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Workplace Expert John Challenger-NCAA on at Work

Mar 20, 2014|

Productivity drops

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WBM live like -- John Challenger he -- the CEO challenger gray and Christmas. And that's a company that keeps track of worker productivity. Employment unemployment all that stuff. John -- WB in life -- and as we talk about loss of worker productivity. Because of the many folks caught up with a March Madness basketball games. This weekend over the weekend good morning John. More and John is there really. And truly a measurable. Loss in worker productivity. During these NCAA. Basketball -- Well think about it the mean if you are. Streaming -- -- games. You know at your desk top. -- are you are the out of filling out -- pools are researching. Trying to figure out you know whether or not. You know western Michigan could really beat Syracuse. If you just can't be working at that time. So. No question people are diverted. Because this is such a workplace have spent the early -- take place while we're working. The pool that you are now. But some -- -- fifteen million people are more out. In these pools. And yet that's that is something that. Seems to take place around the workplace. He -- it might be even worse in cities hosting some of these tournament games like buffalo today. Well no question because -- all the people. -- just decide to take today off to go to the games where they go to. Lunch at the sports bars and they spend the rest of the afternoon watching the game to at least some of the afternoon -- it is more excitement in the cities would -- that. -- -- Okay there's a certain expectation but abortion as from employees. At the end of the day if your caught up on your work and your boss isn't meant. Is that okay. Well I think it's okay so and and results that we did take a look at if you if you look at our activity in terms of just hours lost. We estimate up to one point two billion. Maybe what 21 point nine billion depending on how many people you think -- -- how much time so diverted. With their pools. Lost productivity one point nine billion in lost productivity but we think that's it goodbye. For employers for the very reason we use today. If if you caught up with the work. In this and what it's wrong to think about work just in terms of hours lost -- yet -- made. People think about work in terms of our work it's more about how much to do in the quality of what you do. We'll idiots is best for you know Abbas to get into it with his workforce and may be. Next week he'll get more out of them. Well but I think a lot of positive saying -- can't beat him. -- out and maybe we ought to join. And jumping in and some are some positive hosting people's. It. They're companies especially financial companies that don't want any. Whiff of gambling. In their workplace so that putting on their own pools and their offering aid. An award for our area prize at the end of the pool to the winner. And encouraging all their employees to join in as a way of creating. Employee morale. HI don't think about the list. At best buy or target the employees in charge of the area that sells new TV sets -- -- all these games -- how good could that be. That is Baghdad like it's. For sports junkie that is like that -- plays the world to be about working you know during the NCAA -- no question about that. John good to talk of the thank deal. OK keep your nose to the grindstone and -- to you know watch and those against John Challenger CEO challenger grain crunch.