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3-19 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Slip back a big governor don't like you are. Opinion regarding our -- -- -- announcement last night on fox that he is not going to run for governor but he is going to head up a draft trump. Movement while a waste of time I'm asking if he should just give that up is -- a waste of time your message to Karl I love Carl. But Carl don't use your your money don't use your time don't use your effort. Trying to get a dead horse into a horse race he is not going to do it plain and simple. He usually like he's used everybody else. I'm so. I would think that they're happy -- person in New York State right now is -- -- I'm knowing that the Republican agreement devour themselves and it's going to be a cakewalk. Let's go to word Jane Jane you're on WB yeah. Call hi good morning and he. I think Carl should take. A more in depth look at his own. Skills and now and -- -- In the gulf. I would trump look I unfortunately social studies teacher and administrator. And I've heard trump speaking at presidential bid in all -- like it Donald Trump and -- the passion to -- to for the people are right. They're wonderful man. I need to add the -- not -- to be -- politician he's part of the clean air okay. Paladino loved. People I mean he's giving it up and it took a -- deported back I mean how much more people called up the job can -- take. And what he's doing neatly compartment and -- nobody to point. Exactly and there's a lot of slack -- look at -- count. And Hillary are out there and forget -- -- out in a different category. And only time. You're right -- on the school board first of all it was a very little reward but he's doing a heavy lifting he's going hard work he is making a difference. And he's not just -- for the glory in the glamour. -- -- as you said is born to be an entrepreneur award that's where that's his. Stock and trade he's not born for this kind of stuff he loves the publicity loves to be courted loves the the idea -- and an information outlet for his point of view but he's not in the race. -- relatively -- -- it -- want to see money come into the State of New York. Don't ask trumpet -- the context people he knows it and it'll get to delete from from that perspective he got run -- run for governor and darted Jillian like put up. A skyscraper you don't -- or what ever Paladino should -- he really showed. I hear you loud and clear thank you very much an affiliate of Carl ran. He could have learned from his last campaign OK what were the strains. This is follow this what were the weaknesses. What opportunities are here now that weren't here during the last race. Where Q where can I strategically. Use my money and my your support. To the best advantage. You have to pick your places to fight is you know. Whether it's a political fight or any other kind of fight and he should've learn because he's Smart guy from his last campaign on how to strengthen. And then you get in there and even though your behind. You're not the favorite. Cuomo would be the favorite. If Cuomo stubs its toe or paid via our -- catch -- -- a gotcha moment you never know you never know but getting behind trump. After he's already said no and didn't even have the courtesy. To have a press conference or to have a handout instead he just tweeted. And that's really cool if you wanna know where Justin Bieber is in his late latest court appearance. But when when everybody's been hoping and hoping and oh please you must run to send out a tweet. -- -- And and I'm just thinking that. You wasting your time you're wasting your effort if you think he's good he's he's actually -- ago. And I've said it before and he's what more do we need you know what it's like it's like asking a woman to marry you five times. You know she's already said she might four or five times earlier and it's not happen not happen not apple -- things will be different this. I -- really and that's exactly what it is and I think. My basic feeling is I want somebody to run that once it. I don't want somebody who run that has to be talked into and that's exactly what's going on now trump has to be talked into. And I don't think it's worth that to be honest. Let's go to a crescent not a Wanda Chris you're on WB yeah. Good morning and the progress I would just like to say that you know between trump and -- -- they both. Have a lot of money obviously. And they both say that -- history you know. Is a great guy but lacks the -- -- -- put the -- -- for that -- right. If you're you know two of the richest guys in New York State -- -- History -- -- then shut up and put up. I agree with you infected in the announcement last night he said that as Serena -- a good guy -- -- -- raise money. Carl you're -- write you write the check you can read the jacket you really believe that horse back to go to the window. Make a -- Yeah -- Pete Carroll maybe -- need to take. A long and. Long India repeated to ask or I don't know hi how I wanna put that that's where would divide a politician. If you can't get an office or maybe -- at least help fund and purchase the opposite to the person you want and. Yeah see I think this could work for Paladino in this way and you would just alluded to a I said at the beginning to show I think. Karl with thinks of himself as a king maker. If if trump gets in there and by any chance wins then he would be the guy talk commando and and that you became bigger. Why not be a kingmaker or less -- if if that if you're like his ideas as you just said -- was some money. Yeah it's it's not like anyone's ever you know one and one and office without someone reached behind -- before that would be unheard of witness. That's true when he could be a kingmaker -- -- with a longer shot than Donald Trump contest if they let good good -- thank you very much. Which money put your money there if if you believe that -- Reno has the goods as a foundation has the platform has the -- -- was lacking money. It's what you've got money. CU back him and is that a bigger kingmaker for Donald Trump giving a king maker for a asked arena. Yes I think it's too late to be to get behind rob. Esther Reno if your Carl Paladino because he's already come out saying he wants a draft trump now if you go back out of that then. Back rob -- to Reno I don't think that would work well. My big problems with him what drafting trumpet is as I said it diminishes the existing candidate we only have one candidate so far. No guarantee is a stay that way but that's the way it is now. And every time you say we got a better guy. Then you're diminishing the guy you do and remember we said that right from the beginning of that you would diminish. The chances of the existing candidate and make him the second choice. He's a second choice yeah we couldn't get a -- one we wanted but this is the second choice. Imagine that any other aspect of life. You're asking a girl to marry you -- the ring. Yes I couldn't get the ring I really want and this is the second best. And you can apply that -- anything who once second best. Who is willing to settle for second best. People and I mean some people after because of the the situation. What I'm saying -- most people if they have a choice. And they and they have free will they'll take the basket. Not the second best. And by making him the second best candidate. On your party he can be the best candidate that was mentioned for the race and unfortunately. Winner would be out of -- party will be back with more after. I found a better candidate than myself. Donald Trump here's a guy that I really city's not a vast international experience okay in business a guy could do wonders for New York State. Yes trump dip his toe in the water in 2000 did not run. Toe in the water 2004. Did not run total water 2008. Did not run. And in 2012. He ended -- of the White House dropped out before actually entering. And that now he didn't say he was going to run for governor but he set under certain circumstances. Of the party was unified in there was no. A primary and blah blah blah you know and you and one more issue and one dark shoe on and was wearing clown had -- then maybe -- would enter the race. So he's all talk and no action. And I think people that like trump. A follow up with a celebrity aspect for so here's there's got to know. It's it's got to know there are people that live and work in New York City that combines elbow drop. Okay he could be lunch money for them but we don't know who they are doing. No they don't have the celebrity. They don't have the blonde wife from the jet plane and the reality show and all this other personality and he's got charisma -- give you all of that. But that personality and that a celebrity factor only goes so far the celebrity has to say it would take off my stage costume now. And I'm gonna get into work wells -- gonna travel around to get my hands there. And prominent talk to people and it's not going to be all glamour and sometimes they'll be a little mud on me he's not willing to do that folks. And so do you want somebody who wants that job and is willing to work hard and give it the best try you want somebody has to be coaxed into. To me it's it's a no brainer and both of them. Both of them would be prohibitive underdogs. Two Cuomo. So what I'm saying is even if we get him. And he becomes the candidate. He is in the lesser 137 points behind 37. Points behind. Will -- 60%. Unfavorable. Rating. So you tell me this is not gold from above this is not motto from heaven. This is a celebrity. Who has a name recognition and value that might be useful in a campaign but he doesn't show -- inkling that he wants to do. But it's imagine as is like a fighter. You know some fighters have have more -- More skills than others but some of them. Like -- our -- -- the fight their heart out and they'll leave everything in the ring. I don't think he's -- kind of guy he's and glamour glamour we love you we love you get on the jet and go home. -- go to Debian middle port heavier on WB. Expanding. IT becomes to wake up to my alarm clock I blame her -- when I heard what Carol -- I get through the blanket back -- -- -- -- camera caught fire -- yeah. Given up by supporter and respect and love Carol you know -- But as like -- now principally eating out or -- -- dog okay. I have Carla -- and I can't believe -- think that this was alive. And live possibility. What what I found out when it does trump. We did so not French it's like what he'd -- and try to find out through FaceBook. Like it that Oprah Kaplan now laughing at what a slap in the face to everybody it's like are -- people -- This is all we were -- was a Twitter. A Twitter you know. -- All like inside Carol it's gonna put your money some -- and you -- They're one person only one person and think in state that I could think that would even. And Cuomo. And I -- mad capturing all because he's spoiled the -- That he would stay out of it I really think trump what went order. Well what are called his bluff coordinate because he said that -- apart it sees the big. How was obvious. The big outlaws he said the party had to be unified now the war unified. What does that mean exactly there can be no dissenters there can be 10% this -- never specified what unified man. And there can be no primary so essentially he didn't wanna do any heavy lifting to get to the main event he does want to be escorted into the ring as the -- Well that's the only point that I will give to trumpet against. Stick to inquire about -- one. Yeah because I gave my -- game and how does this do that it was his get out of jail free card. Well as our Carol though it's early lot. Wanna try and -- somebody America who have helped push. Trumping Cuomo no pun intended you know -- would be judged too mean Carol. Because she's tough she's mean she dirt like crap ultimately. And she's a former prosecutor and she and she has television cameras that as a woman. -- good point. About it because everybody voted for all Americans as being the first black president people are ready to vote for Hillary because she's going to be the first. Lady president. How many -- gets from point there because we've got a very -- prosecutor. And -- woman I would be the first woman. -- New York say. -- she is no shrinking violet and there's something about being a judge that gives you. Robert toss immediately we less viewers shamed out of office Islamic. Our -- being a judge we think OK that's a solid foundation policy what what she has for ideas from Wednesday. Well they have -- looked lean and maybe you aren't so if you want to bundle of money that some more useful but trump well these Don I. All he made me help me -- I'm surprised I didn't get out -- after everything I post. Yeah me -- I I actually yelled again. Because I was just so frustrated. -- smarter than that he is smarter than that I don't know why is that in this room. Auto fire and so -- big announcement that he's got to make you out there are like perfect he is going to -- come out and tell us. And by the way I'm going to have a two hour. Yeah. Somebody could say Andrew Cuomo you're fired. -- all thank you very much -- thank you very much. Yeah I mean. How many signs doesn't take. When he has to choose between running for governor in a state that he thinks is being. You know going down the drain which most of us agree with that war are -- by Celebrity Apprentice Chicago. Which has been on for years now OK so which usually Wear his priorities are. And when he said. The ad today he couldn't announce that on Friday. Of this I think was was -- last week ago we were last week could announce that -- Friday because. Of a taping of -- to show his TV show that was such a dead giveaway and surprising given away that easily. Of the role say that it watcher an announced candidate. That equal time like a provision kicks and denies it was December television as for radio. So that they couldn't run it so there'll be no point. Because they're not gonna give. Andrew Cuomo the same a lot of time the biggest Celebrity Apprentice this happened. Especially since against solid Sunday Andrew Cuomo make more money but the bottom line is once he said that you know. It's over there he tipped his hand. He's not gonna he's not a rated talk after the TV shows started saving because he wouldn't be able to use that. And so if he was going to run so we knew it was. But I knew that right away and so did win -- in his column in the USA today which we quoted from earlier saying the same thing and I did. If he got even more specific so citing the 2000. 20042008. And 2012. He -- for the White House. And -- when he says he has an a big announcement coming up. Oh my god if if he if he announces he's running for president again will have to hold our sides -- from breaking -- from laughter you know. The sad part of all of this is the Republican. Party of New York's -- has had since the last election to search for somebody to go up against Andrew Cuomo and they didn't. You know at well you part of his -- thing I'm sure is I don't like -- Cox. A campaign to and when you got the kind of money and influence that. Guy like Paladino has the end for -- you should limit your choices by who you know like. Your first and foremost goal should be to get your person into the governor's chair. That's the first thing that you can deal with -- thing waiter but if you're if if your first motivation as revenge doesn't work out through. We'll be back we're more -- -- and company Carl Paladino wants to draft Donald Trump should be given up. Is a waste of time your message to Carl what we've. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB -- that call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. The deck is clear and tight I can not 99%. Sure of this this and draft knowing when it was. So sad to say this really is the habeas person in New York's. It now is Andrew Cuomo. And I don't want him to be -- I want him to be worried but if Carl Paladino and I love Carl I I don't have to keep telling you that I love I've inform. I would talk on many times on the love him but he's writing a dead horse of the if he thinks Donald Trump's gonna get into this and -- Left such an easy out Foreman escape clause. There are two things he said he said you know bad it would have to -- no primary. All right so we certainly don't want anybody questioning him as the visibility yours programs or whatever but the other is that the party had -- be. Unified. That's the escape word right there you know lawyers make millions of dollars on words. A single word can make them millions of dollars and that is the single word in a trumps a setup when they first approached him to run for governor. The party has to be unified what's the definition. Of unified does that mean that everybody who's in any kind of authoritative position. In the Republican Party has to be on board. Because if not he's got his escape clause that he -- -- -- on our -- and had to be unified and we've got says that accounting chairman down and show among colony or wherever. That it is not important and so he had is out. And he took it. And I he was never serious candidate and now. Whether asked arena as the guy or not whether he can be trump or not I don't know. But the bottom line is Paladino is actually gonna make it works. By pushing the day of the draft Donald Trump movement because he's not going to get into the race and it's -- diminish mr. Reno's chances. They -- which -- stronger stock. And you're gonna get worse so if you really don't like Andrew Cuomo and I don't. And you think he's got the state on the wrong path which I think and you hate New York safe which I hate. I don't want this this kind of a draft trump movement because it's not going to happen so we're wasting money. So let's get on let's get on a real at least the horse that can run in the race he's not going to I said earlier is a parade horse. He's a parade -- she looks really nice of the from a parade but he's not a work horse and he's certainly not a race horse he will not be in this race. Okay -- to David Williams Rio -- thanks for holding her on WB. What surprised date view that. Okay what what is going on what Dave what's going on what your phone -- get -- -- Not us. Update you'll call back I'm sorry we can't he go like that and call back we'll put right the Frontline it's not us. There were beats like yeah and they were rhythmic -- it's not like somebody dialing into that laws. I know that it was. The federal government listening to our conversations -- that bad bit. That big story about how -- record every conversation. And keep it for thirty days every one on the phone. I have a whole Big Five page article on my desk. Every one -- -- you think about how many calls are made in the US and and they came for thirty days in the and they rotate the older ones out the new ones and much like we do alone on and when we monitor our radio station but. The ability to some tape every single. Tape actually through a record every single conversation. So that when -- talk to the person that naughty girl dot com and as if she took major charge cards it's it's recorded somewhere it's there so I'm out. Is that Dave calling back currency Dave coming back. Our analysts code -- Dave was waiting through and what it said was we got to keep trying to keep Donald Trump getting into the race that was his position but. We couldn't keep -- would that be cardinal -- Let's go to Tracy and Pendleton Tracy run WB yeah. I just wanna say I'm wondering. Paladino at hand trump. -- what exactly are they do it and it seems to be helping the Republican Party and I mean and -- Democrat. Party not the Republican Party they seem to be. You know further. I don't know I would say destroying the party further and New York then. I agree it's it's it's made -- to Reno's job harder if not impossible it's it's label as to Reno as a second choice at best. And it's certainly not gonna help the Republican Party. That you and I are on the same boat -- -- that on Tracy thank you thank you very much. It's them. I can understand if that number one motivation is to get rid of Andrew Cuomo we want somebody in there who doesn't think like Andrew Cuomo. And we think a Republican presidential audit that. Then okay you took your shot at trump. And it didn't work. Because he didn't really want to work he played it as long as he could play at. And held -- -- as long -- it -- hold them off and he put the escape clause in there it was in their right from the beginning and used it. And then for all of the ass kissing. And all of the ring kissing in for all of this this always must have Donald Trump. Always got. Was -- tweaks. Saying it was NASA. Usually takes us so wipe away the the trump jet in the comb over in the international celebrity in the blonde daughter in the blonde wife hello one of many -- Take that Holloway and what are we yet. -- -- We'll be appreciate it do we have any dignity left. We -- Q what -- we -- look why don't next time we see them why don't we each grabbed one of his cuffs. Now at the bottom of his pants and let him drag us on stage while we beg him to run for governor shall we do that please. Maybe he'll throw a dime madness or you know off a fifty dollar bill. So that we can go out and again and coffee. I'm sick of this I want somebody who wants to be governor I want somebody can beat Andrew Cuomo. And well I don't wanna waste time and waste energy and waste all of the things we need to do to beat this guy. On some dead and mission and that's witnesses will be back after. And -- is no big deal throughout history and as a good man but the guy just can't raise money. And he doesn't have a killer instinct. So I would rather even though Donald Trump has greater name recognition the as a treasury can bring to the race. He has charisma. But it doesn't wanna do it. India and he's not doing it then we should just a race that out of our mind instead of the faint hope that he well and keep in mind even if he wanted to. This is not a slam dunk. In the last survey quinnipiac. Says that he was up 37. Points. Behind Andrew Cuomo 37 points. And he has a 60%. Unfavorable. Rating all right so it's not a day at the beach even if he says yes. So if he doesn't wanna do what I think it's time to suit cut that close and get behind somebody who does want to do it now I can use a sports metaphor. It's like the you know you got that great quarterback who decides. You know what I've had enough I'm not going to play anymore and you have to go to the back up. In the back it's been watching and learning which you don't know where he has opinion not that familiar with -- but suddenly he gets in there and -- this guy can why we've seen that time after time after time in the national football. What's this say that rob asked Serena OK. Let's just say it. We don't know we really don't know much about the people in his own count in all bottom but we don't and the state. So if you if you can't have trump because it's not gonna happen. While why not. The cut your losses get behind as to Reno and give -- the best shot. That we have with a guy that wants the job. Not a guy who had to be talked into it and cajoled and -- the hole is -- kisses took us. The president took us have been saying ass all day went and just keep thing has. I just don't like that. It's a job somebody should want not have to be talked into. And I love jobs and yeah I love Carl Paladino but I think he's wasting his time energy and money -- this. Whose next about Kevin Kevin -- on WB him. Are you doing therapy Jeff and he didn't separate from that that -- -- you guys and its member I walk out and actually no I wouldn't win and trump. Would not rule -- -- -- -- double into the sources that -- Mission Impossible -- knew that a Republican Party was unite it yeah I'll be -- get leadership. Simple things that. -- Their poison pills -- this is like a contract escape -- I'm sure he has escape clauses in Oliver's. Of financial deals and they hasn't yet -- there. Exactly why they shouldn't. On the Erie county especially and that would -- Republican leadership it's such the right it's local intelligence because you know what. If I want -- registered Republicans are we ready BP because -- it is. You try to say that because that one million dollar is right -- -- -- you are -- are no primaries too sure what that party -- I don't you know 30 we want to represent let's. Then you're so certain about person then there. You know so I think that it was written to repair or restart when he's just coming on the scene. On court at all shocked just say he is going to be a primary so we just what sort of didn't do it -- -- gestured up and dying as -- look I wanna be. You know governor of -- view local opportunity at -- I think -- primaries because -- the. -- guy he's. Yeah in Washington and we got a president who doesn't wanna be bothered with the constitution. And in New York State we've got an -- out potential run for governor with a guy who doesn't wanna be bothered with the process. Exactly so what I mean I get out and that that the Republicans again that the and you do parents went to speak to dictate. You know it's it's so foolish that they -- on the street -- You know what I hear -- impartially and -- we can folks out of the presidential. -- -- -- -- -- -- Good Dowdell did. A groundswell Gavin Bagger very much Kevin from metal and -- -- a whole point is. With any job and keep mine at the end of the day governor is still a job without any job don't you want somebody. Who wants the job isn't that pretty fundamental. Does -- have to be somebody who sell all encompassing. As everything together that you have to beg them to even apply for the job. Well -- you know he's got a lot of stuff going form there's no question about that but the bottom line is there are people combines elbow troubles and don't even know. You know combines -- third and Erica. Mean there's no question about it have you ever seen a real numbers -- we don't know most of these people and they don't have their own TV show him on -- and -- open. You know America in comb overs. At all records. So let it go let it go he's not going to run if you want him as a keynote speaker that's fine. You want him as. As some kind of a fund raiser. That's fine but not gonna run letting go let's let's stay with somebody is gonna run and -- those -- could be more candidates right now we have one. Rob mastering I don't know anymore bottom and you do. Maybe he can play. Maybe he can play wouldn't that be wonderful. But the bottom line this is waiting for -- of the -- to come up with Eddie Royal conclusion is a royal pain in the ass. Let's go to David Niagara Falls behavior on WB yeah. Later and I'm what did you. And I just think. Down trump pretty much it's of that and now he's busy -- Iran unless the Republican Party unified right and we don't know. The Republican Party in New York is unified correct I would say -- and it's. The Republicans that. Recorders. Don't represent capitalism. And or. Conservatism. So even if he does get it there what can have -- -- Keegan. With an the political arena and it can -- the one that goes. If anybody knows the political arena. In New York State it would be -- Any billionaire that makes millions in New York. And for some reason. They needed new York and paid all the Texas Tech person knows. How it all works and I think that is concerned -- is concern is that. -- -- any girl how -- How much when he can he do in the political arena in new York and I that would was what he's concerned. But he's got a great a great story to tell by saying look at me I have been ultra successful despite the laws despite the rules and regulation despite the good old boys network despite the Democrats I have done this can you imagine if we have my party in power with -- -- it -- got a great story itself. He's what. He's operated in the private sector you know he's entering a political radar act in states like new York and I mean. That I don't know -- Just remember the private sector is governed by the laws. That the that the elected officials put in place so when he's building a building -- as the -- called when he's asking for variance it has to be approved. And if he can say I've worked my way around these obstacles wire these obstacles even here. He's got a natural story to -- these very charismatic could be great if he wanted to be at. Of area -- governor but it doesn't. Plus the only example I can really give the but Republican priorities and -- -- -- -- -- been run by. Republicans for the longest time and what was the end result of the highest tech companies in the world. Yeah when that -- and is one thing to have public proclamations but when you actually have the power. Whether it's the presidential power state power things changeup and thank you thank you recall will be back with more with beach and company. Under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB --

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