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3-18 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello this region governor of sandy beach and I think I have learned English language all over again because. I learned in school that the word upgrade. Would mean better. Mom are modern. Error is not supposed to be regressive. It's not supposed to be worse supposed to be better about it isn't that way lots of times. -- You know I sure -- in his arsenal. Our our draw on sandy beach roving commission to into town but I sure and the celestial arts are gonna apparently didn't. I have an iPad I have an iPhone. I have. Two iPods it's like a plenty of Apple's stuff aren't. And suddenly it about a week or so ago it says that attention and upgrade now available I think it was the operating system as seven point one something like that. Now the last time I saw that and I clicked on it to upgrade whatever it was I was on it totally screwed up. But I still have faith that okay that won't happen again caught -- So I downloaded it. And how things that perfectly worked before it don't work anymore okay. Ed -- certain rhythm of how I use the electronic devices anyway at my desk at home you know after dinner then that. The battery life is about half to three quarters of what it was before. Doing the same things and I shut off the absolute on not using them I I don't I don't waste that energy I don't waste power nothing like that. But ever since I upgraded. The thing has gone downhill. So I'm getting and are you guys know more about computers that I do probably. If I go back and try and find the one I used to have the operating system I used to have which is probably seven point oh can I download that get rid of the quote upgrade commander and that's way over my head is that over here and hookah bar -- you probably can't read generally is very difficult to go backwards because when you're install the new stuff down it gets its tentacles and every art changes everything so your -- probably screw up screwed you -- stock -- and -- That's because first well if you don't like after about that last time when it's ordering up. It went to another system and I didn't download it for a year. But the thing as that number doesn't go away 111. Everytime you turn on it says that the that it wants to tell you something when you hit that one it's. The upgrades available. That for you and look at that. But I don't give up easily like a little Bulldog or big Bulldog. And then finally I said OK it's enough time -- -- screwed up before they probably facts that. So here's what it -- an upgrade -- as the market what did you go to chat rooms and what are they talking about. How it's acts if it if you if you. Putting out the upgrade what you want I'd like to a lot of testing to make sure that it is that your customers are doing Ali. All of the exploration of what we have going works -- I mean I know that they used to be some car manufacturers that did that they throw a model alma. I'm in the marketplace and and the customers would tell him what's wrong with -- instead of doing Maria are indeed on their own which is not a good way to do business. But what is -- if you have a chat rooms they say battery life is last this doesn't work anymore of this problematic. There is always upon leave the other one alone what's the hurry if the other ones working to upgrade. You have less you have more people happy with the all on them and one. That's the way ago. But it's off now and it's charging so we'll see where it is though I do I do take it to somebody illegals with a -- and let them muscle that's yeah that's true. I don't know anybody that knows what they're doing. Except Jim Kelly and not the Jim -- for -- we have our own Jim Kelly. Random so OC I bet he gets barrage -- stuff. I have my guess is -- you know seeing that he does that -- work I hate to bother him it's like. I remember. That what we did that Disney remote when they open via a section of Disney MGM section Rob Lucas and I would down there. Doing a remote broadcast. And go to Disney will supply you with fabulous guests. You know a this guy designed all of the animal products it at this OK guys going to be brilliant right. So Lucas and I are going to do and I'm gonna interview -- but lucas' you know who's with me and we do it together basically. So we had them at electronics on you know Lucas asked them. If he could fix this tape player all. Audio is very good on how awful I was at bottom. There. Are people I have a feeling. That people hide out if they know a lot of our computers because these guys and it is a guy who used to work where -- -- say who it is. He was very good at computers and so when you have a computer you have probably call him but I never wanted to impose. It's a couple of times he came over my house is when I first started getting into computers. And fix our water but I insisted on giving him some money too because I'd taken this job and it's just that I want to. I insist that I. Which can't get hold on now because I have a feeling that. You know he's got 4000 friends 1999. Wanted to help -- computers. And he's I couldn't see them in months. I thought what a pickup truck it's it's exactly the same I've had a lot of trucks you get asked to do more moving. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then -- shade tree mechanic is a thing of the past where people would work on their car in the right. Maybe if you have an old classic card you know now but basically the electronics is so sophisticated now that. They basically. Looking up to a machine and -- tells you what's wrong what it right they they fix it like that's not the kind of thing where you have those -- home. That's one of the questions I had yesterday on the show about why a pilot would have a simulator at his house. Whether it was you know just the computer to simulate more like a video game sales. Or the one you found that could be up to ten million dollars cement floor. And so that's that our rights are feeling good even though I've upgraded the upgrade socks -- -- operating system. I never thought I'd ever beat to a position Warrick and even talk about that. I used to support the WGR the engineer you -- to sign me end. On the computer 'cause I didn't know how to do that. And I just look at the screen and again. They have the same product thing we do each each air personality had to sign off at the end of your shift why. All people sneaking in to find out who called jewel and that's that. Would they are big on security here you know we have to change their passwords. And they don't accept rude words. Because I tried they don't -- I'm sorry I should work at the motor vehicle department. Nobody could slip a plate up past me you know personalized -- right I am a final filter you can't get it by -- say that this. When I was programming I'd say yeah. Don't -- and egged on by because you can't he can't it's impossible got Sony and try it was fun. Intimidating will be back after this that's like fund -- government no games no I'd like to go to acknowledge progress. I -- now but mighty. Cousin's boyfriend's a pretty big fan of movies games of the sticker has there oil what's his name -- -- thousands Dan broadcast via and then ask him dance on their love violent -- -- -- -- -- My cousin's boyfriend is that what's his name they did you don't that was quick but at the dance. I mean Chris sidestepped that he went right. Because they're very professional I thought I was setting -- -- -- -- ice trap I had a camouflaged. I was flavorings that the military didn't go I think he -- you walked around a nice job nice. -- loss than your music. In the afternoon sometimes I'll get up my headphones and got my I had -- my iPod. Sometimes my iPad because they both have the same music on them and start listening music and really get lost that it if it's if it's the iPad. If it's yeah I'd call the CIA the -- a picture. -- tubing and never get down -- it okay the I bet you never get with it and and you start. Every song as five other songs like got to hear this has been -- -- -- come back to the first wanna backcourt. But I was out yesterday Roy cover Roy take off. I was called the king of country music and he was the big big guy behind the grand Ole -- four -- -- most of the time that we know on the grand Ole -- Just a fabulous major star. And plus CIE and Fred rose had a tough rose publishing and so -- -- gazillion dollars they publish almost everything all the big country that's right. So I'm I'm well I'm I'm getting lost in the -- stuff and then I realized that -- I have upstairs and autographed picture to a former Ryder Cup because program every BJP and Dallas. Which was the third biggest country station in the in the world and covering 37 states Acuff rose -- -- come -- -- time -- much love Roy. And they said -- -- you know he's to examine every night. On the on the on the nightstand Roy a cup puts the be be -- -- on. He listens every night that's when he falls asleep and the next time he came over he had the autograph picture. Which was really really nice so you think back about your connection to certain things. And here's like one of the biggest names ever encountered in his article. Personalized autograph spectrum that's neat as early -- -- and I love the the big original Contra stuff not the stuff now is. It's okay but it's watered down it's not the real -- there are some Jamey Johnson some some artists that are that are real country the most them afloat. Have effect yesterday I was so proud one of the kids and -- coast and Little League because you sports posting videos. Of a David -- call. Oh yeah and like brought these matters now he's the actual idol that's a real rough. Yeah he's no -- night area I'd love David Allen girl. And dead and Johnny Paycheck is in the same kind of deal them mr. take this job and shove it wasn't there like several of them are together that we're known like Arnold went to -- relatively mature well you have a highway man but that that they -- real bad bad boys -- Waylon Jennings in that. Guys like that right Chris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings or destruction of everybody -- -- but they're like five people on it but they were that they were. Rebels but not not like David I'll call and he's out -- he's really out there. In fact he has a one song that the first time I've played at -- work WX general called the right. Shivers down my back -- the stores on yards visas are good and debit vivid boy can those guys peck. I'm watch him watching some of them a picnic and really play you know by the blue grass god yeah -- -- something like bluegrass budget Bill Monroe you -- Bill Monroe. But again it better than -- but not if you don't like it a -- liberal brother Oswald. You're going to be can't -- nobody can play that like weekend. And I would just sit for hours and hours and hours should be port number ram -- you know you know who was really big with bluegrass and did several homes and not too many global realizes Jerry Garcia. Of The Grateful Dead -- -- -- in the way I've got a couple of Jerry Garcia cuts are that are specifically what we showed you just mentioned there on my iPad. An iPod there -- But yeah Garcia did that and he was also -- compilation album. Four different kinds of artists doing country and that's where I found. But it's it's illegal and illegitimate country music price while it's great -- and stuff yeah. I here's -- talking about today. Yesterday when you're talking about the flight 37 MH 370 where is that nobody knows word is that it. Lot of speculation. As to what could've happened to it. No laws that was it terrorism. Was it an accident. And we had a call from ID a 747 pilot okay out of Clarence. And though he's called the show before and he lives here but the he flies all over the world. And he out of something that just stuck with me all day. He said you know he doesn't really know any more than you I know -- he brought up some things that really got us thinking. Among the questions worm. You know on the cargo hold. Sometimes they ship very valuable stuff like gold he said that he's had flights where there are armed guards. I'd -- you know so it's a kind of thing where they don't publicize it. They don't tell you about it and it wouldn't be mentioned now because if the plane went down accidentally. The company -- wanna say it had you know -- cargo full of gold or diamonds were really. Things that would bring a lot of money on the world trade market it wouldn't say that because everybody be -- looking for. So that would come up but what -- he said what if it wasn't terrorism. What if it wasn't an accident he said. What if it -- crime. Nobody. On television ads that and as you think about it once it's mentioned. It's something that really chew on because. You'd thanking well you know if it was worth doing remember if you liked the movie. Goodfellas and Buddha is one of my favorite movies is top to a three from me. That was based on the Lufthansa heist in New York. One of the biggest heist of all times at that time and obviously there was cargo there was going to be shipped. On Lufthansa airlines but don't announce that don't I don't put a spotlight on that they don't say hey this -- besides carrying passengers don't have very valuable cargo of gold or. No -- diamonds or who knows what. But I am asking you maybe if it wasn't terrorism. There if it wasn't an accident you think you could have been a crime. And how Long Will it be until we find this -- now they're saying that. That the computer was pre program to make that left hand turn. It's it's more more intrigue every day and we'd like your import it -- and -- 301806. On 692 music's. And start. Year Tom Bauerle -- until 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM. WDE and got good vision got a name a good night's sleep Tony didn't he was on TFB. I was on -- -- -- -- not a TV channel Tooth Fairy duty. -- -- -- truth and a bright guy that says you know what when they used to have put under their hell. And then the two very commonly money and take it took. Like the worst pleasure imported because when they're -- it's right next to their ear probably -- face it they're lying face down whatever. How hard is it to get that two out from under the pillow slipped the money and air without waking -- -- up by the hundreds ago. -- -- -- -- carefully. With one hand I slip by hand underneath the go ahead to this Albright -- a search for now to. And I've told that with the same -- to hold on the dollar so I find the truth that accounted to a switch. And all the time I'm trying not under way tomorrow at all know Ed you've got to have a contingency plan what would you have done it suddenly his eyes open -- debt. What was going on I mean what would you say you've got to be prepared -- -- come up with something but I would have said that Tooth Fairy in one of Bobby he left this dollar for gave it to me to give Q annual that's a good one does not -- that's what can be agreed -- the public value if I didn't. How many more does he have to go lots of hours ago is about what 45 moments in right now. Right in front he's got to all here he's got a couple on the bottle on the front yeah so he looks really funny right now wildly could take him to a NASCAR race he fit right and football all all all right let's do that. -- -- And it wears -- plane everybody wants to know everybody's giving their opinions and seem that we don't know a lot about how an airplane flies are. We're kind equipment in the error the rules and regulations of a commercial airliner. People who don't know org are giving their opinions. And that's what they are their opinions. And of their informed opinions rather than hours which are just will just take a guess that it. Was that terrorism. Was it an accident maybe it was neither may -- it was a crime as a 747 pilots that was yesterday sometimes they carry valuables on the line. And if that plane had a load of a something very valuable whether it's gold or diamonds or who knows what's the things that could be. Instantly use on the international market that could have been -- two and we're asking your opinion. What you think happened. How long before we find the plane will we find the plane. Now let's go to our web pulled a WBBM dot com because they were asking that all day or Chris so what do you got for the question what are the replies. I just reload and I'm staring at a spinning circle a spinning circles and -- goes on and on and pretty soon you'd doze off to sleep it seams -- against some progress aren't the question at least as when do you think he missing them -- in jetliner will be located you know. And carrier choices any -- now that has 7%. Are a matter of weeks 23%. A matter of months 29%. Well. 15%. Think it'll be years and 26%. Think it'll never be focused. Only one and four I think whatever gonna find -- -- as I said we didn't find a millionaire arts wine and there was certainly a big search for that notes is a lot smaller plane obviously but. So what's that go to the line and and dancing on a cell phone Nancy on WB yen. Hello Nancy you know what do you think about all of this got any theories. I think it was probably Latin. Oh yeah emblem was -- you. Erica. Maybe it's maybe it's national intelligence agency go ahead. -- -- And why question. I don't need 400 and some people quiet for all the time. A lot and I I'm just the the passenger and I find a lot and that airplane I don't -- -- it in my purse and that we're I don't take it out to do anything but an airplane older already -- It in my purse so -- GPS signals -- -- He accepted there heir -- parts of the ocean it depends -- has. Unless that say let's as the satellite phone there may not be anything to transmit or receive any kind of a signal because. Other parts of the world where there were no cell towers and that's how those signals transmitted. Yeah. Everything the other things somebody said is that they collected itself owns some everybody. And turn them all but there's a lot of people that carry more than -- Well that's true. You know what's -- -- chilling to me Nancy and then you being a frequent -- think about this. A situation where no one in the plane thought they were imperil. But what they don't know is that it's going to where it's going to a level. Where if you don't have oxygen if you will die and the pilot and the co pilot wearing oxygen mask. And go up to what what what -- there was 45000 feet and shot off the iron shot off the oxygen supply to the passengers. They would not have been alarmed as they were climbing. And that they would not suspecting any foul play and suddenly they're all gone that is the most chilling scenario I can ago. -- You know. There. I personally think it's at the bottom of the ocean and my opinion. It could be right now -- regular flyer are you going to be a little apprehensive next time I got a plane or do you think that that's a you know that's a half the world the way and nothing we should worry about here. It doesn't bother me I'm going to be get out of flying them it April right. All right well have a good flight and thank you for calling we appreciate -- Nancy. Yeah I think about it if your flyer you know what I do well before this well before this. If I -- any kind of a public settings am waiting for a up a plane to come game. Sitting around you look at the other people. And make judgments about whether their trouble or not. I do that all the time -- ego and then I stopped doing it for awhile because I realized. As I was sitting there looking at people and wondering whether they'd be trouble or not. I think a lot of people like could be trouble a lot problem. Asylum just -- school fees and dismissed them nothing saying it can't -- eagle VNB trouble. And some of them you can tell known trouble is not anywhere near them but some of them look pretty. Randy on the edge you know on talk about what this trouble trouble looks like. -- chorus -- again. Vick has advised you or Chris walking down this straight now is blocking the other way. Unless I was caring probably cross mystery that's the way it is you know there better be safe than sorry but -- -- -- nicest guys on earth well two of the three nights -- me a program. We want and over -- Oh what you think is happening to that airplane do you think it's intact do you think it has been destroyed. Has that landed on water and insult. Is it on land is that camel flies hasn't been repainted our video refitting it for a nefarious purposes. Changing the tail number and a maybe even the paint scheme and using it as a weapon. I mean wasn't a crap game. Was video as the plane diverted. The the cargo downloaded and the plane is sitting some more. And the cargo was missing and what about the passengers. Because it's so anything's that. Would be so unwieldy. If you stole the plane and you have what 226. -- on the like that. There were on the plane and you're not going to do something nasty to them. You'd still have to feed them the you have to make sure they had no contact with the outside world. As the -- said if you collected the phones some people carry more than one phone that falls missiles smaller to be anywhere and you know as well as -- do. If you're waiting in line for repeats -- as ten people with a phone doing a video of the guy making the pizza. So the air with FaceBook everything gets published everything. You're telling me that if if somebody suspected there was a problem going on with the plane that they didn't have the phone -- and taking video and pictures whenever. But whether they could've gotten transmitted or not who knows you still have to have a uniform for transmitting them if the journal cell towers in the middle of the ocean. So it depends on where they were or what they had. But think of like this there's so many opportunities for something to go wrong if you are the bad guy -- that. Somebody gets the message out. There is wreckage there's debris. There's I mean. Who could believe that if indeed this was a robbery. And the plane is sitting somewhere and the passengers are are still alive. It's probably. The most ingenious robbery we've ever seen. Because there's so many opportunities for things go wrong and for it to get found out and so far he has always known nothing. I mean there's a lot of theories but we don't know much. It all three elementary 018061692. -- -- 930. Will this affect your flying at all some people are nervous about flying as it is if you're flying from Rochester to be nervous. Let alone the international intrigue about this plane and we know we are also if things go copycats. Scissors copycats. You know in the real world is definitely copycats in the underworld. If it worked this time and it was it was. You know without it without a hitch nobody's been arrested. Their mission has been completed don't think there wouldn't be enough you know of course. Will be -- more would be to -- so or asking. AA if it wasn't terrorism. And it wasn't an accident could you consider it possibly could be a crime. Men did maybe the cargo hold held some valuable cargo including gold -- diamonds or things like that now it's not out of a James Bond film. I had a seven point seven pilot call yesterday commercial pilot says. -- often they carry very very valuable cargo and and sometimes he would armed guards. And you're not going to hear about this from the airline I'm not one of these guys that hey I've got the inside scoop boring like that. I'm just saying you're not logic says that the airlines are you that. Because if indeed they still hope to. They hope for the best ending may hope that everybody is still alive and they also hope that when if that were the case that the cargo would be recovered -- recoverable. And they wouldn't announce that because you'd have a gold rush Eric -- of the Malaysian airline people said. Yeah we're really is -- briefing there it went down over here and went down with a cargo with -- 800 million dollars goal I mean they wouldn't do that you have all kinds of people trying to find it and getting in the way of things. So that's not gonna happen. And it's strange that it's not even been speculated. About except for. That that one colleague yesterday boy that would be quickly to find it if you didn't belts that you know because it would be -- -- it's so it's amazing that it hasn't been brought up yet he's mine a couple of things to be concerned about. In order for this to be successful for the people that did it assuming it was not catastrophic failure and an accident okay. They have to either control the people in the plane or kill. I mean that's all they can do because if they don't control that the mission goes out of out of whack him it's over they won't be able completed. If they didn't take it up to wave height where you needed oxygen and they shut off the oxygen system and just the Apollo Michael I would at -- on. That would kill the entire point and also be one of one vote worst. Crimes and in the history of humanity as far as I'm concern me can you imagine you probably don't want to but can you imagine that. Is sitting in the Tennessee distracted and you're not suspecting anything wrong and suddenly it's done. Mean -- so there's people are intrigued by mystery. This is the kind of thing we hope we're wrong we hope that the people are found intact. And the planes and tax. And it was a -- has that kind of an ending. But the longer it takes the last chance we have a back. Let's go to Eileen in -- bill piling on double Libya. -- finally what's your thought fondness. My. It yeah -- view it as pure speculation when I want to show at. Issue lines from Dallas to -- in just four years ago in -- Like a cop maybe and in light -- -- to here or. So about and into the gentlemen older German gentleman who spoke they're poking at him and diabetic and there. And it's so we can hear. They had those greens -- -- -- a plane go and you know where it is you know. The green and I sent this one flight attendant said. Well I don't know a lot. Michael -- despite you know what you can be. Out any sign up. Eric and sent me. We get that and go to. Speak to the ground and if -- -- Iraq. And out you know so. I had been activated so they took out in my into the -- really. So around fifteen minutes found out it used to on the right. I mean that gentleman. But and remember her position on the ground simply yet to come back an hour in report. -- In an hour and track of where -- That would tie or a stock Thailand. But by the pilots sunlight. Exchange student in Cheektowaga where they're from Copenhagen. No other security that we hang out. I wish I. Know. How it was set up a room. You have to give it to do something like that and you'll witness that you're you're an eyewitness to a well thank you Eileen you've got us out something else to worry about October thank you. We appreciate your call by governments will be back -- Gomez.

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