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3-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. I wore us down -- beat -- with great. -- think yeah if India the whole movement. Moderately anxious and my brother. Think he's glad that people. Decency to clear my name with the same publicity. We've -- and now especially. -- -- -- -- Seventeen. News radio 930 completely cool -- who -- cool -- to quit hearing. WV EN. Pretty much a production perspective. The godfather of their -- have to do. They got -- the -- Carly on the going back to core element and acting at the boss EG. Stabs them awesome save a great scene. And bad but he got Michael Corleone a I hope -- have the decency. To clear my name with the same publicity. With which they have besmirched. And then ending on the cool whip whip. Third Joseph I love. I honestly just developed a man crush on you -- even more so than before. It is at ten minutes after five and whose radio -- don't worry don't worry you live closer to install the thing is still good part about it is still got okay. Not cause the most proposal most driving our thing like. All right it is can't. -- you Cinemax. And you set a maximum demands. Does that. Even though you have these dvd is the minute you see it on HBO Cinemax and the man is that a getting -- of cigarettes -- getting the dvds just at the play button on Cinemax -- the man I do that constantly. Anyway I don't our great little bit weird. Never claimed otherwise. And so far today the show is gonna sock. In terms of audience import the host has been great. I must say. Well I think Cuba almost always it's about the park because we broke a major news story today involving Michael Savage and Chuck Schumer. And our folks. It dawned on me right before -- time you know we are the buffalo home. -- Michael Savage who's one of the most modest people in this business really. I do the kind of humility exhibited by Michael Savage on a daily basis it really warms my heart. But Michael. Well there's no other way to say it is we have basically exposed Michael Savage to be -- Because Michael Savage. And Chuck Schumer are the same person. I use my logical. Brain. To come up with well. This amounts to prove my case. First of all folks you're gonna hear the voice of Michael Savage. Who you can hear on the radio station WB and total -- -- you're gonna hear Michael Savage from 10 PM until 1 AM. Here on WBM. Right after his very good friend Sean Hannity. Is on the year from seven to ten. So all then you're gonna hear after you hear the voice of Michael Savage you're got to hear the voice of liberal. New York senator. Who calls airlines flight attendants bitches. Charles sure. And I tell you folks Michael Savage uber conservative. Well actually he's more free -- he's a lot more like me then I'd like me up Michael Savage. Is. Chuck Schumer I hate to break it to you but this -- like -- Jekyll and -- thing Robert -- Davis and would be put out. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to Tom buy hourly I've met Bruton I think feasible at the same guy that same freaking guy. I cannot be the only person in the country to notice that. Are right now. We're actually not talking about Michael Savage being. -- and help them being Chuck Schumer today album model was a senator once a long time ago Joseph in New York State he was a Republican. Actually wrote a book called the posh power and politics is never call. And got voted out of office and says some things about to judge Ito is ever called that -- generated some controversy. See if you're Chuck Schumer she steps up and if you're Chuck Schumer a Democrat. You can call airline flight attendants bitches and it's okay. But if you are a Republican named album at all and you say something which allegedly is derogatory towards an Asian American judge in the OJ trial. That you become the biggest races since David duke that's how the media operate -- what they do. Double standard myopic. Right. So. Let's get to the topic here -- a few topics I'd like to get into. And I just relayed a couple of stories about western New Yorkers who went missing. And for their families. These -- long time mysteries. And again if you are members of either of the families are brought up in the last hour. The girl they eventually found in the field and Amherst and the other young lady they eventually found in a car -- delicate creek. I hope you understand. This spirit in which are brought up your loved ones was not one of data gracious at all. I used your loved ones. And this sense that at least you now know what happened. As an example of how sometimes mysteries can happen. And they don't have to be in the middle of the ocean they can be and heavily populated or very traffic areas and somehow people just miss it. So I hope you understand that I was not tried -- to break open some steps. And I have not received any complaints. But from my heart folks seriously I would never do that -- but not even my worst enemy. Would I ever do that seriously it's just that's not in OK -- it is. What do you think of the media coverage. The Malaysian flight are you sick here -- about the airliner yet. Or can't get enough. Because I'm not sick of hearing about the airliner yet. I am sick of hearing the same theories over and over again. I haven't heard any new theory since yesterday. That's the last new theory I've heard that it was an on board fired. Which I put on my FaceBook page. So. Are you sick of the story yet is my question because I would like to -- for my own selfish purposes. An -- what do you want to know about it past the obvious you know where his. I think overall the media are giving to people what they want CNN actually has -- -- If for the first time in decades people are actually watching CNN. Because essentially it's gone all played all the time. And honestly so it. To a great degree but I think you can hear the passion in my voice when -- bring it up. And I hope you'll understand that. Despite my eight crotchety old man. Persona sometimes. Crotchety middle aged man persona sometimes. That I genuinely do like people. And I just think about the families that I'll never know I'll never meet. And my heart breaks for them just as it broke for the people of -- -- the people -- Wanda when they even when they finally father remains of their daughters. It was bittersweet. Yes the mystery is solved but it didn't have a happy ending except. A burial under proper circumstances. So what your comments on. The media do you think the media are doing a good job covering the story. Or do you think it's time to move up. If you -- news director. On a TV station or radio station. What would your directive -- insurance. Again part of this is selfish. I have to admit that. Now the other topic and I I I have to agree. It's not often these days that I do. City beach. I will agree with sandy beaches are mid day host that's the nine to noon time slot. He basically said Carl Paladino is wasting -- time. With eight draft trump movement for governor. All I can say is to sandy beach. Amen. Amen and -- met. I say let's put it this way folks. Carl Paladino. Is a friend. When I see Carl Paladino. We on unabashedly give each other hot. If I'm feeling especially -- -- at any given day I make kissed his cheeks. As a gesture of affection and respect. Because I love the -- I truly do. I understand Carl Paladino. I think better than a lot of people do. I on this case though in this matter. I'm afraid that he is. Wasting his time. I don't wanna hear the name Donald Trump anymore. I don't. I don't wanna hear I don't wanna hear it because it isn't going to happen. But I look I. Well the locals approached Donald Trump I don't DiPietro. And report though and others approached Donald Trump. And after originally being rebuffed. Donald Trump finally agreed to sit down and talk with them that they had that big meeting in Manhattan. And I was told I put this on my FaceBook page so I can't the -- It's the end FaceBook otherwise I could just say you're hurt -- I'll take it out of context but I was told -- Donald Trump's Twitter page that's what I was poll. I was also told. By somebody who should well that I was going to be at people who think like you we're gonna be very very happy. All we had to do is keep our eyes -- Donald -- Twitter page so that's put my FaceBook page. Because there's a time the day of that meeting in Manhattan. Where every indication. I was getting from three difference for different sources. Was it Donald Trump was gonna make an announcement to the effect that he was -- We wait. We wait -- We win. We win NN. He basically slivers away from the idea with a Friday afternoon tweet. Even -- I will not be running for governor this year. He doesn't want the job. He does not want the job. I don't think it's because he thinks he's going to lose. And damage his brand. I don't think that's the case at all I think Donald Trump is the only person who can beat and who would be in formal. Maybe he believes that even the smallest of risks is too great about the possibility. But. Carl tell the 80 do you believe he's wasting his time. Try to convince Donald Trump to run for governor in a draft trump movement. I think he is I think people let's put it this way right now. If Donald Trump was on fire. Across the street. And I could see -- -- The window right now and I could see that his legs were burning. I don't know that -- even leave my room to go across the street. Too up or water for my own body onto his burning licks. That's a little regard I have right now for Donald Trump and the way we got jerked around by him. I don't wanna hear about Donald Trump anymore. I don't wanna hear about a guy who doesn't want the job. And meanwhile those of us who were given at any point sandwich and told to enjoy it when Bruce -- You know work called traitors if we don't get behind the guy who just another well. I don't understand. How -- -- president McCain and Romney worked out a womb. Let's find out about traffic right now here is Allan Harris. All right boy I'm glad I wouldn't try to do anything there it is right and even lift up my bottle water Davis Cup. Anyway we have they wind advisory in effect it kicks -- now 1 AM until five until this time tomorrow roughly. And we could see gusts along Lake -- about fifty or so miles per hour the overnight low tonight 32. And a tomorrow's going to be cloudy with wind gusts and actually colder tomorrow of course some snow showers and 37. Joey can not still be fifty is that. Oh it's 49. I'll thank you for Kurt that what degree was making a huge difference I'll tell it so good work by American Eagle T shirt instead of one of the launch Levy's. Our answer to topics for it. At this point number one is. Your thoughts on the media coverage of the missing airliner. And I don't think terrorists are learning anything they didn't already know. And number two. Is Carl Paladino wasting his time I think he is. I'm done with Donald Trump. I'm done he broke up with me. He didn't want me he didn't want -- represented me. He did not want even Courtney. He made me send roses and flowers roses and flowers roses and flowers. And he said he was gonna let me know whether he was gonna go out with -- -- I was expecting at least the courtesy of maybe our conversation. Maybe the courtesy of a face to face sit down. Instead were -- get I get to Friday tweaked. I won't go out with you. Well on many things but I'm not. A massacres. So anything Donald -- as related to politics in the future. I could not give a flying it. Yeah. You. Okay. Okay. And a central part. I you know what. I would have done. Almost any. We take that back I would have done anything. There. It is not and I do mean anything 534 news radio 930 WBM it is our way. Our gang have a few things on the agenda today we have a lot of ground. You know I savage says given fifteen minutes to give you America I say give me three hours and I'll give you the -- -- universe. I think that's pretty big accomplishment on a daily basis I really don't. But outlawed in the short of it is tough questions I want to narrow these down number one. The Malaysian airliner. Honestly I have heard zero new. Not saying oh on the airliners that I haven't heard a gazillion times since it went missing. Nothing new. Argues still following. Argue obsessed. With the airliner. I have to admit. I kind of but. At the same time I also have to realize. That not everybody is equally. As in to this story as M I. And I will tell you that where I'm coming from. It's not much the airliner. As it is what happened to the people I realize their fate. Is. Inextricably enter bull I I'd get there but those poor people. And their families that's what I'm thinking about I can -- is a darn about an airliner its insurer in their replaced. The lives on an airplane cannot be replaced. Up I didn't know any of you to know any government. But they're human beings just like you're just like -- humble host. Bad things they wanted to do they have pets at all. They had dead loved ones of all birthday parties to get their iphones. And will probably never see them again. And that makes -- very set. Do I think it was terror connection -- I think it was terrorism no I still don't think it was terrorism. I think at the end of today. I've unless there's some new information. I'm not changing my theory I reserve the right to -- there's no information. But. I still believe mechanical and pilot error together brought this doubt. And I've cited only today two examples. Of two missing human beings that literally went missing in the middle of civilization. On electric creek road and off -- maple road and Amber's. Nobody found them for players. Years. So it. Happens people and it doesn't imply in for or demand an explanation of nefarious work criminal intent. -- can't rule it neither can you. -- I know that most airline crashes. Are the result of mechanical or pilot error. That's just the statistic it's been that way ever since we started keeping data on airline Christians. While the lawyers -- it was a well made it play. Out the Titanic was a well made -- up. They both went down. It happens. Every I don't like it I'm not trying to be flippant about it. So there's that are you -- second the story yet. Are you so intrigued you can't get enough of 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB yet the other topic that I that I have for right now news. Is Carl Paladino wasting his time. Should should -- distance himself from Donald Trump I believe -- -- Donald Trump who's proven he does not want the job. And contrary to what some obvious thing -- -- we're all entitled to our opinions. Mine however is generally right. And again folks 2012 the election. Tell me one person who -- the election Khatami -- news organization that -- the election better than I did you can't because nobody did. I'd -- more of the Barack Obama's second election when he was running against Mitt Romney. So many view called me not some crazy. And then the next morning I suddenly became -- a -- genius. Well it was just a question a look at the map. Look at the numbers and look at the lack of excitement over Mitt Romney. That's how I knew in advance how was gonna go in and it was going to be so much more pro Obama that even the national media thought it was -- -- Donald Trump and again this is opinion. I believe was the only person who could be. -- -- -- Donald Trump has proven again and again. He does not want to enter politics. Are right I thought this time it would be different I thought it would be different because. He was older his children were older and most importantly Michael -- go who spent a lot of time talking with Donald for. You remember the interview -- are told -- were Michael Capuano told us that his family was lock stock and barrel behind Donald Trump running for the governorship. I gotta tell you I know human nature and that's huge. Approach. Does it turns out I put an undue weight on it. I don't know that I buy into the theory of the trump Brandon. And frankly. If I hear the word brand one more time. I think of -- just have declined to the top of the African peace bridge and jump off a bit. I'm speaking metaphorically. About I would would never do it. I am so sick of hearing about Brandon. Branding. Make me puke. I hate the idea of people saying -- durable. And new rule is deduced nozzle with the -- -- Doesn't make -- Brent. What is bad for. Well lecture -- really. Just call opinions. But I guess some fancy Fifth Avenue consultants that work came up with the word Brandon probably is a house in the Hamptons this particular that word. Here I got another word for brand. -- -- I'd rather get there is bill in buffalo at WB MI bill. Bill and a fifty year old man that still left to fart jokes has got to be okay what's up. A few days I utilized by. I hadn't heard it in any news story anywhere. By. People have such short memories. Doesn't anybody remember back in 2004. Went down cultural. Rules pilots think that he was Iran's president. They wanted to do he backed out of that you remember that. He toyed with the idea that's what he does he toys with the -- like your cat poised with the mouse. Yes but he did this for publicity he's a manipulator. And I just did believe these many years later all the Smart people. That he manipulated with this idea I didn't leave from the beginning. He doesn't have a where he doesn't want to be governor he just stated that out of all those publicity first show maybe I've never seen Michelle. I don't that's pretty good maybe it's not. You know what but you know look the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior and you know I can agree on -- put. It I remember yes I know that Donald Trump has flirted with the idea of running for office before this is not exactly a new development. What I thought was different this time was affected his family was more than willing. To give up the lifestyle of the -- to become New York State's first family at least according to Michael -- -- I put undue weight on what Michael told us I don't like Michael. I don't blame anybody either you know it's it's anybody's on everybody's got to mine to make -- throw my vote. But look at it if you're more -- -- point is that Donald Trump is a manipulator. A bomb I have to admit look the guy's got an ego I would want him to have an ego I expect we -- have an ego. It's like when people say oh my doctors such an ego maniac well that's outstanding. Because would you really want to go to -- actor who's gonna operate on you saying. But I think I can do this I mean I guess some pretty going to be anyone there. I went to a what do you see -- all of -- and undergo a medical degree from Johns Hopkins I think OK do. Lot of food operating on meet somebody -- balls and says yeah. Yeah I can do this in my sleep well unchanged at a -- and the peanut butter sandwich. Swallow the following good -- is pretty funny to you could've at least laugh that was a lot of effort banks. I'm sorry. -- -- -- it does and -- it's always and I've got a few tight here and actors those -- taken care of -- Creature of because. Smart it's just I mean I don't really have a -- lose you know Smart man you know. There are some people some of the -- radio station were gonna call you some kind of a coward or -- wimp for leaving New York State I think it's a Smart move it's a Smart play for people with. To offer hope. He's probably wouldn't put him up for the richest people in this state. Well yeah if you richest wouldn't the only benefit himself by running for governor because improper and cut taxes. He would benefit a lot of people but generally in public life if you put your money into a blind trust. I'm saying no it just seems that he has enough money he doesn't he doesn't care about aegis. I don't know but I think he did split people up to because no I I I don't even remember the guy's name. -- there was no word for broker at rob asked to re no. We don't know if trouble and never opened his mouth drop. They got into this may be more people were -- what lobbyist Reno as -- -- split those operate from the get go. -- got through the dirty little secret why New York State is a lost -- are you sitting down -- Okay do you do you mind if fights being viewed the way I would speak to you if I spoke politics in a bark -- what do you guessed it my whole and we got to -- this discussion. Would you like me to tell you the dirty little secret but the Democrats and the Republicans in New York State. And OK here's the dirty little secret. They are both. The same they are incestuous. The only difference between the Democrats and Republicans is. They basically are out to screw you the only difference is who's gonna be rider on that particular day that's it that's done. Yeah that's all it's. -- what I hear these you know other talk show -- talking about what about -- back -- the Republicans are running with. George protect -- fellow worked out for. Well it's like pulling -- because he had W got you got all the we had a history at all. Ed you've got the option of moving which is the Smart who. Well you know what you're right it is a wasted vote. Because he's not going to -- I'll put 101000 bucks of my own money up against anybody wants to match me it's always asked to Reno is going to be -- -- And nobody is taken me up on that. -- is against the FCC wrote I hope I didn't break any rules. Well these wagers actually been -- -- -- developer. All right I'm glad you called sir thank you for caring and by the way thanks for not laughing at my jokes which I thought were pretty damn good. I'm sorry time it's been a long day I've had jokes -- -- Marriage should user tape we've got to for the last fifty years in New York states -- Apartment rent it 03 on my thirtieth news radio 930 WV EMC folks that's the dirty little secret. And everybody in the know knows there's. Folks. The Republicans don't really hate the Democrats in New York State it's all a game it's all our roots. There are all interested in cutting up bigger piece of the pie. -- no include. The only thing that I liked well what I liked about Donald Trump is he was not part of that incestuous. Combination. And I thought that he would be the only person to be equal ball and not be beholden to the Republican establishment. -- Reno doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell and even if he did look at George protect. How much did your life change under another downstate. GOP. Rhino it didn't. Folks analytically. The Smart move if you have anything to offer is to get the hell out of New York State. All of a coward's way for dinosaurs I won't back down. Well how many years you have to -- how many years you have to work. Why should you stay somewhere. Where the governor does not want your political theories AMD. Where. Moving you can actually live better for far less. And plus most of the women over for you don't have -- openers are. Thank you Allan thank you. He's got a piece. It's up 552 AccuWeather a player what do I pretty much what you see is what you gonna get out there -- the range hours ago turnovers and snow showers overnight. My poor birds that came bat I booed when I was coming into work today. The birds were I looked over at the tree line and I said. All over all. -- too early and only that I realized there was somebody looking at me like. Oh there's the crazy guy about talking birds further spring birds they have no business being here now. They're -- have experienced some wintry conditions. We do have a wind advisory in effect -- a -- at 1 o'clock in the morning it'll go until about this time tomorrow afternoon so -- -- advised especially along the Lake Erie shore line so or topix. For right now number one. Are you Malaysia airlines out yet. Have you ceased to really follow the story or argue kind of obsessed. I'm kind of obsessed. And I don't know why. Other than the human factor and I want these poor families to have some closure. Not that I think closure is ever going to be -- You know closure whether they use that -- I hate the word closure I want these families to at least know what happened to their loved ones. They're never gonna Google. -- will take away the sting. But closure is baloney. When you lose somebody you love. And you really really really really really really love them. You can live a thousand years and you're not gonna find closure. Maybe some you've already been there and you know what I'm talking about. A bomb. The other one is is Carl Paladino wasting your time try to draft Donald Trump and as much as I love Carl. And I really do don't ever doubt that. I think he's wasting time Donald Trump. News. Not interested in being governor of New York the problem is. You think you have a choice but you really don't. Because the Republicans and the Democrats the establishment. They have already carved this state up. Like Fulton has carved up Russia. And that they've got their sphere of influence kind of like what we did with the Monroe doctrine. And look at New York State is already sliced diced and divided Robert godfather -- Where -- Roth is on the hotel rooftop. And metaphorically and realistically. Either carving out Cuba and the future Cuba that's what they're Republicans and Democrats do night. It you know in the daytime temperature they pretend like they hate each other night they are all on the rooftop of that hotel and Havana carving up New York State. In their power bases and who gets what. They were supposed to believe that that system is gonna change. If you really think that system is gonna change you have no clue how the real world works. And for those -- you hate me because I will not vote for rob -- Reno. Because I think he's part of the problem. Well you know what that's too bad but you will respect. Maybe. Then again if you walled. Maybe -- both hate ever disrespect me. There will be on the first 48. Out of my cousins -- 556 -- WB yeah.

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