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3-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. Doubles down -- you would rate. That. India holds to a the no one ponds with an assault rifle. Not -- Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. It happened to that Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. Bow and brilliant move ten -- to -- -- these greedy and dirty I like Q. You have blows. Like a bonus yeah. It's up -- news radio 930 W. We ET and it's thanks so much for a making it part of your day party life. It's a -- honestly -- this is not my favorite part of Tibet being with you it really hurts. Well between that and the all right this is still a favorite part of the -- Anyway Joseph beavers at master -- does say something Smart and I realized my boss is probably in his office and -- don't go there won't go there and -- Hello I'm Loko there occupant of -- Joseph beavers at master control is that's me mister high road and John German news on your call screener. And -- do we got to have somebody with whom to speak about the weather now by the time I find out the problem probably lose the call it is. David Thomas from a the National Weather Service in buffalo let's go to David Thomas David you gentlemen have issued a and advisory. At a advisory. For wins tell us why and we're part particularly people need to pay attention. I think you've got to wonder venturing out for the better frontiers well. -- accounting. And our steel bicycles in the fact that just after midnight. Right angles used -- PM on Thursday. And that's -- advisories for wind gusts potentially as much as fifty mile per hour. I'm especially along the Lake Erie shoreline. Now what this in anyway shape or form be sufficient to cause a sage. Will the winds begin -- direction from which a station would originate. I'm replying. He's concerned about it they should would -- -- But we are concerned about shifting ice on lake area yes -- strongly and I'm would be -- sensors on the last couple of days the I start to break apart a little bit especially on the western and you know when could that cause them shifting -- Related but and the BO audio their -- -- fishermen. You know I was just gonna say Kevin McCaffrey just retired as the act captain and Erie county sheriff one you know air one. And if you're an ice fisherman. It really is it worth it I don't care how many yellow -- you catch is it really worth being -- there it was going to be fifty an hour of wind gusts. That we're much worth that handled -- enough -- constant. Temperatures that could they aren't going to be most but neither socially. Compared Q but they were looking for censured. On Thursday. Falling back onto the mid thirties. Johnny advice for the birds and flown back to Western New York for springtime who I think jump the -- a little bit. I had a -- that I think -- Movie character. Okay self basically. The area we're most concerned about with -- wind advisory at the National Weather Service in buffalo. And I spyware did you guys ever -- a drive by your office there and arrow and then some of my car ends up with -- which I can't figure out. But anyway I wave to you guys and in the long and short of it is the Lake Erie shore is where we are most concerned and there are some areas of course -- are -- high blocks there are other areas that are more shall we say flat and I presume there for at greater risk. Correct -- the -- throw in that it frontier where is a bit flatter. Slowly from that that held away from the country. The wind coming up like Gary we'll have that ability -- this constitute news. Won't write on and when. Players like buffalo Niagara Falls and out toward drilling is counting him -- -- Eastern. Erie county but also is -- stronger when -- well. So just by the time we get to sleep tonight. 1 AM that's when the advisory kicks in and the advisory will be going on until roughly this time tomorrow 5 o'clock tomorrow. Well David Thomas you're considering in the fine tradition established many years ago by air to reach. And then -- continued by Dave sage and many others at the buffalo office of the National Weather Service is a pleasure speaking with you and one of these days Gladys one of these days. I'll bring you up pizza from Johnny's. I have my friend thank you. David Thomas meteorologist with the buffalo office of the National Weather Service and right now at reaches at home saying. -- We -- Forget your end date at this age we -- production. It is actually I know I don't Dave said daughter or daughter in law she works -- one of the local our credit unions so. In a -- it's one step away from everybody in Western New York so just be advised wind advisory kicks in 1 -- I am gonna go until about this time tomorrow. And if you accuracy of weather updates as we get them. There is no better way ladies and gentlemen. I do this for a live -- it. Okay my job is to be plugged into everything at all times I have camera setup and every one of your homes just a big plug them. But there's an easy way for you to do it. You have to do is with your Smartphone herself fall out of that house martyrdom that is what you have to do is text. Send -- three different texts one text should say whether. W. EU a it. THE. Our weather. 30930. Type in weather Sen. And then every time we get a weather advisory or special statement you'll get it literally the second we get it. It's almost like you don't -- neatest. But that would make me sad and you can do the same thing with the work traffic. And the same thing with the word news and I said to our operations manager on many occasions Tim this is one of the smartest things we've ever done as a radio station. We have the -- -- by the way suggest this applicants for this week for. But they were happy to do it to keep you up to date even when you're not near a radio so. The number to text is 39330930. Weather. Then sent another text that says news and another one that says traffic and -- will keep you up to speak because you know we're in the information business it is changing any involving world which is -- the Buffalo News will be dead probably within about five years and I will be -- -- and billions. And we'll still be here laughter. It is up for AT and news radio 930 WBBM. And then I'll go to the reporters neighbors and I'll say how are they taking the news of paper -- Have you noticed any bizarre behavior since the newspaper group fell. Are they good people who lived next or two I'll be doing that to them. It's called reciprocity. Beaches it is eighteen minutes after four at news radio 930 WB yet. All I am eccentric and I made no bones about it and charmingly eccentric alright in my neighbors like me anyway. Obviously fake it well. But with women to anyway it is up hourly and -- does it wouldn't wanna get to this because I can all I've got a million things to talk about that. Yeah -- know what Tom. Okay. I don't know how many -- you fly regularly. But as I explained before. There are things on which I spend money and things on which I do not. There are things on which I splurge. Although I have to tell you I lead a pretty. Modest lifestyle. Considering what I take them. And what IA. Spend it on. Up appropriately of course is is trample. But even I don't spend 3000 dollars and might -- hotel world. Because if I'm spending 3000 dollars a day pearl hotel. Why like -- vacation to sit there will. -- the idea I've got vacationers puppets is pearl how. So. That came out came up pretty much exactly the way intended -- but in other words. I splurge on long flights that's my that's my point. If I'm going to be in a plane to would have three or more hours I will fly first class. Usually it's an extra to -- box which I consider worth that. And on gonna tell you folks is with the disappearance of this Malaysian jet. It got me thinking about some recent flights on which -- been a passenger. And -- I have seen some absolutely. Sloppy. Cockpit do more work by the cockpit crew which -- believes put the entire plane in jeopardy. Others one captive in particular. Who is a consummate. Professional he's the guy who knows me. Like we don't know each other's names but he knows me as the guy with the long here in the fancy suits who sits in first class. He thinks I'm somebody important I do nothing to discount or discouraged that view. And I always treated with respect. I call him -- and I think that throws him. Because he expects me to act like a hippie jerk and I don't I act very respectful I believe he's a former military pilot. And the military guys and your humble host we get along great. But I have noticed on other flights on which he's not -- captain that some of the crew. Has forgotten all about 9/11. And totality of most of the flights I've been on in the past couple years I could have taken over the plane if I want. I'm not exactly built like a linebacker. But I know enough to break somebody's legs knocked him out and they get into the cockpit. In Kandahar. And we're not talking about sledge hammers were talking about his anatomy physiology and and that's that. All right speaking of anatomy and physiology let's -- out of the roads in the arteries are moving well along here's Alan Harris. All right and AccuWeather for today. Windy lots of clouds tonight we could see a passing shower in the evening Hogan body showered about a shower. -- and then just just a really pressure -- us no shower later on accumulating a coding to -- the overnight low of 32 degrees. And the National Weather Service says issued a wind advisory it -- and the right after you go to bed tonight -- 1 AM Thursday so it'll kick in in less than twelve hours it will go until well this time tomorrow. Till about 5 o'clock tomorrow right now it's 421. Two I don't wanna confuse anybody and it's fifty degrees 50. At news radio 930 WB yet. All right so nobody else has noticed this because if nobody's noticed it I think it's time to move up. Give us try to do with the Malaysian story without doing the same show again because I've heard the same theories. The same ideas now for about a week. And if nobody has anything new. And if nobody else has noticed the cockpit crews are getting careless with the hours. Including -- flight attendants and by the way maybe you don't wanna call and because you've seen it too and you don't want your voice to be recognized you may feel free to send me an email Tom at WB Ian dot com and I -- vault I do not -- sources never have never will not even when questioned by brass of the state police to give away sources I have witnesses to that thank you very much. So my email Tom at WB EM -- dot com. I'd very much impressed the presidents. When I was giving a statement to the state police. Anyway. Missing people. Missing people. Shall we get it took us a little bit. Say it. A lot of talk a couple of stories but they're going to be a local stories and I don't wanna use names because I don't remember the names and I also don't wanna break any steps. I can think Joseph would you and in need got a 24. Spoke at 25. Ladies and gentlemen I have personally covered. The stories. In my career. Both of which go back about twenty maybe 25 years. Of people who went missing mysteriously. Bought without a Trace. And they were found. And I can't even begin to imagine the hell. The families went through. Part of me hopes that family members will be listening after the news. Because only you. Can put us in a position to know what it is like. See even though I had a great uncle go missing during prohibition. Probably whacked. -- you've probably -- his fingers ration of indefinitely. To sand. I'm talking about -- by the way. So it's it's happened in my family though not to somebody I even knew. I hope I've got to families listening. The closure of which and I hit the word closure I actually personally witnessed. And when I bring these stories. Act you're gonna say all my god I remember that. Don't go anywhere under his radio -- -- thirty WB ENN people do go missing. -- playing with a -- -- or thirty foreigners radio night -- News radio 930 WBBM. -- a horrible thing to say I I love Skinner misery makes sport the market sell -- Ever Irv Weinstein ladies and gentlemen. Why Einstein at 11 o'clock news channel seven the -- Leonard -- plane crashed I was just sit and they're saying. I can't believe I was just devastated. Just that I mean. I know I know -- it was before nine elevenths and I didn't remember Pearl Harbor. So all in all when you're that age when you're a teenager and what are your favorite bands crashes it is almost like the end of the world. So you know you don't have the perspective of history from which to draw. And the irony is most of the people on the plane survived most of the people survived Ronnie van -- did not. The tragedy is. All he had was a couple of broken legs. And an injury to his -- Minor injury to his head. And they took the quarter's report offline. But basically -- events that took a bloated head. What probably happened is the subdural. Hematoma and swelling is what killed him had they just drilled holes in his head. He didn't putt well culture opening days to do it and used to do. But I'm sorry that -- too much info they're joke I'm sure you gets keyed by that anatomy is fascinating. The way were all constructed is amazing course some of you were constructed larger than others bastards anyway it is -- -- Birdie -- Don't gamers that mr. control John Sherman is that where he blogs at call screening duties anyway I wrote I wrote to sue did you sell. My basic question about the co workers for a couple more minutes is. Here's my basic question. When you have flown recently. Have you noticed that the cockpit crew. Has gotten lazy again with the cockpit doors because I -- All this talk about securing the cockpit doors against the terrorists. Folks. I just wanna let you know. I'm not a terrorist. If I ever saw somebody trying to take over the planet. I would gladly throw myself in his path. I would I don't care. And may be smaller but I am stocky and as my doctor says I am strong leg or. So well. I would easily do that. But the cockpit crew has got to use some common sense. And what I know thirty seconds before you're gonna come out to use the head that you're coming out to use the head. That gives me plenty of time to get in the position to know how -- gonna pick up a flight attendant. -- pushed the old lady in the bathroom out of the way at a home gonna burst through the door after breaking your legs. On one -- Can anybody with minimal trading could do that. So you guys in the cockpit crew really I got a call you up some you've gotten so forget lazy again it's not funny. Up anyway. And unless they know something I don't know like I'm sitting next to an air Marshal. Because it goes on the plane that it will be encouraged to the -- highly unlikely highly unlikely. I always get put well not always usually I get put next to the -- was drunken old lady who thinks -- long -- grandson. And that's fine that's fine. Now it is I -- some nice people flying I really do. This older black lady from Washington George Bush could she have money absolutely should have money. All but invited me to come back to Jamaica with her and stay at her house the next time. June 06. 437. It -- three on I thirty start I 3180616. WBM. And I haven't forgot but I wanna talk about missing people in light of this Malaysian story. But first. Amherst and add so much you are on WB -- sir good afternoon. Well good afternoon and -- I'd like to mention that the terrorists. Organization. And even those individual terrorists have already won even if they're -- -- bomb because. The whole world has been intimidated by this. And further mark they've learned all kind of -- what they said they can plan their or their next. They're next -- It's that they didn't know before they about turning off transponders -- euros. All kind of expert in everything and killing me in tears lion the bellies of Ryan. They've -- kinda new angles that they might not have not. And previously. And that consequently. They're planning can be much are. And meticulous. And that likelihood of their succeeding. Is much greater and -- in a market -- already exceeded beyond that because they're being complained. Nonexistent. You're talking about the missing 770 -- Well first vaults are all due respect it's not that hard to find pictures online of the cockpit of -- Boeing 777. So very well -- airplanes. On anybody who was in -- maintenance crew. With pro al-Qaeda sympathies. It's gonna have access to if you're going to be able to take pictures of it so the terrorists haven't learned anything from that and the terrorists are also -- know from fellow travelers where the transponders are how to manually turn them off I don't think -- anything for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very. Expert people have given opinion. That could. Serve very well armed and they've given practically a whole body in my book and I. If you want another pro and consequently. All kind of new land those are let's they are kind of old saying goes have been. Have been exposed. To their rankings. I I disagree not because I don't wanna be disagreeable. But because if you're a terrorist it's your job this is what you do anywhere. I don't think they've learned anything new from all of the conjecture all of the hypotheses. Which by the way the media with the that we call our experts to talk about what could have happened. But if that is true how prom then they've very Smart -- Paris. 9/11. Didn't foresee the possibility of various people on the plane. Keeping them from. From on going into the Pentagon I guess at last I mean they note that. I played -- -- Yeah. -- think you're talking about the one that went on in Shanksville Obama if I'm not mistaken. I think you're talking about the one that went down in Shanksville are you talk about the one with passengers rebelled. Yeah that was -- Shanksville PA and I don't think that was as presented to the public I think the bigger government shut down. Well my name. Which by the way it was the right thing to do as much as I hate to say it. Well it would've asked about the pioneers. If -- and if that is true but you indentured -- dealing with. Some something like. Conjecture. Well I said I think which would indicate opinion but see I'm trying. They're not quite sure he -- -- that these terrorists already know everything. And that's not -- Agents and you know everything I say they know how are. Two and a and a and that take the grouchy old man acts of morals here is I just don't wanna hear. Terrorists already know. That pulling off another 9/11. Is not gonna be as easy as the first 9/11 they know that. They know the vulnerabilities. Already of aircraft. Okay they also know. Because they're not stupid they've seen what they're all -- stuff that I've seen do you think for a minute. That they haven't put people in first class. On long flights. To time. How long it takes before the first person in the cockpit -- the -- They don't already. They know that once the door stars to jiggle. An hour and 48 minutes into the flight that's going to be better opportunity to get into the cockpit read these things. While. Instead of being politically. Incorrect. We still insist on. Making your grandmother take -- -- all I'm -- Whitaker over 75 now you don't have to which makes no sense whatsoever. Because it thought al-Qaeda you know what I do. I get a bunch of 75 year old guys -- -- you Bob's. -- if -- security theater folks it is nothing but security theater done. It's designed to make you feel safer without actually being safer. Well I wanna go up. I wanna talk about something else that kind of -- -- this Malaysian thing because let's be honest none of us knows for sure what happened to this Malaysian flight. I have not heard a new theory. In days. In is I tell you I haven't heard it here. But just to show you. Or to illustrate. How people can disappear. Even in heavily trafficked areas. And they can go without a Trace. I wanna talk briefly about whose stories I personally covered. And actually one of them happened writer for the quarter year. Awful maple road in Amherst. Ladies and -- market to name names because I don't remember the names and for my purposes today they're not really important. There's a teenage girl in Amherst. Who went missing about 2530 years ago. She was walking home from somewhere. She never made at all. Nobody ever -- would happen this her body she vanished. In the all of Hearst she vanished. She was -- for years. It was years millions of cars aggregate. Drove by where this young girl's body or teenager's body. Had been in a reduced the ball and had decomposed. The only reason the Everest cops and this isn't a slam on the -- cops is not. The only reason the worst cops found this girl's body. Our -- took his dog out for a walk the dog runs into the wards and comes back with a ball. Which the guy immediately knew it was a human bulk. And the very Smart detectives with the emirates said wait a minute this is right in the area where we were looking for so and so. So ladies and gentlemen as morbid as it is that it is an example. Right here locally -- -- maple road I was. I was there -- I saw that. That was an example. Up even. -- an area where people should have detected the discernible odor of decomposition. Where people should've seen the vultures. The Turkey vultures flying overhead. Nobody put two and two together. And this poor young girl teenager. Was left to rot in -- field. Before she was given proper burial by her family and her family finally found out that apparently she suffered some kind of a seizure or stroke. Naturally. Edited expired on her on her walk -- Now if you're a member of that family. I hope you roll. Forgive me if I brought up bad memories for you. On the other hand I hope you will acknowledge the fact that I remember your loved one and I remember that story. And I remember at the time thinking to myself this has got to be so bittersweet for this spam. Because. I'm sure they suspected their daughter was -- I'm sure they suspected she had a seizure. Because -- apparently -- a history of seizures. But how would you like to not know where it happened. Or where this -- young lady went. They did for years. Until the guy took his dog for a walk and the ball came back with a ball. And I'm not even sure they found all of her remains but they certainly found enough to positively identified hurt as the missing girl. Now there's another story and again I covered this one. Local. It was a delicate crepe. I wanna share with you I'm not doing this to be morbid folks. But I'm doing it because -- because I've heard so many theories. That to me defies. Logic. They'd have 58 critical thinking. I'm seeing a lot of people jumping ahead in the thought process. Instead of sticking with what we know. And sticking with the most logical conclusion. Given that whatever information is being presented to one's my intention is not to make people feel bad. It back if -- member of that girl's family or the girl about the talk to appear talk about in a few minutes I hope that you will. Recognize the fact. That I'm remembering your loved one as somebody who is there who was relieved to see your loved one finally recovered. Now don't go anywhere because the next story is another mind blowing story for years it was a mystery until -- was solved. And had a Pettit got national attention I'm sure we would have the same. Half baked crackpot theories coming forward and I'm hearing on the Malaysian flight follow an alien mother ship cable law. Really. An alien mother ship. Ron. It is up for forty course James Carville is a human alien hybrid. We've established that I believe in a previous broadcast on news radio 930 WB Ian. You know whatever wanna take a nice big drink water Allen has short reports I don't he goes on for hours and hours god hates me. I'm AccuWeather. The only logical conclusion of course heck you weather for today windy. -- a cloud select a passing evening shower and then get a load of this slow showers late. Accumulating according to an inch -- -- of online net. Will the overnight low 32 tomorrow's high 37. Right now it's fifty and we heavy -- advise Hillary that kicks in at one day and and it's gonna go told this time tomorrow. In particular along the Lake Erie shore in Western New York. So I just wanna pass that onto you are talking about people or objects that have gone missing and I told you a few minutes ago. A tragic story. For a family a local family. Whose teenage daughters -- were always walking home from somewhere. Apparently suffered a fatal seizure. In the woods in a patch of woods like the only patch of woods in Amherst at that point that it not -- interred at the big lots. And eventually. A guy walking his dog found a ball which -- immediately recognized as human and call the Amherst police. And then -- detectives on the job who'd been following the missing girl case they cannot put two and two together pretty quickly at a pretty good idea that they're missing person had been found. Now there's another story and that's what was handled by the time it's not want the police this would happen about 1992 hours ago. -- 9293. Somewhere in there but. When they found the -- person for many years. For many years. And I believe there's only one person in the car. For many years. Another young lady had been missing. She got in the car one night. Never -- hole. We're not talking about the middle of the Indian Ocean. We're not talking about the Great Barrier Reef. We're not talking about the Maldives. Were talking about delicate creek road in the town of -- Wanda. It was a snowy night. This girl lost control of her vehicle. It went in too delicate creek. It didn't go 151000. Feet down. It went in too delicate creek. She never made at all. Needless to say her family called the tunnel -- wanna police we have a missing person she never came home last night. Year after year after year this poor family had no idea. What happened to their loved one. Until finally. In the afternoon one date back in 19921993. Somebody saw something and delicate creek. Very near houses by the way. They either look look at looks like the top. What do you know. They -- I don't -- police divers go win because they've got underwater team. And basic human remains in the car. They bring the car out of the water. Low and behold it was the missing girl. Not now again for years history. What happened to work how come she didn't get a hole. What happened tour. It's illogical to think that she just took often didn't tell anybody apparently that she was taken off. -- logical to believe that a beam of light shot down from an alien spacecraft. If it's a logical to think that terrorists took over the car. She had an accident. She lost control over car and it went a delicate creek and it stayed there. I mean four year after year after year. Until finally the town of title -- a police with the assistance from a citizen. Were able to solve the mystery. And I point those two stories out because I remember them because it was clear. And I also remember thinking at the time while. No wonder they can't find a million air heart or Jimmy Hoffa. Because you'll have to human bodies. In relatively small geographical areas that went undetected. And unnoticed for extended periods of time. Folks these things happen. And there's not necessarily. A supernatural explanation. Or even on the ferry its explanation. 456 news radio 930 WB.

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