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Missing Plane Latest

Mar 18, 2014|

Shannon Van Sant

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live now to Beijing China standing by to chat with -- us about the disappearance of the Malaysian jetliner is CBS's Shannon vans and in Beijing. -- good morning thank you were taken time to -- -- -- morning. We have been telling our listeners this morning that relatives. Of the Chinese victims. Of this airline disappearance. Are getting very edgy there very upset and they're considering the hunger strike Telus which you can tell us about that. Okay yes -- Chinese and remembered. Passengers on the border -- threatening to do and hunger strike like Malaysia airlines releases more repeat. And more efficient and timely manner and then -- over the last few days and then to right now they're just tracking -- that they. They had they have been protesting and as each state passage about. You know what it's happened to the plane say they are becoming angry and. You know it was reported yesterday that someone -- you know switched off the transponder before the co pilot said goodnight to air traffic control now today. They're seeing something else that the timeline -- little bit more modeled. And and many are accusing the Malaysian government of playing politics and keeping some information about this investigation to themselves. What about the Chinese what are they saying. Well that pretty government has that expect a lot of frustration normally it says while and and at that believe in needs to be truly transparent. And release -- because as quickly as possible. Dole. -- China as well I'd expect a lot of anger and frustration with Malaysian -- -- the investigation and and that China doesn't really having any real encouraged power of a hobby and at each unit that line and canceled. The Chinese. The government in the past 24 hours. Came out publicly and said that as far as their investigation is concern right now. There were no Chinese aboard that plane who were in any way connected to -- terrorism. Now how many Chinese were more than planned 154. Yet I'd like to record for the passengers were Chinese and China said that conducted -- And what about the possibility that anybody any at this Chinese passengers could get hijacked. Where he can over the plane and anyway. Shannon I -- if you're gonna know this but let me ask have you heard what the cargo was on a plane has anyone said I -- could -- have been. Such a precious cargo like gold that -- might have been a motive here -- that has not been disclosed. I haven't heard that -- as good as possible as of right now investigators are I had I -- every single possibility that completely out ability is on the table. And there is no known motive right now for the claims. And and where -- why you why a pilot -- and other experience. Aviation expert would have diverted the plane from the past. And taken it or attempted to take it to another location. So that could be a motive but I but I haven't heard that the cut too much here in Beijing. I was about to ask subtle almost very same question Shannon. Speculation. Is coming out of the Woodward much of a very very interesting. And I wanted to ask are there are believers out their do you think who think that this may have been a very elaborately planned and executed plot. To steal this airliner and use it for something else. It is there are you believe that I had in between that thing could've landed. I think that's playing really nothing -- that unprecedented. In terms that it. What it happened airplanes in the past and an apartment and then pilot -- decide what they usually do -- point and really count toward the water the ground and crashed -- -- obviously you ever -- all of this -- I'd put a lot of thought and and made a lot of effort to go undetected. And to go way off course that that particular course. And while now and only only. Aviation -- pilot. So is it has been quite mystifying and right now but literature keeping every angle possible motives. Or possibilities what happened to the -- on the cable. Very interesting and very compelling boy it's an interesting story Shannon. Thank you for joining us this morning we'll chat with the shown. -- fans out there working for CBS covering the story from Beijing China.

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