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Buffalo Basketball Parking Discussion

Mar 19, 2014|

Mike Gilbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's check in next on the live line with Mike Gilbert sabres vice president of public and community relations Mike good morning. Warning us through the morning just. Now savers control a lot of lots around first -- center. The big question is there enough parking around the arena to accommodate both the hopes fans that are coming in and everyone who will be at work downtown hammer. You know I mean we don't anticipate any part in the issues it always done this a few times already the last few years. You know hosting the NCAA is you know our our parking ramp next to the arena is not all on a day to day basis. And our country's surface slot. We have another side of blogger house there are not -- on a day to day basis and some of the construction -- -- and harbors that are. Park in the air but. The game out tomorrow -- won't be parking in that area. So we don't really anticipate parking issues an awful lot of the people who are going to the game are going to be staying in the and they'll just be taking. The metro train you know right down and so that'll probably be busier than normal but. We don't really anticipate to have in the parking issues. In and around our arena. For basketball fans Mike coming into the games all the parking fee. And you're at least terminals for the same as during any other event at first Niagara center. It's going to be 25 dollars to park and rampant pointed out part conserve the slot which. This compare -- other events it depends what the event is that viewing -- -- different pricing for different events. Based how many people are going to be coming down and things like that but you know compared to what -- -- and other cities for other events. In and around the arena this is not a good and it's the other places. Any thing they -- -- urge is stated to folks about. How to guard against price gouging. You know just you know. BB be aware. To be good to consumer will be good shopper but you know if you buy merchandise to confide -- that you -- you know it's the real thing. You know sometimes people on the street two different but. So the focus really is for people to come down and in and get there early and enjoy. The arena in the area around -- have a good time tomorrow. -- almost for sure the folks who work downtown on a daily basis and use the lots operated by the Buffalo Sabres. But they generally -- there parking rights by the weaker -- thing. Yep but it is not that many good job -- -- -- in contact with that and you know that will be an issue at all so vast majority of people that are in those slots. Are are -- part of the -- percent of structural group. And you know we've already worked with importance of the people like that. As well as the independent contractors over the last couple weeks so we don't anticipate -- can be an issue tomorrow -- Any unexpected team crowds today another open practices at the arena. Yeah I mean based -- -- we've -- in previous years you know for a lot of people come down -- the team's practice some of the out of town. I guess who. You know our fans of that specific team. You know tend to come down literally go to the event but. You know it's it's -- it's -- -- events so you know we anticipate Fairmont people come down and -- trying to get everybody into the mood for tomorrow lot of fun downtown tomorrow. Absolutely hey Mike thanks. Okay that's Mike Gilbert -- vice president of public and community relations Syracuse by the way has an open practice at 215. This afternoon. And this is an interesting -- to at the very first game. That'll be televised tomorrow with this tournament. Will be at first Niagara center here in buffalo.