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Enroth Likely Done For Season

Mar 19, 2014|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And this morning were brought to -- -- NCs fancy New York's artisan cheese. Micro the tie is what the sabres analysts on an ST I'm Mike. Good morning I -- driving in today I was thinking. I think this is one of the few times this year and drove them this time on this day. All winter long where it was avoiding its -- Yeah you know he might be less was winning -- -- and -- Now. It is sabres managed only fourteen shots on goal last night and the 31 loss to Calgary what's going on with Buffalo's offense. All though is pretty. That was much of an -- certainly as far as those shots are concerned I'm putting a second effort I think in two. Just driving to the net and looking for opportunities a lot of their work was really on the periphery and that's not good enough for immunity everyone wants to play on the outside is safe and it's reasonable out there and you kind of play a that your average game but it never adds up to win uses these teams that. Quinn a little deeper into the net and cut to the net and go to the crease area and bang away at -- goaltender users at once that are successful but. In on that some injuries and why didn't get shots last night used -- not having the will drive in those areas. Like Nathan -- made his first career start in the NHL last 23 -- How hard is it for a 22 year old could be thrown into the fire like -- Well it could be tough it just depends on your attitude is like a lot of people a lot of young kids through these is relish those opportunities and they get ahold of those opportunities and never release and the just grow from there and work themselves into a regular job. They continue to play so well that. You know the end user in -- taking another individual's job as we move up the ladder and you know he's going to have that opportunity and -- in the last night was it was an OK effort it was all right they got what they needed out of him. And that was that that you know he's got a lot of hockey approach me solo fairly young kid. But he certainly get a good base undermining -- -- -- understand. The proper procedures. You know on a given game especially in the National Hockey League which is a big difference from the shooters. I mean for the American -- American League you might have an extra half a second or through to get yourself in a better position for a lot of those shots or react to them in the NHL. It's news just lightning quick I mean. You have to be there before we gave centuries apart and understand what he's gonna do. Jonas and rots out for a couple weeks season a cast he sent out a picture of red. So there will be a couple of support gets it off were solely in the season now though is it even worth it for him to rush back at this point. Now what you know. Chris for his -- feel so bad for him because waited so long for this opportunity. Really have a full. Big time shot at being the number one goaltender and here it is it's nullified. Because of the -- he's been very durable type of individual but. Now that's an opportunity that he's gonna have to fight through a little bit down the road but. I I think you know office carries into a situation where this for five games left side. Heritage -- Politico. And then that's it for the season -- -- it hurts a pivotal election time and certainly it has nothing to do with them making the playoffs or winning a Stanley Cup. Thought that this season. Whether resume there are not so. Be on the safe sides and he's been a good soldier -- just on the pack it up and you know get ready for next season. Any truth to the rumor that -- being drafted for calling. It could be. Is very very quick -- quick and good most physical and in my left BR that's funny -- to break. Lol you wouldn't believe how many guys that -- the national hike in the gas some. You know what were you as a kid would you always wanted to play goal. Playing road hockey you know the one wanted to win them play goal -- that he get the village idiot put him in there. Or use my -- and what are the other is pretty well the same thing you always want to play golf yes. -- and has really good at any -- I used to. Like when your kids you know yet. I'm this guy and Johnny -- I'm Terry's site Jack and you know make the splits and make a big glove save -- you know insists style on tolerate movements in your -- -- he could see yourself. You know being an NHL goaltender that was a pretty and the like justice and back and most of -- No masks there was much tell you -- the equipment is very light very small. And so many times -- watch Golden State. Full flight shot slap shot straight face and it just you know is like taking of bullets here had. Really Terry Terry guy's face up and you know you do and our people forget this but the they would stop the game. So you bring it back up and -- -- -- the game and wait and that he went and got this stuff men they bring him back out. And the backup goaltender was always the local guy around town though it fell -- or the -- -- team. That was an event you'd always you'd try to hire trainers also people playing goal so you'd have a backup goaltender. Knew nothing about medicine that that matter you know you -- get a it's an injury they -- tape and aspirin to a. Yeah you know we're reporting and the draft trump movement this morning meeting which I think. Others that's another annoying name I didn't wanna hear but -- Well maybe we should any draft -- movement at that you're for it now grass have been retirement. And that. Mike it's always fun pairing here are -- getting good target are you okay next week at sabres analyst for MSG. Micro attack.