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3-20 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- hello what is Beijing coming -- sandy beach I am so tired I can't tell. I'll start out I'm exhausted. I was up all night reading or trying to get through a 174. Self congratulatory. Emails sent by various members of the -- comes after one person. Who made -- sale yesterday. All of -- yeah. Every idea good so you got to know what's going on on the -- you're really -- him a big part of radio sales without sales we wouldn't get paid without sales we wouldn't be on the air so we acknowledged waning sales. As so all of ourselves be able made a good sale. And her sales manager. Congratulated her. On the good sale. And the congratulations was that a pat on the back it was an -- dinner it was a bonus that was. On an email to all users and that what happens is nobody wants to be left out of that scene in -- talking about. So we have six sales managers of which the other five congratulated not only the person who made that sale but congratulated the sales manager -- congratulated the person made the sale and that of course the other sales people. And we got a problem here they congratulated her they congratulated the managers the management congratulate the woman who cleans the bathroom we. Everybody congratulated effect. If you weren't congratulated you -- are now I'm sorry would get you eventually. That's just the way it works so that's that that's what happens you make a good sell people off walk near you they wanna touch the -- of your garment you know what I mean. And our sales department the most flocked I've ever work where it's all our -- just haters love to do that. And I just thanking Tony. Together for sixteen years. Have we ever had. A congratulatory. Emails and about what a great show we've done never and we got a lot of big time clients on the show that we ever had one thing. Nice job on that commercial. Now. And under debate Tony just approved there are -- there are finished and add or. -- -- Today him do this show I've ever done and LLC the wage work now Tim -- should be the first. And he should put out the the email us as Wada fabulous show sandy did today if you missed it you can get it stream -- I'd and best stuff OK and then Greg Reid will thank Tim Weiner for congratulating me. All right and then of course everybody all of the other people. Powered and Janet mean everybody rob. -- all congratulate me and so let's -- its arts so I'm gonna do it today starting in the next segment or if -- That now I have one basic question that. Isn't that what you're supposed to do. Make a sale. Of if you want to -- it at home man and here's the problem. As as as they multiplied. You really have to read -- from the bottom up you know the way they show up on your iPad or -- way to show up on your phone you have to read them from the bottom up. And so. The good safe number 174. Is this long okay and then you delete that he got a 173. In its long. It takes forever. Because I'm waiting -- breathless anticipation for the next problem. And those -- -- what was I actually did get through all of them aside hundreds and before you know -- -- -- -- -- -- And 915 finish in -- -- on the play a formal here get out and then get this on the Q you for Olson's I'm gonna do alive also spot yeah well my fellow rivals want to be good but only because you set it up with a pro. In -- talk about thank you and Christo. Chris gets the ball rolling with our early morning that was before -- -- -- here before or -- -- -- -- Chris is already role in the third set up -- that's the way he rolls. I'm just saying to god dude. And does so he does that in the maritime -- edit video platform is moving at the same speed as the ride right and we jump in here we do our job and we hand at the time to Rush Limbaugh. So that's nice. So thank you for giving me problem. By the way if we see her remind me if I'm I'm I'm I think I'm the only staff member of the didn't send her something maybe a -- -- bouquet would be. Now people -- so excited because the tournament begins today. We've got to we got our colleges and sound to play basketball and it's match March Madness. Everybody's really excited and we do a lot of special events here in buffalo we you know we haven't. Gusts Mac -- at least that the issue of Augusta backer and we have upon -- determine what got this. That ball. Pails in comparison to what we're going to be able to do on April 26. April 26 right here planned to be in town. Because on April 26. You'll have according to this press release. The rare opportunity. To walk through a giant larger than life inflatable colon. No I know many view of but that that's the that's the the pinnacle of ambition you know maybe -- -- to Europe. Maybe you argue -- wanna fly to outer space what. Besides that what would you do if you could I know many of you have said and and privately maybe not publicly. I would love to walk through a larger than life inflatable colon where you will be able to because that's it's a a big event which is a serious event it's the buffalo and the 5005. K Iran. On April 26. A Delaware park is where it's going to be its to raise awareness and funds to fight colon cancer which is a serious issue obviously. But beyond the normal stuff. You will have because they're bringing to town in fact in fact headline. Says. Two this will be in town that there will be a larger delight inflatable colon. So I I don't know how it's a good job of a guy who has to inflate. I hope it's I hope it's -- like yeah it's not one of these. I think in the movie airplane and ultimately. And the only inflatable as we usually -- around here of the rats during strikes. You know I -- have the inflatable rat and and that's that's -- uses an electric and if later so I don't know who pumps up the colon. The fact that would make -- think about it. That would make a really good rap song who pumps up the colon what do you think that's a wanna be the call improper. Worked as a beat boast a rap. This is amazing. I was looking at some custom wheels you know something to dress up a car. And there are several break up big our names in custom wheels national names that are in the car magazines and whatever. And it is generally camp of find a Monday they'll stock them you just have to send form indicate. Like five or six weeks by the time you get -- at their very cool but. Of this that we don't have. A climate where you can use in your I would also a lot of okay. So I go to this one name. Which wouldn't mean much unless you know about cars in Wales and I go to their web site. Now there -- web site shows them putting a set of these wheels. On a Rolls Royce I go you know you're thinking well Rolls -- those wheels must cost off journal right and they go our. But and it says there's a video. Well I wanna say yes I don't -- Rolls -- but I'd like to see I certainly have an interest in right. I punched up the video. The music in the video is the most bio this constant music I have ever heard. And this is an upscale we will manufacture some of these wheels cause there's as much as 3000 dollars each. Okay. And it is is it uses the F bomb all over the place it was totally out of sync. -- -- the fact that -- selling our exclusive wheels that we're going to Rolls -- it what is a Rolls Royce of our producer that. I would have the buffalo symphony behind me you know and our show news show the botanical garden. -- maybe a roles coming in the drive way -- those wheels on and instead it was a rotten this sting and vial. A video. I wondered if the number one client tell for them is would be your guys that have the I'm doing here and aftermarket exhaust you know they have the -- ruse and a -- thousand tutorial. Well all I could say it was. I I was going to see if I could reply directly to the website to say even if I wanted your wheels. After this presentation I wouldn't even think of -- Because it was just discussed it wasn't even clever wasn't edgy just discussed. Like rents that are common nowadays too much emphasis on the low profile while now it's a lot of blanks don't care lot of blank I think no wheels. Had a lot to the look of a car and you can go overboard certainly right now and and and those wheels that are. Like that harsh are for shock charts they they have Obama and Oprah Show they don't -- -- -- much much you go to Miami. Everything's on -- Miami all although probably annual -- Miami. Course that's horrible drug viewers. And it's whoever it take a break. So far we've we've complimented each other I compliment you -- them -- now it's a compliment actress. And a sometime before policy. Tony you compliment me before 930 Chris yard 930 -- -- find something necessary by the way that First Act was passed thank you you know it. Analysts through. Is it just me are now it was it was. Once it was hall of fame material thank you saying that we'll be back after service. Have you ever atomic and a dry in the -- here. Yeah medicated powder I would is OK Chris you're an athlete I'm sure you've had that. That concern afterwards after him sometimes he won't just moving to court action over here and -- a couple -- don't. -- -- That's what happens I I think we should keep our -- medicated to. Today's the today from my buffalo -- is a sixty dollar certificate to royal Niagara golf club at Niagara on the lake. If you're not -- tonight normally you ago it's just a fabulous place you villager in Europe. For just ten dollars. Royal -- golf club offers a must play chorus of international standing. Go to WBN dot com and economize buffalo perks logo and that's that. I now pay the Hollywood types thought they could you know take advantage of a poll open it didn't work out that -- that it. There is a a movie. Called -- it's a big budget film and obviously it's based on the life of -- up. So the actors thought how can we get. The Pope to save some good things about Noah so what they did is -- Russell Crowe and others. Went to Paul Francis weekly. Audience. At Saint Peter's Square Vatican -- so ever once a week he comes on the balcony and buses the crowd and says few words and and that's that and it's a general audience anybody angle. And it's a nice moment okay. They want it up private meeting besides that these that will go will go there will be there and then you know maybe when he's done with the crowd that he can see us. Maybe get a -- always them you know photo op may begin on Entertainment Tonight. But guess what the pope's. Said no one on interest and thank you very much. The Vatican spokesman reverend Frederico Lombardi. Said the request from Dallas producers for a private audience was immediately. Turned out. Marty said there was similarly no schedule me -- after Wednesday's general audience -- Russell Crowe. Was turned out Russell I mean the Pope to be careful because Russell -- remember member of that time and hotel and got mad. And that the guy you know the bellhop or whatever it was the -- bringing up the luggage it started. Throw in the fall around retook the phones that are whack -- -- on I mean got to be careful but the public doesn't worry about it he has those fierce looking guards. I'll with the panel rooms you know they they look like somebody popped them up. -- -- -- -- Coming in -- went missing Navy SEALs. You know you're scared of a -- see him right because they got -- honor and their black guys and it. And now yet on air market like they're ready for work and you don't wanna be part of that work day. It's the pope's guard's first of all they look like they step drop of a box of Italian candy you know those little candies the white ones with a little red things on them. And it got approved the outfits and they got the big spear. I guess they're they're pretty good and pretty -- but they don't look -- you know I mean scared. No I'm not at all in fact laughter media made me it may be would be a vote. But I'm sure that the the Swiss guards right yeah yeah others that well. With Switzerland. And they want him nobody capsule. So while Russell Crowe is likely go away now this kind of says. That the romance is over I I think this is a hint that the romance is over. Hamburg police that a man at a problem -- his girlfriend. In this is in Hamburg. He took her Jeep and drove away with it now that would be OK maybe comes -- -- I'm sorry honey you know owners -- I know he stopped that he parked at market. In the middle of a railroad track. And subway what comes -- lottery or track. A railroad train which demolished. The freight train struck the unoccupied vehicle at the bay view road crossing between revive and willow dale smashed it to smithereens. No one was injured because normal is -- that -- and nobody on the train wasn't that happy about that the Jeep was destroyed. The train was not damage of bank. I mean it's a tough but they're not that tough -- not take on a train police say John. Reynolds -- Of willow -- intentionally parked his girlfriend vehicle on the tracks after a domestic appear a bit. A non domestic abuse domestic dispute is -- I. So I think more -- less. It's says that the you know flame is gone down it's cool it's cool pretty much are yours you're willing to date other people a once you once you put your girlfriend's. Jeep on the train tracks it's -- So I just thought -- mention that nothing nothing else that dramatic happening. Except that this guy in Colorado. When -- storm. And -- -- and then dropped his friend often his grandmother's house and when he did that he thought he'd walk men have a little conversation -- a copy. And while he was doing that he'd -- discard it but while he was doing that some additional star. Are you saying hey that's. Socialist car -- -- one year old kid in in the child seat. Forgot to bring the kid inside but they they retrieved the card they retrieved the kid everything's okay except the -- is a moron. So bad that it's a little bit a better story in the -- what is. Corrupt and struck on the rail road tracks old -- I will take a break it will be back I think this first half hour that I've done is commendable I'm waiting for the emails that pour in. Complimented me in my ability are not feeling great at the sniffles and you know -- ever tell you you -- which I couldn't tell if I. We'll take a right will be back with more with each and company on -- and -- certainly are WB. Take WB and wherever you go with a W -- iPhone app. Powered by the final out left. The best in -- railings index. An African continent. And. Let's not mention the name Tony but that Tony was a leafing through his -- -- Little League pictures is that what they were you asked Aaron best saw the uniforms he had on. And he was sponsored when -- say nobody was sponsored by. A guy who is very high profile got out of town once that animal law. And that was followed by another organization. That has been tied to. Get the hell out of dodge before the Larkin a few. Of the -- Ali well -- good content is I guess and as a kid you don't know how special baseball because they're they're used to stealing yet here yeah I'll steal home and that's the that's the way. It goes. But our guys a while you -- memory lane. Because every once I -- totally I was looking through my pictures I was eight years old and welcome -- thing is great. Now in the middle of a project where I am. -- a lot of stuff around we -- a out room that we use to store -- starvation pruning SR -- in reorganizing. In -- changed his Russell come across a lot of these things. And the fact that week he scanner. Return us to be learned out to usually that yes I've been. Go through this dolphin and a lot of my friends are getting a kick out of seen these sponsors yet on -- does bring back memories and and things like. Want to thank -- though in twenty years from now. People are going to see a picture view in today's beyond today's. Calendar wearing them beer yes and and undergo remember the old days when he warned that Santa Claus beard -- what it was short it was a -- It is I was happy. Yes obviously it looked like maybe. Christmas time you can get a sense did you call I could use some extra cash Rios no waiting to hear about that day now. As video. It it we have a subset. Going on regarding be missing plane. As you know be the up to date information and I think it came in around. Midnight. Was affected in the Indian Ocean satellite spotted a couple of things that could be we -- could be debris you just heard a spokesperson in the last newscast say that. It's about 5200. Kilometers southwest of Perth Australia. I -- and so they're going to check it out now so far. Let's see the US in another country have gone there and and couldn't find it came back empty but they're still looking report. But it besides the of the human drama. Of what's happening now and believe me it'll share your heart out I'm sure you saw the video. Of people who were waiting for the people on that plane. 22. And the of the media. Is now falling all over themselves. Trying to outdo each other now there are some things that are perfectly acceptable. And for those who criticize the media and I've got a couple of criticisms here one by Howard Kurtz. Who was criticizing CNN's all plane all the time coverage. There's different types of coverage. First of all you have to think of what it would be without coverage. Without coverage if you think all the coverage is crazy their over the top I don't wanna hear about this anymore don't tell me I don't wanna know. I want you to think about this one -- the only media report you heard was that that flight. Did not -- land on time and was missing at all you've been hearing after that. You immediately would wonder what happened to the crash was -- hijackers first and we think it was terrorism courts and you would want more information. Because you wouldn't want the next time you heard and whose story to say. Vague exactly how the story ended. You would want to be kept informed I would thank but a lot of people don't they're saying it's over the top it's too much we don't need an. All this well a lot of the criticism is going on CNN and I don't watch CNN. A body in the five minutes that I watched CNN this morning five minutes. Icing on the set they have a hologram of an airplane. And on the floor I mean this is how it looks on the screen whether it's a green screen or whatever I have no idea technically they probably do it -- -- -- care. They have an ocean okay. And the anchor is walking. On the ocean. Which I thought well maybe this is Christ I don't know many people don't walk on water OK so -- -- walking. On the water. Took a hologram. Of the plane. That's just silly I mean that's all bad is as silly it's technology for the sake of technology. The the only thing that was missing was twelve references to hash tag that's the only thing -- Now others did responsible journalism I think they brought on people that you could ask questions. I mean I don't know about you but I have a curiosity about what happens when when a plane disappears. And -- and they brought pilots on to describe what you have to do in an airplane under certain circumstances surrogate kind of an idea. They brought the manufacturer of the plane on to talking about the plane's capabilities this is all information as fine. And they're not that nobody that I know are watching this for almost two -- two weeks now. Has said that this is what happened to have -- point there's always speculation. Based on this set of -- this could happen. But it this set of facts came in ways that wouldn't work it would have to be yes and that's all they're doing. And I have no problem with what they're doing but the problem as. Unlike the old days where you had ABC CBS NBC and public broadcasting now you have a good zillion channels. All doing the same basic thing at the same basic time so it's overflow. It is like come. When I was programming WK BW we pick the music it's very important to know -- -- to put on but when you take off. When it is burned out you know wanna burn out your listeners. But the problem is you have to consider the listeners are aren't glued to one station. So depending on how many stations are poignant and how much dialed -- and we have to do. They could burn out on this record sooner than you would think because of how many stations -- and -- the same thing with a story. If you are all of the via satellites -- -- -- locals are all talking about it. On network they are all talking about it so it's it's a lot of information from a lot of people. But I think by and large outside of that CNN thing that I just told you about. Most of -- I think has been fairly responsible. They're bringing in a public officials whatever. But the people amaze me who don't have any interest and I have no interest -- analysts. There's always what we are going to talk that you'll never. Never pick a subject under any circumstances no matter what's happening that people. Will agree on a 100% it's just won't happen. I mean I'm not an eleven what -- Tony 34 shows that we did some 34 shows in the but he early time after nine elevenths. People wanted other things even though it was catastrophic. And lives were lost and put us in a war footing changed the balance in the world. They care about that it's not give me something else. And so that's the way they -- The bottom line is if you if if it's too much -- you go somewhere else. If I put my hand on up on the hot -- -- I wouldn't put on again in an hour and still complain about it you don't want it don't. -- killer don't watch or don't read about it. But it's it's a very intriguing story. So I know from you a couple of things is this the best of media with this playing coverage or is this the worst of media. Also a secondary question this is not an easy question to answer. Where and we do finally find out assuming we will eventually I don't know -- -- -- but if we do. Will you be happy about it. Or will bring even further sadness I guess it depends on what we find out at the end. But be happy just because the story is over. And I think that's tunnel -- poses a lot of heartbreak in the story lot of people may I beat in this story. Some. I don't know would you feel great that they finally stopped talking about it all of this be another Natalee Holloway story. In a robo where they'll keep it on for months and months and months and months and months we don't know we don't know. So I want to know what you'll feel when this is resolved and also is this the best of media or the worst enemy in Austria and I'm 30106. Point 6926. It is that airplane crashed into action twelve or thirteen days ago. In the that they're there would not be metal object -- in in this surface and metal objects would it would maybe we -- and sure sure sure -- -- about. They really don't have that much buoyancy in I think they would they would probably. You'll probably think. His -- and company. And I'm asking you about the regarding the missing plane is this the best of media or the worst of media. Outside of the -- an example of them all walking on an ocean. And threw a hologram of a plane which is is ridiculous. I think that you can get as much or as little visual -- Complaining about too much media coverage of a story like this would be like going to the taste of buffalo. And complaining that this too much food there I mean what's the point. You know that in the new cycled this until this is resolved is going to be probably the lead. Unless something else dramatic happens and so if if it's still much dial away. Avert your eyes I don't read I mean do what you want to do but -- don't think that everything should be on a rotating basis. And it should be an a very -- -- rotation simply because you're sick. And -- the point is that think about the human drama of those people. Who is their relatives but never arrive at that just tears apart so wanna know is this the best source of media. And a trickier question your feeling. At the conclusion of the story. You might be relieved. That the story has -- conclusion. And even if it's bad news at least you have you can a resolution to what happened. On as opposed to just being epic vision and hearing about it anymore. Or will -- bring back more sadness because remember there's a human story on every one of those passengers and flight attendants and captains and anybody associated with a story. Let's go to Fred in Youngstown Fred you're on WB again. -- all I am really angry little listening to this airplane thing. I'll -- area is this is there and just know just. I listened to move. You mentioned CNN run that sent to fox in the morning. FOX & Friends are and one hour. FOX & Friends after that -- three hours and you know all of this morning. That's the only. Only one story. Talk for hours. And if you think I'm the only one that sick and tired of that you should seen this. The tweets that came in to that channel. There every one was leading -- man. Well I have a question for you Fred Fred -- and why would you state it was something for four hours if you didn't want it. I didn't. Want to just. There. I didn't I laughed. I came back after half an hour -- check and see it who still born around -- bank. I came back every half hour right just check to see you know I checked the tweets -- I didn't even turn the TV on because I was afraid I'd have to see it roll over. Well when you go to FOX & Friends at -- is a news program. What else did you expect to have it instead of this story. Not in spin it in the nation to -- answer my question in addition to what did you expect. I'd like to hear what's going around with two. OK let's. Legitimate question and I hit a last night I didn't watch FOX & Friends obviously. But last night I watched. And the Ukraine situation was there and it's also on the front page of the paper I mean there's it's there you're a -- out. I don't get paper -- More are there are dozens curling up and it. And it gently into that record anymore. Well I here's here's my suggested Fred is a very compelling story and the problem is that it is so many angles to it and so much of the world is involved wouldn't. That it's going to be hard to get away from it for awhile until it comes to an inclusion. But I think that you you should take it in and installed those -- watch a little bit here -- go to some. Entertainment instead and goes that's all I can suggest drugs. He knows he can -- they win it all day I mean there's certainly. It is a lot of news channels a lot of coverage on this but there's also a lot of other things. Maybe it's a good data pop a dvd and if your home -- -- -- detainment. Or maybe go to one of them one of the satellite channels but the bottom line is don't punish yourself by sitting there in Haiti and what you're doing. Doesn't make any sense. To me. And get on get on your computer then you can pick and choose what you want. -- go to go to new sites and and click on the sites that that have stories that intro issue. There are other opportunities if if you wanna hear anything about the -- thing today on this show until known. Are you going to be Ottawa because that's basically what we're talking about so you check something else out Symbian might offer something different. Maybe go to 97 rock and they're playing stairway to happen. Andy you know and he may wonder. How it relates to -- plane crash. And so will -- to -- right. I see this isn't -- That is. Sure. Ya would be -- more on his radio and on Thursday we are at a previous.

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