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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

3-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon -- with great. Think yeah if you go to the whole movement. Moderately anxious and my brother. The fact Diaz -- Ford dead Americans what I'd -- -- -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied -- There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. Okay. You. Go on that. Flying lately. You might work. Momentarily. And -- have a crew a cockpit crew. I'd definitely -- -- here for you guys -- about commercial airline cockpit crew members. I'm gonna wanna hear from you because I need to call you out. Because. I think some of you have gotten lazy again. I think some have gotten careless again. It's something. And I don't wanna find my name on a terrorist watch list. Before you do that you should make some phone calls but I don't want my name put on a terrorist watch list and Wilson. Is that on several occasions flying recently. In fact as the sole exception. If it had been filled with evil intent I could take over the place. Easily. Easily taken over the plane. I mean usually. Even the train terrorist. And I could have taken over the plains. And I'm exaggerating. I'm not talking. On deadly earnest. And I wanna hear from cockpit crews. Baby their listening. Later on the right. Because some you guys still just don't get a what's it gonna take three guys understand it. Now I'm not saying that what happened on the Malaysian flight was terrorism because I don't have an information. That definitively says it was terrorism. -- can't say everything they want about the simulator. Or about the -- violence or whatever. That's fun. But until you got you. You know I'm from Missouri you got to show. -- what I would not -- Well nobody got a Sharma at. That was my zipper Joseph in case you're wondering. By the way. I'm feeling very proud of myself. As far as rational thinking is concerned. Originally I was gonna take the next Thursday and Friday off to have an angiogram. And I told you guys to be honest with you about this. They did a CT scan you might remember my talking about being injected with diet. And feeling as though I just wet myself when they put the body and well the I it revealed that I have cerebral vascular like this which is what -- head. All right. So they wanted to do it -- Graham. Originally I said yes. I thought to myself way to. Look at this logically. And go to medical school but I know basic logic. -- If doing an angiogram. Meant a different treatment course it would make sense to have -- -- your great. It if it doesn't. It's cerebral vascular line -- it was detected with the CT scan it would have been detected what the -- The only treatment. The only treatment for his -- -- that's. -- -- So why should this -- is a work. Doing a procedure. Which will change the end result of what I will end up having to take absolutely zero. Not to mention the fact that every time something like this goes on I got to pay a significant amount of money out of pocket. Sorrow I feel delighted I told by doctors and attacks last night this does not makes cents. This test is not needed. It is redundant it is expensive more importantly it will not change the treatment where the manageability of the condition one bit -- at -- Seriously folks. You wanna see my brain and that. Okay did you can have you want to put -- -- under a microscope I don't care at that point. But I think damage the right decision. Folks if there's only one treatment for something to manage your case. Then why put your body through the extra stress of another test when it will not change the only treatment options there is one bit. Urged them. There's no good logical reason for. So. One in the -- and as I will not be taking next Thursday or Friday off. That's the blog in the short. But you know the thought about it the more I just get aggravated like why in the hell. Do want another thing done in my body. When I don't even think it's -- Because nothing is gonna change. With the -- program it'll come back it'll show guess what cerebral vascular -- So a bit at that point what are we talking about. We're talking about red zone without the angiogram what are we talking about. Present as well so why haven't done. It doesn't make cents. It does it make sense to you gusher still doesn't make sense to may and pasted it and neurologist but I can't talk to well she hang up on. Where he'd hang up on me I forget I lose track of certain things you know three well actually that's not the topic -- about the poll numbers but you know. I decided to be my own patient advocate. And if something is not going to change the treatment options one bit why put your body through the stress. I'm not scared of an injured Greg got those of worse things than my body. But I just kind of felt insulted like. Why would I wanna spend the money at the time when it changes the medication I will have to take where they will say I have the -- Not one -- Not one bit. If your doctor to think I'm nuts send me -- You wouldn't be the first but -- your doctor and you can come whack A doodle on this you send me email Thomas WB induct job. Thomas WB and that job. Cerebral vascular leg is only one that medicine they give you -- the zone. Whether or not you have the angiogram present his own pride in his own bread in his own bread in his own -- that zone. It seems that they have the ultra conservative approach would be. First you do the -- as well. And at the headaches continue. Then. You the threat in the zone. If -- headaches continue. To the point where the president's own clearly isn't working Portugal into the brains and you figure out what's gonna. Am I correct or incorrect is that logical or illogical. Isn't that the altar of conservative approach to medicine. Tourist. -- for god thing. I'm not Indy but it don't get up go for a lifetime. A lifetime. Well I guess your build for your like time Richard bill fraternity. So I think I made the right call. Anybody in medicine would like to say either that I did or did not sit well -- like Air -- I don't wanna talk about it on the air but I would like your input because I was really proud of myself last night with the east with the facts I sent. -- really -- like I it was all logically laid out concisely written it brilliantly analyzed. It is just common sense. You don't have little chemistry you don't have to know biology anatomy or physicians Lago. You have to know is here's the illness here's the only treatment for the illness done. Anyway my email Thomas WB ER dot com Tom at WB EN dot com. But a soldier I'd always be honest with you about that stuff and that's what it is. So out there that's now and now you know as watches actually -- I didn't even tell my family last night. So he they've heard it the same time you -- I'll never hear the end of it but what -- help. You guys are -- like mentally -- giant dysfunctional family. From whom I never received money your house user watches her clothes but you know there's always next week Tony and happily descent now dobbs. I think I just made an appeal to Tony -- -- leading give me a suit I think there could be what you just heard on the radio hell I'd be happy we just -- do -- -- I -- walking billboard for now -- when I go out anyway. Let us or get into something far more interesting too far more people -- my break. Although frankly I've braid and plays on them when they do look at it. I think they're going to be astonished. They're gonna say. -- week -- How did he at all. Did he possibly. Is a -- that's what they're gonna say -- -- When they look at the groin did good results will be considerably less impressive now let's talk about that airline players. Because you guys in airline crews and protect a particularly the -- sectors. I need your help. Because. A lot of fly and I also want to be honest with you. Folks I do not live in Spalding way. A lot like certain people I don't need a big house to show the world that. I live -- -- -- I couldn't care less all right. I live and a 14100 square foot house on Columbia drive in Williams that's right where it. Our house that is. 14100 square foot most of the houses in the neighborhood within a couple of square hundred square feet of mine. All right it's an old line 1920s. Suburban neighborhood some of the houses were built in the twenties some of the forties in the -- were building. That's right choose to live. So I don't spend my money. On realist of -- way. Or Clarence because I enjoy driving fifty miles due to grocery store. -- Happened to. Enjoy were I live because it's so close to everything. OK. But what are travel. Web -- travel. And when I say travel I mean travel I mean the actual act of getting from point a to point EB. I want to do it as comfortably as I possibly can now hotel rooms. All -- they started on hotel rooms. If you spent a lot of money -- hotel room like some people I know. If you spent a lot of money at a hotel room I have to ask your question why are you going on vacation to spend a week and a damn hotel. -- of science what. They -- and the Sox eight. Debris at the hotel wrote. There's only three things for which ought to be at a hotel room to them let them on the -- the other one you know me well enough to know what -- -- -- That's what I want in a hotel -- I want a clean the bad that I wanna clean bathroom. And a lot of plays -- and sleep in quiet done. Why I spent 3000 dollars a night at a hotel room just asleep that makes no sense. You -- a major thank you. So I don't splurge on hotel rooms. Even if going to all inclusive resort I do it for legally. However I do admit. And this is a weakness of mine. And now don't all my own jet airplane I do not have EIB one or two or theory. But. If I take a flight is going to be like to would have to three or any more hours long I fly first class. Why -- -- fly first class loses has more comfortable. And I invariably. If I'm sitting in coach. I invariably get between people who let's just say this much I'd rather not be. I'll simply say that if he or rape theft no no that has zero to do and waited this is people are just not rather big -- So. Well for an extended period of time I'll put it that. So if I'm taking a flight it's gonna last two and a half three hours or more. I go first I spend the extra 200 bucks which I did not spend on the hotel room and apply it toward more comfortable travel. Sometimes of course there was -- screwed anyway an end up in row one right behind the ball can't it was a Smart decision but. Folks. Some of these characters. Specifically the cockpit crew. That the only one who is noticed how easy it would be even now to take over plan. Some of these guys come out cockpit. Forced a ball they take for ever to open the door. And even in Portland opened the power is -- out of oil business. You know got as close -- back. They -- about you know the first degenerate the government to do in Jamaica. Look it up a win though. Evan -- commando Jews with no alcohol. And even without trying to pay attention I know what one of these jokers is gonna come out of the cockpit. If I was a terrorist. Then I saw movement in that door. I am gonna be ready to spring at like eight jackal. And I'm sorry but even with a basic rudimentary knowledge of street fighting and or self defense. You would be able to easily -- him out of the way knock him out and get into the control of the airport. Because some of these guys are slow. They they all but tell either coming out of the our cockpit -- used ahead. -- I don't understand ladies and gentlemen. -- September 11 2001 gonna happen. And these guys know how it happened. And they're still lazy. When it comes to coming out of the cockpit. They telegraphed what they're doing like -- in the door a million times there -- some of the stand up with the door open. Waiting for the facilities to open up before they -- the head or the bathroom where the restroom the washroom. If you perform. Can somebody please tell me why I have to stand in line which you guys for two hours for security theater. When a lot of the cockpit crews still think for some reason that there young vulnerable now. Because I wanna play that any terrorist worth his salt. Sitting in first class. Could easily take over an airplane yes in 2014. Easily. In first class remember you're only talking about 1214 people -- some flights. By the time they realized between their Martinis what was happening. You already have control the flight. -- -- the only person who's noticed there's. I'm not saying the terrorist brought down the plane in the Malaysian airline -- I'm not saying that. But what I'm saying is this whole story reminds me. Certain flights -- -- on recently. Where as I've said the cockpit crew did everything but make an announcement. Ladies. Gentlemen were flying at 30000 -- burn quickly because I was gonna be coming up to urinate so -- just accept that. Think we ask that you remain in your seat. They do everything that -- Seriously I think these guys capital brain -- maybe they. 325. At news radio 930 WB EN gonna -- -- Cisco. 803 on thirty start at 3180616. WB Ian. And I I. Well it's. Okay. I believe was shortly after scattered -- with this dog at Z a became a staple of every teenager's. Closet I could be wrong -- back in the seventies. It is. At 334. News radio 930 W. Be the end bad memories bad memories bad memories long water almighty god bong water on the -- -- -- It is 334. I don't -- anywhere at any. I am so sick and tired. Of hearing about medical marijuana. Medical marijuana. All -- Legalize all drugs it's not the government's damn business what you're putting your body. None. But -- -- -- do you know why because too many people on the legit world -- too much money often drug money. Don it's all about the money done. Well we believe it ought to be legalized for medicinal purposes I guess what I can be legalized they give people wanna smoke it. And applause it'll get behind the wheel. -- -- stuff like that's. Business if Joseph wants to all the -- and a blow after work. Here. I don't really care if you wanna do it. I don't you would never do but I'm just say -- and it's not the government's stand that existed between you and your doctor. Right. Well you don't have to -- me -- that. But this all well medical marijuana medical or a lot of medical marijuana I want to be lectured by doctors who they go out go down five Martinis and run over -- girls on long boards. Anyway 3350335. At that news radio 930 WB EN way. Guess who's in town again he's like chicken man. Yeah -- -- I'm Chuck Schumer. And -- the only person to notice. And I hate to break the news to you folks. I know that for many of you he's a god. Because talk radio called heroes. Off that are viewed as gods by their fans before -- brown fizzle out and they always do but. Michael Savage. And Charles Schumer do you know they're the same person has anybody ever seen Michael Savage and Charles Schumer in the same room at the same time no you have not you know -- Because Michael Savage is Charles Schumer loses loses -- -- thank you. Alter ego the same guy. Now here is an audio recording of Michael Savage who Savage Nation show you can catch every weekday. Up from 10 PM until 1 PM here on WB yet this is allegedly the voice of Michael Savage this is Michael Savage and you're listening to Tom buy hourly listened to meet tonight ten to one on W. The -- and now this is the voice of New York's Chuck Schumer the most liberal senator in Washington. I think he's a bull but I think he'd like most believe the also it is chuck -- folks. I've. Story here. Play him at the back of pockets everything. Michael Savage is Charles Schumer Charles Schumer is Michael Savage they're gonna save the person. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to Tom -- hourly I've met Bruton I think he's a -- Same guys. Absolute same guy right -- voice analyzer it will come up a direct fingerprint match on the voice analyzer unconvinced that I've not done the scientific study myself believe that the -- expert but. Michael Savage is Charles Schumer. Now by the way before Charles goes back to their. Separate Cisco to do is show tonight on. I just later remembered that the Charles Schumer who's in buffalo. Is part of a Democrat. Narrative and plan. That believes the Republicans for whom I have zero used by the way. Are waging a war are on the web and may remind you guys have a story the media paid very little attention to except for Fox News. You do well. And it doesn't matter because this state is filled with the dumbest voters ever. I happen to live in a land of intellectual mutants. And soda you if you think is I think on most things. I'm just say it. I'm just say it. Tomorrow that's going to go there right now you wanna go there right now do I do all right it. May I remind you that Chuck Schumer a guy when sitting next to his hand toy Kristen Gillibrand. -- was on his cell phone. As the play was taxi getting into position for take off. Chuck Schumer was on his cell phone. Now for the rest of us. When we are told to please turn off all electronic devices. We turn off all electronic devices. The flight attendants walk -- and on the aisle so naturally put your cellphone under your knees -- they can't see it and you continue to play Angry Birds and that they want but. So. Chuck Schumer is told once served. Please. Turn off yourself well. He doesn't it. He's Chuck -- So the flight at it again and says. Server. Would you please turn off -- -- And Chuck Schumer. Calls her a bitch. And this is the party that gets away with accusing the Republicans. Of waging a war on women. Other Republicans being the -- so animus wind bags they are. And utterly worthless. And no I will not vote for asked to Reno because you cannot give me a steaming platter of feces and expect me to dig in with gusto. When it's still a steaming platter of peace these. Expecting to vote for that expect -- to eat that. The Republicans never fight back. If the Republican Party which I'm not thank god. But if I were a Republican. Every chance I got I would show up -- Chuck Schumer is with just one sign flight attendant Colin bitch. I would big pitch the word people associate with Chuck Schumer. I would remind people at every opportunity. The Chuck Schumer waged a war on -- woman. On an aircraft because he thought he was somebody special. I am somebody special. Just turn off myself -- -- told her I'm more important than Chuck Schumer and US senator. Because he only and so -- you. Because he only gets is powerful and we the people. That's our constitution says we the people. Chuck Schumer is our employee. He's the guy who sweeps up -- -- he's wrong he's a guy who had these those little trash cans in the ladies' room that's Chuck Schumer. We are his employer. And he has the audacity to call flight attendant a bitch. Ladies and gentlemen I have news for. If I called or you called a flight attendant a bitch what do you think would happen. Okay what would happen. It would happen. The flight attendant would immediately radioed to the cockpit to say we have a disruptive on truly passenger on the flight I don't feel comfortable. The flight would immediately be diverted to an available jet way. The passenger in question you or I would be escorted off the plane. We would be met by federal marshals we would be interrogated for four hours -- would ever background gone through. We would be asked a zillion questions as to where political beliefs and why we felt it necessary to call a member of a working airline crew a bitch. And only then. Once we answer all questions to their satisfaction. And only at their whim and caprice would we'd be allowed to get back on any flight to any we're. Chuck Schumer calls a woman a bitch and gets away -- not just politically but he actually didn't get booted off the plane. I would have booted his ass off the play. If I were the pilot and I know about it. Chuck Schumer works for you -- He is your -- your poor boy. Granted ladies you could do better with a young Hispanic kit sorry just say it. Well I mean the young Hispanic kid would have a better body that would be the point could be young white -- op then Chuck Schumer but -- your pool boy. End of story. We are more important than Chuck Schumer yet because he's Chuck Schumer his plane wasn't even interrupted and its journey. Anyone of us would have been pulled -- for questioning. And -- are talking about nice question I'm talking about in your face spitting in your I kind of question to see how you react under stress. Tell me I'm wrong because I'm not. Anyway it. Now move we have gone after so far. But again folks I just want you to realize. That the Michael Savage show is a giant act in a charade. Because Michael Savage. Effect I want it was an all three hours tonight Michael Savage from ten until one. And I double triple quadruple -- dare you to tell me. That Michael Savage isn't Chuck Schumer. First the voice of Michael Savage followed immediately by the voice of Chuck Schumer. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to Tom buy hourly I've met Bruton I think feasible at the same guy at the same guy. It is. You guys do know when I'm being whimsical Albright. You guys the real John if we had anybody call and -- To say that they think I'm being serious about that. Nobody up thank god thank god because I was gonna launch into a tirade at anybody doubted. You should have told you people did call them to think of be in serious deceive I'd thrown mannerisms on the year. It is which would be really no different than any other day frankly it is 344. At the WB yet. Now Bob wants to talk about Schumer now he's -- Schumer was on the play it was Schumer. He's got a Schumer story. I don't bat but our don't. -- lockyer let's spin the wheel in the words appalling -- theory ride this bright that pitted them. Take three ride the painted pony ostrich -- they're remembered my brain anyway Bob you're a WB and I. There you go without a doubt Odom let's hear what -- -- take the ball well look my wife. -- it was a Sunday afternoon we were walking down Delaware. And I looked up and I see a couple others that can't people are both boys what are we wanna call. When you're calling bitches because that's a Chuck Schumer regards people who work for a living. What do our part you called that aren't go look at and I think at the site meat truck shake his hand. And again you know are so I look at big idea that you got kidney you know. Anyway so it was weird because. If apple -- but I was -- in the crowd this part -- like a gap in the crowd. And he was staying over or hit him face to face. If you come up the mayor Richard and hand out. And I have no fair instructional were ever will be ever thought I looked at him and I don't know the -- I just walked I don't. You want -- product. This guy. He thought he would like. You don't have the big -- -- and -- really up to -- and what are our result -- But it didn't shake your hand on the nobody you. -- -- But Bob well done. Is very very well done. But I don't want to become -- He was literally. I'm black and white walked the Ada county. That you collect that are ready and they can. There -- a deep -- Well unfortunately -- And this is gonna get people to hate me today here's your every every day in my job I think is to get people hate me by speaking the truth because sometimes the truth doesn't have a lot of fans. The I'm gonna get into how stupid we are in New York State. And why this state is a lost cause and like Carl Paladino is wasting your time and I love Carl. Up. Well I was clown gets elected but it is -- Chuck Schumer. Well it's easy to get elected -- be complacent a clause with other people's money all Edward you've got that the FD your name in New York State. Which is why any any thinking person which should get that a lot of you're now. Well that. Because it would now -- thinking people in New York State. Well. I'm gonna want it gives you -- it's gonna make me very unpopular I can almost I can almost -- -- morning showed up. But. All right but I'll enjoy being clowns are all right thank you very much and I'm glad Q I'm I'm glad get a chance to turn your other cheek to Chuck Schumer to say you're not angry yours is biblically turning the other cheek yeah. -- -- -- I would be proud that Heidi I just -- the right of state site that no way. You can go to -- them that would have been awesome. What are our. Thank you I'm happy to hear from him so. You know the Malaysian air flight gonna get on -- trying to go all over the place here folks but I'm trying to gauge. Your interest in the Malaysian air flight. And I wanted to try the angle today as somebody who has flown an awful lot lately. If you notice that the cockpit crews have gotten lazy again because I have. And if I was ill intentioned I will tell you that I probably could have taken over every single airplane I've been on in the last couple years. If I was ill intentions. Sir and look I'm not talking big I'm not bragging but it would be easy. In it that hard to knock somebody out if they bit hard to open the door. Sorry it isn't especially when you look disarm it. If I should add that have a baby face I wouldn't be I wouldn't look like a threat to anybody. Like up my I'd look like. Except. I'm old Marie. Are right edit supper five by the way fellows who serve I love you and publisher is 349 a new Israeli in my thirty WB -- -- hourly have a -- last year. You know fight do we have a stroke and I have to do the show with one side of my brain still would kick ass right. You know for the price out of pocket for the angiogram you know that I can spent two weeks in Jamaica. In a beautiful place. And maybe buy some five Jamaican agricultural produce. For the price of marriage you realize there right. Out of pocket are right now AccuWeather for today. Wind was in the show from the start folks it does make sense that probably shouldn't I try we've all the loose ends together a good day when they would but he clouds in a passing evening shower followed by snow I'll come on. Is this snow showers late. And. A -- like frank Kent -- godfather to. Online wait for Michael like Corleone they. And that's Franken can easily as when Michael says you'll man. It too much wine accumulate iconic coating to an inch of snow overnight ol' bite me the overnight low 32 degrees right now it's fifty. At news radio 930 WB yet kind of funny and I was walking into work today. And we have these beautiful woods right outside of -- buffalo. And periodically you can see beer and dollars and some deals walking through those fields and I heard a springtime -- Chirping away. And it was a bird I had not heard all winter because it's a springtime bird what was it Tom. For hot I forgot the sound but if I don't I know was a springtime -- it was a sorry I had heard in awhile and I just looked up. I didn't realize that somebody was walking right toward me I looked in the direction of the bird and I said you. -- run the ball. We're gonna get it. -- the guy looked at me elected and -- and I set on is talking to the birds -- it's okay. He. A wide leeway after that for some reason -- -- quite figured it out all right we have the breakdown we. I'll get out there are folks if you're just joining this. I'm leaving part of the show up to you guys today. Because I I am fascinated by this Malaysian airliner I don't mind telling you. It is it fascinates me like you wouldn't believe. Have you had in your family. And I don't I'm not trying to dredge up bad memories for anybody. But in our family we actually had a missing person going back to the people -- -- Wee bit. We had a guy. In the 1920s. And a direct relative of mine who went missing. And a trip to New York City during prohibition. And the family rumor was that he was in the leg. And I have not the least suspicion that he is built somewhere at the bottom -- the East River. But. How long before you finally say yeah they're they're not common home. I've got some there don't go anywhere because I've got contents -- Wallace who wonders just ahead on news radio 930 WB has.

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