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Draft Trump Movement Keeps Candidacy Alive

Mar 19, 2014|

Carl Calabrese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Carl Paladino is not taking no for an answer this is -- by the buffalo developer in school board member appearing last night on the Fox Business news channel. Said that he doesn't care Donald Trump isn't running for governor he'd like to lead a draft movement to get -- into the race anyway. On Friday trump said he was out Paladino has said he's throwing himself with Iran. But now he says he's found a better candidate he will not run and he's leading a movement to trying to trump in Marlow Lewis coming up and one half ounces and thank. Dave -- -- -- the WBM live line island welcome local Republican Party strategist Carlo calabrese. So we can discuss this latest Donald Trump development. What do you think Carol I mean. Is this becoming laughable or as a serious. Well I think it's going to be a soap opera soon and then maybe it won't be personally it's going I mean here we are in the second half of march. And how what we've been talking about Donald Trump -- actively started a year ago or is it late in 2013. It just I don't think it's very helpful to the party. At this point I think the party gets down. Who won in enrollment. He needs to get a candidate he'd get that candidate. Organized opera running in raising money and this kind of effort can only delay that in and and continued good diversion which I think it is at this point. Carl Paladino thinks it is possible to get trump -- the race. So and I don't think crop was never in the race I accept that on partnership with some of the show that I I don't think that there was over a series of that this was about. Keeping the trump brand in front of people. You know different way and I think you want to continue that and by encouraging this kind of effort. -- -- I'm a Republican Party counting leader. -- be getting kind of annoyed at this point. The party has the it had to look nominated candidate did earlier the better and it has to start raising mistress communal money. He's a good candidate everyone admits that he improperly looked so there last -- he's been very good candidate but he needs money. Can that be done yet but it got to start and you can't have any preparations. If there was any good news out of the announcement last -- it's -- Carl Paladino. Has decided not to -- the Conservative Party endorsement that's huge. A Republican has never won statewide office in the state without the Conservative Party endorsement -- It looks based on what Mike Long the chairman of the Conservative Party. Has set about -- street overpass. That he will get their endorsement. I have two lines to compete in this race that that's crucial but this is just the diversion and I I don't think it's helpful. Okay what we need right now is a response from Donald Trump. To mr. Paladino suffered so long do you think it's gonna take before we hear about this. What I according to this morning's stories he is. That these these stories that he was not gonna discourage credit problem and -- again I think Donald Trump. Loves being talked about he loves being in the public private media right. I'm not surprised he would say he's not gonna discourage it again that would be very helpful for the troubled brand I don't think it's helpful for the Republican -- Thanks for joining us this morning -- always nice to talk with the that your local Republican Party strategist Karl calibrate.