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3-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE at. What. Holes to. -- and welcome to the New York City if they got beat extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- Blue man. His ball -- Tom -- -- -- -- -- what you showed that very spot news -- 930 check that big Braylon. And I stalked during the break it -- My buddy Chris Parker AK -- the bulldogs from a sports station. And you know the funny thing is. We like politically where it is different as night and day but. We. And look Bieber. Ramble but it's a -- within attempt. Now at the time we started working together in the business twenty years. -- do you know. But I just go around thinking Bulldog for making me a better broadcaster you know why and how he may be a better broadcaster. He insisted that I -- He did not wanna be on the -- was somebody who just pulling stuff out of his arts. So he made me a better broadcaster. So anybody who tells you that we did not enjoy working together does not know what they're talking about did I enjoy the sports format now. But we did pioneer that guy talk format. And -- -- up. By the time I went over to WB yen. From our ratings. A WGR without the sports teams were pretty damn good in the morning men 2554. Why because we that a lot of funny stuff together and anyway I still. Have the utmost respect for Chris the Bulldog Parker and -- -- somebody else that I respect an awful lot. Is the great young broadcaster young he's like ten years doing it now Germany one. And by Gerry white works in our sports station WGR 550 and Germany. Has taught me the importance of social media. Now he is all over Twitter I tend to be more of -- FaceBook guy. But Jeremy has really. Basically. He is offered now I think politically -- night and day. But he is offered anything I ever need in Twitter education. And they -- a lot. I really appreciate that so we were blessed to work which -- really good folks around here at the WB yen. Which means we'll have to disengaged the car bombs before. We go home -- just let you know we've got some switches we got to turn. You know just we're gonna have the conservative takeover. It is not twelve minutes after six at WB and its hourly on the radio. Again ladies and gentlemen. This is a story. -- -- -- And I never would have -- office. Because usually we have the attention span of goldfish. With stories like there's this story the longer it goes on without any clue. As to the whereabouts. Of the plane where the people inside the plane the more of a mystery it becomes. And IA actually. It is no big secret to view nor should it be. -- I have friends in alphabet soup plants in the intelligence community they don't like do you know like do. -- name them now. I will tell you that. There were two people who thought I was warcraft. Who found a robbery recently that I was not only trapped when they met some people over my posts that were supposed to be there. But following. This and I do have contacts. I've been very blessed to meet some people in a web unusual job descriptions. End. I haven't heard anything from that. Now whether they're just not -- the little. Whether there isn't anything to tell me or whether there's nothing they can tell me that I can tell you. I don't know but I haven't heard anything suggesting anything nefarious. If there is I will tell you what I can tell you but I will tell you I think more. And that's why I have friends in alphabet soup -- Because I don't jammed them up never have never well it ain't ever gonna happen. They know who they are. And you know sometimes. When you've heard me say no man or a woman can exist or live without friends. That's what I'm talking about. It's good to have France. Not to use them not -- it but they have eight resource all of whom you can bounce ideas. That's important that alright let's I get back to the calls on that WB the end. Doug -- those two I don't some review insist are aggravation of some kind of a True Blue not case. We know old. So if you think Doug Edmund doesn't have sources and alphabet soup bland. And by alphabet soup bland I'm talking about CIA NSA. And all the intelligence organizations. You don't know what you're talking about he does and so to life. I haven't heard anything about this play. That I consider and say well my sources tell me because I haven't I just happen. Let's get back to the calls. On -- WB EM. I'll say those things to brag I mean you know life at face at that I have not lived a normal life. It's been kind of weird. And it's been kind of weird for the last fifteen years or so. In a good way I wouldn't have it any other way please understand that it would not have it any other way. At the same time it's also kind of one of those things that. It's so wacky it's hard to believe. But there are a lot of good people and patriots. Who put their asses on the line. For you. And for their country still. Even under the regime. Under which we live and work now. And that we all those people a debt of of gratitude absolute gratitude. Or you can just go interview my neighbors it's six -- -- CNET news radio 930 WBE and let's I get back to the calls on. The buy -- program whose wedding next should I go back to. Is there anybody who might need to go back now. Kershaw just go out to go to Mike in Cheektowaga Mike you've got a hold over an hour I think you deserve some time on the radio. Is -- -- theory through which you can't drive a hole. Yes. What shall not like to and so lightsquared also. You like to look at Alaska acts the way at the jokes at. I say you know what if I prepped the wisecracks they would -- all of my humor is extemporaneous. Seriously because you can't plan. But I thank you for laughing if I can laugh if I can make you laugh once today and educate you on something new once a week. I've done my job in as I've said I learned more from you guys than you do for me. I hate to admitted that you you but I do now what's undermine what the point. Just a quick third down the -- up publicity about you know -- had just -- advanced technology. We can find draw have we -- school think -- at all. But I think that China has the ability if a plane playing -- -- airspace. To just infiltrate the computer on an airplane and take it out this kind of like an Xbox game the way they -- -- what -- way to do things don't. There are bad special effects of technology that. You know we have no idea what's going on with the -- of. All right. The exact theory is what. What what what I guess I have to ask you what what's the end game. Well I'm not sure what -- it is it's just that you've got a US boring 7774. Iron -- United States. They're just trying to show that they can take it right now no matter what Senator Clinton the F. But this wasn't us this words Chinese people for the most part. Right but I have no idea it was financially and as far as that goes but. It's probably just the statement -- any food -- southern had to try and landed dollar and Maria are put it down and ended in the ocean. Well -- but again it's like why. -- All right thank you up thank you very much our -- it's a -- and a blue -- -- the dispute the third it. Thank you very much. Joseph Joseph. You weren't here on Friday when the lady after my remote at the Hamburg gaming website Gilani and started yelling professional and personal insults. Now here's another one this guy sends me I don't know how many emails he sent me today. You know -- all you know I've got all this experience I've got all this training and you know wanted to tell you where you're wrong and everything. And I just sent back a simple -- hey you know if I'd heard anything from. Alphabet soup land I know I think I can -- do you want that. So he sends back an email notices from a guy who's probably spent an hour ready to -- today says Beckett email saying you're a joke know what you're working in buffalo. Like really. They're so don't take that guy from Florida -- that's so well up his idol if I don't need fans like that I really don't. That indicates. Something right company pick in the proper way that's not an appropriate response. Not an appropriate response to specially when I put the little smiley thing at the end of by sentence. So he can bite me. Let's get the calls right now are actually -- your traffic right now here is Allan Harris who is universally beloved. All right I I guess because I didn't buy into his theory. And because I haven't heard anything from people I actually know who work for intelligence agencies. I guess I'm a joke to that guy. I do if I mean seriously. Could have fun in Florida dude. AccuWeather -- today. I just don't get I honestly. The psychology of people who obsess over radio talk show hosts. I don't understand it and I never will. Really. I will never get it. I mean she goes again has the same issues Russia as the same issues Michael savages as anybody does this for a living has the same issues. You know you're the greatest unless you say no I don't agree with what you're saying work I have no information back of what you're saying that suddenly you become -- Annika a urinal cake. I don't like being your okay. AccuWeather today breezy tonight considerably cloudy thirty. -- cloudy and windy tomorrow with a couple of showers 46. And right now it's fifty degrees we'll literally just -- fifty on the lips. -- hall and believe me. Fifty is so appreciative. Christie just -- all a great dental work -- at the buffalo dental work. Buffalo dental group and G you kissed her on the lips and you just made a hole birdie. Fifty degrees outside at WB -- there may have been a slight conflict but I can't guarantee that here is -- and a sausage dress. Apart today let's go to come on WB and and talked to me. Well. I -- and I actually am sorry to hear that because I prefer that women are obsessed with me as opposed to guys that. OK so I'm new jobs -- -- yesterday the directory or I read that Israel is preparing for an attack by the hijacked. Are you sure you read the story exactly that way. On drugs and those that I read that story and they. They're in error and it's bad. Their act that played with nuclear. Capabilities. An increase in there. In the air. Okay it. Out is you know that Israel in the holy land is a lot smaller. Then we give it credit for being in the west right. Okay. Israel is always on the state of alert last year they had thousands of missiles fired into Israel. A 777. Unaccounted for which suddenly takes out from an airport in Amman Jordan or Cairo Egypt is not going to make it very. On an amendment. But don't call it not -- that they're doing what they editor bill and it's going to be a. Yeah if you blow it up over Cairo basically what you've done as you -- the egyptians buy their own art. -- And it. A lot of things read the headlines in the -- the Drudge Report. I mean Israel is surrounded by enemies. It is seriously it's like it's like a boat amidst a sea of sharks. And if I'm if -- the Israelis. If our Benjamin Netanyahu. First of all -- -- -- -- the the Muslim fanatics who hate Israel. They don't like Netanyahu you know why. Because he has balls. And he's willing to use them unlike our president who's a joke. And I think that the Islamic fascists or we're. That if they start going chemical and Israel especially given the Israeli experience with gas. Little thing called World War II -- bits doc I'll etc. If they start using weapons of mass destruction against Israel. Israel would nuke Mecca and everything holy to Islam not about my mind. I neither. But outside a lot of waiting a bid for acted very interesting where that I -- -- ultimately I think it's going to be about 101000 feet down. I must break I'm glad you called thank you very much at 645. Any idea what turned ninety this week about mistaken. Six. I'm exaggerating. 633. News radio 930 WBE. And that. By the way a couple of notes before -- get back to your phone calls -- my question is is there a theory about the missing the Malaysian playing the through which you cannot poke holes. Virtually every theory I've hurt. I keep asking questions like what's the end game. What do you hope to accomplish. If it's an act of terrorism. What fun as they're having an act of terrorism unless you get the Al. A pretty good thank you. What what Belichick get all -- Now I also locally wanna point out that. Rus Thompson. Who really. Broke the story. A bad kid on Grand Island chain Kenny and shared the information with me. Is organizing a protest at 6:30 PM. Monday march 31. At Grand Island high school -- -- road Grand Island. It's on my FaceBook page if you'd like to spread knowledge that is -- Spread the post -- -- but what I would like to point out is that there are people and I don't know who they are you're gonna have to contact -- There are people who have volunteered to buy and our AT shirts for you. In a bolt sizes even can't sizes. Stroked the shooters committee on political education. For donations. They make the shirts available. And again. Full disclosure I'm a lifetime dues paid in full forever remember. Shooters committee on political education I just like -- these things just like -- told you that the I have retained James tribesman that. And -- -- law as my attorneys in a certain legal matter. Again I just that you have a right to know. I don't have to do it I do it because I'd rather err on the side of caution than have somebody got some following -- -- all right it is 635. News radio 930 WB what do you think happened to the plane. Well I'll go back to the calls not only sharing this with few. Because I'd just sought on Drudge. And I just put up on my FaceBook page this is from the mail on line. Because it's not as working for the Daily Mail and it's a steady job but he wants to be a paperback writer. This is from Daily Mail. A satellite image appears to show the missing Malaysian airlines flight in the skies above a jungle. The image is taken from told not TO MI NOT Tom that Tom note. However that alias say it TOM and owed. The -- Search website. Currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people as people at home try to find the missing passenger plane. Now the authenticity of this photo which was originally posted on Sunday has not yet been verified. And the region depicted in the photo is as yet. Unknown intriguing leave. The plane appears wouldn't hated white. Now the question is. Is this the missing plane number one number two where is it. Where was the photo taken when was it taken. Most importantly is this the missing play. And if that -- was the photo taken as important because. Your bucket -- -- a plane in mid year. Seriously. Some really good contractors but even there -- can update the plane at 30003. Getting a lot of dripping. Lot of wasted eight. Let's get back to the calls on a WBE NC a little -- next person John and buffalo John have you a very. That you believe cannot be poked through. I don't think that people through but I I came up with these all by myself. The personal -- I was -- -- Mechanical malfunction I believe these plays with a point 777 that it all the problems with the lithium batteries. Third production. Remember that was a big story two or three years ago. My. My theory I think he's probably more probable which is terrorism. It actually was last week or the week before. About forty people get killed in the terrorist attack. Those savage Michael Savage has been talking about that but unless the wieger separatists in China publicly take responsibility for something involving this plane I don't see how the two are absolutely necessarily connected. And I just think that's probably the other plane was heading to. These hitting probably a good thing and -- -- -- and about Netanyahu I think the last time we. Sure doses. Big balls on my belief Hezbollah taut him the last and in warfare. In northern Lebanon. Because about 2005. Specifically specifically -- what. Israel invaded northern Lebanon specifically to attack has bought in. Basically with the withdrew in defeat Israelis so. Did they withdraw well I -- that's a -- that's a subject for debate that they withdraw in defeat or did they basically make the point. Do not keep firing missiles at us where you can have more of the same. Well Hezbollah still plugging right where they were before they never left. And the Israelis are still shooting and the Israeli still shoot back. Nobody there's still bargain like Japanese work and -- it'll go right where they were before Israel invaded so. It was definitely a defeat in. -- I think that is subject to interpretation. But I let me ask you question who do you think has bigger balls Benjamin Benjamin Netanyahu -- Barack Obama. Well Obama -- priorities. I got to go sorry I'll put that number on the banned list member of the analyst he has no business calling this joke even listening to Visio. I don't want him as a listener I don't a lot of as the caller if we actually think Obama has balls period. Obama's shift money pays its. Look I'm convinced that -- -- -- -- Obama does the -- fate harbor when he tees. Oh my god -- seriously now I'm gonna have a heart attack. Obama his -- line in the -- worked out great with Syria. Worked operate in Ukraine. Nobody takes the guys seriously. It is supposedly the leader of the free world. I don't I don't even know what to say. I honestly don't. It's like -- it's a tough it's it's mostly blue skies and the character it's mostly cloudy. Seriously. I'm stunned I -- I've not done my job communicating that Aston Villa. Oh my god it was such a good show -- it was such a good show. And it just seems to have just been. You know. I'm seeing not in corn right now here is a I can't seat the name of the person on line three. Before I go there let's go to guerrilla cell phone bill. I need like hole total like acid -- tested now for my stomach so you're gonna have to do something to get me out bigger. You couldn't ask I was just trying to run humor. And that I was not a true. I know all I honestly think he believed it and I honestly couldn't talk to them because. I'm pretty sure bet I mean I'm not until like toilet things but I'm pretty sure that one Obama -- he -- I'm just -- Yeah on the other try to interject some humor into that situation on the first -- of course that I feel very bad for that only involved with almost no let alone the passengers themselves and and the flight crew or something like that. Good for at least in the news reports there's some very poor Chinese -- is that even staying to do away from port could be devastating for -- They've been like. You know staying for a week waiting for an -- it has been working out -- remember that lady that. Girlfriend of the US I. That are missing and she thinks that he's still alive somewhere I don't know if you saw that his report. You know people. You know there's a psychological need in people to believe that loved ones or superheroes. Just don't -- We've seen it with Elvis and I realize that this woman wasn't married to Elvis but you know and I know that there are people who believe that Elvis really is still alive that he did not die back in the late 1970s. At a very early age that he got sick and tired of the fame and the fortune and -- he's working as a car mechanic now when Albuquerque. Yeah the end we can we just hate to admit that people buyer that JFK. Actually survived the assassination. And they kept them as a vegetable and hospital somewhere in Boston. And and tragically sometimes it's the same thing with their loved ones. Against all logic we assume. Because we want to believe. That they are alive when in fact the odds are they are not. Who is going to -- Your patient. We're a lot as long as it's relevant sure. -- that's where we expect to relocation what they. Were. Sharks. Oh wait this is this does this involve human beings. And. New. I'm gonna take a pass on it I just I can't go there please -- a kick your older it would be wrong. Because frankly. You know what we're just label something about the Chinese. Me love you long time but let me tell you something else about the Chinese. When our buildings were attacked. On September 11 2001. You do know that the ordinary Chinese in the street cried and wept over our dead people right. The video is still out here on the Internet. They left flowers and -- and tributes at the American Embassy in Beijing. And the American Consulate elsewhere in China. So this is a tragedy for which I think we need to show the Chinese people some respect. Okay as they showed us respect. On 9/11. Don't forget that they really did. They sought on TV they know what those people went through. They've had their issues with the -- Muslim separatist movement. And I know that China's geopolitical the its government. And our government. Are at loggerheads and will continue to be. Probably for our entire lifetimes. But they're human beings and they are also human beings who were there for us in our moment of tragedy. So I think that. We should be there in their moment of tragedy with at least some respect for the dead. Anybody have problem with that because -- 645 -- I'm thirty WB. And is thought to holding two fingers up in the -- to turn me on air I'd. Basically breezy tonight cloudy and thirty all up by the way way to get blocked from my email is sent a note bad -- Doug Hagman. Doug Hagman has -- a close personal friend of mine for. A minute. Fourteen years. And I don't agree with Doug on a lot of things theological. Or right he is a born again Christian I am not. But I wanna play is something if you think that Doug Hagman does not have excellent contacts and alphabet soup bland. It is you who do not know of what you speak. Believe. You don't have to believe me I'm saying. And you can say that I'm Paula crap I really don't care. -- -- -- -- And we have mutual friends and we have mutual friends who know mutual friends. And the alphabet soup bland folks. I don't say this delicately it's a smaller community than you might imagine among patriots. And I'll just leave it at that. So don't even bother sending me. Email against Doug has ideas can sign that into the trash -- as well as. I got better things to do and then read from some more on that Doug Hagman doesn't know what he's talking about I don't always agree with -- but do not ever doubt his sources. Don't you do so which are owned herald the guy has good sources. Excellent sources. And I. Would mean let's put it this way he is somebody for whom I'd take a bullet. Or at least I try to throw Joseph in the way and that of Joseph -- I couldn't move joked that I jump in front a duck. OK let's go to I still can't see -- online three guys and you told me but the African computer is a piece of crap. Tom a WBM. And it's only been fifteen years off exit just like the monitors are gonna go up at some point you're too. Anyway Tom your WB and talk to me. Old friends say he is like column earlier Tuesday and I do respect your -- you don't even know -- standing -- I cheated because either the question is much. Well if you're really I could always -- you have to impress me. Here we go so -- out -- got. A very quickly. Out rubber built -- -- brother Dick and brother bill very quick last her brother bill is doing just fine we don't exactly I think -- We shared a lot of these tonight over -- -- -- whatever okay how do you use it. A cut -- a web -- a couple -- series. But the black holes they're ready parallel. Universe there today is our world. Number 20 there's out there or the second -- in the -- you know that you brought Kennedy. Now parallel universe. That one. -- -- I don't think I'm well versed enough in multi verse -- parallel universe philosophy to give you an intelligent answer on that. So I'm gonna have to pass. As far as this second gunman on the grassy Knoll. Today we're not doing the full conspiracy show. But. Why well believe till my dying day. Unless there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. That not only did the army -- kill president Kennedy. -- that Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact an American hero. And an American intelligence agent who ultimately got blown it big time by the very government he'd been serving for several years. He was a fall guy he was a patsy. My personal opinion you wanna know about the assassination. You have to look at Oswald activities in the summer of 1963. -- at New Orleans. And that is gonna do it and I can't believe the show is over. Folks this is a topic that is really endlessly fascinating -- joke ever welcome back from vacation good to see again -- about and John Sherman always a pleasure seeing you and -- -- view which words that are very important today. No. Yourself. Yeah.

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