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NCAA's Back In Buffalo

Mar 18, 2014|

VBN CEO Patrick Kaler

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo will be in the thick of the madness this week when it hosts second and third round games. Of the men's NCAA basketball tournament the president and CEO of visit buffalo Niagara Patrick Taylor is with us on the WB EMI planned -- good morning. Good morning. If you permit me I'm Sherry you've got to be feeling pretty good dead in the secondary ticket market -- reported this morning that the buffalo games are these most popular and that tickets are very much in high demand. He has that -- extremely -- actually pacing and I have all the other cities well before the teams were even amount so. People are excited about the possible for the tournament this week. Patrick hoop fans from buffalo in the mini basketball fans coming here from other cities the folks who live in this area there's sort of no -- ago but the others. How are they getting information about what will be available to them when they're here and where they can go between games. Fully gotten nearly. Hundreds of volunteers that are going to be out on the streets around the arena. On Thursday and Saturday. They're gonna be holding some big yellow signs that -- ask and we actually trying to. Borrowed this techniques from these Super Bowl this year in new York and they're going to be deployed out about telling everybody whether Coke or dinners lunches. Other cultural activities goes up arsenic community just giving everybody else we're also going to be having -- very active social media. Activities we have it -- team we're gonna have folks. Deployed around certain areas of the city. Saying you know we're at this certain restaurant there are some tables available. People are going to be able to shape where shall I go mobile react to a very quickly. What is the -- handle that people should follow if they're interested in following that it it is -- heard but who. Okay now are the game tickets sold out. They are but they're getting very close to be sold out that's. Very exciting for us so but there are some tickets still available. Patrick we know that over the years a lot of mistakes have been made one in the NCAA visited buffalo in years past. No that's been used constructively hesitant to make of this experience a lot better. Oh absolutely we have always ranked very high should be close to. That dealt with NCAA -- we've had them. Some of those misconceptions of actually -- it's kind of a local -- The NCAA. Actually uses buffalo as kind of a model for other cities because of -- such a great success. There always a cute little pick up that blog and read just improve and I think. Harlem has social media has come in the last few years you know we're going to be so prepared to do what's. All of these questions that are gonna come up this week. What is the estimated economic impact from this event. It's great it's about five point two million dollars in the visits to hood area attractions -- Patrick if there's time. Do most -- the -- socialists you know tiger falls a little interest. Oh absolutely you know. Because we've got that's natural wonder of the world like our backyard. That will be something that people wanted to do on. Friday and Sunday while others don't -- town. They're gonna get on the and that's what we're all about it spreading revenues -- -- to people -- see India over here. Boy if only could order up some nice spring weather and mother here. Well you know I'd bet that some are wish Lester would -- best we can't. Hey Patrick nicely to join us and I'm sure will be in touch the next couple of days but good luck with this event. Or are you very much that's Patrick Taylor the president and CEO of visit buffalo Niagara.

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