tests in this and that and other doctors and I'm machines and all out of us that we want to cut and dried we wanted a nice little cubicles. And we wanna set it aside because we're ready for the next story well it's going to be awhile before ready for the next story on this one I can tell you that right now. About a 5200 kilometers southwest of Perth. Satellite as -- found something but they're not sure what it is. A couple of nations of -- Check that out him bombing and I'll put their again and you're saying. OJ not another false -- like you'll only get so many right. Like you've already done three aware I don't except for now we -- have. Three so it's us. You remember the -- we have found -- enemy and and his us. I don't think you have the enemy is is the news presentation I think the enemy is us I think is us I think we we demand too much to be wrapped up -- -- short time. And that isn't the way the world revolves and this is not going to be a short story. If you're not ready for war and peace I think you shouldn't -- for awhile because this is gonna take some time. Even if -- resolve today. There's going to be the sub plots in the drama of exactly what happened as they play around piece it together. It is going to be awhile so don't burden yourself by watching too much and then complained about. A will be back -- would -- got. After -- assuming that's another area that depth is so deep and it's it's it's so bad for them to actually started an investigation you have to bring indeed she submersible. And that's assuming you can even locate the actual part of the bulk of the wreckage. Of the missing plane is this the best of media or the worst of media. Keep in mind just because there's a lot of coverage doesn't mean it's terrible doesn't mean it's obsessive. Some of it is a little hokey. The hologram thing on CNN is very okay and your feeling. At the conclusion. -- you gonna feel a sense of relief knowing that. That a lot of people are going to go through extreme heartbreak if they haven't done that already because they're not going to see those loved ones again. Would you be happy that it's over you can't use the word happy in a story like this. You might be relieved -- you're not going to be happy. Would you feel that it's time to move on that or you're glad you're gut. You know it is glad it came to a conclusion. So I can understand the human emotions but first and and foremost we have to think about the people. Whose relatives were on that plane. Or had anything to do -- flight I mean which is over and their shoes and I don't think you'll feel to put off by the coverage. Let's go to Rick and I don't want to Rick here on W via. Yes and be calm you're completely right about the family's there the first concern. And of course the radio is the best coverage on this bomb. They were the first to break I think they were. He's -- all of press conference Australia. Last night. And all I am right -- and so on your college already touched on some -- -- and the attention span of the United States is. Reduced to a 32 -- like MTV started in the 1980s. When they actually still -- -- music. -- and be armed as opposed to hold a camera shot which -- and turner classic sold our intentions and it's gone. This country so that's what they'll let you -- for the next thing. Bombed you know sold it to -- the people are tired about net debt at an old it's it's not too bad at -- sarcastically. -- keep fly around it is a concern. For for everybody. -- -- One thing I want it's it's a little circuit speaker doesn't -- anybody but it's not like. It's that there was a celebrity aboard would with a net change it up a little different. Or anybody there could well why watch our Lesotho apart -- Mean -- the Chinese movie star celebrity's we don't. As a you know that's a good point 01 of the things that you could think about his. This is a learning experience I don't argue what I've learned a lot of things about airplanes and procedures or whatever that I didn't know. And so take it as a learning experience rather them. -- bothers some news story that you'll want to go away. -- special -- -- set to fly around assure what I do right I do I wanna know this stuff and it's pretty scary and what the other callers said the it's. It's it's going to be really you're -- times 200 or whatever all -- it's it's gonna live and I mean it's bizarre. Electorate saying you're 9/11 of people got hired a bit -- our. After 9/11 I didn't I didn't even realize that demographic so put -- public -- foresee cultures some but not mean that was -- -- that was not a lot of -- at 34 shows a 9/11. And after a few people are already complaining that they wanted to hear something also. The bottom line is as you pointed out and was trying to allude to is that the week we -- more to a story like this -- a short attention span we owe more. Accurate thank you so much like our guys kind of thing word that's the way we are. You got a dvd and there's the boring part remotely what did you fast forward you cant be bother her plot twists and all that other stuff. And maybe as I said earlier reading a book. Go to the back Percy out ends I mean that's the way we are now that is the way we are. And we don't want anything to last more than an hour. Or an hour and a half whether it's a movie or TV show. We want things wrapped up we need all of the information. We want the king James version instead of the full version this is what we do this is what we do we don't have time for anything -- that's why we have. We have what are. How many characters and Twitter 40s4140. Okay that's at 140. That's that you can't do more than that. And here's what you gotta do and here's how much time you've got and that's all you've gotten you've got to move on to something else. We do not have. The stick with -- -- a stick with it -- that we used to have. We used to stay with it until the end and now we want the end -- To me is because we got other things to do I'm going to lunch or could wrap this up before it wants it and he worked out. -- anyway new console is done quicker yeah exactly exactly. Now some of us some of us have -- have. That's like for instance he got frozen pizza now the best thing to do with frozen pizza is put in the oven but now I don't have time for that. Put me in the microwave and whatever that might or referrals and it's a the cross becomes mushy but he had it two minutes earlier. You know that's what we do. That's -- that's. That's how we how we roll like I just made that up it's like that I just suddenly just thought about it for you but that's the way it is. And we complain if if things don't happen in an orderly fashion and faster and even complex things we don't need to know. One has to wonder then sitting in a classroom or lecture or -- concert or things like that how we have enough. Wherewithal to actually stay through the entire presentation. Well every election we talk about. People who are their voting decision is based on a couple of silent clips. Or or Bradley who was something on Twitter or FaceBook that they saw and that's all the information that they have on a candidate or an issue and they go with that they run with it. Ever tried to hand somebody something to read. Are you got something interesting that you think that person would be interested in -- Get this they'll find a way not to have to -- don't want you to tell over what's -- there. That's the way we are that's the way we are as Americans. But because of that we shouldn't let a story like this. The sullied by the fact that we want a quick resolution. Now some people some are noted how people like Howard Kurtz. Is very critical of the coverage I have -- some information. On note of -- Howard wrote. -- the Howard Kurtz says he's disturbed by the media is rampant speculation. I'm missing Malaysian flight 370. Singling out CNN in particular for its all plane all the time coverage. He's gradually ranch a ratcheted up the coverage of the flight since this mysterious disappearance. And does just filling airtime and increasing bizarre theories and developments I did see two things one I'm already pointed out. The hologram. The hologram that CNN has trouble playing. And in the anchor walking over a floor which was the ocean. Whom the plane that was weird not the other one was this I saw a clip of somebody who said that one thing nobody is thinking about. I'm not making this up our goals. And I like I can make it up you can't make it up goals now at that point. If I were the interviewer whether his professional or not. What I would have said it is are you of the dumbest person on the planet. And if so ho hum -- the lucky person to get to interview you. Goals. Maybe oh maybe one of the people on the plane. I had a ghost that was after him or her will be back for more on those radio and I thirty. We are WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. The time this afternoon. The aircraft will arrive on scene and be able to give some tried better examination and we have from the satellite photographs that we have right now. Right now about 5200. Mile I was not miles kilometers south southwest of Perth. Satellite has spotted something in the water it's approximately 78 feet. They're not speculating what it is and it's -- we report but basically. This is a an international story compelling international story. And because of it a virtually all the news La outlets are devoting a lot of time to it. But with a short attention span we can't figure out why this can't be figured out in sixty minutes that's how long it takes forensic guy has. -- -- many things sixty minutes or a movie an hour and a half we wanna be out of here Larry we have dinner reservations. So a lot of people now are bitching about the fact. Bet that there's too much coverage. There is not too much coverage. There is enough coverage I don't know about you but I have intellectual curiosity as to what the story is on on this. On this plane. In the bottom line is you should that a patient self. If you if you can deal -- much it would take it and -- in the drips and drabs. Are you going to find out eventually what happened. But is just complain about it because you think there's too much of it. -- that's fair I think the media's job is to ask questions when we don't know the answer. And indeed there's a lot of questions -- with something like this now there are over the top examples I gave -- two one as the hologram on CNN. Where the anchor is actually pretending to walk on the -- an audio like that is an echo. And walks into a hologram of an airplane it's the dumbest thing I've -- and I'm totally dumped the other one is even worse. I I yeah I heard an interview with a woman who said. No one's considering. Ghosts. At that time her ability to speak should've been removed. -- is. I'm like as a -- in the world is -- his breath hoping though from a good outcome and the longer this takes the less chance there is as good of a good outcome. A we have to show show some intelligence. In order talking about is not a sitcom it's not Entertainment Tonight it's you know if it's it's simply isn't. It's high drama. And the worst kind because 200 some odd people waited for of the plane that never arrived. And their relatives -- on it and they don't know what happened and their concern they're worried their hysterical did you see the video. Of those some of the some of the people Wear a with the press corps overseas I mean it'll tear your heart out. So we sit back and and we want everything to be done in a short amount of time wrapped up neatly thank you very much we want -- -- comply ending. Where you get shot but nothing really happens there's no blood no nothing like that. So I'm I'm just saying that. Is this the best of media is that the worst of media and your feelings -- the inclusion now it is an -- we ask for your feelings. But are you going to be relieved that the story is over. I don't lot of I think we could use the word happy. Because none of us will be happy at the outcome because I can't after almost a thirteen days I can imagine. India a satisfying and fulfilling ending to this as the best way. Let's go to Jeff from buffalo Jeff -- on WB. All of trying to make sure I don't go to no game you know what you've taught me in jail. Okay. -- now we do have a minimum by the way on the show you know how we have a minimum you must have three T. The we have a 32 with minimum. In order to have to be heard on the show. And and it's nice to have foot two of them are at the top and one at the bottom that's Astoria. Where we do it. You know it's very -- 308 -- its excellence -- 96. And start 930 nothing like a little comedic relief while the world was going through hell. We needed that so just remember this if if you don't have at least three teeth you know all the talk Amish. I'll let amateurs of -- let's go to general buffalo general on WBN. Good morning I eat there there. Class. Like that. People a lot of blue line to either shut it. I wonder what they would show me. -- And playing. Good question. It's it's it's tragedy is what we're seeing right now imagined that I mean we evolved. Bin around people close to was who had severe health problems we know what that did. Imagine not knowing and and every day goes by you know there's less chance. Than ever of my conclusion are going to be pleased. -- Thank -- much the obvious human drama of it is it is bizarre or surreal. Because it's not the kind of a story. That we've ever heard before. I think the closest we've come is is well before most of us were even here probably. And that that's Emilia Earhart who took off with her -- her navigator herself. And try and fly around the world and suddenly disappeared. They knew all about the plane a week they didn't have the communications and that we have now they didn't have the ability to find things that we have now for instance. What they're looking for a 5200 kilometers southwest of -- was spotted by satellite. In the I have a satellite picture here now. I'm I'm just telling you trying to figure out what this stuff is is something else the satellite picture. Shows you something down there in a couple of different locations. But not the kind of thing easily discovered. Or easily identified so they're trying to find out where it is what it is and that will bring another you know another aspect of this story. Well take a break we'll be back with more would be the two basic questions the missing plane -- of the best of -- -- of the worst of media. And your feelings at the conclusion will -- be a feeling of relief it probably won't be a feeling of satisfaction. Because I don't think this is going Manuel will be back after this. Going to be able to calculate it is somewhere around between 74 -- 78 street which is indicative of possibly. You're very large pacers are airplane accident but potentially it could be peace love the way the. -- give actively you know subject you're telling Tony that. The bigger -- starts today down at the media right on down the arena and that some parking might be a little outrageous as far as the charges -- and one of our our listeners deep posted a picture of assigned parking sign. -- the dollars to park forty bucks the park yes that would be reasonable of yours emphasis or New York for forty -- and buffalo apart because they're here for the tournament is. We never learned to know we do not learn if somebody comes in the city here's our chance to -- on I mean week. Cities. Welcome visitors they make visitors feel as welcome as they possibly can't because what happens then they go back to where they're from and they say at a great time in buffalo was great people couldn't have been nicer instead you know the message is going to be. The message -- got screwed in buffalo it's exactly yet we never ever -- this. A good if you do any amount of traveling New York any tourist areas. You'll see they've bent over backwards to make you feel welcome and comfortable because this is their stock and trade this is how they survive but -- buffalo it seems like. But as -- almost like we can hardly wait to -- within the city limits weakens a rat trap we've seen it before. We've seen it before with parking meters and ended this is this is a continuing story this is nothing new. So is that a welcome. We're glad to have you pass the good words that that's what we'll go back remember the moral dimension I was right there. They had do. Family motor coach association was here it was a several years ago and these are people don't very nice more problems this and they travel all over the country. Well they were made to feel so unwelcome because because of the State of New York among a silly things -- New York edit. If you have a motor home over -- 43 feet. 45 is the big -- -- -- if you -- -- over 43 feet in the final plan as to where you're gonna drive it like a flight plan for an airplane. They had to get that waved and remember the second thing was even worse he couldn't grill outside. These are people driving around in million dollar plus motor homes and they come into buffalo they find out that they can't even -- And they had a thing with the -- still remember that's right probably come down the earnings. Just that this is the kind of stuff that puts us where we are now and then there's no hope of ever turning -- Just as upset as I was when I saw the forty dollars to sign. One of the responses may mean -- -- even more upset. While he has every right to charge that much money it's not every day is lot's going to be fault. Talk about not getting right talk about not getting it screw them because they're here and forget about future business that's exactly that's exactly what it is so you wonder why you hear about going out of business done insolvency and stuff like that. That's an example going to be smarter them otherwise you don't deserve to succeed. Now Howard Kurtz you know about Howard Kurtz now what are the problems Howard Kurtz has I can tell you because Howard Kurtz. He is basically a print journalists OK a story like this is not good for friends. Yeah they can show you pictures of where the islands are and how many kilometers that is from here -- America. But it's like this it changes the moving landscape changes on a regular basis. I -- a very short time period so what happens is -- can never keep up with that. So they don't like the fact that television or radio whatever it's a it's a moving feast if something happens like instantly. It's on the air if they find out right now CBS a break and we'll have a full bloom mobile will be done it's right there right now newspapers they're sitting around -- yesterday's knows and that's exactly what has so people like Howard Kurtz aren't happy with that. And he's talking about CNN not CNN can do bonehead things like the hologram plain and and the anchor walking on the put on on the water. -- but the bottom line is they can't compete when it comes to something like this and that's why the very critical -- said it's too much with too few facts. Like friends never doesn't he speculation. -- notice that there Ali Ali thereafter the entire story has been written. Lots of news organizations and television networks are going very heavy on the missing plane. And you know it's an important story this huge global interest I get that CNN has gotten a huge rating bump. But just on CNN they're filled with theories and speculations. And false starts well that's what a story like this is about. If you have a pilot there who pilots the triple seven. He can tell you some things -- can do some things you can't do if you have somebody from -- on there they can tell you what the plane's capabilities are. If you have somebody. In government that deals -- -- products can give you the information. Our experts can tell -- of a plane goes down in two. And in ocean what the oh what the possibility as that'll stay intact knowledge James Bond film words thinks that the bottom. A beautiful woman swims that with hopman. It's on James -- a thousand. Hasn't shaken knots for an that stirred martini it doesn't work that way -- -- -- a -- yeah. You're gonna have people want and they're going to speculate that's why they are fair because they can at least give intelligent speculation they can tell you. Well within the concept of my knowledge here are some things that could've happened. Here are some things that could have happened so I don't get the criticism of that. He says they're trying to fill airtime while I agree that there's a lot of airtime remembers satellite TVs. Stations and outflow. They have satellite time. They have reporters they have cameras they have portability and they have an insatiable amount of time to -- So you got to expect that's what you're gonna get Natalee Holloway before. On the advent of these kinds of channels would have been a story -- flew -- months there just wouldn't happen. Our Kurt said I think a little bit more double checking a little bit less speculation which -- viewers better. Well I mean when you ask somebody who has expertise in an area for their opinion. That's the reason you're asking him you know if you're down to Chucky she's asking somebody in a bounce house what they think of it has -- Although he could get them to easily search entities nothing says great pizza like Chucky cheese right right Tony. Asked how many times have you been there isn't your kid as birthday -- I haven't been backs haven't. No I think you'll have to have another child just -- go to check BJ's I don't think I'll welcome I think chuck. You know as standing in any rent -- to go in because you can't going to charge she's a lot of care -- -- people -- -- and you can't leave with your kid either without them are doing a full arsenals are absolutely the -- as a whole thing I mean that's check -- united target. But so Howard Kurtz Wednesday. Complaint that it's. Too much over the top. And too much speculation. Welts you know if if you don't have any facts to present which we don't. In -- you have experts in that field and that's what they're expected to do they're expected to speculate. That's what it is I mean take a look at the Bob McCarthy's column in the Buffalo's great I have a great deal of respect for Bob McCarthy. Writes a great political column. Something I can understand. But he -- speculation all the time what might happen with this in Manhattan and whatever that's part of what we do so -- I think is off base with this but I think it's it's a bias because. Let's go to Joseph and it -- Will will put that on hole thank you very much. If the if he were a television guy and he's on television cards -- in moments in many times but when he goes on television. As having some expertise in an area they ask for speculation how many times does somebody go on as a guest and they just present facts. Not often -- story like this because there on effects of present. Yesterday I heard a former policy -- lieutenant general. Giving conflicting reports -- -- bowling it's that. So now you guys and this guy was them on many Intelligence Committees or whatever so you got a little differentiation. There so now you got to figure that out is that -- interpretation. Is -- deliberate misrepresentation. So that's what makes the world around it's not easy it's not wrapped up notable. And that's that's the way real world as well take a break will be back on moral teaching company on news writer and I'm thirty we are WB yet.

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