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3-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I wore us down upon the U with great benefit then yeah if -- the whole movie. Moderately anxious and my -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied -- There really is nothing like a short time now. Today it's not mind -- 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. This rather awkward. I just got voted off the computer system this is weird and I don't have the administrator password. This is off -- I I don't know for our computer guy James a Kelly is listening but Jim I'm an agent. Let's just Israelis French. We've got to reboot will sit back -- back yet. Shuster about I don't remember that happening before work at least that at 5 o'clock in the afternoon and usually they wait until six. Anyway it's about ten minutes after five you're hearing news radio 930 WB EN at ten after we yeah that's what I thought. When I see Alan Harris in the hallway outside my door. And it's 5 o'clock. I know we've got a traffic full -- situation. Which is military from World War II. -- like clean it up a bit fouled up beyond all recognition here is Allan Harris. Grow up marked improvement ultimately debt I think more importantly our commuters will take debt and AccuWeather again. I don't know is -- there to get that summer car -- I saw my first up Porsche 944 out guys that neighborhood has a -- and -- Are enough poll he's got an old our guards red Porsche 944 to about 20/20 five years old. One of the most respected ours and its price Porsche ever made he's got a back on the road. I want to drive wants -- -- you don't like I ever drove and I'm 44. I wanna try well. Will do little switcheroo when it. -- anyway sorry guys I saw my first -- the other day my first Bentley the other day or so people are getting their fancy cars back out on the roads. -- -- -- Yeah and at tonight's -- I was gonna be down to thirty sort of see if they get back out of the computer system oh this isn't looking good. Will block try -- -- -- thank. You Larry given the topic -- -- just joining us. All the theories that have been out there about the missing jet and you have to admit folks. I know that our attention span in our society is roughly down to about thirty seconds now. And I folks I I have to mention this again I brought this up do you before. I will never in my life for yet. When we had the plane crash in Clarence. Literally. Within six hours of the plane going down and I still have the smell in my nostrils to go out there that night so by the way it was Chris Collins when he was county executive. I will never forget the little old lady who called in and said I don't talk about that crash I'll say. I. To me that was like a low point. In my regard for people who listened to my show that left a mark and I honestly I don't think you can blame -- Think about that permitted just the lack of compassion the lack of humanity. If I -- have reached through the fallen. I think I'll just leave it at bat of every peace loving person. But. There are some words I would like to have said -- and they wouldn't have been words I can repeat on the radio. But I think she needed to hear those words. But frankly kudos to you guys and I don't just blow smoke up by just this I can do and it and this is a plane crashed none of us knew anybody on the airplane. I've heard one local connection to it. That is serious and riveting. But we are all just captivated. By the mystery where is that what happened to and why. Do you think it's going to be found how soon. And what is the theory with which EU -- You know -- and basically is still mechanical slash pilot error. I think the plane was higher than they thought I think they had altimeter failure I think everybody in the plane went into a deep sleep. And I think the plain belly into the into the ocean probably NA. Smoother ocean may -- with a one to two foot waves and just kind of sank to the bottom. Which would explain by the way the -- censor the dearth of debris. I'm not by and the idea that somehow North Korea hasn't and they're gonna use of the launch a nuke against the United States because that plane is getting very far. Even the Chinese would shoot it down. Believe me. I don't think the Chinese -- that anxious to have a country that owes them so much money can't be taken out. I think they might shoot it down for us I don't think everybody's smoking -- on that one. So. I'm not by and the terror angle. Especially because I haven't seen any compelling evidence that would indicate that and not to again folks. What good is being a terrorist unless you get the -- unlawful -- bar before you do as you're doing. That's half the fun Libyan Islamic terrorist. And I know that the guy by at least one of the pilots was a about Muslim so what. A devout Muslim does not necessarily believe in killing innocent people. That is that it is an Islamic fascists. It looked -- devout Catholics from Spain who roasted American Indians alive in the name of the faith in the fifteen hundreds. That doesn't make all Catholics mass murderers. You know so just try to delineate between the two. All right let's. -- able to talk some more to some nice people don't thrilled at thirty start I'm 3180616. WB and why isn't that beautiful spring bill what do you -- Well I think the plane landed safely in China. I believe water water more of the passengers. World intellectual value for the government could be -- their version of -- -- and they want to come before he got out. OK let's just backtracked on it do you think that may be one of the passengers. -- Chinese national. Was on the verge of going Nash going international like Snowden and blowing the lid on China's intelligence operations against the west. And that the Chinese new various. Here's the problem with that. Why would they want the plane to land why not just shoot down and make it look like you blew up in midair and blame the Muslims because the Chinese they've got their own Muslim issue with the raiders. Are they made a wired and the final what he actually knew what he actually had to do. But if you're gonna. But if you consider the risk benefit analysis here if you're gonna take that can ever risk. Don't you already know what the guys got on you. Opt for the most part but what already parents -- trying out late. You can't tell me the China doesn't know exactly what sinners spiritual upcoming quarters state -- any given time that. All in here one lap -- went right -- turnaround it went up but went down. You know that you -- wasn't what what where was it at any given time. They had to. Well let's just hope they fly go to -- they drive but long. Certitude that come out wrong. I can tell those jokes I get the tell those jokes I got picked up the card to play there so I beat that one. All right so look you know your theory population down your theory. To me I think they're easier ways to take care or somebody like there's like you kidnapped them on the streets of Malaysia -- wrap my opener rug you put a minute diplomatic package and apply them to Beijing nobody's wiser. That's true but at the could be a that they don't know exactly who was they wanna find out who they're gonna take place. Series on a period everybody on every also disposable. Yeah but that seems -- made to be an awful lot of risk for fishing expedition because even as you yourself said -- Chinese know what's approaching them on the radar you think the Americans you that we don't have any -- in the -- the Russians -- are carefully guarding their airspace. The Koreans are doing the same thing etc. it seems -- awfully big risk you're taking when you don't have to would have a lot easier to take out one -- or -- one guy. Well that's true but that was my first gut -- feeling what sort of occurred about it when it started promote all the different. There is aware away and here they're all over place and they keep on you re airing though. But there's all the mr. action going on there's opened behind. Well lottery. Who knows maybe George story and his show will be the ultimate arbiter of truth in this one may -- it was an alien mother ship that took this thing. With that in the last lap on everybody. -- and I'm not trying to be silly because we're talking about human lives here yes we don't know them. But those people have families who love them and I just I feel horrible for the families at the same time and what the hell happened in this flight. I appreciate your call I cannot dismiss your theory. But I will say there are easier ways to get an intellectual asset off the street and exactly where you want him. I certainly -- thank you love very much. It is nineteen minutes after five at news radio 930 WB EM shall I break Joseph. I mean not break Joba July break. I mean George has got back from Vegas if there's every day I was going to be able -- just toppled joke they would be today. Because he's just back from Vegas that I mentioned just back from Vegas. I actually got sleepless night. -- get like three doctors' appointments and before the show. I'm so looking forward to the and Joseph Graham. Which is gonna make zero difference in what they do for me it's incurable or incurable. It's going to be Fred result if I decide to take it I don't think I'm going to look a -- what looked like a chipmunk. So why -- they ethical and my brain to determine whether or not any president as a parent now I need. Little things like this make me glad that I am a doctor. I went to the university of Google. Fred let's get the new -- terrorist now with traffic -- are things like they put all -- -- I'm the one with the vascular legacy in my brain not view. Alan are you there. -- we do whether they'll get back to Allen are right he you know what he's on the fault I'll bet you anything with one of our callers are so. AccuWeather says it'll be breezy tonight with clouds. The overnight low thirty. Tomorrow cloudy and windy a couple of showers with a high temperature 46 degrees -- a right now we are holding up almost fifty its 48 degrees -- news radio 930 WB yen and I'll bet -- anything Alan Harris was on the phone with one of our traffic spotters. Alan are you back -- this yet. -- and -- bigger buffalo boy did you ever go to the issue for house when you were a kid may be with mom and editors by yourself. -- it was on Niagara street what right by the apologies are for the 198. It's other -- for house was legendary man just curious big railroad trestle there. All right well Alan you haven't lived it's item that is I'm the arbiter you haven't lived Allen. All right -- did the weather so there's no point in doing that again but I knew Allen was on the phone -- he just doesn't blow off or trafford reports. Much bomb anyway the now we love -- but have the -- eleven somebody's dragon out of the traffic command hotline is 80303218030321. All by the way the pothole at -- early and -- Uga. All MFG. It's on were really. When your approaching early and you're heading toward the thruway. And you're right before can you direct report Charlie the torture and you're not in the turning lane -- in the left lane because if you stay in the right lane you're gonna have to merge left by the OTB. Just look out for that pot hole. It will shatter your mind it will destroy your brain if you get it not only that. You will touch the bottom of Australia and possibly the Great Barrier Reef just saying it. Here is out next up. Tom in buffalo on WB Ian Tom have you a theory that you think cannot be logically dismissed. Well now my theory on vote I guess your -- but -- that there was an article and WIRED Magazine. Which basically says that the pilot. Who hit 181000 hours of flight time truly experienced pilot. I'll probably experience some kind of possible -- ordinance when mechanical failure. And dumb and with a -- on board it would hold all the uses which were turned off transponders that communication. Palms and then try to make it to. I'm looking it up now while -- -- -- thirteen thousand foot airstrip. Which would have been easier trying to cover. -- we returning all of for a and dumped it in -- in an effort to make it to the airport. Unfortunately they were probably overcome. By you know the smoke on a plane and and eventually you know landed in the ocean. Between whatever point it is. Scene and that thirteen foot -- -- actually just forgive my interruption but I actually put a link up to the article are you the guy who sent -- the article from WIRED Magazine a starting look startlingly simple theory about the missing Malaysian airlines jet. -- I do not tell you that weak point but that'd -- article I'm referring to. But here's again here's my question. And again I'm not sure what check list under emergencies the Boeing 777. Has but it seems to me that before you start unplugging stuff you at least put out a May Day with your approximate coordinates and you say. Fire on board. Location is such and such disconnecting now. But he -- generally write your articles says that that that the first three rules are deviate. Navigate communicate. So the first thing they would deal -- is the issue at hand the fire on the plane fly the plane. -- remember -- Sully Sullenberger he told the tower that he was gonna go down on the Hudson. Absolutely and it's you've been talking about earlier you know he landed that plane on a clear grass. River. And saved hundreds you know hundreds of lives arm and you know had he gets this 777 into the yum. Did you know options -- there could have been you know thirty foot swells that -- just. You were -- might bend but -- might have been -- been smoothed his last hole out of your Boris I've enjoyed speaking with you and I enjoy -- -- you put into this obviously doing your homework with WIRED Magazine by the way the flight simulator the pilot was using was apparently something you put together himself. You know spare parts first sparked. He did it on a budget. Build me one if we might -- -- by 26 at WB. I had no I had yellow. -- students. If you would only say T who can. Little minds plug it may give -- EMC. The and you know -- You know what movie starts out trying to live this song it. Good fellas I heard said that these reference again this morning and announce the end of beach company they have been postulate and and it it's as -- -- population. -- the speculation as I've heard. Maybe there was some cargo. On board that was -- error that the guys who. Basically what we saw is a high east. Now again though. To counterbalance a candidate they talked about the blue -- heist. Which was featured prominently in the movie palace. And again folks what happened it to Jimmy screw in the movie -- what happened Horry. Well. You know and -- more ice pick in the years. What happened -- out the big guys who get the tip about the Air France caper. He ended up there -- to march plus Jimmy didn't wanna get this better. Karbala what -- they always give those characters bottom line is when you hang out there is honorable and fees. So. -- airline pilots let's just say they were in on some heist. They had to realize that once the bad guys have what they wanted. They were gonna end up in the bottom of the ocean why why leave with a living witness. Because you're already guilty of multiple -- multiple counts of first degree murder or what we would consider first degree murder. So why leave a living with -- to. See that doesn't make sense to me made it's an interesting speculation. And plus it's a lot easier to rip people off electronically these days. Show me a fourteen year old arbor Azerbaijani kid I'll show -- -- kid who can clean -- for a one K faster you can say don't -- Tonya. The answer it's like no disrespect them I Russian friends OK but you know some of those kids are pretty damn Smart. It is 535. News radio 930 WB yen and have an idea John Germany Joseph beaver. Yeah how could you guys are stealing billions forming on the Internet Alka. Now. You're not -- -- -- -- billions from may well good luck with that. And you did OK but it wouldn't be in the billions -- Let's. Has slipped back to the calls highly bottle holder shall I say whom did I leave on hold. Are we all agreement -- was like three all right. You're the guy I put on hold right. You I am a guy yeah he's my team all -- you are giving your theory again. On the world with -- article in wired that it is basically takes the pilots approach. To what happened and and what the article says that as a pilot especially with so much experience that I 181000 hours of experience. He says that every pilot knows what the nearest airport -- so in emergency. It and the -- -- if you navigate communicate so. Armed with -- fire on the plane especially like an electrical fire so that transformed into an electrical fire. They would all you do all the electrical equipment and then put them back one at a time in an effort to. Determine where the fire was which would have resulted in communications and transponder going out things like that. You know it's what I find interesting about your theory okay now would you say fire. I again I find myself thinking about the cargo. Do you remember the airliner that went down in the Everglades in Florida about twenty years ago and it turned out it was carrying these oxygen canisters. And it was tough hole hardly a Mongolian clustered dance that's what caused the plane go down. One -- these things opened up fire started everybody died. And I were him I remember it either that situation water can they talk about in this article. Is that you know flying up to 45000 feet which is way above the -- recommended. Altitude so that particular point. May have been in an effort to. Arm you have to -- atmosphere to extinguish the fire and things like that armed. And the oxygen masks dropped down but the pilots are bringing not to burn the oxygen on because oxygen inquire. -- a bad combination. And -- and so it's an interesting article. Well I think it's worth you hold your listeners giving a read to -- because they're really couldn't possibly the simplest explanation. There's. Are contradictory article that he wouldn't look at you know Ken possible scenarios this being -- on. Where they try to people without an all the other ones you know it flew over. North Korean Chinese Indian and Pakistani airspace before it went to Afghanistan in the US military could see. All this seems to be in some ways the simplest. Explanation. Well that it is yeah. I have to tell you of all of the things that have come up yours to me sounds the most plausible I cannot. Right now I can't think of any. Major counter argument that would deep blanket and I'm also thinking you much in the oxygen. And I don't know if you were alive you know before the challenger blew up we lost three astronauts on the launch pad in Florida one of them the always famous Gus Grissom never but he remembers Gus -- Because a fire started it was an oxygen rich environment and those guys basically burned to death alive and about ten seconds. Like in and out and I I was I was a child back then but I have a huge. You know Apollo not that the kid and just heartbroken when that. Well -- every American should have been and we owe a debt of gratitude. Too well all of those men. Who died in that I mean you know especially the enough to -- topic. When he landed but we're -- on the moon -- -- computing power than -- in your iPhone. And it was basically a -- aluminum foil. Liquid your president hey let's slide in a move -- ball aluminum foil. But you know what this also reminds me of something that was taught to me by my great. -- more east high school biology teacher his name was Kerr went high. And that he once said something I've never forgotten and it business. The more complex. And organism is the easier it is to destroy. And sometimes I wonder if we have in -- ourselves in such as CEO of electronic. Complexity. That we've opened ourselves up to. Vulnerabilities. That -- we wouldn't have had because we've become so uber reliant upon. Electronics and not on our own human brains. -- agree something to -- -- I like your call Tom thank you. All right well. Thanks for taking -- some -- feel what you should say something else just around health what you just said that I was gonna be good -- bad -- if you were thinking the same thing just relaxed. -- right it is 540 at news radio 930 WB yen when you say -- we wanna do they have I'll know more market. Let's get back to the calls is there -- theory through which you have not been able to drive hole. I've told you why I'm not -- in the cargo theory. Because again. Pilots aren't stupid. They just committed mass murder. Would you possibly if you're the bad guys who one of the pilots. To kill all those people why would you leave the pilots alive to tell the tale you wouldn't. -- -- -- Any good criminal would whack. Member -- grow in the movie he. Apple they tried whacking him but he got away which was a vital component to the end of the movie. With that Robert and Euro and a Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore and and ash. Who was just awesome in that movie. You wouldn't think that she would make you good wife even onscreen to Val Kilmer but they get a chemistry on screen that was pretty awesome. And and is -- Which well tell me it was it was a great chemistry and I'm the -- -- thing I would. Let's go back to the calls on the WB EN I know bare back mountain while they alligator. Whenever I'm in no harm profile. What would you -- at. -- That I say pair -- mountain that's exactly are meant to save his -- back mountain. How long and sort of split. Brokeback is the actual name of the movie I have some fun it's like what I call bigfoot blog. The story behind that is. -- -- started as a typo. Once somebody pointed out the typo I said that's a better name for bigfoot because bug foot bugs me because we've never found that one. That was what I would call serendipity. Was not a good enough retroactive explanation for -- screwed up. Let's get back to the calls who's next it would be still weak in the end on Grand Island. Story have you heard a theory that you can't poke a hole through. It I've got an idea I but not really not really but I wanna give you what I think that. I think definitely. The -- the fire will be replica I think. This is all related to the fact that the pilot went to the trial of the opposition leaders just before the flight that -- correct. I've read that. I don't know where I read that but I have to -- that up because I'm not sure if I read that right or whether or not it's even called that are germane to talking about. Well I I think the pilot was either gonna hit the patrol the towers nobody has mentioned that is because of his anger or he was gonna take the entire plane and -- and passengers and landed somewhere and demand the release. Of his body the opposition leader -- -- so -- with. But -- got picked up oil somewhere musical pilot that it org or implant was hijacked -- -- -- -- be a coincidence but. I don't know that like you say there aren't -- keeping alive I think this entire thing. -- related to the fact that the pilot had just left the trial of the opposition leader who loses Euro and the a couple of days ago five years in prison. I really Dickinson that that's that's the way to go but I can improve. I'm gonna little link up to that on my FaceBook page just for those who have no idea about what you're speaking but again I have to ask the question. What what good does that their. Instead of killing innocent people most of whom were Chinese. -- me if you're that angry about the trial -- take the -- off with no passengers. And adore kamikaze mission into the Malaysian government buildings. You know we've that a boy you know -- -- use in the patrol was powers right there goes their way I want them they were the most polls polls in the world. But I I nobody has mentioned that but I think he I think it's related to the to the pilot in the trial really do that we would what happened up in the air after. Maybe was discoverable predicted the term was program that was program program into the computer before they took office and that's correct that's very suspicious. Well you know what may -- it was maybe it wasn't I don't see and see this is the other confusing aspect about -- that I think -- to be brought up. We have had so many contradictory. Bits of information. That. You know I usually say based on what I think we are based on what we think we know at this point. It's almost like I could say this with every single sentence I've uttered since this mystery began. On but. The other guy the pilot of the plane was angry over a trial involving a political dissident in Malaysia but you know what the pilots in the world who aren't happy with the government under which they are flying -- under which they are taxed the -- I can think of some right here in the United States. Yep -- there's no doubt about it but I find it very suspicious that it did. That it wasn't that was right after that so. But that's -- my area where we're gonna be right now is just so only god only knows about. But I like this I think no one has mentioned that no one has mentioned that -- to pay to patrol his powers -- government. Building or just visit -- -- flying off the final list somewhere demanding. The release of the of the it is opposition leader in exchange for. For hostages. OK but again it's been long enough we would have heard something let me just get back to the whole programming issue. A computer program. You know the expression and it's been witness since at least 1985. Garbage in garbage out right. How about the idea that whoever program the data into the plane's computer made a stupid mistake and put garbage in. That's why the plane acted goofy in a way nobody expected. Yeah that's got that good so that's what once that happened at 45000 feet climb happens is that by opposed. There there are professional and as a fisherman down most of the -- went over like rollovers -- And I think that was just after across. I think it just just after the turn I think he was -- in between Malaysia Vietnam so. I don't know exactly who wanted to went to 45000 but it was very low. Archer also depending you -- given a choice between what military radar picked up and what a solitary Vietnamese. Fisherman says I'm gonna go with the military radar because it is empirical data. As opposed to an eyewitness account from somebody. Whoo this may just not be that sophisticated. Well you guys you know as a driver and a I was fascinated by by KL 007 and I records books on that boy that is that's an amazing. Amazing story we know the Russian shut it down there's there's a lot of gold burglary involved at that time with. With the involvement of the theory is that the US thought that the ABM. That the 97 to two ABM treaty there was a violation with a certain radar that. You had and then it was turned on the book at that that might look at for the plane and that. It was there's a lot of in between make the case CIA at a Korean South Koreans CIA in the US CIA. Look at this it's fascinating I'll think we'll ever know the answer to many of these. History well yesterday KJL. Mystery is very easy KAL flight double 07 interest -- -- number of the flight by the way. We talked about this this time yesterday it was shot down by the Soviet air force because after repeated warnings to the South Koreans. The Soviets said screw this these guys are spying on us they've been warned -- by. You didn't know that pilot slow the plane council watched the flow 10 and that the fighter jets went right past them. Underneath him and have the slowed down and go back behind the plane before it shut it down as we know that they call the great diploma that. All I know all I know is that. It will blow your mind well to answer your question no I did not know that but. I'm also where the countries take their airspace security very seriously and there in 1983 it was a different error. General well I was gonna say it's a different more than Putin's Russia but I have a correct myself. I gotta go thank you good call. Guys best theory you've heard on the plane and I'm still fascinated and riveted by the story I hope you are as well. I just hope that those people died. Peacefully. And -- as much tranquility. And peace to their souls is possible because it's not just the missing airliner that people the hopes and the dreams. On their plane that we ought to forget.

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