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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

3-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD -- Doubles down -- you would you -- That. And a hold to a point. The broad. No one ponds with an assault rifle knowing that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If they -- -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York if you've got health care -- then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. When that happened to that Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. Balancing the living room attendant knew what to eat. -- -- -- I'd like Q. You have blows. I'd like voted yeah. Throw out. Wanna kill beyond -- kids do come -- to be honest how many of you are sincerely impressed by my knowledge of organized crime. Whitman up the -- -- the new -- from Albert Anastasia and Willie Sutton. And Arnold Shuster back in the 1950s. Now if -- so I haven't is listening. I think about where he girl I'm not mistaken even he's got to get decent credit that. That's the rest of their supporters of the may wish to go door to door in my neighborhood. This the record want to. Putting it out there just has an idea. Anyway it is a twelve minutes after poor. And by the way. The next time they go door to door in my neighborhood make sure you guys ask about who gives away the full size candy bars on Halloween. That's me that is. Thank you very much. All right anyway thanks for being -- hourly other normal proof to. Call it normal is back in place -- -- master control is back from Vegas and -- we also have. John Sherman a call screening duties. -- I was honored because who's wearing a baseball at it's at TV that I realized it was Tampa today. And I felt totally against it and totally. You know the disenfranchised. And stuff. It disenfranchises some of the -- that you should use -- anyway. We're talking about the airplane. The missing airplane. And my theory is. Simple. And I think it's realistic and I think it makes a lot of sense. Let the -- client to an altitude. The pilots either -- paying attention or the altimeter reading was wrong. Everybody blacked out slowly but surely the plane went down belly landed on to the ocean. And stayed intact and then what blah blah blah -- up right down to the bottom. And by the time -- -- roads with the salt water. The bodies will be -- this decomposed that the gases. Well there won't be any. It's over -- -- they're gonna -- the fuselage in bones probably. Unless they start finding things this weekend because the Imus ticket. And I know it's not pleasant to think about that. -- when fish C a body what do you think -- -- You know they don't hear that your grandmother to them it's a free meal so. You know you are also contending with the damages of marine life. It is up fourteen minutes after four news radio 930 WB is not pleasant to think about okay. If you can you talk about how safe you feel when your line. How many dealer won't propel external light comedy tour you're Florida Hawaii. I'm Johnny you're flown to Hawaii are. Well OK here's the deal. Are you fly and LA acts like you get on board usually is 747. It could be a 767. My -- 777 depending on who's carrying the new passenger load. I've flown a 747 from LAX to life. You take off from LA acts. And I was sitting on the. And importers to us and starboard side -- by the way and I looked out and there was a beautiful California coastline. It probably see a good fifty miles through the small -- all or at the California coastline. And every few minutes it looked back still see the California coastline ever get -- I can still sit. But -- about twenty minutes into the flight there are no California coastline. In fact they're so coastline at all in fact I think you are all. Alone get a -- thousands of miles for anybody who do you any good in the event of an emergency. Even another apply in the procedure go down. It's not exactly going to be flying boat it's not exactly going to be Catalina and come down and rescue you. Here I'll bet. If I did when I was I was like yeah you know what if this plane goes down worst group life rafts or big -- or whatever. It -- it well. Don't let that dissuade you from flying. The most dangerous part of air travel is still driving to the airport now the pilots emulator. Was kind of a hole made Jerry -- contraption. This guy put together himself the pilot he was no doubt it was a Microsoft when he fourteen thing it was something he did himself. Now. Why did he do it. Maybe the -- I was a perfectionist. They're just because a seven. Just because he had a flight simulators and his home and he was an airline pilot does not mean he was a criminal hell if that -- of flight called in 2407. Her out of the flight that went down a Clarence if you got a little more trading at home maybe he would realized. So. Maybe he wouldn't have been an auto pilot during an ice storm may -- it would have made him a better pilot. But instead his incompetence cost all those people who lives and he was an incompetent bonehead pilots sorry but he wants. Let's get back to the calls on WBE and the here is. Good old in north Buffalo Bill have you heard a theory. That you can't poke a hole through. Or around the if you take a -- on -- -- you got to talk to -- you're gonna have to put John -- here. -- Yeah I'll go ahead. -- -- -- There's -- quite helicopters it and return home capability. These are model. You know -- aircraft. I know exactly -- talking about that I refused to by the -- helicopter because I'd spend 600 dollars and wreck the damn thing in the first flight. But the whole county is and -- sixty feet avoids threes and then comes home with -- three -- of its line. -- all okay so if you put an override. A lake in the FAA complained that. Second 2008. At the later model at the Boeing 787. Dreamliner. And hacker vulnerabilities. And so if the aircraft was updated to the later version. The software. Of the dreamliner. You could conceivably have easier entry into its three or four computer system. So are you say disarm extra understanding you correctly that you're holding an open is a possibility. That some seventeen year old kid in the Urals. Had this plane -- was watching this plane on his home PC packed into the electronics and forced it down. About the pilots historically USB stick into the computer. After he generated. Take over program and his home. You know compete. Why would the pilot do it and why haven't we seen the play. I'd be more concerned about somebody on the ground do wonders whether that's even possible. Well if you were if you and I were -- we want airplanes to return home and land somewhere maybe it's built into the system. IA I have no idea. You don't want goes. You know 250 to 350 million dollar planes just randomly crashing. Evidence that -- -- really Boeing's problems they sell it to an airline the airline than takes ownership the airliner minister in charge of its -- searched a certification as well as its insurance it's the airlines issue at that point. Boeing is concerned as you know secondarily in any lawsuits because a malfunction. But if it's a 400 dollar helicopter is the final technology. It doesn't doesn't seem too far fetched. That European airplane might have that as well. But that is a -- why didn't come home. Well it it's possible. That they -- turned and it took him. You know was an in flight incident. -- likely have lost power and could differ -- to. Fly home program. But we're okay but I have to ask you and I'm not trying to be Richard your but I have to ask you where are the bodies. Where the debris where are the innumerable pieces of a plane that would float in the event of a crash work on -- like a fuel -- Well if the auto pilot is looking for a suitable runway. And it's somehow damaged in its software or the auto pilot isn't running on. Yet forget auto pilot. For for auto pilot that has nothing to do -- the question which is which is where the bodies. What did you think by now one of the bodies what do washed up. So where have -- been. Because of it after the Titanic went down. Then again I'm a forgive I just please understand I'm not trying to like shoot you down just to be an answer and just I got a point these things out. The Titanic went down in very cold weather in the North Atlantic. Now many of the bodies did have. Life preservers on somewhere in lifeboats are holding on to wreckage many of them were found even in the frigid North Atlantic. By the Arcadia and other rescue ships that went to the Titanic distress call. Bodies were found over a wide area and were talking about in about thirteen hundred bodies. Mean we're a -- we just find one body for this thing. Maybe or maybe it's in the Indian Ocean. When do you think it's gonna get resolved do you think it's ever gonna be resolved or is it going to be one of those mysteries like judge crater. You know have to take up the data on the technology for the submarines and see how many we've got an Indian Ocean. -- -- And started looking for airplane parts. Now well you don't think about searching is they're gonna have to really narrowed down the search is best they can because. I don't care how good your grid is if it's too big it's gonna take years and you've got other purposes for that stuff. They could call I gotta go on the thank you very much. Thank you. -- it is possible to take over plane's electronics are from all. -- if so I'd like to bring my iPod mark my iPad on the next flight to be put us number one position for take off dissent. All right let's find out what's going on what traffickers Alan Harris. And AccuWeather we've got some warmer temperatures today hallelujah. I know breezy with considerable clouds the overnight low thirty tomorrow cloudy and windy a couple of showers 46 and right now we are looking at -- and -- 47 degrees almost fifty almost had to bring this summer car. Almost time. All well knowledge assault -- you're washed up the road first. I'm nine WB -- Joseph I'll let you drive it wants -- kind of a shipment chick magnet kind of but you have to Wear -- if you're gonna drive that car you have to Wear shirts saying. Tom Bauerle is much more handsome than I with my phone number on your shirt in my car right. I know you'll immediately changed the shirt too -- much taller than Tom Bauer I know you people. It is the hourly Joseph beavers have -- control telling me I'm number one John Sherman is your call screener had you heard a theory about the flight. Through which you can't drive a Selma. Now I don't even know they could be commandeered from the ground. But if it was comedy -- what was in the air by somebody in the error what's the end game. Guess that's the part that it make sense to me. He says in intentionally. Colloquial English. Sports when he for use guys at news radio 930 WB EM let's you'll get their dent fish Fries tomorrow or Friday. How how well I don't but it. -- Boy yeah. -- -- When we go. It was singing about. I was shown. There on the Rolling Stone. Days. That my iPod. Eat meat export 33 games trivia night thirty WB -- he had had. Arizona crap on -- iPod. It is -- at 33. And now we're talking about. Something's seriously actually and -- folks. And I and I'm. Bully me I don't want this to -- into the very worst the Malaysian jetliners show every day but. I know also know that. When I'm out and I overhear people talking they're talking about this how to Lionel because I spy on you. I don't. I if wegmans I'm listening to your conversations. I would never identified you out of respect your privacy but I've. Listening to what people are discussing this part of my homework. I don't listen what the media types are talking about media types are the rules for the most part. Myself included sometimes. But. Folks there's interest in this. I'm interested in it and you believe -- of anybody that gets -- of a story after a certain period of time I do. I'm not -- by this year. And I have to also tell you. For if it's okay with you guys are also -- which point do you why I take the approach I do. And simply put those have you who were having long term connection with UB. And I do. And by the way. Although I have an issue with people gossipy Ph.D. from UB who's now somewhere else say that global climate change dividers ought to be put into Google blog. I have to tell you that just like accountant can more Telecom a lot of public school system. I really did have some great professors at UB many of whom were dyed in the wool liberals. They were dyed in the wool true liberals. In other words they were progressive Communists. Who shut down dissent. They were liberals who would at least be open to hearing my Neanderthal point of and I'm talking specifically about people like Bruce Jackson. Stephen Kenny I was a -- They're who -- he was golfers Ph.D. I'm not sure if you ever got. But folks I had the and I really consider myself blessed to have been exposed to some great American. A real American liberals guys who lived through World War II. Who fought in World War II when he could never accused those guys have been pussy cats. Okay. And one of the guys. That I became close personal friends with. With a guy named Charles -- CA ZA you -- zero a fellow fraud. And he was always fascinated by mysteries. But more importantly he was always fascinated by the psychology of people fascinated by mysteries. And I remember him shooting down one mystery after another where there was the Bermuda Triangle. Or Eric -- -- -- chariots of the gods. And it was a riveting -- that he taught absolutely. -- And basically. He is the guy who first introduced me to the philosophy of William of pocket. Now I'm not trying to go all -- intellectual -- but basically when you see a situation. That seems to be a great mystery. Don't go to the alien anal probe first site that went for down the list. Go to most likely first. Okay that's William Hawkins theory in a contemporary not -- And it's still holds to this day. Now you've got -- I'd like to hear. Some theories make more sense to me that other theories that terrorism theory does not hold water to. And and it doesn't hold water today because again. Isn't half the fun or killing people and a terror attack yelling -- -- Barbara before you do it. As the guys from Afghanistan. Did they know what they hear those words. If they hear the words in time. They hear a lot of our. -- they hugged mother earth for all it's worth. -- Estimate. All right and yeah you guys can call it and verify that if you feel like talking about it. Not gonna ask a lot of questions that are gonna make you feel uncomfortable because the last thing you need -- to revisit memory you'll feel like revisiting. And I try to be sensitive to your PPS do you guys from Afghanistan. And Iraq and the a lot of Pete he has the issues and by the way that's one of the -- of our government is the fact. That we sent you guys off. -- and come back and then instead of trying to deal with your mental state. You know and talking with you. And having proper support for they make you wait for months before they -- -- -- -- -- And then if your methods don't work. And you gotta wait a few more months to get them adjust the body right. My opinion as you often you serve this country you come back a little messed up. You go to the top of the list as far as people we take care of in America. Sorry just the way I think. How an American of me here is -- Dan and Blaise fell on WB EM hey Dan know what if they capital this plan. What evidence. Well my my question -- -- you make retirement that. They'd like Sully Sullenberger landed it in the middle river. Any notion that that -- -- -- a bit different than you know however. Well there's a lot that goes into a wave and what the army you can land that in a lake you can land -- river you can land it in an ocean. Sometimes. -- Lake Erie is more turbulent -- the Pacific Ocean would be. Made it depends on what actually hit it depends on what -- waves are contingent upon a multiplicity of factors. In -- time you're you're you're making it is so you're you're you're you're comparing up. -- -- -- No no no I I. I I guess I really don't understand your point. I -- I I honest I honestly don't. Have you ever been in the ocean on a cruise and it is as flat as glass. Erica because I've been on many -- cruise in the ocean where the ocean is as flat as glass. And that a bit and other crews where there are three to five foot waves and thank god never -- crews were there thirty foot waves. Out here here's the result that can we go back to defect that can you tell me that. -- was flat. It's time that this plane was -- in the air. Okay well what did you watch Perry Mason or something last night and -- TV and Tammy you're you're trying to like -- -- -- -- posters up there because if I don't understand your point. I don't -- first of all in order to know that we have to know precisely where the plane went down at what the Oceanic conditions were like willow went down. I'm not so much we're went down panicking trying to put it in the terms were. What kind of plane was in the air and you're gonna tell me that they don't have weather reports and different parts of the the -- When this was going. Did you have any idea how big search areas where all the around I don't wanna cut -- mean actually kind of like to but I won't call up which got a hold the target practice after traffic WBM I -- check in with Allan Harris to find out. If the state that your car is still where. On the night the Alan what you got. They always do that why it. I haven't cameras on the -- and -- away if every time something happens they turn the damn cameras offer visual out on yet. So are available what the hell. I'm sensing extra duty today for Allen with more reports sir Alan hey if you see if you've got pictures of the slowdown you can safely take them send them to. Newsroom at WB EN dot com newsroom at WB young dot com our traffic hotline is 8030321803021. Are -- it affected Dan. In that in blazed they'll meet Dan just there you -- out. Outlook I am not trying to insult you belittle you or call you -- tool in anyway shape or form. But you realize that. On the oceans of the world. Depending on a number of factors they range from smooth as silk and the last two tumultuous. Killer waves right. I'd I'd chime in and bully me I'm not trying to it's in insinuate that you're. Not speaking in -- it's the right word. Logical it's -- but wouldn't say it is. You're also coming about the officer -- over on the -- needed as -- -- pulled over and if you government on the highway it does have a day. What anybody's seen in the vote. Officer with the lights going. -- -- -- The yeah your your loss today. An account and about. That affected that the -- -- -- backed -- -- now but right now I think that lies is a great -- blades for for law enforcement nobody else. I think we're way I think we're we're way off I think it's a stupid law ought to be honest with you but -- bet that's not even close to being the topic is slated to close topic we're talking about it now I will let you go because now. You know again that big difference between debating -- trying to hijack the show. All right and which we were specifically talking about the airplane. I did not bring up the move over to the left law today which I think is stupid because it leaves too much discretion to the driver. And it's a great moneymaker for the state. But as far as the oceans the point and try to make your folks news. Those have you been on a cruise. You've been on Cruz's head you're not where the water has been smooth. Moved as glass. Like would you go to Alaska with sandy beach. You're gonna see some of the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen you're gonna have water in Glacier Bay that is as smooth as silk. In April -- -- to do a belly landing there. I think you can do with a minimum of damage to the -- Yet when you watch videos of some of those theories in the know here he said -- But if you if you live watch video of some of those giant -- in the North Atlantic in other Scandinavian countries. I don't know how those vessels actually stay afloat. When I see them pitching and going and rolling. I think the myself a I would be pure being my guts now Bobby how is this year even -- arable. So ocean conditions -- Now depending on the area where this vessel where the aircraft went down if it went down on water it could landed in water that was smooth. It -- landed in the water that was turbulent it was turbulent I would expect to find some debris by now. But sir I do appreciate your call and I appreciate the back and forth but don't. That hijacking the show thing that's always been kind of a pet peeve of mine don't take it personally and just -- the dues there. 445. At WB yeah I need to break. Imagine that Joseph Joseph beavers at master control. And John -- manager calls greater by the way I do have some news from -- Thompson about the clown. Who somehow managed to break about five major news stories every month -- -- at WBM. So I do an update from my friend Ross Thompson a news radio 930 WBE NN. You know -- happen to -- once except there was decide theory attribute Chicago. Which is OK -- I needed to have the -- and anyway so there was that. It's up for 46 at news radio 930 WBE. And it's -- hourly for a cure ideology. Caller Dan from blazed they'll. He's on target we could talk about this. To another -- is -- for a cure ideology. And I told her for over a year now about a cure all ideology first of all folks you know they say don't ever hearing tested after the age of fifty. I don't believe that I think that with all of the electronics that we got now at all the PM earbuds -- headphones and all the headsets that we have to Wear and a daily basis. Frankly I notice that my hearing started taking -- going downhill. About maybe when I was 3840. Years older so that's what it started. And even now ladies and -- but I hit good this but I can't distinguish certain frequencies if they're all coming at -- at the same time. So it's a matter time before I will get one of those phone act hearing aids from a my friends at a cure all ideology. Because. You know it stands to reason thirty years -- headphones at least four hours a day you're gonna impact your hearing even though I've never listen -- -- real lead out. -- city beaches here is great. John Zack and worry about John -- thanks but as far as the as far as headphone ago and earbuds and everything like that guys. Really you gotta get your hearing destined to edit forty not fifty. Because when it comes to hearing believe me forty is the new fifty go to a cure on Realogy call 6330721. 6330721. Or go online -- cure ideology dot com ACC. -- -- -- on Realogy dot com chooses a cool show because even the people who were disagreeing or at least do and so with laughter. Which I think we need more up in the world. All right thanks Alan and also we take away otherwise we're gonna be down to 38 tonight right now were almost fifty degrees at WB the end so. Understand. It's nicer than saying it's going to be four degrees above tonight -- -- So -- Rarely go -- and dissect kind of stalling for time don't -- -- and outbreaks in the commercial. I do but -- -- podcast on the show which is fun. And it goes to the beach it's a multitask and the show. But is just we just have different styles I I've got to be like totally engrossed in what I'm doing and it's against Indians but we just got her own. Different styles but I do want to point out that of my friend -- Rus Thompson. We have coordinated a date because yesterday I heard Steve Auld stopped French -- scroll. On my program note not the mouthwash for shooters committee. On political education. And Rus Thompson has spies on Grand Island because he is my favorite club. And I say that jokingly it's an inside joke anyway. Then express. Monday march 31. 630. That's Monday march 31 at 630. Grand Island high school ransom road to. Grand Island -- there will be a rally in defense of second amendment rights and it Shea in the -- So that'll be Monday march 31 6:30 PM of course when I am working. Thus depriving new York state of a dollar troll. Are right it is up so thanks Ross for a give me the information and we'll talk about live by the year at some point in the not too distant future -- have Ross on with me today for a bit but he's also he also runs a business. And he had some repairs did debate today and it would have been fair to take him away his business percent that I can do especially when we've got a few days yet to talk about this so. You know that's just my thought process. However battled and worked it may be that's the process. Joey 56 you want me out OK let's get back to the calls heads -- -- theory. That you can't poke a hole through. Here is job on WB -- John not what your theory or have you heard one that you think is the best. Well. I haven't won yet. But my period I like you're hearing in my years that it is here. It wasn't born doctors and -- your career. Well look at it possibly be. Well my theory is. Is that you know if I -- North Korea or Iran. This is how I would attack and I think that's what's going -- I think that is -- hijacked by Iran. I think it landed and I ran. I think that they're gonna put these small atomic -- side. You look at North Korea -- there in cahoots with their program. Andy North creep into places have been -- -- But they do produce an electromagnetic pulse. So you order a good small atomic device -- or -- -- -- if you fly it over -- candidates. -- proper -- with a small apartment device you can wipe out electric grid in the entire United States. Two things I wanna offer in counter argument to what you just sent number one. The minute a mystery 7077. Appears on any radar it will be shot down that's number one number two if you're talking about EMP. Or an attack nuclear lead. New clearly there's only George W. Bush the United States it'll be an ICBM attack where you've got ten minutes' notice and not ours were the notes. If you're not gonna get noticed is just gonna happen. I always thought the emergency broadcast system was a joke like they're really gonna cause panic and say my god missiles are on the way holy crap. I hear you say you -- But I'm not an expert when it comes true you know big aviation. All claim -- claim expertise and anything about your way. If you've got something else to say they'll put Jon Alterman got a break for the Newser -- radio 930 WB -- its hourly -- thanks for making me part of your day I really am honored. And it's been so many years I almost feel like. You know we should hang out. I mean if -- --

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