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Public Transit Tricky For Thursday Games

Mar 19, 2014|

Doug Hartmayer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB in my -- Doug -- -- with the NF TA we're talking transportation for the NCAA college basketball tournament Doug good morning. More than any hiccups for fans or downtown workers knowledge to know about heading into the tournament. I'm not from our perspective we will have all of our available rail cars and service. Especially to moral we have that break between sections one and two. Will have four cars waiting at train at the gas station. To move people out bound up tortured all the restaurants of course it'll run all the way to university station and back. So we'll be able to hobble our folks along as expeditiously as possible especially -- crunch time between fashion one into tomorrow. Now we're hearing that. It's a good idea if people can to park somewhere near the university district. And take a metro rail all the way you know downtown. Are you gearing up for that too. Well already in place John theirs too free parking rights one of universities station albeit being at work today that probably will be. It's normally build capacity on comic and any working day. But if you go once station north. To be yourself station which is less than a mile will be about 70800. Spaces they're the park for free. Pay your fair which depending on what he went about it one way ticket which is two dollars or a round trip before. And you go lock down a picture right down the first -- percent -- literally steps from the front door. So I'd rather pay four dollars and forty any day. Now now now we were talking earlier with bill Yankee from liberty camp who said that no taxi companies were invited to any meetings on this big event buffalo. He said that you know they really should not have been an afterthought or wondering where you guys included where it was DN ATA part of the transportation discussions. -- absolutely it was at every meeting part of the local organizing committees working hand in glove with the committee. Specifically -- as a buffalo Niagara we produced eight and 58 metro transportation guys at the Pentagon 5000 of those. That there's -- automatically distributed to local hotels restaurants and it's a whole transportation guide gives you how to get to. Metro rail where it goes affairs all types of information to not only metro rail. But also to metro bus station to take them eight Maine which runs parallel to the spine of the track. And you can get downtown. As well. Doug was a public transportation widely used. The last times the NCAA held terminals here. What has -- Not only for the basketball but also for the world juniors. Which -- was the most recent major event that we had. So -- -- much about those are very popular mode of transportation. To get back and forth especially if you wanna get up to the restaurant to the entertainment district that's salt free fair you know it would have to pay fair to travel on that area. But if you're going past. You're going underground toward -- medical stage which sparked underground station. But you have to have a group affair with the so people who are living here for -- both of them in the north. I would suggest parking free. Primarily sell. You know in this bushy if you got a metro pass you don't even have to pay you what you want the -- can ride for free even with your put too much what your. Want -- natural -- as well also. Certainly public transportation will pay. A big. Role in moving people from point a to point B very expeditiously. I'm sure you guys learn things from previous postings of events you know such as you've just mentioned here. You really have a pretty smooth that operation going into tomorrow. It happened and you know we've decided the fifth time that we've we've been down this road and you'll learn a little bit from each time that you experience a major event like this. But we'll hear all of our available rail cars to him in play. In working to serve all of our customer -- will be a little bit of a crunch time tomorrow. Between that break because that's also going to be people getting out of work. Leaving office buildings downtown so those trains will be -- but there should be a trained. Departing stations about every. Fifteen to twelve minutes so bill gullible people out as expeditiously as possible that that big crunch tomorrow. Between the sessions is what everybody's concerned about. Yeah and do know when that window is gonna crunch time. You know -- an accountant or ignore the first game starts twelfth -- of supervisors all do yeah it will have that that pork are trained sitting there are pretty much weight of supervisors. In the system. So would monitor the capacity of the trains the -- to move them make sure about that so that we can work him move the people as expeditiously as possible. -- Kenny -- that that tip first tip office 1215 by the way. -- you go OK so maybe somewhere around what 3 o'clock 330 at the break a -- Selanne. Later in the afternoon exactly OK Doug thanks for joining us -- appreciate the date our pleasure. That stuck her -- with the NF TA.