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3-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. You -- And a whole. -- and welcome to the New York City that they got beat extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- Blue man. His ball club. Tom now or leave it right what you showed that very spot news revealed 930 check out the big Braylon. The on Jolo after brilliance the last hour got lazy this work. And where's my god that nothing from -- not that at all. Well. Worked historical artist baseball's. Give my Brothers and another 25 dollar check retirement play the song. Now that would be no I think I signed the no no I couldn't do that at -- corporate debt but it would like that one. All right it is up -- and have two questions for you number one are you obsessed with the Malaysian airliner. I must confess folks I am borderline obsessed with -- but I more obsessed. On the part of the families involved. These are people that will never meet we'll never know. In all likelihood and there are people for it for us for our. Anglo phone years. You know Chinese names all we sound like somebody dumped. Jar full. Knives and forks Dallas players you know that's what they sound like. Because it's just it's foreign to us. I could never. I would think that having to learn Chinese. After learning English is virtually impossible the same thing we Japanese or Korean or any of those language out of the Indo European family. Actually one of the more difficult languages to learn believe it or not is Hungarian. Hungarian is a language all unto itself it's only closest relative to its closest relatives finish -- that they're -- bit. It's a very interesting language I think language used as a cool. So when I talk about names you know sounding like silverware dump downstairs. Without denigrating it's just we have different it's. Difference now you know just different. Analysts say it's because of the cultures in which we grew up. We are used to certain cells -- together and we're not used other zones going to give. Don't make me play my -- card again if it is not intend to be denigrating anybody but those poor people. Those -- the that's what's bothering is what they must be going through right now the play and it's insurer. People they may be insured but so what. You know when you love somebody. They can give you the equivalent of a billion dollars upon debt that it wouldn't be enough. If you've ever been in a situation like that and you lost that. My heart goes out the because there's not enough money in the world has ever gonna take away the pain ever so that's where my heart as were my brain issues. Left of my -- also. As much as I love Carl Paladino. And I honestly do you regard Karl as family. I think he's wasted his time and I think he's. I'll steal a line from sandy beach. Cities one of these branding guys I'm not. And that doesn't make sandy a bad person I just get a different view things that he does when it comes that branding. If it sounds too much like mad men for me. Oh posted tobacco call stick. The problem. But at that but I think you might be harming the -- the program. By continuing to pursue somebody who is already said no I think it's demeaning. And I guess I can only who are equate it through. In all yeah it's not a sex for your -- well I find many metaphors. In the human romantic relationship. And politics oddly enough it suits are currently distributes regret. But. Seriously. Think about this folks we set Donald Trump roses. We said there would be just because blue okay. We sent them chocolates we set of strawberries dipped in chocolate. We got that -- ease in front of him and said. Would you please please please dance with -- us. And all we got for that. Was a late Friday afternoon 5:30 PM eastern time a week. You know I will not be running for governor next year -- I've got an exciting news coming up. Q and eight Ry. C I'm done with Donald Trump. I've explain why there's no reason to go over that again. He was the only guy who -- defeated Cuomo and defeated the Republican establishment. -- the real to me represents no change at all. Now. There's another way of looking appears. And this is where the rubber meets the road. And I wanna do this as a full show. But I wanna -- and a little bit. In the time we have left today. Because. What are the things that I find really annoying. See some people think they're gonna live forever. Some people think they're going to be able to work forever. And that somehow Europe hot word it. If you decide that living in a certain state. Is just bad business. Well. Is my opinion that living in New York State is bad business from. It's bad business. It cost me too much to appear. In terms of income tax. And folks. We have a finite period of time on this planet in which to live. We have a finite period of time during which we can Max out on our income. So tell me how it's cowardly. Or running away. To realize that this state is not going to change. That the mathematics of this state do not work out for the productive people. They only worked out for the people who were not productive. Tell me what's wrong with say you know what. History. Is the best indicator of what's gonna happen in the future. And history tells us New York State does not want people to be able to get a New York State is not business friendly. And therefore because it isn't business friendly and because wife and your career is finite -- a place. That takes and confiscate it's ridiculous amount of your wealth not just an income taxes but in property taxes. In sales taxes. At every America conceivable tax you can pick up. In other words what -- say is why we stuck on stupid. That doesn't make sense to me all -- retreating it's giving up well you know what if life was -- but it may have a point. But it's not infinite its final. You don't get that long on this planet. So why spend your most productive years. Not being productive for yourself. But being productive for other people who don't want to around anyway. Because you're gun toting -- loving individual. Now I happen to support homosexual marriage and gay equality. Which makes me persona non Grata at the some conservatives. Which is why I consider myself a conservative area. Because while I respect and admire many of the conservative viewpoints. I also think -- a lot of cases. They're just they're they're wrong. I'd I don't agree and there are any more within them are gonna agree with with your humble coached. -- If -- hit it. This is the rubber hits the road. Where you throw it out in the united this is where this is where the rubber hits the road your kit. Walks up to you today. Gonna graduate in May. From college. Your kid says mom. Dad. I love you. But I think that it would be best if I didn't put down roots here. I think it would be best if I went to a state. Were I tilting at Windmills every day. Our state -- don't have to worry about and why safe. Our state where there really is a Republican Party. Or a party that represents more of my values. A state where they actually welcome people who believe mostly is I believe. What would you tell your care. I've already had this discussion with my kids. And minister I can't stand the little bastards but I still hold on I said Janelle this Smart move is to get out a year. Intellectually. That's the Smart move. If you've got something to offer. Why would you wanna put down roots in a place. That is gonna take as much of what you have as it possibly can't. You know welcome to New York besides says -- that will only an idiot would think that's gonna change. So you can spend your life tilting at Windmills. That's a literary reference to Don K okay. He was the tilting window guy right. Or. You can say you know what this is stupid. I wanna keep more automatic. What are your own -- It 03 on 930. Start I -- 3180616. WB EN. At those other topics earlier topics I don't want him on the border dispute kinda my lines. Either the plane crash I'm sorry the missing Malaysian flight. Or what you tell your kids. About whether or not you stay here let me go to lead -- in a ransom to focus he's kind of on the mark your target Europe WB and talk to me. Conan about Donald Trump you're at least with the Malaysian airplane can. Don't know don't don't know but could -- only question about the Malaysian airplane is are you obsessed. Or borderline obsessed because I am. Yeah I think they know what's going on with the baby talk to vote on our I think this I think. Eighty. -- disappeared that we disappeared -- hate to say there. -- there was -- airplane in the hole and made -- in now all of a sudden we have control of what you should be Indian Ocean and controlled that whole area to. How about a woman screaming on TV she was like a paid actress. She was like ancient Chinese secret Heidi you're putting your hands -- soft. It could've been something from 1990 year old woman screaming. I mean looked -- your very. I completely disagree with that but it's a theory and -- you wanted to say something about New York State trial Cuomo etc. Yeah I think there are definitely enters the -- going -- -- country and I think -- He's been with Obama and there are ovals and -- Obama and he was approached. Troubled approaching you laden you have a lot of trouble you're gonna you're gonna be could have dire trouble they can either be in jail like Dinesh -- Or you're gonna be gay and you're here as part two little boys in the paper is something. The only market that appears here is what's wrong with that theory. It is this that the best disinfectant. Is sunlight Donald Trump is too much in the open. Donald Trump is too much of a public personality. Although I have to and he's got a media machine that can fight back. But if you will remember I did advise Donald Trump and -- got to run for the governor's job. He needed to have every aircraft in his fleet under 24/7 armed guard. Look I can't argue with you on that one Doug I'm glad you called anything else you don't wanna insult me or anything else. -- aren't you. Guys that -- -- I'm. -- trio thanks a lot better. That is -- that's -- -- -- -- late for traffic which is better than being late for other things in your girlfriends at the other end of the phone. And your wife is right there Gary is Alan Harris. Our government is being themselves today. -- -- Basically what you see is what you gonna get except the -- is gonna turn into snow showers. And the overnight low will be 32. And tomorrow it will be -- 37 as a high but here's the kicker here is what you need to be aware of the National Weather Service has a wind advisory posted it will kick in at one -- so it will kick in the in the 66 Juan and 76 and a half hours will be -- wind advisory and it will last until roughly this time tomorrow afternoon. Specially be vigilant along the Lake Erie shore eight and those -- you worked truckers. Maybe you like you're going to New York now than gonna do to turn around this time tomorrow you'll be by late Yuri. You Wear high profile vehicles. In a high wind situation you don't need some dork on the radio it's Eliot you're gonna have to have both hands on the real. And throw the hitchhiker out with the other one all right let's get back to the calls that was just plain wrong. I'll back to the calls series -- in Williams bill on WB and Benjamin you're on hello. RO. How would I am leading Western New York here at the end of the month. And -- first how old are you my friend. Without an -- and then -- -- OK and which is Social Security number and how many valuables do you have -- what are you most likely to be enough all right so. Why Delaware. And download -- taxes. How much lower than here I mean let's put this way I've looked into other states Delaware is not one I have looked into. Other note sales tax. Income tax it is. Slightly lower property taxes are dramatically lower that your just about everywhere so. See that's what people who you know who think that running away from New York State somehow make you were coward. Let's just look at property taxes. When you have lower property taxes every month you build more and more equity in your own property for yourself. And not the teachers unions. No disrespect intended to teachers or all the other people who get a piece of that property tax but yeah. You know we all want what's best for us that's human nature a whole lot of you got something else to say I've -- a lot of states but Delaware has not been one of them. On news radio 930 WB and it's buy hourly and another excellent show midweek ball Wednesday update. Eric what is it let ever. Okay. I. We're told your question. We saw. Only -- I've always believed that. After that song -- such success. That immediately Don Henley got pissed off at Randy Meisner. Serious I'm. Serious I think that's -- kind of -- on the deadliest. Think he's a team player. It's all about Don Henley and Glenn fry everybody else you know god forbid you write a song like that that kicks ass. But Don Henley you know wasn't the principal vocalist on. -- I think Don -- an amazing musician and a phenomenal singer but he's one of my least favorite people in the music industry. Don Felder on the other hand you play guitar for the Eagles. Hard to feel sorry for guy is a multi multi millionaire. From his work with the Eagles but boy did he -- Are at 635 news radio 930 WB EN. Two things on the agenda are you obsessed with the Malaysian airliners. I have to confess I am. I mean not mentally ill obsessed but obsessed because of the mystery and the uncertainty that those poor families are experience that's what bothers me most about. The fact that they all Knoll. And from a human drama point of view -- screw airplanes. Players an airplane shirt it's wires. It's metal. Or something like metal plastic. But the human beings on the plane that's important element here. And I think that's an element that it lost a lot of the media coverage. We're all worried about the plane the plane the plane people. The survivors. Who were on the plane were awaiting a loved one. I can't imagine the -- this is taking on them this is about the people more than the play also. While I love Carl Paladino. And I do. -- noses. Karl's demand. I like men. And I'll -- put that in that tape you guys put together. IA at what I save meant. I like men who know they are. Who know for what they stand. And who were also willing to forgive. And who were willing to reach out even -- if it's an expense to themselves. That's why I love Carl Paladino. I couldn't care less that he's a multi multi multi millionaire. I told you guys this before money is does not impress me. I've known billionaires I dated multi millionaires. It doesn't impress me. Maybe Christmas gifts were nice but. It doesn't it's not like the be all and -- hall. Just to make sandy beaches there as you probably played George Harrison's within you without junior -- it is he loves it when -- do that. But I agree with sandy. That fact Karl -- looked said he also loves Carl Paladino. As I do. But -- wasted his time. Because Donald Trump I'd want the job. And he's made that obvious. And you know what. If you pursue somebody and pursue somebody and pursue somebody and they just don't love you. You've got to give up. You gotta realize it ain't gonna happen. She ain't coming back here. Where he will never view you as girlfriend -- wife material. You gotta you gotta recognize that and move on however painful it may be and Donald Trump doesn't wanna be your governor. All right should we go to some more calls here on that. WBM is is Carl Paladino wasting his time. End I wanna do this as a full show at some point so you may consider this a tease. If your own flesh and blood. Said mom and dad I want your advice. Should I stay in New York State. And pretend that I can make a difference in turning this state around. Or should I go somewhere where it's already more business friendly with lower taxes what do you tell them. I've already had. This discussion with my children. And I've told them to get out. As soon as they can't. Dole put down roots in a place that will never respect the work ethic that will in fact punish the work -- And that is basically run by people. Only for the benefit of people who don't wish to be productive. Oh you don't like more people you don't like people on the fidelity. Now now known and unknown you're missing the point. Folks we need a social. Safety net. I know bet you know that it's not 19100 anymore I wanna make sure that people like our veterans. Or are seniors. Don't end up being thrown out of their Holmes. I want because of situations not in their control. But I also don't wanna see a situation. That was engendered by LBJ's great society. Where. The family is destroyed. Because it's easier. And it's more. It is better compensated. To break up the family and to squirt out as many kids as you possibly can. -- true that covers the entire United States but New York State far exceeds. Any requirement for Medicaid. And that advertises. You know company you're state of the best Medicare it in the universe. Now. That's what you get in the same breath we've got a governor who says if you are conservative. If you are -- gun lava. If you are against homosexuals. You have no place in the State of New York. So you tell me what the soccer Bettis. Staying at a place that -- -- like that with the Republican Party that is just as bad. Horror. Saying you know what. A lot of here. You know three on 930 WB ENR. Let's get back to the calls. WB and say hello to. Our next caller who would be dead this is -- only call the week saw -- stand on the west side Dan this a better Dan. -- right your audio sucks again. And started up a lot of noise here. -- you're gonna have to let's say your buddy because the audio is bad. Well -- have a landline. Will you call back and landline would it would in my your personal bitch the answer that. Aren't good. I'll tell you it did because I like -- here's what I'll do well which on hold on -- John Sherman call you back on your land line you all right now. Not a little while there from the -- from my work well they expect that. -- we will call you back to that way he'll be sure to get on the ever. If you want I mean -- I'll put on hold because otherwise you might not get through it. And I I would enjoy talking to Dan otherwise I wouldn't I wouldn't be so nice let's go to Lou in Amherst on WBU. Lol you're out a lot. -- Yes but you have to turn your radio down under -- be small -- It's soft are often you're you're you review that said no one's talked about this theory that possibly the military build military shut this place. Before it bad. Not on my show explain why. Let me tell you quite -- First double hand me the other day. And it the other day. I'm afford basic office at the -- that. We just got information that the military saw the plane coming back -- Malaysia faded data cited as. As a 777. And they did not like to think about it talk and they did not intercept that play what that I like court outcome. That was or five days ago about and they and the radio I'm hearing. I'm Eric or get what we just saw that the military saw this as a -- Opposite the. -- but we know vet I have to tell you we knew that it was picked up on military radar days I mean really literally within 24 hours -- -- mystery started we knew military radar added on radar. For longer than the civilian. Coming across but he had come across Malaysia are never wrong so was on a long flight. -- it was -- -- on -- long flight implement sock stuck like initiative intercept of that because that place should not be there. So you are saying that you believe the Malaysian military shot it down. I think that's what they're and they help and they had -- -- -- but it did make that mistake of course. -- thought it -- total mistake that all guys what are we gonna do this -- crazy. Let's just. Because we get here for I think that -- just as honest about an avid edit or -- Yet dude dude I got to let you know because your popcorn has done in the microwave or. You've got the most annoying. Yet again got to let you go because whenever -- cooking is done it's telling you needs to come out of the oven. It's not as annoying as my personal alarm clock on my android. Which I've I've grown to hate that song. Does Dan Beck what this -- on which line line one OK we usually do this for callers but Dan I don't know why we like Dan. Then on the west side are we wonderful you're on WB yen talk to me. -- OK very. What looks get rid of the -- subject first that -- that mean you know it will sure sign. -- from movement was because it won't cost me anything. New to register my protest vote -- or whatever you know just give. I mean -- and -- that man. But. The Malaysian airliner deal this is the first time that I first they've done. With. People. Single story news cycle. Speak because they'll look for important things outlook from Michael Jackson you know but but this was one. Where it's a bunch of money interest are crisscrossing. -- all the same types of security military in there and aviation sure -- -- And the lessening of the experts. Listening to their. Theories branching out all over the place and I mean -- -- yes of course the general public. Branching out even more but I but I mean. The thing is. That's just very very compelling you got the -- get something where. The plane -- of individuals. You know. Area herb you know afraid their fruits and question over. Walk you know we don't know when we're just view were scrambling to have you know we hopefully we won and we want something you know what the other night. I was going to -- like 5 in the morning and -- and in five to announce the big announcement coming up in the and I never caught it and I still don't know what it was going to be. I don't I don't even -- that materializes but I'll. But. That. You know I mean. That's somebody that this is something that somebody engineered. It's been very effective. Very very effect. You know what and that. Is and I'm so glad you brought it up because it seems almost soap perfect as to be beyond a human capability. It's the same argument kind of and some people can shoot holes through this and I I realize I'm opening myself up here but it's the same argument I used to defend it. The gospels in the new testament. Because there is just enough variation in the gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John to make me say you know what. I think these really work independently written by different guys because there are discrepancies in them. I think it augment its veracity and does not take away from. And you know what this thing as you pointed out -- Genesis I'm so -- -- called you back you're a Smart man. This thing. It was almost so perfectly done including. Silence from whomever might have done it if there was a human agency involved I don't mean CIA and in humans involved in a nefarious scheme. -- has to be almost impossible to pull off the logistics behind this kind of -- somebody would have talked. If you you could have involvement by him by more than one of the countries involved so I mean I mean. Concerned with this thing I mean maybe you know who who sells and are. And intelligence community knows more than we do which is that cancer do. I will be experienced that in climbing up but I mean you know we're we're American and also in all we -- at. I mean that's that's that's the craziest thing submitted to be I mean what -- -- looking at it. A problem that the whole. Thursday and then been looking down influence at all you know I mean. And that's what it is maybe I'm missing something when -- was -- George Noory almost. Now what George does his show and I'm glad we have George Noory on the year. I really yeah I enjoyed listening to George are an awful lot. And one of the reasons is he thinks out of the box even though sometimes he thinks so far out of the box as to maybe you know. Deserve to be put into boxes at some point are under is being procedure is having fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the other he has some credible people on communal. -- and some other real bucket that Vietnam he actually have to help. Well you know. Or zero point eight -- Danny I gotta go have got to -- got to give them and I've got other great callers just like you but once again I wanna thank you for opening up another can of worms. And basically the thesis that. They this thing if it was nefarious. With so well orchestrated. As almost rule it being nefarious if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly. I think that's one of the best thoughts I've heard all -- All I'm saying is that who knows. You know. But you are -- think Dan don't -- so modest. I'm in love your brother talk too soon okay. Are we call you sound like you're mad at me. No no no I I you know. You know I'm I mean it's just sort of a down note you don't. You know the all right well. Look hang in there -- -- the talks. Are actors Dan on the west side 649 at WB Ian. Are you need me out of 55 you said all right Y -- get off my Botox and that get to bill in Amherst on WBM Phil. You're on the radio talk to me. Yeah are you know what -- what bothered me right now he has had a report and we have you gotten any peace -- including perched in up on the ground in Indonesia. And and the -- not let it slide until their airspace. So there on the Internet to grow the nation. So one of the reader that we're here and it couldn't get anybody I Turkey and Indonesia. Peak of approval the other explanation on. Probably the military assets. It is wanted to fly over and see what they have and they want under the because. In that area. You know we've given country -- and maybe China have to Russia as true and I'm wondering if there -- just what the situation in Pennsylvania. Yugoslavia there under the plane -- not entry back in fourteen year old and it's been generated in the air so there -- no hardly any green left on -- Well they did I mean what I find interesting first of all I did not know that and I need to look into that story number one. And I'm I'm I'm not calling you a liar sir please understand I just like to independently -- for with my own eyes and hope you respect that. Thank you thanks thank you for understanding I'm not trying to be a putts on that one. -- in the second thing is at least the Malaysians didn't let the FBI take a look at the computer. Flight simulator the data that was raised. But you know my my thinking is. Well my my thinking as far as this know a lot of time at all. I I wish I had time to finish the thought but at least the Malaysians are letting the best in the business that forensic computer guys at the FBI. You don't I'm happy. Because. You -- that program and -- -- -- Members of the independent agency. Whoever. And the lightning on an escalation more and more but it soaked and -- -- the peace -- this -- I don't want them and everything are -- area. You know what I think -- Sir I about a time and I don't mean to be rude but remember -- sometimes governments don't wanna say everything they know because that would reveal sources and methods of intelligence and how they gather so. That also has to be taken into consideration which is no comfort the families involved thanks to Joseph -- thanks to judge Sherman thanks you guys for another great show and remember. No yourself. --

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