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3-19 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now I'm all is region governor I have to admit. I used a lot of gold -- now I hate Google. OK if I Google everything now by the time I get halfway through getting the information I need this square block comes on. It is a little hole in the center and there's a rotating color wheels. I can't get that damn thing off what I hammer. -- Google got all encompassing and our lives it has to be very helpful very useful. The term Google it is on our -- slow we need to know to be square root of a 162 point five -- -- okay. And you hit Google and you would -- wrote about -- auto show up that was it and that it would lead to other web sites. Well Google has new stuff now Google Chrome and all this other crap. I don't need it I don't want it. And now what happens is if you hit gogel suddenly this square block. Blocks out most of the screen it blackened the rest of screens they can't touch anything there and there's a little round circle in the middle. And it's got a little collar and we'll and it spends and spends and you try hitting anything to get rid of that you can't. I'd been shot I I even shot my iPad down and -- brought it back -- -- Is still there. So idea but you have to trick you have the dragons are now. You kind of -- -- knew what the website was you're looking for like Coca. GTR dot com or something like that. And so you kind of gold there it was a did you really mean. -- yes I did okay and work around it so now I have to work around the things that are trying to supposedly help us. You guys having any problems Google I don't use to use Google a dollar value Firefox Firefox Mozilla fire yes she -- -- work for -- membership is what were a lot Mozilla Firefox -- Israeli and as Bruce like their shed two children believe. Am sorry to hear that -- was Padilla could be your -- Google regrets I also frequent Mozilla Firefox all coal. Oh yeah you frequent are now now. That's our ship the dogs over the I'm doing a component and where to find things well I'll show you an idea whose Google are go to who have not come -- don't have grown yup I don't either and I it's just drives me crazy and that I come and I find out guess what. We're getting -- -- Wi-Fi system here at the station. You know at Maine more indoctrination and more I'm so ticked up ominous rolled his damn thing out the window added to. It's like these are supposed to help us. -- they don't work half the time. We spend the other half the time trying to fix them or get conflicts are calling somebody that have them fix some -- that we can't do it. I mean it's supposed to be help are not did not take a bar are all of our spare time and don't forget to update every five minutes jobs data end plus -- -- -- -- thing what we have to change our passwords and went ninety days every ninety days. And I tried to put rude words and -- idea. For my code but it doesn't accept rude words which I wish it did because often times when I'm in front of my computer I said a rude words. And I think I should be able to just transfer those and have instant access I should try Italians seat yeah right and tonight and that's. Are right let's see lots of stuff going on there last night. There I am I've got signed -- on but I among my iPad. And suddenly it went up was. I was shocked almost off the couch -- I realized it was a self be of Tony. Tony has so little life. That when he gets home the first thing he wants to do was take a picture of himself. Now I don't know about you guys out there in the audience but. Driving home after a hard days work he's hardly wait to go home and take a picture of myself and putting out of line. And then people started and you -- like Santa -- -- right know why it's that -- yes -- it's as grand and if it let me tell if they think your senate budget that -- don't hang around -- -- -- what -- a Christmas there's our senators and health. I mean we've got everything it can I set on your lap I mean what the hell's going on there. While checking out all the naughty girls cops that kind of nice to have still been that bad you get twice again at the outset if you're good I'll sit on Santa's been in and -- Why did you and somebody put somebody Photoshop -- up one -- yet. A house -- ski our sales department put the Santa Claus and he except you know it looks like it looks like via. Via a -- the travel gnome or that Christie met and he sent me the email. With the travelocity travelocity Nadal -- -- that's what it's like that's what it's like so noise you put the picture on closure very proud of that -- that. If the homeless ever take over the world are going to be king. Because that's it looks like homeless -- -- -- proud of -- one ever -- I knew I had never done -- -- you before and I was sitting here turn your personally. And I just decided and all of that picture. Hey I'd love to open -- buffalo new Rosen and find a different employee on the front page you know. Would go well sure I know I don't know Chris when he come. -- your amendment meant a yeah I was -- to do that fit well that might have a grass. That big cola I like this -- that early finally it was a subject to -- the letter and all the politicians tell -- -- all -- -- -- -- Now no longer ago Brett Favre ever likes Brett. Academy jeans commercials you know -- reporters -- -- -- that it. He advertises the genes of the Nobel crow flies. Which is very appropriate. Easy easy easy open. Like these the open man is he kept us. -- I -- all the USA today and they have a fifty state page. And they have the leading -- story or the most interesting new story and each of the fifty states. And that's well against some of the fun stuff we talk about. But sometimes there's a lot of information. And sometimes you wonder. Why did they put this in there for the state today state boys and girls as Arizona. This is out of Tucson and here's all it says. Authorities are searching for a man who brought his -- wallow with him to rob a bank. As that is all it says it doesn't say anything else. And think and that well you know him in the car especially as Arizona's I would Bihac. Be charged -- animal cruelty and robbing a bank which wouldn't be a good thing either one of them. But exit -- while to a bank robbery. Let it bring you bring up all -- German shepherd or your brain you know a step Umbria. Little -- chilling how one billion -- and frighten anybody. So that's you know give me your money are all have both hopeful here -- Obama countering that. -- so that's interview at publicity a guy with a bag of money and a sure wallets probably via the bank robber. We'll take over backward ball would be huge company news -- 930 we are WBU. Data today must Playgirl and well you have little grain well. -- -- while I was it was -- right here -- a foursome. -- -- go to the -- things. I carry a caddie tells -- which club the year yes you know you have to afterwards socially responsible you know you learn as it -- -- tiger had to withdraw from the latest tournament because of back more back problems. He hasn't been the same guys since his wife Jason on the drive a golf club beat that a lot of as a -- no he hasn't really -- -- still do pretty well from -- we are not gonna send them government -- in the area. Today if I'm not mistaken as angels Wednesday if you're like -- this is out some information combat go to hula. Go to WB and and -- who -- on his bites. Brandel -- does that and she'll tell you about -- angels -- stable a few years ago when politicians but it's angels stable. Thompson what what what Abby had a picture of himself what Andy -- ultra himself serve chicken fingers and attention to -- me. He's not the right to. Arrive I've taken it traditional. Look away and our modern here's a picture of me. Along with the way a web site where he can make contributions to my next campaign yes saint Antoine de exactly. I've never been to a essential sustainable I haven't either I've heard a lot of bottom and I'd I'd know that it's a big the whole Lotta people do it I've not been. Yeah I know that nobody usually doesn't traditional one but -- I have kept her personable too shy to go in and and yeah you know you can't find anymore what's that every time I say this is a good part. Every time I save as somebody finds it brings it to see that's a good way to do it. But really Saint Joseph -- you know essentials is relatives at that a look at stands out what they do -- they take the bread. Yeah like I guess any special equipment to do this and as and so it's not many people have that if anybody okay. Maria's bakery used to have saint -- brother -- business now. But you'd take. All of the air out of the -- so it goes true traditionally and the air is removed then they remove it even more more more and so it's that it's a very. Thick dense -- which I love because what I used to do when I was kid and I never even realized. I was a pioneer. I was making my own saint -- is read by doing this. My mother used to buy wonder Brad like every mother -- I wonder read there was no artisan breads they'll -- teach fancy stuff it was wonder Brett. And here's what I like to do I take like five slices of wonder -- And peel it crossed off not because I'm -- there's a reason for doing UP crossed up on the -- so and I got five pieces of one number just the white part of a -- Then I wouldn't make it like into a snowball. Really really tight and takes the air out of and then you bite off a piece of that brand all that's good if it matters are good Florio I mean wonder drug bills bodies like twelve ways. Mine were all twelve ways at once but -- Com and that's good and and as you take a bite out of that you keep you know pounding it down like -- I don't think anybody offers angels is -- anymore. Because of the equipment needed to make you what toasted and bartering isn't which I just eat at office like that just like guys like imagine taking the cover up from baseball and cheating if I think that's what otherwise. And I kinda our economists that so you have -- saint Joseph's day is today. And -- -- as always is and is up to date -- -- with food like to welcome all the people who are in town. For the big -- basketball playoffs and that that should be a good as. Our local restaurants and taxi cabs and public transportation. And whatever. Can you imagine during this try to get a table at Jeffs now about that and we're we're chefs all of -- the election. Well the good thing is is now that we have you know the food trucks and we have the extra money -- dad's gonna make it a lot easier maybe if somebody doesn't have time to give it up -- truck. Or if they do have the time they can go to wheel -- are some of the fine restaurants. Are they -- trucks out already for the season I mean I don't I don't get down on them yet that -- -- all he displeased most of tomorrow are already down -- its employees and very organized and we've got a beautiful Reynoso William 181000 seats approximately. And we got some good teams playing a lot of local interest so it should be a good prevention and everybody's in a hospitable mood in treats -- gas well. And that they have a good time to spread the word about on -- seniors are part -- was on a moments before our shoulder talking about the public transportation. And you know we have us a subway system. And we have buses we have all the modern conveniences. So it should it should be good and there's a lot of places that are within walking distance of Paul tells -- Gloria arena so yeah the other -- there's plenty of good things downtown for an event like this which is good which is really good. Recommend one downtown restaurant. Outside of shafts. I would probably say that -- new dinosaur bar that's unknown dinosaur -- barbecue restaurant on Franklin. On Franklin's that's not too far. Chris you know -- -- -- -- that good restaurant downtown for for newbies in the town is that exactly downtown but the first thing that happened in my head was -- O -- -- that's definitely -- question and it's always -- certainly good choice yet if they last little money you can chop house down there he had Levy greens. You know it was a bit before -- there was Salvador's and Salvatore is still there and as some people went to sell a total hours. Few years ago when it first came here and -- -- was that it's. And that the service was late and the prices were fine but. Should duels something with a decorated. Let up a statue here and there maybe a painting. Something gonna dress it up of artwork looks plain and -- -- tiger explosion at an art museum looks like a diner it has quite okay I'll give you -- recommendation for a -- ownership. I mean if you're new. Here it is. Chefs compete well -- Get out if you go to shafts please vote the entire menu allegedly is very good. Because. Every time I go there it's been getting par you'll have to have spaghetti arm aren't even that is it say wanna try something else that's on the menu. Here's the deal make sure somebody at your table as spaghetti arm so -- can at least -- little spaghetti Parma but -- and then next year -- the next time they play here you can get a whole order spaghetti par. I'm sure everything there's good but. I can't go there without getting spaghetti arm I have to have -- it's compulsive yet even though that shift of power is amazing to block. There's something about spaghetti -- there's dozens and now you know they used to have a minimal selection of desserts. Because people -- so full. That not that many people ordered desserts while now they got prince each Nancy good as ours really good desserts though. It's a it's a great place and even though it'll be crowded I can tell you that. This is in a commercial for adjustment. Even though it will be crowded they're very good at at service it gets the elbow Bobo without you feeling rushed or are they got that down. That is -- that is a science. I'm Lou and -- junior and and his sister. Really do a great job on the -- so you even though there may be all right you'll get -- you'll have a fabulous milieu get out go go larger team as you'll see ya lots of pictures of famous celebrities that have been quoting me. -- hey I'm wearing a red shirt might purposely or are redshirt because whenever I go to anyplace that has red sauce I Wear red shirt. It's me holding a jar of spaghetti of vote of -- -- right next in my cheek bones it's very very nice tell me wanna be seated next to -- Jack thank -- systems will be back with more it. -- -- Congress to hold. Me back. Almost Sean had. Hannity in buffalo we tied seven tells ten news radio 9:30 AM WV and. Fell backward region coming up savvy age. If you're loud scream. This morning it was me. When I had the new zones on a citizen and I heard about Carl Paladino. Being on fox. And saying that he was not going to run for governor but. He is starting a draft trump movement. Now first of all of those of you came in light I like Carl Paladino I was out. He's a successful man he's a very blunt and forthright guy like that willing to take on the establishment like as though a lot of good things for our community. I voted forum when he was running for governor. I'd like what he's doing on the school board and it seems to me like he's the kind of guy. That though we need he's kind of -- great asset to a community. However when it was announced. A while back now that several big wigs -- from the Republican Party we're going to go down through C Donald Trump and maybe. -- -- plant the seed that he should run for governor. I said immediately. It's a waste of time he is not going to run. And I've stuck -- that position and I stuck with a position because. The reason he loves the publicity okay. But the reason he would he would even entertain the thought at all or pretend to entertain -- -- for the publicity. And Doug then they they made a second trip down there and I said the same thing he's not gonna rise not -- he's not gonna run they kept pursuing amber recently brought everybody but. But the kitchen sink down there. And he said Omega announcement Friday and they said no it can't -- Friday are because I'm doing my television show that'll tell you. And I said right there and while that's the minutes ago. If you wouldn't do the television show if you is going to announce who's gonna run because he couldn't they couldn't show the television show once he becomes an announced candidate. So that to me it was ago. And so that what does he go after everybody kissing his ass. Try to get this guy to please run we all we implore you please we must have you. We don't even get a press conference at twelve weeks. We get twelve weeks that's yet and so it didn't surprise me. So next the next question was will Karl -- Iran. He's a of a maverick he's a rogue he gets things brought up. During the campaign and maybe it's possible that. That -- Paladino. Might hit a nerve. Cuomo might stub a toe and Carl could be governor well that didn't work out he did not become governor -- brought up a lot of stuff and was. It was a bear are voted for a it was a very interesting candidate so he's going so now after trump says knowing keep in mind. Trump and the savior. In the latest survey -- thirties I was 37 points behind Cuomo. And had a 60%. Unfavorable. Rating from people from them. So it's not like this was you know we can get this guy. To run its though this is going to be great okay here's how I capitalize what trumpets. Because I know something about horses. Trump as a parade course. Okay he date -- get a ball pretty and it looks really cute may and he leads the parade he's got a silver saddle. And they and the person riding them it's all dressed up and rhinestones and and he's got just the right gays like Tennessee walking horses or or the errors about the ground forces -- radio show around here occasionally. So he is that. All all should operate -- He's not a workhorse. And he is certainly not a race horse this is not a race he wants to be in the senate. And once he said that we should move away but what happen. Okay Paladino goes on fox last night and says you know I'm not them. I'm not going to run for all right because some wonder whether he would. And that will be interest to be decided to -- but he says. But I do wanna start a draft Donald Trump movement and that's -- and I'm saying Carl. That's going to happen I mean please do we have any pride kept. I love Carl Paladino but I don't love the fact that that he's going to push this. Draft Donald Trump because it was gonna happen it's gonna take something away. From the existing right now we have one existing candidate rob -- you may not know who he is -- May be a lousy candidate may be a good candidate I don't know. But the bottom line is every time. That we start talking about going back to trump which is a dead end street it's -- it's a straight ten nowhere. You're going to diminish -- Reno's campaign. Now maybe we wish there was somebody more charismatic. Or somebody with a bigger name or somebody with a name at all and asked to Reno but the bottom line this is what we got. And -- -- with -- girl that you brunt of advance that's the that's the way it is you don't wish that there was another girl there that you can dance with she's not going with you he's not going to get in the race plain and simple it's not going to happen. And so I think. I think they're Paladino is just wasting his time his money his effort and is actually hurting the chances of beating. Cuomo he's actually hurting it. Now. I did not know I was gonna division ordered it because we didn't know that he was that. Paladino was going to start a draft Donald Trump movement didn't know that. And a two days ago we talked about trump in the thank god nobody wanted to talk about. When we talked about him tweeting that was about it he's done he's got diesel right even wanted to talk about it though given up. You -- I just said in the last survey. There was taken while he was still possibly going to be a candidate he was 37 points behind. Other governor in India only had a sixty out of 60%. Unfavorable. Ratings if they get. It's that nothing is impossible but -- is not a dream candidate so I did that two days ago and then yesterday in the USA today. There was a a column by Dewayne Wickham. If you read the USA today Duane publishes on Tuesday. Is the dean of Morgan state university school of global journalism and communication. And his column. His column was exactly about what I said two days ago. Why do people keep trying to pay attention to him when he forts were running with -- office once the point when we come back over Wickham column. Because it it mirrors what I've been saying all along. Trump is a dead and he's not going to run for governor. Carl put your effort put your money put your wisdom put your charisma with the firing your belly behind somebody -- at least in the race. But. I'm just telling he's not a race horse he's not a war course he's a pro raid horse. That's what he is he looks Purdy in the parade but he sure is telling comment on the front of the pack at the finish line. Will be back after. I'm not running for governor but I am going to -- and I'm going to lead those groups in a draft trump. Exercise. -- American Tom. Get together again mistakes rupiah history museum that's going to be the longest running team in broadcast history for anchors television anchors. -- so that we go to -- Armenia and I will be there. They gala heckled from the audience will be good idea -- equipment. I have stories and -- -- And for a small field. Are now. Donald Trump I and I'm not trying to pat myself on the back simply because I couldn't reach it if I tried but I'm not gonna do it. But I'm gonna read that way in which comes column not the whole thing but excerpts that show you. That he and I are on the exact same page about Donald Trump. I just soldiers trump as a parade horse he looks real Purdy in the parade. But he's not a workhorse and he's not a race horse he's not going to be in this race and whether Carl. Paladino. As the golden tongue to convince them or not it's not going to happen it's over. And -- the more they push this the less chance we have if we have any at all anyway. A vote beating Andrew Cuomo goes to a happy is guy a ball about this is Andrew well. -- and Oklahoma sitting back here feeling good because -- way ahead anyway. And I think that the Republican Party and the sponsors of the Republican Party and themselves devouring themselves they become carnivorous. They are disintegrating before your very eyes if -- Andrew Cuomo the best -- you heard was last night when Carl Paladino said. That he was going to start a draft trump movement and all right this is -- welcomes column. From the USA today yesterday these -- these -- quotes. Just as I expected Donald Trump has quit another political race before it actually got under way. After months of hinting an openly fueling speculation. That he would seek the Republican party's nomination for governor of New York. But Donald announced last week he's dropping out of the GOP primary contest that he never really entered. While I won't be running for governor of New York State race I would've won. I have much bigger plans in mind state -- trump said in a Twitter message. That's trumps modus operandi MO. When it comes to competing for elective office he's always been all talk and no action. By now you think the entrepreneur or in reality TV show host. Would be widely known as a political gadfly you think people would understand he's more of a circus barker than a thoughtful politician and more of a political opportunist than a troll. Blood member of the GOP. In the 2000 presidential campaign. Trump briefly quit the Republican Party and flirted with the idea running for president as a third party candidate on the reform party ticket. Then in 20042008. And 2012. He hinted at a run for the White House but dropped out before actually entering any of those races so -- looking at getting back to me you know 2000. 20042008. And 2012. That -- -- eight. Back through the column given his record of false starts -- -- news organizations would banish trump to the back waters of journalism. Or to the supermarket tabloids but -- -- was on NBC's today show a few days before he withdrew. He's being afforded attention. By people and and it's it's should rock with laughter meter when he is on. He had bad polling numbers to according to Quinnipiac University poll New York governor Andrew Cuomo. As a hefty 6326. Lead over trump among the State's registered voters also in the poll 60% of voters say they have an unfavorable. Opinion of him. 27%. Liked him. The race. The Republican party's failure to unify behind his candidacy that's what he blamed. The last thing -- these primaries. In other words trump wanted to crowning not an election. To propel him into a general election match up with Cuomo Republicans were Smart not to do that trump will never actually enter into a competitive political race. Is oversized ego long while it. The prospect of losing is more of. He can stand and that is what I said right from the beginning. I said. Anybody could see -- you don't have to be you know a mind reader you don't have to be -- birdies golden. A to figure out that his ego could not take a defeat and neither can his brand. He is his brand. His brand as a successful brand he's not gonna take your chance of being labeled a loser. Running in a race that is in a boat race that's what it's about as I said he's not a race horse he will not get in a race. He's a show horse he is a parade horse but he's not a race horse. So. Wickham says William. Trump will never actually entering the competitive political race is Eagles is oversized ego won't allow it. Prospect of losing is more than he can stand and that is -- welcomes column. And exactly what I've been saying all along he didn't -- the only thing -- didn't mention. Is trump also is not a willing to risk his ran. And that's if you don't -- I don't care for her billionaire or not. If -- the branding got you there is to be guarded zealously and he does that so what is he what does it do -- all fly ash. He comes in the town four of for a meeting itself what's ours and he's he's on the executive jet that we all hear about how much it cost the redo it meant. Flashy flashy. Many comes on and does things that he couldn't really do when a campaign. Comes on the says. A buffalo is nothing going. If that weren't campaign. Speech instead of just hey thanks for your donations speech. Data nailed him on that we do have a lot of things going on now and it's not just. You know city pride talking and it's a lot of things but he's used to shooting from his -- in not having to back it up with packs. The bottom line is gonna FX but he's I'll smoke and mirrors this guy's a magician. Don't look over here when it's okay watch this look out for that I mean this is what he does. And and the fact that we would waste our time and waste our energy and waste our treasurer and guys that doesn't want it. He doesn't -- the only way he would want is that he could walk from his office. Two up to Albany and just walk into the governor's. Office as as the governor. No must no fuss no questions no work. That's what that's what it's all about. And on as much as I love Carl Paladino I really do he's barking up the wrong tree -- this one. He really is if you're going to bet on horse in the race make sure it's a race horse. And he is not a race horse principal. So I'd like your opinion maybe you disagree maybe you think rob asked the Reno is a pony so we don't have any chance with him. So I'd rather at least have a parade -- up against the -- But the bottom line is. Every time something like this goes on every time his candidacy is diminished and I'm not I'm not standing -- -- the rain on just say. It diminishes our chances even more. To be Andrew Cuomo Andrew Cuomo is going to be the happiness guy in New York State now. Because we have this is any kind of campaign where we go try to kiss is asked again to get into the race why I'll never know. It's just going to diminish any chance we would have -- will be stuck with -- another four more years or less. Of luck depending on his plans. Amendment call it like European NATO trio 9301806. On 692 through six and start I'm thirty are you with car -- Can we only hope that he would run so we have a jets or do you think like I think let's get on horses leases in the race. Will be back.

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