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3-18 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back could be just coming -- sandy beach there interviewing on box they're interviewing and automotive expert who's not. On aeronautical expert who says that. It could be attack when they took pretty sharp turn to the west. It could be -- technical problems or suicide. Think a lot of like this if -- were attacked it would probably have to be used by somebody who's already in the cockpit. Because if they were back in the door down the pilot or cope I don't have time to send out a distress signal not that didn't happen. Oh well a technical problem that's possible and we don't know. Suicide as possible so. So there are many things that have been eliminated from. Conjecture here are Chris so we have some of those things revenues any of them yet on FaceBook -- -- -- This is from Sophia she says -- really think the US has the staying involved in this until they find a -- national security could be a -- the plane was stolen it can be used against us or our allies well that's true and what we said earlier. Remember copycat situations were not good either. If it is successful. And in an accomplished the mission it was set out to accomplish. You'll see more it's only when they fail that they turn to something else another place this is from Michael he says that's our report yesterday that the flight was carrying three or four tons of mangoes in the car -- of the plane. That seems like an awful lot of mangoes or whatever or concealing something or that report is -- bogus. Lots of mangoes well who knows them wasn't mangalore character on Saturday Night Live play by guard Chris -- He was a -- very think you're right female looking exotic dancer or something like that yeah that was. Very yeah that was a good characters funny. But I don't think he was in the cargo area probably no so aware also asking whether could be a crime. -- yesterday we had a 747 pilot on. Flies all over the world -- call before. Always very knowledgeable guy who said that you know sometimes things are shipped in the cargo holes that are very great including gold. He even said that there's occasionally you know armed guards. And so. If that or K it was a case and it was a theft. And in order to get what's in the cargo hold identical plane. There and indeed. The art airlines would not tell you a bit we would not hear about it we wouldn't hear that the plane went down. Image of 378. And went down with a cargo hold full of gold or partial cargo hold full of goals that I have been never gonna tell you. Because if they don't recovery that people will look for it and either get in the way or cause -- -- themselves so that's not gonna happen. All right and nobody's mentioned. No bond he has mentioned -- theft either as part of what we just -- largest stealing the whole plane. And breaking it up and selling parts or whatever. I don't know -- Via military pilot we had on earlier said that those parts have identification numbers so that the hard. Are to put on the market is a lot of things are discussed lot of things to think about let's go to a Mike in wheat field Mike you're on WB yeah. Reported -- alma. I think that put the put a crime the earth one or both pilot either by force. Or by choice. There with a good series that they went up to 45000. Feet. And depressurized that that's quite what yet there's no error -- the air W 131. Get -- that want that's why we didn't hear any of an awful. Because our 200 passengers how many you think at a golf ball. Yeah and it depends on whether there were anything to transmit the cellphones now our military pilots at a 35000. Feet. If they shut off the oxygen you would die there one of the 45000. Why would they go up -- that altitude and come back down there's no real reason to do it and so. When when we're thinking about things that there's no reasonable reason to do it it's still a mystery. And also the like earlier it was the end of that. Now I thought I read there -- twenty hi tech bowling. Technicians and engineers on that flight. Oh really did not you know on your card debt in my house and then you hear much about there. Yeah I think that if if anybody was just trying to get passengers because of their value. As as you know being kidnapped. They wouldn't go through the trouble taking a whole plane they get them either before they got on the plane or after they got off the plan -- a lot easier than getting them. On the plane with everybody else -- 200 and something passengers there. And and the other thing I heard a pilot on another station. Our economic rebound -- to be yen late at night. And George -- -- -- he was anonymous call from Charlie. -- -- people that type -- plane and what's unique about this playing. -- -- Controlled from the cockpit. Like with a runner. They're not one year there might be able to wireless network just like a remote -- and it is possible someone back at that point. With the technical knowledge could override the passenger -- and shut off all communication -- about the transponder. You never know I'm not ruling anything out as simply because we have the advances in electronics in the people who have managed to hack and almost any system we've ever put up. I wouldn't be surprised. The parliament minority -- he mentioned that he flew over the county of mobile. I was a few days ago remember I told -- that -- was economy totally inhabited by counsel hall who is the county of my. Own. -- a -- energetic out there was normal out of the same mobile Al goes my. -- don't like that the best cow imitation and Saturday -- you can turn on Rush Limbaugh is not a dual column -- you can turn on. But he is no column occasion there. And the same way of this averaged like that definitely know cows than ever to get cows cities seek a little dairy product mix then -- The general conversation. And an eagle it's -- It's one of those things where almost any of the theories. Theoretically. Could be -- could be right maybe it was a theft. Amid it was a hijacking. For another reason. If they pilot if it was a suicide mission. The pilot would have to over unless he -- his call parliament they're killing himself at the same time which is highly unlikely. He would have to take over the plane by disabling vehicle pilot or vice Versa. So that that would have to be done then if that if that's the case and you wanna kill yourself why you. Of course you were asking rational questions for an irrational act okay why would you wanna take everybody would. I I think that would be highly unusual. But not impossible. I don't take a break we'll be back with more with the -- company -- newsreader and -- -- we are WB yeah it is Beijing company of sandy beach. And along with Tony Kelly Jerry and Chris we also take -- FaceBook post things if you like the post something there. Or call -- -- tree on 9301806169236. Star 930. There has been a new whose helicopter crash. On near the Space Needle in Seattle CBS will have an update in about nine minutes on that. And so we will bring that to your -- news helicopter has crashed. A nearly Space Needle are causing a fire by the way. In a Seattle and so that that that will be a CBS updated about the moon now about eight minutes. Let's get back to the phones Franken not Wanda frank here on WB again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and you sit -- sit at the pilot a plane. -- programs. Just shorter. Who ticket at the direction -- jerk off. Yelled into the pilot northern co pilot did that they would be the most logical people to do that Goran. I just I depart at about ten minutes ago that sort -- latest information that they yeah. -- in the history of the title and it is so totally harmless but from. Some very good cheer. Or not they're accurate or -- -- from just can't read it starts from. Some as they -- from some groups. Yet that are that are true closer in. -- -- Where our technology that we care so much equipment -- playing. -- pick up at their Beck but they're -- That fail to. It -- our shortest game. How important failed that the next Webster BO and it worked at a belt I think the pirate that they should hear something. Where did you like with the black archbishop it was to get elected to. Real China -- me go back to -- its -- -- Without getting hit the -- for ways to get information from the black back is that there's a disaster. All at -- -- that they would come from that back by acts. Well be ugly pilot. Apparently has strong political views whether real strong religious views to I'm not sure are not heard that but. Of the bottom line is that if indeed that were the case he was part of a group. And they wanted to show that their libelous strike at any time by now the group would have claimed. On the group is not claiming it and so there's nobody's claiming and which is highly unusual because they usually rush to claimant. Oh absolutely -- right think that this guy here is it's. Probably a bit and not -- or he got some Alter your viewers. As -- why he did what he did and then got other programs to passengers there are underplayed here passports. That is polar -- -- out. That forestall or having any other regular eight -- that are here and they came right -- There's no terrorist activity going to hear what you know how do you believe anything that comes from the government. Right away which I like to share your all these people -- at play here agent. What must have been go to your bank and this can happen or bill Whitaker strap -- this yesterday we were nobody knew what hit them. Well think about it you bring up a good point Frankfurt about like this -- Steadily came out and said there's no terrorist activity yet nobody knows anything so how do you deny something when nobody has any knowledge. Basically. You lose all your credibility when my very first thing you do. Is I know they're trying to keep the public calm but won the very first thing to do is deny and then you don't have any knowledge to back it up. -- And a week -- it amounts well. There's probably. Ought to meet project in forty and it scored we noted that it. It. The -- in the year teaching -- course now the only person that could change course is. Our right. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- and it's a pure. And that's why I understand why. With the black actor -- whatever you -- or its lack. Why why did the real. Well acted like a -- found that the ground. So original order in place it all ties to read it going to wait. I think -- -- from. The bottom like this Franco one of the theories is a Columbia suicide. But sale or the pilot and and he decided comes out. He would have to disable -- violent. And then and then be committed to taking the whole plane down. -- them which seems to hall I mean. Suicide certainly isn't rational and this is beyond even that self. If if indeed he wanted to do that why would they take a sharp left going west. Why would -- just take it down and of directly down. That's -- it's that's -- -- corrected that -- thinks there have to be room that's why the pilot made this radical change in its course. There hasn't been a very is a destination for war where you were strict in this -- I think what he ran out of fuel. Maybe it never never. He never reaches -- they. Well they said that that plane could have been flying for six or seven hours after their last report so the odds are running out of fuel I mean if that was legitimate and that doesn't make much sense to me out of all of its theories that seems like the least sensible so do you think there's any chance as reason I said earlier. That this was a crime where the plane was stolen either for the plane or its cargo. I don't -- you know all the trigger I. I don't think so I just think that this were something other than excite. Are in the war situation today should it does seem to become an out of pockets. I don't think -- was -- I think this will hijacked. I think this sort certainly with the pirate. -- get something going. It and I don't think we're adding that there were -- our origin like I just think there was something else going on here and up. Hopefully we'll get an apartment. Well let's hope he didn't if it if it is the violent. Let's hope we didn't do it for his religion are his political views because that'll make things even worse than they already are. Absolutely that's why -- -- they were old man it. At the beginning when this all happened Becky in Beijing -- -- -- to be an all out there's there's not individual terrorist activity opry stage that you know. -- don't have any information so why why do you protect our operator wait for. Because then you'll lose our credibility good point frank thank you very much thank you deny deny deny it I mean. If you just denial right away it's like a house burning down. It's fully fully involved and the fire chief said no there's no arson here. It's too early to say that you have to go and do the examination. And then you can say it was arson but don't sit at a time and with this there and not just this. With almost anything that's happening now. Like for us as we just had a helicopter down in Seattle at the foot of space or close who's -- isn't. When they've always with surprise visit is no terrorism there it seems like that in an effort. To keep the public calm and not to panic the public they make denials wait too early. It's too early for them a ball right away they said no there's no sign of terrorism. On this though it is a disappearance of -- point out what are they basing them on. I'd like to know is there a special is there a special switch that the pilots guns roses were in trouble but it's not terrorism I don't think so. I mean they have their emergency channels they have their May Day all of these sorts of things and if there was somebody taking over the plane. You would think day if somebody had to get through that door. You would think that indeed they would have time to -- an emergency of message to the outside world. But remember the doctor the elated doctor we had on earlier says she was amazed she and another doctor were traveling on an airplane. And somebody. An idea. A real problem aware of their diabetes. And they had to get information. From doctors on the ground and they they opened the cockpit doors. And they invited them in to get the information to treat the man. And then they the doctors that was relaying the information said you'll have to check back in an hour depending on further treatment. And she said they were amazed because they're the cockpit was open to them now they were trying to save a life allegedly. But think about it like that wouldn't that be the humane normal thing to do if somebody were blessing having a heart attack in US -- -- is -- -- doctor on board. And it could've been a rooms it could also been something I threw in the mixed not that we need more theories. When people that do things would drive buses. Right you know pilot airplanes when they flying when they're not in charge is called dead heading they just have to get from one place to another. What if it were a pilot that was the bad guys that wasn't the pilot of the plane. But it was just dead heading and that's how he got into the plane and I think they would open the cabin -- -- Because they -- no -- was he had ID so it could have been that I mean there's a lot of things could be and we're asking you to. Kind of think about it it was your opinion on newsreader and I'm thirty we are WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA and -- call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. As OJ be informed of the crash up in Seattle of a news helicopter there are true dead of being reported now in -- -- updates from a CBS meanwhile we're talking about MH 370 as the world is talking about it. And are your thoughts on what may have happened to it. So far it's it's one of the few subjects. Where. Almost any scenario you would think is possible what happened we don't really know. Let's photo Florida this is ace -- I'm from Florida you're on WB -- And the lion's share yes -- nice to believe you and I'm glad I'm here of course because I think she has still got winner gone out of there. Oh yes absolutely I hope you're enjoying your your beautiful summer there'll what's your thinking because Europe pilot -- -- fighter jets. Give me your thoughts as a opera a pilot's perspective on this. I believe that airplane was commandeered by the captain and taken into. He got a -- I looked up out of the -- just by simply app completely the carpet in order to look. Perform a function cabin and locked. Cockpit door and want to -- communes eight. Nobody -- -- in -- -- had complete control of the flight deck. He took the airplane. On the very low altitude the -- up but towards Thailand and was actually critical time content. And -- level flight to some place in either southeast Asia in the lower right. -- on up into even got Russia and or China western China is a good possibility. And an angry if it sounds a little radical but it's actually very very possible because this pilot news. Most of the -- now -- Flight simulator computer at home that he couldn't settle this projected flight completely. And his flight simulators so that -- to coordinate and wait points that he wanted to go to to where we would take this airplane. And then he simply had an -- the navigation computer and and the all directions -- navigation computer to critique of the auto pilot and have computer like they usually do and and yet. An airplane is gonna go right to it -- designated point. In and that designated point can be a geographic coordinate anyplace. In the world and it could be. It could be a point at the end of they have a highway and old abandoned highway or could be up to a point -- -- -- Abandoned bluntly questioned. Conditioners. Hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of the -- -- about that part of the world. In my premise is that for political. Reasons he he. -- -- control that airplane and my guess is that wherever you -- it did he had people there. That we're part of the plot if you book accomplices that will let. That that provide them cover and and they. Crescent City -- -- job of scenario that could have had it covered with that with jungle canopy type boldly to ensure period of time. In the satellites never would see your point. Now let me ask you this as a yeah as a pilot is it normal for idea. Pilots who have a simulator at at their home. Okay the second thing the second thing I I wanted to ask is they they said that the plane. I've climbed to 45000. Feet. Oh well what what purpose would that serve in in rational thought is there any purpose you can think of outside of of being able to. -- passengers aboard by turning off their oxygen. Well we up -- -- that little -- actually came very briefly but the no I'm not sure that that's validated I think that was -- that was based on some ground based radar that doesn't. Have the transponder mode she is feeling because that would certainly wasn't looking at -- At the transponder transponder was turned off in I don't believe that airplane actually went to pull. I -- I think that was that erroneous information. But is it started that all but that the situation with a passengers if if the captain so inclined. On -- it can it can once -- he's got co pilot out of the cockpit is they'll get to do is put on his oxygen mask at least. All breathe oxygen from the oxygen mask and then he depressurized -- your point and -- the cabin altitude that this airplane. Up to say 25 or 30000 feet and in short -- on the passengers. Can -- its dark times for the publicity anyway. So popular is that. Not because either incapacitated. From hypoxia. Or or are or if if he has severe and take it happened to a higher altitude they're they're gonna die. Recently -- time. Well well the world is talking about this and I assume that it even has -- higher degree of intellectual curiosity among pilots are discussing among yourselves. A lot of information from my pilot colleagues you know. -- triple seven pilot single -- -- on their excellent pilots that the food afraid and so forth so. All interesting enough I I I posted this. And in this probable scenario that I just gave -- a post that -- posted -- and money up. A -- host of anybody wants or he just go to my web site which is that the rogue aviator dot com and that couldn't go to blood. Once again triple W of course to -- Peter dot com we'll go to -- and and you can read my my true Bob blog post relating to this but I am receiving as a result of the opens up post. I'm receiving emails from. Saying yes. Definitely this you know they're they're they're basically validating. Is that to have that process that I outlined Korea. Let me. Throw one more thing at -- and just say if this is logical. If if I pilot -- it's not in the cockpit he's not the pilot -- -- about he's dead heading he's going from point a to point B. If they knew him or he was an employee of the same airline is a common that they would allow him into the cockpit is that allowed. Not they have a across. This country and I think it's pretty much international at 88 -- to -- -- who here. If you know language was between airlines jet pilot going from a to -- as as a passenger can be -- designated as a cup practice jump seat passenger he isn't allowed to ride back there. But normally -- it would happen this is. Pilot that is as opposition to write -- -- because -- usually right cap and anyway if there's a few -- Iraq. I don't believe unless I've missed some not. Aspect of it and and I don't believe that there's -- effect. No way I'm not stand the fact I was just curious as as a how anybody if the if that was the scenario how anybody could get into the carpet something -- That would be in the in the easy entry of the bad guy turned out to be a dead head biologist. A traveling as a passenger well thank you pace we really appreciate a lot of good information and enjoy your Florida weather. -- take care a -- while Haas pretty interesting stuff. Yeah I mean I'm just. I'm letting my mind goal and and think about the different scenarios and the reason I ask them that last question is. You know -- cockpit security were all concerned about it and who would have access and we heard. One well woman a doctor saying how she had access to it because she was treating an emergency situation on the plane. And she was surprised she had access to it and that I just asked. The a pilot that we just talked to race. From Florida. Because of the bad guy was a passenger. And he was it a dead head pilot. He would have easy access to -- that they have the ability to do that so didn't doesn't have to be the pilot of the -- while it could be. Another pilot zone just a thought destroy them out there your guess is as good as mine will be back we'll get the update from Seattle at the top of the hour. Regarding the helicopter crash was in news helicopter crash near the Space -- Two confirmed dead so far as we -- updated at -- its code to. Jill would be next -- -- -- Joseph you're on WB yen. I'm fine Joseph what do you have for us today. While I'm former flight attendant back in the good old days when there used to be. Commute. And there would be people on the closets and the people. It was. Just so sensational -- But they'll -- all these people standing up walking around the cabin when there weren't any during take off. And we weren't about to passengers. It was up to -- prove who was. There should what I'm -- so what what. Isn't there the difference in debt adding. Passenger on that and -- crew member and it jumped at. -- now that could've been at that adding pilot but their credit them somebody that came down that way at the very last minute that I need to get in the trap and it. I need that third seat I need to get home and flash credentials -- on the outweigh. The only thing that bit that the gate agents are concerned about is getting on the plane and opt out there -- their backs they they wanna put. That plane away from did you wait. I'm trying to make it to the net and on time departure -- -- the -- Malaysia that is in the United States. Well they wanna get -- so -- Question credentials and the late -- government not talking so that prevents somebody that was in that. And then when well while the first officer was doing the walk the grounds that captain could have been reprogramming all that stuff that they just announced. And invent somebody gonna come down that way can. They knocked out first officer after sent out currency which. -- that. What made some elements that are not right I. That to them and earlier you're passing a thousand feet that's when he says that night. Not come out and then they put the accident -- Eight decompress the capital. Everybody goes that's what I slumber they get rid of everything that way. And it -- to the best and while that is -- -- -- and I've given a lot of thought I think that's the way that's where everything and the fact that. Malaysia is not saying anything. There and there's got to be something unfortunately that happened at the very elapsed. I'd -- someone walking down that outweigh getting into that thirteen. While you know that's -- that's my worst nightmare is what you just described unfortunately now when you're flying. How much concern among you the crew members other flight attendants and the pilots or whatever. -- about security or did you kind of just get used to it and you know of its securities well before the plane and plane is pretty secure or was -- a constant the thought. While I flew back in the eighties so it was. We welcome hijacked -- hijacking where were were always part of the training and and what we had to do recurrent training which was every year at. Return fire sell or whatever your ticket or not but it was just it was part of of the training him and -- without leash. President and here in your mind but. So was there that the equipment disputes those. -- -- -- check the flashlight picture there blinking. And I think it was. I'll see he had not by the captain and ill but immediately about them -- that gate agents one in the world that -- the option and then get rid of the box and yet -- Now we have a problem with a -- we got to get another one or. And and and that to. A precedence over all of them loading the passengers. And now it yeah I mean there was. Think that changed it back and we have a camp but tactic he's that would act AA regulation around our -- And yet happily we -- a -- -- And flash an and we had to have a I'm a manual on our bad. So on the safety. When you fly today after having been a flight attendant you know -- Really different atmosphere. -- our Ben you said it in the eighties it was a little Lucy Lucy at times is totally different now when your life. -- different now it's it's it's like it's it's -- it's. It it's not even -- on. No eight degree a lot of fun I mean to be it's been able account terrain and and and and that -- -- served well I mean that's. I want to -- all while well I can I can tell -- it is a Joseph when you're flying. When you're flying we used to see those movies of the drive into swinging stewardesses. Things like that. I called you a lot chemicals on my divorce. Today idea that you remembered and we talked about my divorce and and and on my my eye out for able yeah. But it wasn't I was actually got married. -- out -- the flight attendants vote. -- OK well thank you for your your insight appreciate it. So others there's some definitive both spots we don't know we simply don't know. Is the plane hidden somewhere was that the stolen it was a stolen. Did -- didn't have faced a catastrophic failure. Is that in water. Is it on land is it covered over isn't being reconfigured. As a weapon that's a scary one through. Did the passengers all parish because they were. Via the cabin was a decompress the and then they died of a six the nation that is off at a social. Is a lot of things and not many of them -- positive. The best result of this is they stole a plane because it was something valuable and then everybody's still alive. That's the best thing can happen in the worst is some of the things we've been describing now. And I don't know about you but. There aren't many theories that we've heard here at another radio and TV shows or whatever. That seem outlandish -- out of out of touch or you know off base it seems like any of these things could be possible. Especially when you talk to pilots and in flight attendants and whatever and you get their perspective because we value that. Are that about wraps it up four BH and company. And so we'll see you tomorrow morning at 10:9 AM on news radio and I'm thirty we RW via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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