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Tensions Mount As Plane Search Drags On

Mar 19, 2014|

Barnaby Lo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and live line now -- CBS's Barnaby low we've been talking to Barnaby. For the past week or so now he's been reported from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Now he's moved over to koala lime core. Of the capital on most populous city and Malaysia let's get the latest from Barnaby good morning -- thank you for joining us. Good morning. Barnaby Americans watching television this morning are seeing some -- disturbing. Video. And here's what it sounds like. Of those a Chinese family. Members of people who were aboard the Malaysian airline flight 370. They were being dragged out of a rule where the media was being given on -- to search for the plane what can you tell us about what happened there. Are all about -- well he. To a women who went to their Greek leader. Regular briefing here every -- aren't pretty and they weren't typically you'll probably. Want to. Malaysian officials what's happening in recognition of what happening this search -- rescue. Spot. There were spot on religion we tried to another room and then dragged out. All the lobbying. And then they went about it we don't know what's happening right now. But this really shall go to frustrations here a ball that was members of its passengers they want. They want they're saying that religious officials -- not been forthcoming. And and so now we have to -- always try to -- what you see it happening but Malaysian officials concept. Did it again that they're not we're not and he's absolutely. Caught a huge heart which -- already want. Part of me one of the newest development is that seems to have broken today. Is effective date Malaysian defense minister indicated files from that flight simulator belonging to the captain of the plane. Word deleted can you tell us more about that. Right I can confirm that they said that that filed patent deleted. All these like you know later in the air. But that although we know obviously that he's not helping much. It could be -- could be filed they're not they're you know I'm not. Confirming that these are out. Our our information on landing strip. In the Maldives in one card in -- -- that's what our reports are saying actually before -- -- its current BP has not earned that they accept. There and that is what -- are. Which aren't we need to. They're all saying that it would not comment on any more you know investigation. Because they would not want -- it. What have you been able to learn as to why the pilot had this flight simulator. In his home originally thought we thought he had flight simulation software. Which shows is easy to obtain but the -- -- actual simulator. You know why he had to us. Well I actually able to talk to a -- while. Who want -- call me. And beleaguered airline and then the other one. Print on the age from charity work. And people said that he would like in the later Nicole -- I would it's actually quite what law. If someone -- -- why are we don't yet he won't do not like simulator called it pretty a lot of money as I look. And you -- that you know yet what you have to like by every and you want to buy whatever you want to go. And so what I Diddy -- friends are -- people or are questioning why. Yeah they're they're -- pretty ordinary people if you agree than usual but it interest and it's what. Ordinary because they know. That he would give up why. RB Aaron Malaysian officials cooperating with US of their officials you know they're turning over to the FBI and today National Transportation Safety Board here. Any of this information and and it is there an attempt now to recoveries deleted flight simulator files. Well I need Belgian officials would say that probably want to bet they'd be cooperating. With all patients. Are helping dad and with all the experts at economy. All these different countries of course including the United States and -- hope that we'll get. From the -- officials whether or not there is indeed full cooperation. Between the ball all these country. We don't know that -- legal course that Thailand. But it's something on their radar today. But got information what he didn't hear what the officials are immediately. And we also all you learned about this. On Tuesday. And what -- -- they expect a week after the raid took her until. I think that says something about the level cooperation. In the -- -- -- -- Problem -- neighboring countries problems our country -- -- ball. Search here. One more question -- have investigators questioned the pilot's wife and family. About the flight simulator why it was on the house. On the London authorities what we say they've been able to speak badly. But they were bought our bones -- -- eat it up about compensation for the. -- thank you for the update this morning hoping and talking and soon thanks again the CBS's -- -- reporting from. The capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur gore.