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Meterologist Jeff Wood- Spring!?

Mar 20, 2014|

from The National Weather Service -

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At the National Weather Service -- -- report to -- version meteorologist Jeff ward standing by to talk with us this morning I'm Jeff. Good morning and happy -- happy spring what time does the new season gets here police. Just before 1 o'clock this afternoon I'm not exactly spring day on -- those. No no right in to me read about ten degrees below normal. Yeah what kind of alien for certainly a windy one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Going to be locked no low to mid thirties across here with the occasional snow showers we could see accumulations up to dementia across the higher elevations help. Southeast -- buffalo but not much in the city itself. Jeff let's take a look back who blew past two letters season. Where does the stock up on the record books. It's certainly is a looks like it's gonna end up being a top ten winner in terms of both. Cold and snowfall for buffalo. How much though has fallen so far I know you don't close the books today DN. And now -- not not yet for certain so far. We have didn't -- but a look at what -- we have. At a certain -- when he won almost definitely what did you. And chances are there could be a lot more because we still could -- snow enough for what 234 weeks. Yeah certain limited is this cold there has been locked in across the region -- look like it's going anywhere soon. You know right now we don't see any big storms on the horizon but it certainly could continue to get up. Over here and there. Okay aside from snow it's certainly it was a cold winner to wasn't. Yeah yes definitely definitely has political letter. Lots of Irish. Area -- some of these flaws we've had intermittently that's when the good thing in the in the frees us from the -- -- think it keeps. Look flood threat down to a minimum but are we in for some possible severe flooding of it gets warm all at once. You know there's always a risk when we get a real dramatic warm up. Of that occurring -- -- is like you say it's -- that -- kind of a relatively benign free throw out. Cycle that's that's what we like -- -- just there's that golden snowball contest every year which Syracuse seems to have won at least the last few but. If that we're going to be awarded today which city and then they -- would be would win it for his promotional fall. He. I'm actually I'm not entirely certain and I don't really have -- Q2 numbers -- Ramirez now. Okay. Well we'd we'd always impressive winter at her actually for all cities and rounding up all around. Okay thanks for helping us out on the first day of spring Jeff a problem that's meteorologist Jeff for the the buffalo office of the National Weather Service.