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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Lee Coppola on News Coverage of MH 370

Lee Coppola on News Coverage of MH 370

Mar 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest -- -- Coca-Cola Leo's the retired dean of the Russell -- goalie school of journalism and mass communications. At saint Bonaventure university -- good morning -- enjoying your retirement. I'm enjoying it very much thank you very very much. Well it's wonderful view Lee in this missing airline story we are jumping on just about every single development. In this missing airline story in this case this morning breaking news from Australia that satellite technology -- spotted debris. Floating on the south Indian Ocean 15100 miles southwest of Perth Australia speculation was running high about this -- very. Might be might be. From the missing Boeing 777 -- threesome and we're in the news business what else can we do. Well and and that's very true but -- the point -- might be and it's who's been set up before possibly. -- already people are how printing it saying although that's not the wreckage separate container that follow up -- ship because. That's the -- until you're going to get this conjecture. And and you know their story to me and that kind of outward and airplane that side don't just to disappear with all the technology we yet today. And I think it's critical element that made it so mysterious was there was no communication. Just drop out of -- -- do you remember. Any story that has been as compelling as this one and has had so many people caught up and it following every twist and turn. Well I think there was a gang OJ shouldn't civil war that might have done something the buffalo in the awful media. -- -- there are stories that do -- that this is captivating because most people fly today. And in the mystery surrounding the knicks city better news story in the yes we try to coverage it's getting and so people are saying oh I don't wanna see anything horrible plane. But every tender to the element there's another -- to come and try to explain the development and that's what it was as well. We know you just mentioned. OJ Simpson -- now the other day there were journalists who were speculating. As to how big this story about the missing airliner really has. Some were comparing it to nine elevenths. The OJ Simpson well the OJ Simpson around here your right I don't agree either. They comparatively OJ Simpson arrest the Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton scandal should we in the news business even be making such comparisons. Well I don't think so I think that. You know I really think that's up to the public to decide how important it is in their value of their and there are speculation of what's going on in the world. I don't think we in the news business should be reading them like they -- break restaurant 1234. Whatever the -- would be. This is a significant story but the compared to other stories. And certainly the -- -- 9/11 as best we ridiculous it was in my book if you had to hear that might be one of the most monumental stories in my life. They have the right and that you know I heard this yesterday and I was thinking about and wonder what you think too. Is it possible. The people might be disappointed with the ending -- and not able to accept it because there have been so many conspiracy theories that have been tossed out there. I don't know people would be you know. Whether they would accept the end they got that it would might have just been an accident -- we're a -- actually it was an airplane. And in this whole expert thing and you know what into the pilot's home into his computer in the simulator and you know I think that all conjecture and that's all things they have to do. But there are hurt the public will people be disappointed I don't think so I think they're going to be -- and I think that's the way most people view. -- be relieved that they finally filed an answer because I think that's what people want is that it. Yeah I guess they just want closure especially families of the passengers and crew aboard that -- -- Good to talk with you enjoy your retirement thank you again thank -- picture doesn't it. Luka -- retired dean and the Russell gender only school of journalism and mass communications at saint Bonaventure university.

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