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Hoping For More Coordination This Time

Mar 19, 2014|

Liberty Cab's Bill Yuhnke

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest as we zero in -- league NCAA basketball tournament this week is billion keep bill is president of liberty can have -- go. More or are you gearing up for some brisk business this week bill. Absolutely. This is kind of exciting Barack. Obviously we we treats its. Bad. At the normal -- game. Okay now transportation for hope's fans that are coming and it's a relatively easy. Here in buffalo. No it. You know unfortunately I remember what happened when they were here at. And it's kind of strange story here today. Is that no one who are in the planning process even contacted ground transportation. What some folks like you that brought it to the attention. That pep talk that he companies and at anyone in ground transportation. I think we would have that black -- again. A bill that liberty can have folks looking to get a -- now than usual or a new app. Right now. Now this happens Regina knew you had a for awhile right Honolulu -- of people to use. That's that's correct and everybody in my New York you know and -- thinkpad but it a bit -- But the fact that they know that that they need -- reliable and they'd be because liberty you know look at. However when you're coming into our city at forest. Aren't they don't know who to call until they make all accompany and they may not be reliable. These folks have to you know get to the the event or I'll arrest on. And this area. Actually is so great it's called -- magic it is free. And we can actually find you so person don't -- and their own -- we know we're. And actually vacant they can actually watch their technique they're going to them. -- it's a bit like if you're re not they could be at any nordic the -- and now you know we kind of Irwin exactly what are the words. Day you don't even have to give you the address -- where they are you can actually find them. While. Hey bill get -- to that point that you are making on the turn meant are you. Saying or suggesting that there has not been a lot of coordination on transportation methods. I am so when you know I don't wanna be negative about but you know tactic can't be part of the planning product. Not an afterthought. And I can tell you what last week and it was think Patrick's day you know those organizers contacted us. Much advanced -- company. We got he supported Budweiser who actually gave free -- The biggest state. Dated coming up all the organizers of -- activist organization. But -- bigger and -- and elected I don't want a black guy yet. It's my company or any company I wanna leave -- good image of first and last person that. And Mike on the seat would be hectic and I wanna leave a good impression from my city. Well are you saying you have where were you left out of -- organization meetings about this. I was I was not invited Annie and until this day I've not been contacted our office. -- a weapon or the media and I want to thank the media including you know I had to go to the web site of what the schedule. Plant that that is looks like something's really lacking here -- -- Yeah under this -- you know I'm not gonna buffalo for a long time I'm not break a big supporter buffalo don't forget what he people effort restaurant. In the wanna make -- You know -- gonna make sure that we -- knock people down here to fit the bill that we do this sort of sabres game I'm not really are true worried about it. We have now the biggest number can't ever it might be -- 91 cars. So I'm not really you know I'm under -- we get planning I'm gonna position are a little number 25% of likely down there and we'll be starting today. I think the I think the action and there. You know there's open practices they -- fans would assembly -- be arriving today so you have a 191. Cars in your fleet of those 191. What percentage or how many would be devoted to this event. I'm leaving 25%. That. In downtown area. Hey bill good luck today and good luck throughout the tournament usually think you're joining the morning. Thank you so much you guys have been gracious and you know. We're gonna make sure buffalo had a good image. I know you will thank you bill that's billion rookie president of liberty camp.