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3-19 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Beijing company can't validate though was on last night he was on fox I was saying you know he would not be a candidate for governor -- Thursday but he was initiating a draft trump movement. And I was so disappointed -- that I was angry with that. -- for a person as Smart as Paladino is as savvy as Paladino is I voted for -- last time and -- great admiration form. Of the fact that he does not know that troubles a dead horse. The dead horse is not gonna win a race I don't care it's just not gonna happen. He's a parade RC looks pretty he dresses up fine he -- -- -- but he's not a race horse and he's definitely not a workhorse. He's exactly what he is Jesus. He's a celebrity billionaire. And it was obvious to be right from the beginning -- and want the job you -- they get out of jail free card by saying that the kind of via. Party had to be unified and unified is. Does that mean if one person. I didn't agree that it wouldn't be unified parties I mean you got an easy out there and took. It took a cheap way to sending us is sending us a Twitter that's what we got a Twitter while our hearts were Twitter hoping he'd get in the race. And everywhere I went there and kiss his ring and anything else that wanna mcginnis. Then. -- you -- of them against then at the end that's all we got got a glimpse of the office. Look at the plane. A look at the glamorous life of a New York City billionaire but at the end all laws wasn't tweet. And it should just be given up and go with people -- want the job now whether ask Marino is the only one wants that we don't know he's the first one man. But I do think that. Pushing this pushing trump further damages our chances -- -- hours as as a member of the Republican Party. If further damages our chances to unseat Andrew Cuomo. And that annoys me at one of the problems we have was alluded to by our last caller on the way in the the break before windows. It is a splintered party. And one of the problems we have big time is this. There are people who want to see the governor. Lose the election including me and including probably a lot of you got it. And every everybody wants to do what they can and too -- to see that happen except that's where changes. They wanna do what they can as long as they can get credit for that's what it's all a ball. You have your little feet dom you got your little acre up there and Grand Island or Ria capital of and you want everybody to know. That this wouldn't be happening without you. There's no thought of the big picture. Let's all do what we have to do you know during national. Disasters when they have those recording sessions where. Where all of the artists record different things and then they sell them for. Four -- disaster relief is always a sign of the doors is check your -- at -- because they're all big artist right. But the problem and New York State with a Republican Party is we got people who don't want anybody who have defected they were in an -- -- part of that. Without without need this wouldn't be happening and it's all about me. Name name name name. Well the bottom line is if it's a team effort and that's what's gonna take to beat be Cuomo check your damn eagle at the door would you please. Put away the three pointed hat and and do some heavy lifting. Heavy lifting. Raise money get people together. Let's signs out when that's appropriate don't have things that are necessary to win big game. You're not Andy in the National Football League where you would Wear your praise the lord and yourself for winning the game. You win the game that's the reward you get. Seeing Andrew Cuomo not take the oath of office should be -- reward. Not hey look at me hey listen to me without me you couldn't have been done and that's what it's about. And that's the problem in New York's until I guess -- corrected until like it's clear. If if indeed this gets better. I don't it doesn't have to be -- that sandy beach said this. It's just that -- hurt somewhere and it and it resonated that's the important part Nablus edit who was their first all that crap that's always yet. We get it it is a spotlight on me now -- by makeup I'm ready for my close up mr. Demille. If all goes in line with the same thing of are more conservative menu bar. -- and argue see that all the time I more of a bills fan and you are. I Marvin sabres fan and you are I'm more conservative and you are. That's what it's all about and that's sad and as long as it's likely that as long as is like that would ever gonna win on the state away. No way in hell if that's the way it is wanna be a winning team I suggest you become a Democrat. They seem to have a better concept of getting the job done and we do we see a little bit alike we wanna grab onto and put our name on. That's just that's just a little right. Where the people meanwhile a strategist is it working to accomplish that goal. That should be what it's about working to accomplish the goal the goal is getting Andrew Cuomo the hell out of Albany. And them but I do or -- we're splintered like we are now and the last thing we need is for somebody is from Canada's Carl Paladino. To further. The the thought that rob asked the Reno is an inferior card candidate for whatever reason. He second choice maybe not even second choice maybe further down the road. And first choice on the other side is the governor he's the sitting governor he's their first choice. And now -- emphasizing every time we talked about trump were emphasizing their rob asked to Reno is an afterthought. That he is what will deal -- if we can't get what we want like going into the store yeah I want that done. One that Rolex that's what I want given that -- so we kind of wrong. Okay. Well home Timex and 995 but he keeps on it takes a licking and keeps on its nice that and watched you -- -- one. So we don't want rob asked Marino. To be perceived as the Rolex as the as time we want him to be thought -- as the Rolex and the more we're talking like this the worst against him. I'll -- of -- him through. He's got his hat in the ring he's got his people around him he's excited he wants the job and everybody's gonna allow -- come back when we find out about trump. That while shoppers and no no thank you on setting this week to the minions out there. 83093018061692. Through six are in -- thirties and I think. Inadvertently Carl Paladino is hurting the Republican cause by pushing a trump. For -- a draft trump movement -- as -- one hurt the party he wants to help the party but this isn't the way to -- will be back after. And then we went on to talk and I said you know there's a lot of groups all they're talking about a draft and I knew. And he was pretty quiet bother you he and I I said you know what I'm a dual. Tonight I'm gonna tell everybody I'm not running for governor but I am going to while there and I'm going to lead those groups in the draft trump. So to stand in Rochester thanks for your patience -- -- on WBN. Allows them grow -- -- -- -- stand I had given your views on though the trump thing here. Well first of all I agree totally that you -- -- It could forget him. He's not -- if anything he'll run for the Big Ten -- to presidency. He definitely -- -- and running for governor. That's the same thing if you don't know. Now that's the point I said right away. That he would you would damage his brand. And his brand is his livelihood in his life. And didn't wanna be beaten in a row in a yard gubernatorial race different in a presidential race you can understand that. And that only that but Paladino. -- theaters erases it third party what's gonna happen whom is still. Just started definitely any change because I get the Tea Party between two guys good to incumbent Republican that both incumbent won handily. So you can do that has stuck and you're gonna kill every. While car isn't going to run at all but he's trying to get to trump to our ads are run by drafting a trump has already said no. And I don't think we should go after people that don't want the job I think we should pursue people it bids absolutely I would want the job I would devour. You're trying to talk to them about this probably end up you people are holding their -- for the limo pull up and I'll step. Yeah I don't. Slated to open it kicked around him out yeah we're two different. Well we ended up here for all of our attention and and and hero worshipping him and grandiose thinking we got a tweet at the end of the day a tweet saying he's not to do it. And what is the tweet that you you can even ask him a direct question after that so that's all we got sandbags Leo we got that we get the back of the hand. Hey don't bother me I'm Donald Trump. Now I don't think I'm speaking from my feelings being hurt on speaking from the fact that. We need to thoroughbred in this race and he is a parade goers but he's no resource. And he's no workhorse. Okay he looks nice in the parade it's nice to point to -- goal look at this adult. Rhinestone -- that's -- was. But we need somebody who wants the job and thing to do the job and I'm thinking that. By diminishing. -- as the -- well as a candidate. Further. And further -- enhances the chance that the governor is gonna win another term. Keep in mind that even if -- suddenly said yes. In the early in the latest though poll. And he is 37. It's quinnipiac 37. Points behind Cuomo and he has a 60%. Unfavorable. Image so you have to get past the unfavorable. And cut down on the 37 points that's well beyond the margin of error and people I've ever seen. Whether he can order now who knows he'd be exciting. -- be fun to watch we get a lot of press cover a lot of press coverage but at them at the end of the day whether it be a good candidate I don't know. He certainly wouldn't be good candidate if he did his campaign like that trip -- buffalo where he went to Salvatore from the fund raiser. And just off handedly said there's nothing going on in buffalo. -- he's talking about development. Private development and indeed there's all kinds of stuff. So he didn't even know that he just said that because that would have been true a decade ago it's not true now. Camby doing that on the campaign trail because you got to do your homework. As you'll be called on it. They'll have statistics and they'll have vote every dollar spent every job but. Gleaned from a latest construction project. And you'll get your ass kicked. That's the bottom line got to do your homework you wanna get in there. Take off the rhinestone cowboy clothes and put on of this flannel shirt these -- and boats and let's get to. Let's go to Ricky -- non -- -- Euro Iran W via. Or. I really disappoint like Carl Paladino a lot to get me wrong I am disappointed that -- -- this it as a full fair and but you know I wanted to do -- may. And I grew up into the sixties -- -- -- from the sixties this and you know they don't promiscuity. But that. But it has a message that applies to today in matters. If you can't do want you one of the one your web Greg. You're gonna. Donald Trump. Because that would be -- yeah I would use is he's like this -- okay. You're not gonna make it probably throwing gasoline around. The world orbit satellites or she loves -- -- he does. You know. But it's it's anybody's gonna get -- -- The people that are thrown again. Other residual effect is it's gonna be a blow back you're right he loves the heat he loves the publicity but he's not ready to do the heavy lifting on on this kind of job. But on top of that candy itself -- it doesn't need you know. Don't think it'll do it themselves because that's got that's how we got -- -- -- but but the other thing is. That you know. This is part of the human condition really. In -- of tangible -- what you -- before tool appreciate what you have. In the a lot of time that I'm a big -- a bird in history. History proves. The syllables frame of smoke effect there. What are the people came out of obscurity. But sometimes you actually helped to build on it you have to build them because they they're there. Third diamonds -- law. I'm gonna give two examples. Of a politicians that I wasn't particularly aware of but. Whoever heard of Jimmy Carter before it became president whoever heard of Bill Clinton before he became president. Now they've both got the highest that a job in the land and no one outside of their own states really knew of either of those guys. Don't think it would do well there are examples because they became president. Well I know that but what I'm saying is you just said that obscure people. Can I can get big you know come to the rescue. Well these two guys were is that discouraging data on the national scene as of -- even though I don't like either one of them but they became president. You know I understand I'm just I'm just like. You know this this what is -- clustering or -- -- asked to bring real he can he could be like a sea biscuit. Now we don't know he could be he could be a player we really don't know why they know Jimenez county. But we don't know him and once he gets out on the campaign trail we may find he's very effective. And -- got a dual -- that time the effort and then not play in equipment and build -- up you never know -- it may find something that you were totally. More than. Happy with the -- like yourself being very proud of doing what you do and you know we can look at it you can you can stick your nose up and -- -- -- and wipe out. Yeah I a budget measure that I was watching the World War II was stuff. And there was they'll do Jay would the exacts. A Barack Obama opposed -- -- up in the air like that it was. It is -- -- about -- A lot of people were charming well. Comparing your return trip that you don't want. Oh. No it was teleprompter what's the first thing he does now the jets just like somebody keeping somebody. Social aspirations that you know all the -- Good point out because that's the first thing that I noticed was that that was I haven't Obama had there was very recognizable got to run thank you will be back -- -- -- -- give a scholar at 039301806. On 6926. 930 the other World War II oh vintage. It's that I saw there was Mussolini. With the is head up chin up like that and that's exact thing. The Barack Obama doesn't certain will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. He's not running for governor but I am going to coauthor and I'm going to lead those groups in the draft trump exercise. -- That was Carl Paladino. Last night on Fox Network are very disappointed to hear that I love Carl. Carl's a hero. -- he does those things are greatly benefit the community. Is on a school board try to make things better a very little reward for about a lot of downside to open he's going to do it. I voted form when he ran for governor but he's sole off the truck -- this weekend. I think it's time to stop kissing -- ass and get on let's get a serious candidate or serious candidates. And get on the mission a mission is to beat Andy and and Oklahoma that's the mission. -- doesn't matter who takes credit for it does matter who does what we're gonna beat Cuomo that's the only thing that matters here. And when I got to do it if we keep denigrating him as a candidate and trying to bring somebody in -- obviously doesn't want the job. Ask anybody that hires one of the things that they want is somebody who wants that job. Guess who's hiring the next governor. You are and I am. And I want somebody who wants the job I don't want to have to cajole him lord that wine and dine him mark. Because keep in mind even -- says yes it's still a by a giant appeal fight. He's 37 points behind Cuomo and the latest quinnipiac. 60%. Unfavorable. Rating. So it's no day at the beach even if he says yes. Let's go to Kevin in buffalo Kevin here on the BBM. And Nokia I don't I'm finally give me your thoughts on this stuff. I have an interest the united idea on how to get -- a lot of office in the are all out and they distribute through and and -- -- know recent begala and all right well you got to do it you would you have been third a third party candidate it. That problem it's. Not like being -- -- people's food stands sleep. You know legalize marijuana. You don't. Yeah I'd have to bleed off. Party yet to bleed off votes I understand it is. What the Democratic Party. In game get it poses rush called low commission -- we get -- so this guy does not care it's gonna. You know legalizing marijuana good bowler everybody who -- And that's what you do it -- You know -- entered their third party candidate and that's only way to get him out of office the system it just put some idiot that's even more. In Europe. I I totally understand what you're saying. Are you as you bleed off via. The of the far left votes of from the Democratic Party it makes them less effective in order for that to work however. The Republican Party has to be more unified than it is right now but it's not a bad plan Kevin thank you very much. -- the Democrat it's usually go around the Democrats have more unification Republicans do. Especially when there's splintered off and once -- -- her up like well when you talk about third parties if you're talking about the third party actually winning it's almost impossible. But if you're talking about the third party influencing its very possible. Keep in mind now in 2000. According to a Dewayne -- hear him. Trump regarding the presidential campaign he briefly quit the Republican Party. And he was flirting with the idea of running for president as a third party candidate on -- reform party ticket. And he's been dipping his toe in the presidential waters in 2000. 2000. And 42008. And 2012. And he didn't get in any of them. And now with this one you know he -- of the party was a unified what is unified. Doesn't mean everybody has to agree plus no primary. So he doesn't want to bother with the procedure of getting the nomination just send him to the front of a classic doesn't want any testing. -- he doesn't want it degrading he just wants to be the candidate. In and he wants everybody in the Republican Party to support him outside of those simple demands -- mean would believe he wasn't serious. Let's go to -- Cheryl -- more cheerleader on WBBM. You know I love your show thank you I just love it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Truck plants to make -- well we don't need to show we need somebody wants to do something for us part states for our county. We need so badly right. And I certainly believe that after Reno maybe we don't know about them. We option volume -- and we should get behind and support and technical sport we need to get everybody -- It's definitely think for -- We can't afford anymore. I love the fact that you said he's been reduced links for us and that's exactly right it's not he's not there for self aggrandizing men or anything else it's there because he can make our lives better and more livable and that's all we can ask for and if anything commences again nobody deserves our vote. You know. We keep it along -- what are we don't we just can't go -- I look at her Paladino when he -- as I hope hoping hoping he would win you know. And he didn't well now want that's okay. Like trump doesn't need to be and I everybody that's gonna run. Against you know that this is like another arm Obama. Yeah he kind of floats around and then you get well a few moments of his or -- many floats away and sends -- a tweet saying no thanks I'm not interest that. Good point surely -- points and you very much. Yeah we're doing the hiring we you're doing the hiring I'm doing hiring -- Chris Tony we are doing the hiring on the next governor. And we want somebody sitting there during the interview process or standing during the interview process that can immense us he's gonna make our lives better 'cause he's gonna make the State of New York that are we don't need a showboat who -- Who just flashes in on the executive jet gets out of the limo waves of a crowd and disappears and doesn't know the war progressed from the job. Now we don't need that. We don't need that we don't have to elect a celebrity we have to elect somebody that can win ended a governor it's pretty simple. It is really -- simple equation but for it to work. Any anybody who is not democratic right now listen to me. Do your part of the heavy lifting on this thing. And don't insist that you get all the credit for you don't have to be in the spotlight your name doesn't have to be mentioned every two and a half minutes. Just do the work to get the job done rewards that come down the road the rewards will be -- -- living in a better state and you know you did your part. Instead -- hey look at me. Look what I did. And that we gotta get rid of that we absolutely have to -- rhetoric we got way too much of it I think I'm gonna call rid X and get rid of the of the Berman there. That are hanging around in the corner and it was real real people who want to defeat Andrew Cuomo would back after. I found a better candidate to myself. Donald Trump here's a guy that I really city's not a vast international experience okay in business a guy could do wonders for New York State. Dewayne Wickham is the dean -- Morgan state university school of global journalism he writes for the USA today on Tuesday. And yesterday. He wrote the article live I've been there quoting because his opinion was the same exact opinion of mine regarding Donald Trump right from the beginning. Says just as I expected Donald Trump was quick another political race before actually. -- getting under way -- And then he talked all about the same things we've talked about how trump was hinting in 2000 when he might get in the presidential. Ron. He actually quit the Republican Party thought of -- are joining the race as they reform party there have been decided not to. 20042008. And 2012. Same exact thing. And then he talks about the fact that. -- he blamed his decision to quit the governor's race on the Republican's party's failure to unify. Behind. His candidacy he said it had to be unified party and he didn't even he didn't want. Any kind of opposition at all in by unified that that was his poison pill that was his get out of jail free card. Because what does unified mean. Does that mean every single voice every single voter had to be on the trump bandwagon if so that's a that's an easy out. He said in doors trump wanted to crowning not an election. To propel him into a general election matchup with Cuomo Republicans were Smart not to do that. Then here this is that trump will never actually enter into a competitive political race his oversized ego won't allow it. The thought of losing is more than he can stand and I said that from the first day. And I also said something that they're doing did not put in his column is that many brand is its stake. The trump brand it's worth billions of dollars. It's a built on her undies via. A stage of success. Of getting things done getting things accomplished. And if he'd lost. It would it would do a tarnished that brand. And instead of up people quoting the art of the deal they be quoting effectively lost Andrew Cuomo. And he can't stand that either so the odds were astronomically. Against him right from the beginning joining the race but he loves the attention. Well I mean it's a human tendency we love people to notice us we -- people to ask us questions and as for our opinions but the bottom line was the bottom line. Both as a brand and it and as an ego wasn't ready for and won't ever. So I think their -- should refocus. And do his best do to help -- in somewhere Asia perform via and the coal but it won't be with ultra. Let's go to pat. On a cell -- pat Iran WB yeah. -- a lot of what was just quoted an error code that but the Democrats do this last year but more importantly the Republicans molesters that. Donald Trump wasn't gonna run -- users supplement why would a guy like nick playing where they enroll or re storms are. Michael Capuano because they don't care operators they want to -- state chairman. Site. You'd think they're willing to -- -- news outrages -- and Cox and Mike Long. I'm going to them and clear of the field. -- -- -- -- -- Their reorganization meeting -- wearing -- and Mike Long earlier rate burglary and -- real people walking their respective. Reorganization meeting and they opt for the fact. Or my long. Didn't clear the field we wouldn't get Republican governor Romney albeit not a true. But it plays to the page and they could. Out at Cox and and sort them according -- this picture insert a -- Rico and -- -- in my lawn now I'm happy and I want to think this way -- celebrate alluded to it a couple of weeks ago. Mike McCarthy. Played by political leaders because the partnership really -- power. This state chairman also power because he decides to run -- -- that -- -- -- -- Mike Long. They decide who runs on paper program but who run legislature who run China. And sometimes you can counsel law as so -- -- worthy and rob -- regional. Played true. -- -- -- Donald Trump who went right along with that you know he was never gonna run -- going to be able and -- -- -- attracts. And Mike on saying they never clear the field where are we don't now. Do you nailed it right there and you really did meg goes to what we're talking about earlier everybody getting their piece of the action. And they're very narrow focus on the whole race instead of just saying as a team we can win and that will settle with the spoils after we get into office. Good good call pat really appreciated that was excellent. Excellent call. We talked earlier about the fact that if if you want if you've got to when he got to win as a team. And everybody has to be part of it and it has to be anonymous you do what you do. And you you fill your piece of the -- so somebody else working shoulder to shoulder does they years but we were not in that -- We're in the mode of did you realize what I did. Did you see me on television. You know I was interviewed somebody asked me in my opinion. That's all it's about. It's all about that and what do why get out of it instead of -- dividing the -- up before the victory he can't do that got the victory urged. Then you divide the spoils up then all of a good things happen because if you don't get the good things don't happen. And that's what it's about and I've said this before whether it is as some local local likes to see his name in the paper. Or likes you know beyond a radio show on a regular basis or somebody was in Albany. You know one of real power players it doesn't matter. You've got to get together and it can't -- I'm I'm I'm more of a Republican than you are. I'm more conservative venue are. Your -- no because you don't agree with everything that I agree -- That's that's tough fools job. I'd try to do that. -- thought that that works it's a team sport yeah you got one person. At the head of the ticket just like you have one person playing quarterback. But the quarterback can't do it -- about the line they can't do it it's impossible he gets squashed -- every play and that's what happen this year. The line has to say -- -- going to protect the quarterback quarterbacks into the quarterback doesn't we're gonna win the game the focus should be on winning the game. Not getting your damn little piece of the pie so that you'll brag about it and put in the -- -- for now. But I don't know I don't I don't think it's an -- at all I don't know it's gonna get there what effect -- IE. I agree with that last caller IPT he knocked in an elder park this guy went over the is trying to make I'll play for himself. Because there's a big split between. A Western New York Republicans and downstate in this just like there's a split nationally between. The entrenched Republicans in the T -- -- public you know they're not gonna win nationally than not it wins a state as long -- -- Exactly if you learn not thing you learned that you closed ranks at times like this you do your part. Some will get more credit than others some we'll get more spotlight than others some we'll get more publicity than others but the bottom line is you're either a piece of the team or not. And if you know if you don't want to operate like that you shouldn't pretend. To care about the candidacy of the person new York and -- don't really care budget itself. At that as long as keep doing that you're gonna keep who -- and the blues for ever while you lose another election that's the way it's gonna work. So get over the fact that he's -- right no you're not as as conservative as I and that's the gas. Bottom line is we all want one thing hopefully get rid Andrew Cuomo that's what else. Then -- time for the spoils you -- to -- and hold them wonderful loan was what you is all the cliches today and that we'll have time to pick up plot right from the middle of the table. We'll see you tomorrow at nine on news -- 930 we are WB yeah. -- -- much they never into music feeds.

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