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Missing Plane A Case of Political Football

Mar 18, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB and -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity mourning day. What is missing Malaysia plane -- -- the search is on an international stage. Is a race going on between countries to locate this -- first especially as this between the US and China may be. And that they're certainly in -- national geopolitical. Perspective Mexican come out with. What's going on here -- the Malaysian government is still leading the search. I don't really -- that the big player here because. The plurality of people who were on the plane and Chinese itself or they're gonna happen and currents. In the search and then trying to resolve -- it's incredible that streak. Because of that I approach that to happen in the -- supply and also if you look at the Detroit -- it's going to -- came from all Lumpur in. Malaysia but from a purely strategic perspective that the US government is conceding that. City it's so it's still has an interest in Asia it's so now willing to commit military resources. For the region because -- remember that during the -- That Obama administration's first term. The US military strategy at least initially seemed to be shifting. Or Asia military officials said that they were going to look more resources to Asia -- A patent and I was really devote you have the action and Libya cover up of washing their NS and -- That remains say it may director part of US strategy and military strategy. And and then everything that's going on and Syria's but with an opportunity that the US has decided it needs to -- When it comes -- this missing a Malaysian a jetliner David and you're office of the center for public integrity and Washington. What is the buzz among you personally and the guys and gals that you were quick what's on the table we'll be talking about in regards to this story. He talked to many reporters whether it's at -- arts center elsewhere and ended in. Very clear that the important beat the great mysteries it's not been America's replicate it and not be opt out and eat it simply do not have. Many situations that you don't hear a situation where it's 777. -- Largo and being on the civilian aviation it's simply disappeared this is straight out of a television show. Or movies there at the -- that had -- an element how could that possibly happen. And mutually these -- even land. There are a bigger crashes that -- area and -- themselves. Or disappearing and that it on down the ocean there have been some -- Some signals. Eric might be how it made a class. The plea in the air and there is there are signals that the planes sent that are clearly. Bring it they're here or there and that this simply were were search and Mac -- but eight double market confidence. And beyond the Australian getting in the next kind of on the plane it it's really does so -- the more incredible story is that many of come upon. And Dave of one of the developments yesterday the navy and navy ship that had been helping in the search. Dropped out of the hunt did it give an explanation why. Yeah it the guys that had been directing you have to hear it was a lawyer and then several patrol its surveillance aircraft to scholarly areas where the -- As potentially -- -- the other and it's it has simply Crescent City or should. And it's pretty clear right now that the Syria is shifting away from where -- -- -- where was. That's is becoming because of this is your size and scope of the -- area. I'm going to a different direction and a larger area. That from what we're hearing is that a couple of more conducive to aerial craft the planes that its -- aircraft as opposed to something that's going to be. Strictly on the ocean and it limited. Feel that is that that appears to be the reason why does that particular action has been taken elaborate gonna go or at least in the United States full. Up from a more aerial aircraft perspective. The day -- there's mounting evidence to plane's computer may have been tampered with -- -- satellite reckons that the -- the airliner flying off chorus. Could we be led to believe that there was some kind of plot here and not necessarily. To crash the airplane. It's all speculation at this point nobody knows it's if we get now we would not be having that conversation and the benefit that we are. What's your point done absolutely everything I could have happened and he he talked expert and from most certainly what most of us have Brad. There are there are probably about about -- -- -- computing -- as to what. It's happened and that this school of thought the plane may have not even crash. That's all it is anyone -- they can anyone explain that they know exactly what apple would look like you know not at that moment. I want that getting conflicting information -- even from the Malaysian government. Yeah I have information that they put out a couple of days ago about potential satellite communications which they have and how little back. So this is really it's great that cited continuing to develop. And he ball and chain as -- -- -- days and days deeper -- that says the situation very tragic. Dave were glad you could join us this morning thank you. Dave Leventhal. Senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.