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3-18 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back with the agent governor his -- -- all the newscasts than of the curiosity of the world than the interest of the world what has happened. Through flight MH 0378. And of the first focus was on possible terrorism. Maybe it was a catastrophic failure and was an accident and bill were never going to see the -- of the plane -- the people again. And then yesterday a caller 747 pilot called and and he's travels all over the world he flies all over the world suggested that. Some thought should be given to whether it was a crime. Whether there was something in the cargo hold that will be so valuable it would be worth -- You know this kind of of magnitude of a crime. But we know that in the Lufthansa highs that was those set the scene for good goodfellas. That that was cargo that was going to go on sale of tons of wind and then -- so. There are things -- that we don't know about them the last thing that but he. Airline is going to suggest is. A loss of a valuable cargo without knowing where it is because people would go out and be like 01 of those a California gold rush scenes where all the wagons heading west. Trying to find it. So it has not dimension and I'm thinking it's is go to theory as any. However the of that shelling thing in my mind is when it went up to away -- right away. When it went up to an altitude that human beings could not beat. Are there without masks and you can shut off the oxygen to the passenger compartment and they would die. That's the real chilling part of this whole thing for me even more than an accident if that happened it is beyond my comprehension. Of what that would be like. But that would be a way of controlling if you're taking the plane. Of controlling. The people in because they wouldn't be suspicious I think they had ever since 9/11. Passengers on airplanes know that if if it looks like the plane is going down -- being hijacked. It is better to act as a group and try and overpowered the bad guys. That is that just sit passively back there but if you didn't suspect anything was wrong. And you -- -- in your belt suddenly you're in the nose of the play angles straight up. You wouldn't even have any idea what it was about that -- To me that is it's I don't wanna think about that but it is a possibility because it happened right away. Then once they have control of the passengers by the passengers not posing any problem into whatever they wanna -- but because if they didn't. If they didn't control passengers something would have showed up they would have been some emergency signal it would have been something. But there's been nothing zero. It is a true mystery and let's hope it doesn't turn out to be a true tragedy. Let's go to work. WB again. All right candy thanks particularly honest. I feel surely that would all of the physics. And calculus. And the geometry that go into what basis. An airplane and -- are. How it goes where it goes and how it exists and -- comes to a conclusion. That the if this was a crash. I feel that the people that perpetrated this. Scenario worked on it for awhile and then if it was a crime that they really. State would have a beginning and patent. And met some medical bureau to describe. I don't know I'm just. Stinking forensic -- that. There isn't mathematical beginning and she bit or just to began. There's got to be at hand that there's got to be in and point and what about those five people at. I had a luggage to the luggage packed and lapped I think it's highly suspect is well both -- -- -- Well there excellent thoughts and we're gonna chew him up as we've discussed this thank you very much. Remember DB Cooper the DB Cooper took over an airliner and then jumped out in the Pacific northwest. -- Avaya web with a whole bunch of money and never found DB Cooper was never found. -- they had people that they thought might be DB Cooper -- it was never definitively. Identified. And he jumped -- -- surprise and are designed to jump out of -- But he did you have that and you have the immunity -- -- flight that was just her and her navigator. And that that plane was never seen again and they never found anything again. Of course that was along time ago -- is very small plane. I'm sure we have more sophisticated avionics more sophisticated tracking. But the thing is. If if this was a planned caper and we find out that. There was say a robbery in the plane is sitting somewhere and they and the people are still alive. It's the most elaborate. Robbery I've ever heard I can't think of anything that would come close to. Let's go let's hope that the people are found alive that should be the first goal and after that lets hope the planes intact. And and we can learn something from this but there are some people it like in our survey 26%. On the BB and -- come. Don't think it's ever going to be solved that we're never gonna find those people again I have the markings on the Plame and changed as the plane been painted. Where the people. If if they're alive they got to be fed. -- and 200 and some odd people and in running in all different directions and being in different places would not be easy to control. So I'm I'm I'm hoping I'm not right but I'm thinking they control them right away. Might to -- the scariest scenario is that it was. As you said it was taken over it was real crime. Passengers killed as as the plane was taken. To the to the heights and then. My thing is that it not a crimes are stealing but how fitting it. Four bomb where it will be used. -- yet as a weapon -- 9/11 and we're gonna see this you know and another horrifying way. I have another scenario which I just thought -- all right. There -- a lot of the focus is on the captain AMOCO captain. -- co pilot of the captain in the copa tournaments say in how week of the pilot had -- Simulator at his home and that he that he was very very active vote politically that might have something to do with a whatever. When pilots who aren't flying the plane travel. They travel on the plane odds as -- I think it's called dead heading when you go from one point to another but you're not in charge play. What if the people that a commandeered the plane were not the pilot and the co pilot. But another pilot who works for the airlines who's just traveling he would probably be gained admission to the cockpit without any kind of problem. There because he'd be known. He have idea or they might norm visually there may have flown them before. And what if that's the person that took over the plane he would have the ability to know how to program the computer what to do wouldn't. I mean the thought is it doesn't have to be the pilot or the co pilot it could be somebody traveling Dennett who is a pilot. The last part could be the two passengers were stolen. A passport yup exactly. So there's a lot of scenarios here which are not crazy. They're not you know pie in the sky they're definitely possible. We don't know the all about the avionics and there you know those satellites and all that stuff we don't have that knowledge. But what I'm saying is that things that are being proffered. I seem to be logical things. Let's hope we solve this mystery soon will break will be back with your calls after this it is region company and -- asking your opinion. Regarding our flight MH 370. Your thoughts about it there's a great deal of curiosity about this. And miss you know mystery intrigue all around the world this is not a local story and people aware of the intellectual curiosity. Are wracking their brains trying to figure out what what are the possibilities. Now not everybody has intellectual curiosity as witness are -- FaceBook page. -- there are some people there what's the general -- bottom of the less than intellectually curious. God this is old news you're beating that dead or so. I don't you know that there's a school board voters. -- program and well as far as I you can ascertain the world is fascinated with this. And no matter what you do for subject. If we know for sure the world was going to end today at 2 o'clock and we thought we talked about it some legal and that's more. There's some people it never -- any subject -- So my suggestion is if you're not fascinated by this I suggest that may be your friend Ross Thompson. You know he's long. Talk to him don't bother us. Because we can't be bothered. We're trying to do radio show here and something that a lot of people have a lot of interest in certainly. I do and you do. And everybody I've talked who does everybody is speculating. We don't have the technical knowledge of exactly what's involved with the airline avionics. And certainly the ability to track them. And what would be normal what wouldn't be normal but I think mightily the last thing I throw in a pot. Of some pilot riding -- had on the plane going allegedly going from point a to point B but not a pilot on the plane. Would easily be able to gain access to the cockpit. I think that that's a courtesy among pilots unless I'm really mistaken. And a by understanding too early on that these people these two that were flying the plane. At a very kind of lax attitude they had there was pictures of them with the women and stuff you -- right at the beginning. -- pictures of them are showing women in the cockpit and things like that. Well if that's the case then a pilot of a bureau an airline flying deadheads who might be the bad guy you don't know it. Would easily be able again apartment on the carpet and that could be the beginning of you don't know. But I do think that passengers. Sitting in the seats. Good knowing what what kind of world events have been unfolding if they sense that they -- the possibility -- die. They would probably have some kind of uprising it's hard to stop it. We have and if that's the case something would have happened some May Day signal some distress signal something and we don't have any indication of any of that. All right let's go to. Jim in north not want a -- here on WB yen. Yeah it or ignore him. -- public convinced that morning or falls somewhere. -- Campbell flies start background and I can tell you from personal experience. Campbell watching something in making an invisible. Comes down to two things. And to think only motivation. And leadership. Both -- and the leaders of the terrorist organizations. Are all young -- when when an inquiry on guys. They got there in the white Russians and Batman were culpable should be. Arab leaders -- very experienced -- target they. War -- careful like your position remain invisible. Killing enemy would spell. China they may yet experience and that's what they did in the mountain if that's what were -- kids. Well camouflage and planes even guys that it was done as far back as lower total. And a. That they're invisible to our satellite observations for. You gotta look. Maybe -- for instance. An observation drone flights over Europe might be able to pinpoint all the treatment facility something because they have played it's -- weapon. That means there will be equipment. While they're working on May play. There might be thought. The -- called it. Might trick underground -- The other yesterday the 747 pilot we talked to said I asked him about the all be. Airports there were made during war war to one islands and he said you could land on a small island if you really didn't care how the plane ended up and and survived it but be very difficult to take off so. If they were planning to use it as a weapon it would probably have to be on an island big enough that they could take off again. Yeah I've got my arm firmly convinced there weaponized in their place in America the year two targets in mind. One public Israel -- to wash. We can't -- and at. Well we do and those are chilling thoughts thank you Jim thank you very much. Yeah if you. You know -- different scenarios for different a different subject for instance if you were robbing the plane just robbing it. And -- landed on one of those islands in the -- Pretty much disable itself which is survives and you have the goodies and get off the -- my voters something like that. If you were trying to do what John just suggested and and we've we've thought about that true. -- refitting the plane as a weapon. Then you'd want the ability to take off otherwise what good would -- be as a weapon. So these are different scenarios for different reasons but we don't know. There's a lot of airports on those little islands. That that you could land on and survive. And so that's that really. Widens it even more. In regarding the disguising airline airplanes they've done that for a long time are going to World War II when they tried to. -- -- German air force and have not knowing that there were plains below there and and neighbor went so far as to make cardboard. Planes and tanks and things like that. To get faults. Reading so that's been around a long long time and if this is such a -- word I use a slick not not a mean admiring but just slick in the fact that the deet tails is nothing out there. The all the loose -- were tied up. They probably have a plan if they landed the plane as to how to covered up so it wouldn't be detective from the sky and an -- think of the vast. Numbers of square miles they have to cover. Be especially after the two Betty applying for that sharply left. Just amazing. And -- whether we ever find out or not I don't know WBM dot com if you wanna. -- from that -- 26%. As the last Jack said that they don't think we'll ever see the plane again. And I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't. About what the surprise I wouldn't want is it shows up refitted as a weapon. Whether they filled it -- explosives or her or anything like that. The best scenario. I think is that it was a robbery in the people on the plane is still alive that's the best scenario. The worst is that they all died and we never find out about. -- will be back with more with the agent company under Israeli and I'm thirty we RW -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 80309. Security cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1800. 6169236. And today's field today revive -- parks is a 200 dollar to our gamer home party for when he people I know these games for just a hundred dollars includes private room for gaming. Pizza soda twenty people go to WB and our common Akamai buffalo approach logo we have our special birth NATO announced today. Happy birthday to our friend Richard Thompson. -- Tony Tony is the he used to be my -- That would tell me everybody's birthday and that it would be my wife and and Cindy. And now -- the official tell me whose birthday it is the vapors and and it is Richard Thompson's -- and we wish him every happy birthday we forgot to do one yesterday -- who -- polls polls all -- -- today -- yesterday -- happy birthday Udonis is very late I hope you got that expensive watch -- sent me. And happy birthday two Don postal from yesterday and Richard Thompson but today. All right let's see what we have we have people online who'll wanna give bear bear. Thoughts. About what's going on with the flight 37 day it's. First of all the curiosity factor is is through the roof secondly they scare factor through the roof. Because if this is being refitted as a weapon. And they intend to use that I don't want even thank a where they're gonna use that. As a secondly if not what happened about people. As a lot of people disappear at the same time. We have to be concerned about that. I am copycats if it's a success don't think want happen again. Whether it's as a TV sitcom or hijacking or whatever. Of people copy other people that are successful in their -- whether their -- is for the right purposes or not. Now this just popped in my head and can offer what though -- Jim was talking about with the plane being outfitted as a bomb of some sort. I think at this point you have to figure that any country is going to be on high alert. 4777. -- at them you know so EO and in Jim mentioned possibly Tel Aviv or. Or Washington DC would the plane would be shot down long wolf. Or even get there yeah -- out there would be instantly they were taken down there are no question about it but who knows what you thought process is. And whether anybody is them is going to be recovered and let's hope so. But the longer this takes the west chancellor is I mean that's common sense let's go who examined -- Wanda Daniel on WB again. Yes it wouldn't say it was not something had to play that -- like a nuclear scientists were the passengers are so many and so much knowledge and sold. Priceless. Our first -- -- -- would wanna sit tickle their -- kidnapped just further information to get the technology that the US air. And let's not forget before nine elevenths. If you receive or waiver collection of billion especially the paragon the United States people are crazy you recommend that the Sykes there. You know that's true if you're after a person or persons on the plane it will be easier to get them all away from the plane and kidnap them. However your right who knows about the technological side of it. I don't think that they could have just landed it and try to sell the plane because they have to have idea identification numbers and identification. And tech at Tenneco. Technological was sounds coming out of place I don't think it would have that kind of value on the market I think it was for bad reasons and of the reasons I don't know and that's what we're guessing about. I. If they're that there are you know -- it would Lucas slowed -- usually like to type in active it would smashing Miller beer shoot debris field. They've got to find something. I'm sure they feel it would just get harder -- -- we all sort of the forty you can't walk and everything would be or you'd be true debris field. And they were out stopping right now. It it doesn't just flow downward since water water like concrete -- -- a couple of miles per hour -- break up there and dissimilar at all. Yes not like the James Bond film where they took your jet down like that okay thank you thank you good points good points logical points. Intellectual points so we really don't know but all we can do is speculate and people do want to speculate have you met anybody in the last couple of days. Who hasn't either asked if there's any new news concerning this. Or giving you their opinion everybody has an opinion and right now that are of equal value because we don't know. The we don't know and other people. Like pilots and whatever who would have more knowledge. Can be very helpful and this is a military pilot them from far as bill Mike Mike -- WB yen. And the opening orient where find Mike and your pilot give us your perspective -- -- Well spent -- out here. You are not at this time there would have been long out of fuel. -- there -- the logistical support the sport that aircraft -- on a -- a triple -- you're in at least 6000 the year on what. Sort of smaller more -- -- I don't know that I mean that's. And in just the logistical support to keep -- wanted to get it there on it would have been at this so much outside help. You know those two pilot just can't or if we have a puts if you want that you know dollars that's a very complex aircraft. It's in the bottom of the ocean in Indian Ocean because that's what happened this. That pilot. There's some sprinkle one comment has origin. And that's where I think it's gonna boil bounces that have indicated collector director of Citic. Get a small -- tour wants him to try to flight Port Washington DC. I had you'll be intercepted by and sixteen. If you short term -- even problem Maryland all wearable order. So he can hide something like that on -- that they go anywhere. Yeah how about the identity of the plane itself is there anyway can be transformed and be sold or is it so individual. With the avionics and stuff that's -- -- that they couldn't disguise. Now well there's a market for upper parts they're great stability and something assert its kind of unique because everything senator I work for. Our company and be sure actually have some odd couple seven parts. For that. -- -- -- ulcer art they have to -- times in cycles and stop like that so it's you know every every poll and aircraft he almost can't report so. You just can't get itself apart are not on the black market say that you eat out an alert came from pretty uncertain times in cycles that. You have to love it how -- forward. What about that the what about the thought to that originally they said right away that it went to an altitude. Very abruptly that would you would not be supportable without oxygen or fewer in the passenger compartment. And if that oxygen were shot off. That those those people would die it is that a legitimate well. They could they would die. Or lack of oxygen at 35000 feet bird just a couple of minutes. I mean that's we I joke with some friends that are there are there -- they're just like that Justin Bieber thing what you got our cruelty and the Beckett aircraft called trials that do result dump the pressure put the oxygen mask and the currency just beer order -- marked the -- Michael little napalm. Man I mean I mean and that's -- collection -- Diana the output that they you know vote -- Payne Stewart Payne Stewart or -- that the saying look how far the aircraft flew by itself. Well nobody at the controls you know I think it's that -- it was a simple matter there are some things that was caught -- in the pilot's life. That at church he he that they would if you can't get something in mind. -- that people try to get people mine I think it's pretty simple. -- you can hide a troubled southern what you think your article -- actually you know who opponent to find the Air France flight. There -- there's -- -- letter -- there at the water words there's not going to be shall want to debris field that missed solely Sullenberger down. Yeah he was talking about it the better approach land. In a certain position where it does not break apart entirely. Sure -- the day it will shank and are a lot of that -- aircraft that have been -- apart. Their initial areas I think it's we're. We're sensationalizing it and it's a social. Suicide figures as suicide -- Yeah I think that they suicide bomber pilot I think it's some ties with some. In the -- government there not being cooperative because they wore a lot what's going on. They're not artists and I think the question here -- what -- the dust you know we can speculate all they are. But I think it's. It's in the Indian Ocean that we're in it for what twelve all put -- forward in the wrong spot. The other -- had to change there is the cycle where they were searching for -- right well thank thank you Mike you're right you can't get into people's heads you can -- look at their training and look at their history but you never -- on that one day -- -- -- and didn't take people. Art journal. Op a lot and at that -- yeah. Jury -- NASCAR but I am I don't have reference points and I don't have many where people don't have all their teeth and so every once in awhile I go to -- I go to Allan thank you might. About it at that. I don't wanna get a military pilot mad at me. He doesn't -- it could find out through Google Earth summit I will be back with more -- beach company. Let me see right here of radio last we it was a military pilot formal military parties that you need 6000 feet approximately. On to Alam while most eyes and as he said it's not as easy to camouflage -- disguise it as you might think it's a big plane. So we don't know there's the thing as you hear all of these theories everybody is trying to process the information I have an idea. And none of them seem -- in the easily wrong. In -- -- usually yes people give me your opinion. Some of them will be right where there's supposed to be -- -- very close little up but they'll always be some that are way out there and you know that's never gonna happen. Okay now with the that's. As I we've done it is about the third show we've done on this. And I don't recall one opinion where when they get done I've got no chance that's not possible note there are a lot of things -- are possible there was one. Although all I forgot about that anyone's the united said that and a everybody's looking for the plane and looking down they should look up because maybe it went into outer space obviously. I don't want that person cap being the captain a minor X lighten seem that those planes camp program. A maybe it was this year Jackson -- friendly person we put on Mars and Marvin the martian frozen -- cartoons of little squiggly. Out of there. Let's go to a Cammie and can mark cameo on WB again. -- send -- -- -- that really sounds outrageous that's really not my opinion. But recently I read in the -- felt like Tom -- it could've been him. A country. Had some hackers -- with China that the DNA went. They have hackers. That have beaten who playing -- Both. And really and it kind of transportation. And were able to direct them. With out any interference. From the pilot who are. I tap into what happened. You know that's a scary thought -- because I don't think it's outrageous. Think of how hackers getting in the things that are terrestrial. Who's to say they couldn't get into a flying airplane I don't know what kind of systems they have in there there will be resistance of that. But we know other people out there whose job every day is that disrupt either commerce or life or something like that. And can you imagine if I was guns say accidentally and there there were just experimenting in some -- -- took a point. Well I think you let protect the -- -- experiment. Plain and data. You know they have other ideas and if that would exclude people he wouldn't need the plane anymore. So they could really get -- anywhere and you know if you think that the plane went down in Pennsylvania. At 9/11. I mean if you looked at its site. It didn't take much space you know for the whole plane passengers and whatever to disappear and step. But. The dirt. Well first -- -- if you have that capability it would be there probably the greatest military. Weapon that you could possess. And if that if that were possible. All of the major nations in the world would be a vying to get that information because you would practically be impenetrable if you had if you could do that. Exactly and you probably never would find that plane but they would have elegy in order to get to do that idea. Well the dollar -- and it's not a crazy idea simply because of every day we're learning more about how people can get into the electronics no matter how sophisticated I mean if they can if they -- are going to Leo website of the Pentagon. -- for crying a lot they ought to be able again and anyplace thank you Cammie thank you very much. Now that's scary Tony he -- imagine and it's not crazy. Can you imagine a hacker. You know some punk hacker. Experimenting trying to find a way to get into the avionics element of a passenger plane. Because that that would be applicable certainly to the military if if -- were successful. And so it would be worth a lot of money. If you could if you could market -- I don't know if that's possible. But I don't think that's an outrageous slot I think it's it's out there. But I don't think it's crazy I'm sure that if anybody has them firewalls and all kinds of things to keep hackers out there would be airplanes. You know obviously that's for tech people. Far more Venus and I am too I just don't think it's possible I just in light last IOS operating system that's as far as I am. Not so we know you in hell I didn't do it. Maybe when I was trying to get more Willie Nelson on my iPad. I know like it's not a bigger joke about but seriously they're still electronics. And -- no matter how how well insulated they are from the general public. These hackers seemed to have an ability to get into almost any place he would -- now most of the passengers were Chinese I don't know what that has to do what we're saying. Except for the affected. We don't know that China has had a lot of let's say they've been accused of intellectual property. Stealing let's put that -- So who knows what kind of hackers are anywhere in the world that would be willing to do it. -- but I think that they're motivated hackers are motivated by. Accomplishment. Doing something nobody else's done I think they're punks and believe me. If Bob if if idea if I had my way in -- catch hackers they'd be calling him stomping when they go out. But I don't have it Austria and -- 301806169236. Hour 930. Wanna know emanates 370. Is what if that wasn't terrorism. What if it wasn't an accidental. Crash one if it were a crime. What if there were -- were saying what if a lot here but what if there were -- valuable. A cargo. What if something was there that was worth trying to get the whole plane over what afterward goal afterward diamonds. Not impossible thing about it so it could be a crime. Here -- now obviously terrorism is crime too but we're talking about a civilian crime would. We have nothing beyond that except the avarice of somebody wants the grab what's in that cargo hold it Altria and I 30180616926. Our --

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