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Pilot/Author Ace Abbot

Mar 20, 2014|

on Malaysian Plane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What do you make of the objects that reverend spotted in the Indian Ocean. Back to provide. A flicker of hope but didn't get the reality of it is just as a understand it was satellite or some sketchy satellite photos long where were. Didn't really validated the aircraft part but they currently is that you probably where they have a lot of -- Aircraft Australian New Zealand. Aircraft -- was. The US aircraft then headed down and away they probably already there search and right now search in the area. Can implement -- Is pretty bad weather apparently about a overcast but I think he's sophisticated airplanes. We will we will still be able to get get down island and take a look -- -- -- there are the other. I think the chances there are are quite slim it is it is part of the the machine aircraft although he is dead dead area is within me potential range of where the estimated the airplane could have traveled to. It's not a lot chat and it it may pan out but I think it's you know just another one of them and many many straws and access. I can see where the out of folks over there that have loved ones and never quite could be so exasperated was the that was that was the authorities chase and detail in -- and of course particularly the Malaysian authorities be in this. And similar non transparent about whatever information and a. Not a re absolutely positive that this debris is from Malaysia airlines flight 370. It would have to be recovered and examined right unless somebody in the low flying search plan with binoculars spotted Malaysia airlines on the PS. NBA you know that there could be some -- -- down here. It said that that looked like something not the airplane but but you're exactly right to -- to validate this. It is to push an airplane that -- would would do exactly -- I have to I have to be recovered taken a look at it and now. Evaluated but don't mind my premises and I'm not a quotation wizard but did it is that airplane -- -- in the -- twelve or thirteen days ago. In the that there there would not be met a lot exploded in this surface and metal objects would it would it may -- remain in this surface for a short period time that. They really don't have that much buoyancy in I think they would do would probably. -- probably sink and I'm not sure that advocates say the -- expert that I can just -- me large metal objects are not gonna folk for an indefinite period time. What about the new location on what would that suggest TO. Well that would suggest that that they're there testament where the airplane could've gone. Is is it's possible that the airplane that is traveled that fire deepened in India the Indian Ocean. But I'm still under the premise and by the way if you went and it's more insight in this go to money yet. Go to my web site duo -- -- last two blocks that relate to India. Malaysian air triple sevens flight recently as well list in the interview I just did -- I didn't really guessing that they -- Would action and I did triples seven captain. Who flew in the area quite a bid to keep provided quite a bit inside in this situation and in that interview is accessible and on my web site. But January -- on. I think it's you know it's it's somewhat hopeful but it's to me that hopeful because I'm I'm still under the premise that there airplanes. Landed debt someplace as a lot of the prognosticators. That has indicated it could will be at some place in in. Southeast Asia Asia -- it's some remote jungle air part of their heroes. Taken for clandestine reasons because. Like one of the significant items that hasn't been discussed yet it incredibly enough. Is what was on the on cargo hold of that airplane what cargo was aboard that airplane. In Indy we would that they would have been a large Shia. Investigation and discussion of the cargo manifest in and who quoted the cargo -- and -- with that hasn't been discussed at all so. You know I -- -- get to conspiracy and ambient sound in the day is as somebody trying to hide -- -- direct look at -- It's hard not to have to go on it way -- we appreciate your time this morning thank you for joining us on us. By the way if you go over to talking now leaves bookstore in my books. Both the rogue aviator in dead tired are available it it -- in these books -- buffalo. Very good it's ace edit. Former military pilot and retired commercial pilot.

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