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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

3-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore the look and -- with great but I think yeah if India the whole look. Anxious and I -- maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller what is generally feel stupid. -- apple people in charge. -- -- I'm not only -- they don't go -- and put this. Good. Kind of -- people know. I'm very. Easily and thirty you know partner one simple request. Comes. -- there have -- it. But didn't make everything that I. Parody are -- So I. Hey housing -- it is but our Larry and his radio and I EW BE NN and it's it seems like deja Vu all over again. And IA I ask questions for -- and at least some questions involve the missing plane. And that is something. Can't or call in recent memory a national story with the exception of 9/11 that it had as many legs as this story as it. We are the 24 hour attention span of society are we go from crisis to crisis knew that that news event. I don't even think sandy hook and the kind of staying power that this particular story hence why it because human beings lobbed a mystery. Why it because human beings love to play the game of clue. Why it because human beings like to be proven right at the end of the better. Course in my case it happens 99% of anyway so it's kind of old hat for me but. Have you heard a theory. About the airplane through which you can not poke a hole. Because. Yesterday. I have to tell you. And -- -- all due respect. I have to play. That all the theories that came and I thought I did a masterful job raising total points to those terrorists for example. One of the theories -- as well. B 777. Was taken over and it was sold to a bunch of drug dealers so they can use it for drug shipments. I'm thinking to myself. Hello did anybody else watch scarface with Alpa chino -- drug dealer is not gonna risk put that much product on one aircraft. If you're drug dealer used a fleet of single engine or double engine airplanes because of one goes down you don't lose the entire shipment. You don't put at all -- -- 777. Because then you're talking about a vast amount of work and literally billions of street dollars they give flushed down the -- So that didn't make any sense that the drug dealer aspect of it. -- easier ways to get drugs to wherever you try to get them and that ways in which hey if one gets busted. 99 -- true. But nobody's gonna -- -- 777. Act by the way that was one that they kept coming up yesterday. Well I think that the pilots target and they they took it to a rogue state and the rogue state is gonna pay a bit different colors and the other -- a quiet ever gonna use it as a flying bomb. Too well. From where exactly would tell me where. Are you guys you I know you look at a map right. Okay you realize that by the time. These 777. Is airborne. And a 101000 -- the Chinese military the US military. The Russian military everybody's gonna have a bead on the 8777. That is a monopoly on our radar -- you'd know that they're all gonna scramble fighters -- over the gonna shoot the damn thing down if there's any indication that this is the missing 777. And has been retrofitted. To become a flying -- Number worry. -- fly bomb theory. Who resent that work. On September 11 2001. Was because those players were filled with fuel all of those planes had planned trans continental journeys. And they crashed shortly after they took off. So there's a lot of fuel. On -- those those those fires. On board the plane rather still on the planes crashed into the building the fuel leak down the fire -- down. And according to the theory advanced which is still argued by some to the contrary. The molten metal basically. It could not stay in its weekend and the fluid state simply could not support the weight of the structure at a huge dollar -- house of cards specifically the twin towers of the World Trade Center but. Folks just to put yourself in the shoes of a military leader right now. Okay this around -- that -- that you're watching the radar screens and every player has identified on the -- -- -- you know what this one is that's a 747 that's like that 2802 when it went for a tour from New York to Singapore. All right that one's going from Adelaide Australia it's gonna make a stop in Saigon then it's gonna go to England OK we've got that eight. -- heck is this what. If this 177. We don't. As this one will recognize this signal that setting us. If -- -- say wait a minute what we've been looking for women looking for a 777. Before it -- still within thousands of miles of any target worth taking out its gonna get shot now. So that theory and he doesn't hold water it really doesn't. So I honestly got and I'm still. Sticking with my theory just like -- -- you -- your theory but I'm sticking with the most logical third. Which is always been a combination of pilot error and mechanical malfunction. Because I know that that is the cause of almost every single plane crash that has ever taken place usually pilot error. Sometimes mechanical failure you put the two put the two of those together and you've got yourself 99.9. 99% of airplane and airline crashes pilot error mechanical failure. And it wouldn't surprise me at all. Let's say a senator screwed up. In the 777. And the Arab militias were paying attention. I know some review pilots are laughing at this notion but. Hey you know what you get malfunctions all the time how many times -- you but on the roadways JFK -- -- number two for takeoff and one of those damn warning lights goes on and you've got to turn the damn thing around to go back to the go back to the jet way to have the mechanic. Go like bing bing to the light to give it to go out. So what would be so unusual about an altimeter malfunction. The pilots were higher than they thought they worked. Everybody in the plane passes out including the pilots. And everybody is -- falls asleep and the and the plane doesn't up and Stewart. And instead crashing into the Dakotas is just as a belly crashed into the ocean. It lands into its links to the bottom of the ocean. Case close. And they were not talking about bigfoot. We're talking about alien anal probes here we're talking about something that is I think quite exportable within the realm of normalcy. And some other theories that have heard advanced I think a -- preposterous. If you're gonna look at Washington DC folks there easier ways to attack Washington DC. Two auto -- buffalo are easier ways to do. Two auto attack works that are easier ways to do it then if they're big they're big kidnap a 777. And make it into Obama. And fly at thousands of miles toward New York City that they wouldn't even make our. And we get shot down you know what -- -- Can let that -- get anywhere close to it especially if you believe I believe in her own government shut down the flight in Pennsylvania September 11. They said let's see if we shoot down this plane we lose fifty people if we let it crash into a building in Washington we lose 500 people. Where's you know do the math. The needs of the many that need to if you vote. I still think that plant was shut down I cannot prove that simply a personal opinion of -- Based on the fact that wreckage and papers from the -- were found miles around Shanksville Pennsylvania. They're always on TV was a smoking crater. Any talk about. Well I concede a -- marks in the Pentagon all. I've ever seen a plane crash like that one end Pennsylvania before all was was a giant hole in the ground receives something like that. So I really do think that plane was shot down in the here. On orders by George Bush Dick Cheney or whoever. And you know what I would've made the same decision and respect Barack Obama to make the same decision the people were going to die anyway. So you take the fewer casualties not the many casualties it's tough calculus but it happens. It's what you do it's what leaders do it sucks but you gotta do. Have you heard anything you -- read. That you have not been able to poke a hole right through because I have not I don't Clinton I mean the world's foremost authority. -- aviation by flying experiences were limited single engine puddle jumpers that's it. I don't even have a license just to student pilot certification. In my naturally talent and -- yes to be honest with you I -- I'm naturally talented at a few things flying planes is one of them shooting is something else there are two more but I can't give -- to -- ask your wife. 803 on I thirty is the phone number start -- thirty on the cell phone. Now what 80616. Hole were WB and too soon you know three -- thirty start at 3180616. WBM. Had you heard the theory that you can't poke a hole through. I have not. I have not. And your guess is as good as mine but I do reserve the right and I want you reserve the right yourself to shoot down my theory. And to shoot down any other theory. That anybody comes up where. Now here's the question will wreckage. Ever be found I was asking the question will be found within a month. Maybe I should just bridge about what do you think wreckage will be found. Do you think that within days maybe during the course of the British -- wreckage. May be during the course of the weekend they'll find wreckage. Then again they ever find wreckage. -- and a lot of people thrown his name around since the disappearance of the flight. Emilia Earhart. I'm dale Earhardt for those who don't know. She is actually quite a hero of mine. No not heroin that's bad here we in the hero means are good but what's the plural of Euro region's female heroes well I don't suppose it meant he acts thank you. You World War II ladies appreciate that but anyway familiar -- basically what I love about this woman. Is the fact that she basically in a man's world. Told them up yours. I'm gonna fly publisher had to do it out to -- the -- set the record as a woman ever to do wild thing miles away. Or is I would say a -- pal my own canoe and she did it. As she -- navigator are on board are guided the thread that you wouldn't think his name was it was not wiley post that was it will Rogers but. Long story short. Centrist think about a millionaire -- Now this story happened before most of you were even born in the very infancy of aviation. -- if you kept up with the search for a million Earhart. You don't know that there have been some very interesting close uncovered by Holland island in the Pacific right. There have been. There is actually a -- our image that was taken just over a year ago of what appears to be the fuselage and or -- Love the kind of plane ms. Earhart was why they -- also found wreckage in the South Pacific. I should say artifacts in the South Pacific near Howland island. Items Emilia Earhart was thought to have had with her on the play. So while they care about definitely with absolute certainty say that they found exactly where a million error hurt plane went down I think the -- closer every year. And I do think that they're pretty much as close as let's put it this way. I think they're one DNA test away from closing the book -- familiar heart I think they've got it narrowed down pretty well. Based on her last radio transmissions. Based her -- route. Based on the meteorologist at the time the winds that fuel the aerodynamic characteristics of the plane or listen to me and out. The familiar Earhart mystery I don't think. Let's put it this. Especially considering the fact it went down when it did when it did. That's interesting to me I think it's going to be solved definitively. Maybe not within our lifetimes but it will be solved. This thing here I think is going to be solved within our lifetimes. There are certain. Processes. Which take place after somebody is -- Which caused anybody to float. Here's the problem. If as I suspect the pilots all took a nap. Basically they all passed out. And the plane gently gently gently gently gently. -- itself with a drink and everybody was dead anyway and it's sent to the bottom. How much wreckage would you expect to find how much wreckage was there when Sully Sullenberger put the plane in the Hudson. Hudson -- east and to the east towards the east is not problem. Doesn't much. Care was not much wreckage at all. Dan. If everybody was dead on that plane there would be a reason for the doors to have been open. So basically what you've got. Is based ill or metal coffin. That has been locked. That is containing all of these bodies that are. Now at this point probably very shall we say buoyant but all trapped inside the -- And eventually they'll burst in lose buoyancy. But folks the oceans again I get back to my premise that a -- with you all along the ocean to big place. I'm not surprised they haven't found -- I think my theory makes the most sense so far are really. For example. If you're -- pilot. If you're a pilot and you have seen. -- you know the game plan. Joke you tell me a count your pilot I want a 777. I want to be a terror -- I'll pay a million dollars to bring -- -- 777. If I'm Smart enough to fly 7777. What else I know about you. I also didn't know that you're gonna want me dead the minute you get your hands on the plane so I can't talk. You know I've mentioned it today and yesterday -- somebody it was the new -- and it is it gonna -- that absolutely nobody. Knew what the hell I was talking about. And I I'd best explain myself following the news so after the news joke just to remind me of one name Arnold Shuster. Or Willie Sutton one of the other. Can you remember those two names of measures how well. Are at 325 at news radio 930 WB and it is hourly have you heard a theory that through which you can't poke a finger -- -- WB edits -- -- with you are doing well. And we are with you on a Tuesday. And up my question to you is Petit heard a ferry on the airplane. Through which you have not been able poker hole. And do you believe. Do you believe the plane is ever going to be found. Ever going to be on ever is a long time -- think is going to be found this month. Do you think is going to be found this year. During has got to be found by this weekend. Or at least some twigs and varies from the plane. At least something -- -- wreckage. -- tail section. An elevator -- laps it. Two big ocean. A big big big big big ocean. Thomas got to be an act of terrorism. And the reason you don't have tell isn't -- -- -- kill an innocent people is going. That's after the fact up if your Muslim terrorist. I -- if you don't get to yell Allahu Akbar that you really achieve martyrdom. I'm going with no Alex for 500. So it was Muslim terrorism. Are really go up or Christian terrorism or Jewish terrorism. I think it's gonna end up being. Like the overwhelming majority of plane crashes and obvious. Pilot and or mechanical error. That is logic. That is the most rational. Explanation. Well armed terrorist took it over they're gonna turn it into a fly ball. Okay and exactly how far is this a flying bomb going to get before it shot down. I'm going with about 200 miles. Maybe. Before he had shot down. There's not going to be would anywhere. And it radar picks up it's getting shot Powell. So that doesn't make any sense to. The most logical explanation is still all. Pilot or mechanical error probably. The Payne Stewart affect. And I don't think that this implies emperors -- demands any nefarious evil intent by the pilots. Pilots are like anybody else they screwed up. You know there LT governor might have screwed up they might have been higher than they thought they work. -- and a few times. And I mean a fly and evade blacked out. And then slow the descend until they ran out of fuel. We'll talk about the change in direction. OK you hit turbulence. Your hand or your knee hit the yoke of the plane and it hurts. A mysterious. That happens. How have you flown. OK let me give an example. And again I do not professed to be the second coming of Charles Lindbergh please understand where Tom Cruise in top gun. But how many of you take flying lessons take off from buffalo airport you fly -- you be in the summertime and you -- pothole in the air from a convection heat coming up from the UB parking lot. Not yeah us. Now if you were unconscious. And he hit that kind of a pothole in the year AK eight turbulence. Edgar. I believe and has a -- not a stick but BO would be announced. It is a 337. At news radio 930 WB EM IA. -- -- -- if you're gonna tell me that the plane is on the ground somewhere you gotta tell me what's the logical end game. Because there is no where this plane is going to be able to fly without being detected and shot down. -- It's done. The minute this thing resurfaces. Oughta know from Malaysia. From Yemen. From Pakistan. The surpluses. It's gonna get shot out. It's not going to be trust that. So that just doesn't make any sense to me. The people on board are probably all dead. They probably all died in their sleep as did the crew hide in their sleep they probably never knew what the hell happened. That's my guess that's my theory. I just happen to think it's the most logical one. Let's go to new Kevin in Toronto on WBM. Kevin what do you think we've all got earth series that's mine. -- what -- your explanation up to a point that they are all worth it and doubt if they did that turn over -- -- out toward change you know him. Aren't currently -- play on annual goal which it would -- breakdown. In -- -- directly directly. On auto pilot we would block it back out that editing and don't ran out of -- and again I don't know down. Other kind of bind to create. Do you only see here's the thing. Part of my theory is based on the idea that because they have not found wreckage yet I think it I think that about lending. I don't think a wet nose down because medical on nose down. It would have been like hitting concrete by now with 200 plus souls on board you'd see floaters -- -- haven't seen floaters yet. The category to a belly landing. It's -- manual and hope nobody the wake of. -- -- Oh okay. I bought it because you'll be. Playing. Black. -- -- -- And it will be but I get the impression -- gonna do and no direct very down. If any pilot was to correct -- I would be more than happy to hear it but in the absence of in the absence of of bodies. Doesn't that seem most likely because if it didn't go nosedive into the ocean. It's been long enough now dead bodies would have been spotted and I'm not talking five I'm talking probably about seventy bodies by now would have been spotted. Those that were not eaten by their. No that's an awfully big goes -- -- they may -- more hours and I don't know 500 mile an hour but there -- 100 miles. -- big area. But don't forget there's a lot of fishermen out there there's a lot of people are old fishing trawler as you would I would not have put down because -- are seeking hazards are out there every day I'm sure by now they would have seen mysterious bodies in the ocean. I'm sure they would put two and two together and said holy crap. A floater and he looks awfully Malaysian. Where Chinese. I don't mean I'm not trying to make fun of this are really not because I feel bad for these people's families but. But I think that the I think the hype herbal list -- conspiracy theories about it they've got to be killing these families. Because remember if your family member you don't wanna believe your loved one is -- what do you think we still -- people think it Elvis is still alive. Well there you go but I think probably took her -- they'll find. Luggage in -- they're gonna -- really good. Well it all depends on whether the luggage compartment was secured how well it was secured and where the plane would have broken apart. If it and if it landed according to the scenario you are site if it landed in a belly landing -- can be in fact. Until the saltwater corrosion starts to wash it away and by that point there won't be the flash to float to the surface of all the Balkans. The big -- but I think they're gonna -- it. Probably within a month. All right I think Joseph wants the United States gets involved fully in the search they'll find it. Yeah and I think the current current and -- airport looked -- out though. And allies the US. Yeah well look guys I'm glad your -- idea again I just think that in the absence of wreckage or bodies at this point I'd got to believe that made a belly landing and went down. All called to congratulate you when your group. There it you know what there's no congratulations. Here because over 200 people are dead. It if my theory proves to be correct it's not a triumph for me it's just a triumph for basic logic. -- -- which is -- well they're never gonna get closure. Especially when your loved ones bodies one of the bodies that isn't found they're never gonna get a closures one of the most overused words in the English language. Thank you thank you very much and glad you called Kevin. All right how many -- you suddenly lost -- loved ones have ever felt a sense of closure. Yeah I'm still waiting. For some people a way it's been over like ten years I'm still waiting and there's no sense of closure. The paint we'll get lasts. But there's always things you wish you would set right there's always things you wish you would have done. Doctors always insults you which you're gonna get -- before that -- Hear his Kevin in buffalo it's all Kevin all day on WB and Kevin your WBM -- It's now Mario surf. My theory has four main points. And I just wanted to I want it so don't you and then and then your respondents believe there. In other words I shall not in her -- that is your desire shoot. All right. I don't think people are concentrating enough on the pilot that had the flight simulator at his house. And -- -- happened was that he tree in somebody's how to fly that airplane in that place. All right that's the first point. Now I don't know how they've got pilots. As far as getting weapons on board a plane I'm sure it's easier than a regular passenger. Especially in Malaysia. I'm not I'm not sure how that works but I would imagine that you're for a pilot to get a weapon aboard a plan. But I have to interrupt here what is the end game. Our other pilot I train you how to fly 777. What's -- -- the game are written. So in mid -- After the pilot says goodnight. He killed the call pilot. Goes out into the -- Yet that it gets its trained. I would that he came on the simulator. The final plea and admit there. Keep -- up into air Marshal modular unit captain uniform. He says I need to find it to air marshals. He finds him take them out. Great why do you think there were do we know for a fact there were two air marshals on the slight. No there's not. There or not that's a US -- to US thing they put air marshals on flights considered to be high risk. There is not if there is not an air Marshal on every American flight much less international flight. Our local if you count it out into the -- are into the the cabin nature there were no air marshals. Now he had complete control over -- when. Now bet then game is anybody's guess whether the cargo. Whether or not somebody aboard that airplane. -- this has been long and work like it yet -- look back at one point this guy by the flight simulator but how long the other place simulator that's I think W -- and most important. But there's flight simulators and -- flight simulators. There's Microsoft flight Sen. And there's real flight simulators which cost like recorder vermilion box. But when it is pilot. All purchases flight simulator and I would say that one. There -- the real question is what kind of flight simulator was. -- -- the guy looked if the guy like the fly F sixteens in his spare time on his computer. -- -- me that's utterly innocent guy might get bored doing street level from point a to point -- might wanna screw around with an F sixteen. Well I would look at when he purchased flight simulator because. That's well I mean -- he's been awakened at its finest sixteen -- talking about him or missing aircraft that nobody can figure out the answer to. And I would say look at one -- to be purchased that flight simulator. And I would say that that was the plan was hatched because that thing. This took a lot of -- I don't think you'll lose. I think it's it was a well planned. But. What's what's the plan. What -- after. I I out OK there is either cargo plane. Somebody on that airplane didn't want it's you know get they get the heck out of dodge and disappear. If you actually kind of Chinese finance years something. It is I don't know opinion is I don't know why the plane was. Hijacked. I don't know what the end game of all I can say it. Easiest the easiest way if you still billion bucks easiest way to do it. Is make friends with a seventeen year old kid and eyes -- by genre with a computer could -- figure out how to record off out of a billion dollars in about two seconds. I -- had a dollar circuit from parent wants. That they didn't you mr. -- Well you know you also did so in deepest trust and confidence and faith and in jesus' name. I'm glad -- -- thank your heart -- got a laugh out of it Niger that. All right it is at 347 I still haven't gotten the Willie Sutton story -- 347. Is ready at 930 WB yeah. Have -- the theory through which you've not been able to drive a hole. I haven't heard a theory that I cannot logically dispute I'm not saying right. But when you see a situation you do not understand. In addition to looking to the financial interest you'll also have to look for the most likely explanation first. Before you start talking about alien probes and those of you remember the weekly world news. May remember headline from thirty years ago that read a World War II Obama found -- mumbo. Who -- 47 degrees at news radio 930 WB -- an hour right now tonight is going to be breezy. Cloudy the overnight low thirty and tomorrow cloudy and windy a couple of showers with a high temperature of 46. Degrees. Already that it is at 350 to have you heard a theory. On the missing flight that you have not been able to poke a hole logically. And I honestly have not. The best there I've heard is the one I have advanced. Is it perfect no I think it's got the least number of holes. Of any of the theories that I've heard others expound upon in recent days now I've mentioned yesterday eight to neutral effect. Now let me just bear with me just for a moment folks. If you're a pilot. And some guy comes up to you at some sleazy bar in cool what -- pour. And says I hear you fly airplanes for -- Malaysia and you've got 777. I give you two million dollar was 777. Well. Versed at all even if you're in tree. If you're Smart enough to fly a plane like bet. You're -- Smart enough. At -- -- straight sets to know that. Be the first got whacked because you're gonna everything this other movie goodfellas. Yeah all of the crew gentlemen Jimmy -- crew ended up. -- how they all of that up the -- bad. Because he felt that when you limited of the witnesses you eliminated the risk to yourself didn't work that well he died and all correctional. Not over Lou -- but over other stuff. But the bottom line is the -- to a new tell remember the name frank to veto. Anybody remember. -- Willie Sutton everybody. Our way back when there's got -- -- sought news of notorious bank robber he was also a notorious prison escape artist. And a one point Willie Sutton escape from prison. And it was in New York City. And this guy named Arnold Shuster saw him on a street car where subways in New York City followed him all alerted cops and said. I think this Willie Sutton. Sure enough the cops go after the guys that proved to be Willie Sutton. Well. Guess what happens the mob goes into a Tizzy about the mob in general but. This psychopathic. Mobbed person this guy is worse than -- -- end the and Frankie leotard -- together OK this guy was a psychopath Wednesday was Albert Anastasia. And he said. I don't like stool pigeons hit this guy. Meaning Arnold Schuster the good citizen had nothing to do with organized crime had nothing to do with the mob he was just doing his duty is a citizen right. So he's coming home from work after being lauded as a hero. And some sort of a -- comes up to a shoots him twice. India won -- each side and I think once in the mouth the message was keep her mouth shut if you see something. The guy who did they hit was named frank and -- guess what happened afraid that it -- There was so much heat put on frank today though that he started to squeals and all this heat annually paid me this. That was the last anybody ever heard of -- to -- In other words devastation eliminated the guy who could have fingered him as the guy who ordered the hit. And a pilot would have known that would have known he would have been the first witness to get -- Fred to -- OTE and UT -- you can look it up look up Arnold Shuster asked CH UST ER. Willie Sutton. In the end the weird thing is Willie Sutton as far as I know never hurt anybody in his whole life. Yet he was paid to do with that brush because somebody got whacked who turned -- No I'm not saying he was a paragon -- over Cuba. We -- -- worst people in public office.

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