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3-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. And he would rate. That. Hold to a no one ponds with an assault rifle no -- -- -- -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. When that happened that. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. The morning. Brilliant move ten mean -- to lose the news radio 930. I like you. You have blows. I'd like bonus. All I get I think -- 170 saying they no longer can look at he Silverado on the road because every time I talked to Joseph beamer about buying a new truck I have to say. So. She did have a TV commercials Sam Elliott I think that's his -- Ten minutes after sextet -- radio 930 WB EM. And folks. Don't ever mystery on our hands and it's the same mystery that that you guys have been thinking about. Which I think when it finally assault is gonna prove to be not all that mysterious. My best guess my best punch still. Remains. Bet something catastrophic. Happened on the plane. That caused the passengers and the pilots to blacked out. And it belly down into the water probably gently say. And it's not a mystery to me as to why nothing has been -- By the by this that people were doing the search. To me that still is the most likely scenario. Sick because these ideas that well the guy was a Muslim of their four he was a terrorist therefore this was a terror attack well again it's too little. And what's the if there's. Our pocket -- -- Doesn't make sense. It just because somebody is that about Muslim does not mean that somebody is it about terrorists. Now there are devout Muslims org about terrorist acts. There are. Young man who suddenly become about Muslims who become terrorists in particular. There are the so called black widows. Actually I don't a lot of report and others expected. On a lot more bad stuff to happen around Sochi for the Olympics but. I don't know something bust happened over there and people just got to beat it themselves. How about that 612 at news radio 930 WB the end so all away. Yeah who who were aghast but. This is a distraction Mike point well okay it's a distraction but why would you do it distraction. To. Distract people from something big it because you don't want the repercussions of people paying attention. Well this administration is paying attention. And basically is saying you're referendum that means squat. By the way. I don't think it's any of our business. Well Tom we helped negotiate that trinity. While folks. If -- to start looking at the Russians for violating treaties with Ukraine. I think we need to really have a serious discussion in this country about the fort Laramie tree. In 1867. Or 960 so well in the 1860s after the civil war. Where our government problems. We promised the audience hey you guys get the Dakotas. You guys get the northern states. You guys that have a big reservation plus we're gonna let -- -- used hot. The audience -- Did a good deal for us we thought OK good deal for just. So that Custer barges -- and they go to the Black Hills what are they if it. If you. I believe that is it's -- table number assemble on the atomic your table of elements periodic table of elements gold. So you Feingold just what happens at the trinity Bob -- did. -- -- And we broke the treaty we made with these aliens. Wide gold which was the oil would be 1860s. So anyway wanna start talking about the Russians breaking treaties with Ukraine and it. We need to also start talking about the fort Laramie tree and how the United States -- the Indians. And and folks. Here's why I tell you you have got to be careful of your own government and I don't hear if Obama is in power bush is in power. Year. If it's a government. It can't be trusted. I'll say that again if it is a government it can't be trusted. And if you want to reference material on that I strongly suggest you look at the George carlin's you've got no rights. I know I bring this up almost every day and I do so because it's important. And it's also important that we know the truth about American history. Now you will not fine I should point this out you will find a country on the face of this planet with -- unblemished record. They don't exist. Because governments are made up a Cuban people. And human beings and let's face it a lot of human beings are worth the wait they occupy on this planet. That being said. The United States can bitch and moan all he wants about the Russians and Ukraine. And we have quite a few Indians in this country's eight. Well listen to -- bit about that whatever happened to our great plains whatever happen to our Black Hills sacred heart's. And they have a very valid point. You can't -- what's right is right and we screwed well we. It was here that. Our government screwed. So when you wonder why have so defensive about the Second Amendment the First Amendment the Fourth Amendment the Fifth Amendment in general the constitution. I've seen what our government has done to people at a stop it. Our government does some pretty crappy things to the Indians our government does some pretty crappy things to Japanese Americans in the Second World War. An Italian Americans in some major Americans in the Second World War. Basically folks the measure of how good your government issues. Is -- Does it truly protect the speech that most needs protection number one. Number two. When people are most in need of protection of rights by a government. Does the government protect those rights or does the government run roughshod over those rights. Unfortunately. Our country. The monologue -- George Carlin proves more accurate then the goody -- textbooks or even what Rush Limbaugh stranded. You know Rush Limbaugh and a source liberty -- explore. How the United States ball the Indians with a -- -- tree. He really should explore that. He showed in all honesty if he wants a true account of American history. And why people shouldn't trust the government. Let's get to the calls on WB -- here is Jeff in south buffalo Jeff. You are and at which we're happy said Patrick stay in a broad but my broad sucks and it would insult you -- WBBM. They're getting paid top mom I think I think what -- airplane it's Streep portrays itself a 250 million dollar -- And I mean I think if you have enough money to build an 8000 foot runway where you could land a 777. I think you have enough money to pay -- government officials in Malaysia. Well read our read our operators anyone. And I am sure it's not the first time an aircraft and then stole him. OK but if you've got that kind of money why not me -- -- a lot of oil money in that part of the world please don't forget that why not just by one. And we've got rock -- -- we U2 has a jet airliner Bob Dole has a jet airliner maybe that a 777. But. Why not just by one -- this seems to me this seems to be an awful lot of time and expense to steal an airplane. I superb need for the purposes they wanted whoever stole which uses for a weather beat terrorism drug smuggling. Parts for something else I mean there's there's a numerous. Number of possibilities of why -- -- here's here's why you're not getting used it for drug smuggling okay 770 seven's gonna carry a lot of cargo. Drug smuggling like any other businesses of business we don't wanna put all your eggs in one basket. Now that's 777 get shot down that represents a significant investment in man hours Coca production or heroin production. They -- be used for that. Yeah I mean I mean you'll see even a couple of years in the side of a building -- I mean who. And I think all the facts point to. Someone on border actually shut off the communications systems and there's there's I think there's a 2000 mile radius coordinate plane could've travelled. When you say -- doing the fact that the engines kept running on the plane appeared to returns. What if the pilot went unconscious and it hit turbulence and the pilots and gray is the -- and then the plane Turks. There's -- -- I think there's that you need three people next. What a -- what do they were all unconscious because they hit an eight day flight ceiling that for which the plane was not designed. Yet at the possibility I think we would have seen -- -- note the -- Ocean and everything. And even if it did we -- in the -- it includes some something would have opened up we would follow around some sort of fine right now. If and again I'm new work were both basically shoot in the dark so please don't get the idea that a try to give you a hard time is really about my friend. But what if the thing -- belly landing like carousel he did on the Hudson River that they went down and had a gone down in the middle -- ocean nobody would annul. I yeah I mean that that is a possibility also I think native landed -- and then in a runaway that somewhere in an you're an island or is somewhere in the struggle. That they had but they would have been OK if you're pilot and you're involved in this kind of thing guess who gets whacked first. You do because you know too much these guys weren't stupid they know that the passengers are gonna get taken out and there are really get taken -- 'cause they know too much. I hate this they have but I followed Bobby they're probably and then the bottom of a -- right now. I mean god forbid but for. There -- enclosed. In a 777. That was properly locked up before Terkel often -- into the ocean and sank. Could be we we have no idea but I I think. I think for some reason that this that this was a -- -- 250 million dollar write. But you know -- fifty million dollars to somebody who is their running a big time Coker heroin operation that's like chump change to them. Yeah but this is this is a plane has supposedly disappeared and if you hit debt. Earlier for a decade or so and then use -- later -- would be country. I mean you just repaint aircraft guns and -- some paperwork and you have a brand new. Not necessarily not necessarily because when it does get airport again military radars gonna pick it up and it's going to be an anomalous 77 a 777. For which there is no accountability except that one that went missing ten years ago and there goes the game right there. And hopefully it's not too late. Too late meaning. Meaning that what he used aircraft for. Everything was so far from any metropolitan area that before -- two than 2000 miles it will be shot down by the Chinese the Russians or by the United States. It could I'm sure it's not that hard to -- it does I mean it is probably is hard to -- Campbell and ship but I'm. I mean there's there's hires be on the -- why haven't they moved to an airline. But what do you but what is the first -- all the odds are a lot of talk to further repairs you're obviously into this and I haven't I'm enjoying our engagement so hold -- for just a moment let's find out about traffickers -- Harris. I liked it short quickened to the point. -- like me Friday night mostly clear and cold via overnight low nineteen. And then well when we're broadcasting your legacy and in and partially a sunny tomorrow milder in the afternoon high 42 is 29 right now a news -- 930 WB. Let it affect my caller who is David. No it's not. It's a -- his name went off the screen again. This is David in Florida with whom -- discourse right now market now David in Florida. If I'm gonna hijack -- What am -- expecting in return for my efforts as a hijacker. It's kinda depend on what purpose. Then you're hijacking airplanes for. Well generally speaking the history of hijacking. What is the main goal. I I would think -- your hijacking an aircraft. Or -- some sore is is for the purpose. Of either drug smuggling are using. I mean is essentially the -- all right. There are too well actually the answer for which I was looking and I could be wrong the first answer is immediate money. We will release the ship you're gonna give us 200 million. We will release the airplane you're gonna give us 200 million that's number one pecuniary -- number two political statement. If this was a political statement of what uses it when there's been no political statement issued. Yeah I mean. Maybe it's for any future political statement if you keep they had them on and -- I I'm fighting there that she's in 2003 and -- ever been 720. Dole was stolen by the maintenance crew there's three people working on it. So cop on the turned up the transponders everything turned up the light. No one had ever seen aircraft again -- -- or the 7187 as our own government was looking into it in the bureau of it being used in the -- It could have landed -- in any number of 8000 foot runways. Maybe Justin Bieber -- -- to be. Here. There is -- I've enjoyed our conversation and you might be right. I still I've still got to go with what you know with what I believed to be the most logical explanation. I have to tell you though that in the future even ten years from now some -- 777. Blip comes up on our radar. Every military worth its salt in the world is gonna be all over them like white on rice. Unless you file the proper paperwork and no one known figures it out. But in this. Filing there's only one company that legitimately make 770 seven's it's called bowling and they have to account for everything they don't. Now that's why that is that it. It's scary either way you'll find out someday. May be and maybe we may -- -- Are my friend hey thanks for the call appreciate your premise. All right -- -- definitely will be 25 minutes after sex at WB and by the way great callers today thank you for your intelligent and informed opinions and conjecture and I will assure you you know as much as I do about the missing Malaysian jet. In addition it. Is there mystery you want solve this is what I was gonna do Friday until Donald Trump. Bloom was off. Live version and a relatively recent while I believe I judge you know it goes back. 820 really. -- said that some cracking of the bullets. Through things drugs drinking the boy's -- and flower that signals from trucks 634. At news radio 930 W. BP and he says metaphorically. And humorous -- John Sharp and by the way is a master control wearing his Clarkson a teacher a job. Appears and I understand and that we have about gates. Just gates British gonna call on gates mr. Wright gates is your call screener. Like -- you're doing this I can actually see you guys. -- it otherwise it or get off at 7 o'clock to. The old lady won't be standing at the stage yelling insults me right off the stage did you hear the microphone where you're following that. No we had -- via remote. On Friday at that Hamburg game. And the legislation you sent there for like two hours. I should know something was fishy because what I -- you and I swear she was trying to pull my shoulder out of socket. And I said each case. And that I had to get back here and -- these people. That would have been to my left as I -- on the stage. Stage right actually. One of the head -- after the show because they said hey Tom as -- hey guys guys get a I've dude get -- get my showed up. I was gonna put those guys for a little bit be social thank them for being fans. But at the end of the Scholl when the old lady came up and started yelling professional and personal. Insults at me I decided that I really should leave because. At this point in my life the last thing I wanted to do was given to some yelling match with some. Seven year old woman and and end up doing things -- gonna regret saying things and get a regret and having me dropping F bombs on old ladies on YouTube. You know I don't need that as just not how I roll. I just figured that she may -- had a little too much to drag her maybe she just. Was having a bad day or maybe perhaps non accomplishment this. You know I I don't judge Brett and if you were there any witness that I'm sorry had to witness that. I'm so I'm -- mostly I'm sorry that I could not paying out the nice people who showed up. Because there were about half a dozen to ten people that I wanted to talk to after the show. Particularly talk when I'm on the year especially guys on Friday you know basically all hell was Britain's you know I found out about trump pulling out dignity. About. What 6 o'clock hours ago and I had to switch topics and and give Michael report all on the line with that Johnny Sherman and you know it it basically -- I ever I barely had time even heat. So I couldn't talk to anybody. So all wanted to do it after I got off the care. And then the lady started yelling at me and I just that it was personal stuff it was personal. It was professional and it was just it was -- And one of account executives -- -- was there he sought. That you wrote a letter to our management say how wonderful it was in dealing with. In other words I said buddy I really don't need this today I'm going to go out the back way. And I will see you later have a very nice -- left and alerted security that there might be -- percent but he needed clothes adult supervision by the stage. It was unfortunate. It is not a First Amendment issue. First Amendment by the way don't don't think the First Amendment means you can yell anything at any time you can't. First Amendment simply means the government can't come down and you for politically unpopular speech. But the Hamburg gave -- that is a you know that that we're not talking here about the you know the outside the White House. You know any more than you can handout handles it wegmans they don't want -- on their property. So again folks a lot of the hang with you guys. I'm trying to be a lot. More of a better person. I wanna do but I just thought it would be best if I left instead of possibly exacerbating the situation. Which is part of by the way. Not that I would need her case spread. If you ever takes self defense classes generally good edit. You also realize -- -- you're you're obligation first of all is to walk away. When you know what you can do to somebody. The best thing you can do -- walk. Because it's not worth it really and truly is. So anyway long story short at least I don't worry about that and so there's -- All right let's get back to the calls on the WBZ. -- right now everybody's wondering what happened I described it as best I could. Right after the show lady -- sat there for two hours walked up the stage in basically started yelling at me professional and personal insults. -- other way to say. Whatever the united. Said a prayer for her on my drive -- and I hope she finds peace. Here is. I really do it. I I said to myself what would Dr. Martin Luther King. He would probably do the same things or tried to emulate him. That's horrible but that's honest ago what did you hear us on WB -- -- you were -- hello. One of the plane where things are short term. Yeah introductory or that a comical thing for the beginning. And now I think it's it's early and Hillary when she certainly didn't see that -- -- elevated and you -- like reaching land. All old. I the only problem with that is that either rush or Sean have already used that one but you know we could do -- -- -- -- now we should use the Ben Ghazi one. Where she said does it really matter and then Jay Carney that was a long time ago. I think goes would be absolutely appropriate but I don't wanna steal show on Russia's thunder would be screeching Hillary. But I appreciate the suggestion what was the second one. Yeah and Hillary don't do audio -- I think I think trump fired because. I'll see him anymore New York really needed a -- really needed him he really try to denigrate failure for the state. And -- He is where all his life and it's about this money is a money and everything. Well I think that's been an idol wanna see him anymore. -- -- thanks to robust I was very disappointed with Steve all -- said that Donald Trump was gonna be speaking at the April 1 rally against that and why say I'd like to see him dis invited. Because as far as I'm concerned he screwed the taxpayers in this state he basically gave us the giant finger. And I believe. That he that he was the only person who could -- defeated Andrew Cuomo. And I know that there's at least one person out there who disagrees with that but I. Would also remind you that I got the 2012 election more accurate than any of the national polling organizations thank you very much. Because they did literally go county by county through the entire -- -- country. And I'm telling you that Donald Trump would've won and I think he would have won handily and for him. To not want to get involved. It really is it bothers me I'm not exactly gonna be waiting for his quote next biggest plans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It gets his call. You know what it's it's his call I can just say that to me material things are nice but they're not the be all and handle. Now is this guy is so much too much money that the withdrawal than me. -- to see him anymore but well that's -- I could honestly if Donald Trump was on fire and across the streak here. I would not waste my time crossing the street to urinate on his leg to extinguish the flames at this point I would tell him to put a committee together to do it for. -- and the end but let me call it a -- there airplane at that they are got around through. Being -- which all the policy can and all centrist is I believe that they have let it switched. There that it will speaker. That is on the plane that -- and nobody you know about that can -- -- -- and why I need -- to -- theory that the plane is somewhere. And -- and then it authorities know we're playing as. Because of the secret he can that they don't but he was a pilot on the north and shut up. And nor is it just trying to kill hostages. Is trying to ability underneath you and what's the point in -- circumstances right now like. Okay but here's again. What are the advantages you have of having hostages if you try to -- world opinion in favor of the hostages and against any kind of military style rescue of the hostages. So while your theory I want to believe that these people are still alive and they're being held somewhere under relatively comfortable conditions I want to believe that. But. They've already there already not even play one of the biggest aces they have which is the emotions of people in China the emotions of the people in Malaysia and the other countries from which these unfortunate passengers failed. Yeah I don't I don't know what I'd bet that they -- too long but it's -- -- -- -- the but a lot -- somewhere but. Which I think is the most plausible explanation because by now we would have hurt something. But it but it the fact that everything shot up but I think there there is one thing it can't be sure not so I think that. They're looking -- about one thing either either trying to figure out how to get the plane back or try to let's. But but you know what if the -- it was -- around F 5000 feet just above the water. The -- get in question and I'm not sure which one of which you speak. Might not have been picked up even by the military radar it was tracking the blip it still might not have heard that particular transponder. It but it just come back as a return on radar. On a clear night. And yeah I -- -- -- so are you going what do you think the most likely theory of the two you've offered Wednesday. But the fact that you you mentioned that it's taken too long for for someone to pick and accountability for. -- her saying that they that the plane I would say that the plane unfortunately in the people and her son. But hopefully. That there is this secrecy in and the plane does land somewhere and are trying to figure out. How to take it and the other it is swollen and trying to come forward in the public -- on mustard and there. But but basically I think I think when it does virtually -- so there are lots it's terrible to say that that's. Our pleasure you've you've got yourself covered on on both fronts and by the way I also reserve the right to change my opinion if new information presents itself but in the absence of any new information I'm sticking with the period of absences -- -- Okay but like my giant pulsating -- says that you should put one of Hillary's not beginning urged. And that giant pulsating brand is something with which I cannot disagree at least that part of the lobe of the brain you and iron perfect -- at a -- So we have achieved partial brain melt partial mind -- And I signed the inside of my neck is old news now and whenever you're missing. I think we just -- view on the expression bulging veins. Thank you very much and that you culled. -- right armor repairs were like it's 647 news radio 930 WB BMY don't get angry like I used to. That's bulging bay knowledge is there. But Charlotte it will go off -- like about a quarter of what to expect. John ten years ago the old lady I would have probably use -- F bombs. So I'm improving on that front grip me there are 647. And it didn't break the one guy's way so threaten either. I could easily have just -- There. Which with great strength comes great responsibility. With great must this comes great responsibility. And with great weight loss comes greats are responsible. On news radio 930 WBBM. 658 cylinders radio and at thirty WB EAM. Great shot are great shots great calls by the way great shots where my mind is on the range somewhere. Yeah well that's. Anyway thank you -- jail. Andrew jail actually there is. David not David talked to him -- the phones guys on crack or what. Here's bill on a cell phone on WB Ian bill hello. My arm and I spoke but all I -- do about all the same period that. It was maybe oh I let that thought they re right about that except when I'm playing I'm. They control and that I would. Go to the question. Yes yes. So but -- bit what you would talk down what you're talking about that would be a deliberate act of basically murder suicide. -- If I -- ever spent all of spirit of what I would be like a meteor right at the that just the quite but at least they'll work out. Well a whole lot better I don't think the Fed is as far out of the box as some people might think mathematically it would it be possible yes is that highly probable no absolutely not. But what disputes that -- would be the absence of any wreckage. I am I thought our in the one yards allowed to own and their gaining that you'd have -- cancer -- Like the Libyans and the emotion I am. You could use the Internet and on a randomly at people and people play it again and shoot -- little debris and that would record art let's. -- way to that you would like one person and when I got many people. Thought well. Actually it's very funny you would mention that because ours here at WB and if you go to WB EN dot com. You know that there is already under a website that is doing that it's called crowd did sourcing. It's right at the very top of our web page at WB EN dot com. You can actually help in the search for the plane from your own computer nominal put a link up. On my FaceBook page so shirt you are not as you are not as wacky as you might think. -- why would you think every -- personally that's it it's a great idea it's been used before with all the data from the radio telescopes. -- Okay and yourself on other than mr. computer. These days I can get anything on my cell phone from Neil Young guitar chords to secretary is greatest compilation -- I'm sure I can get it on the cellphone. They implement a minute you -- maybe they interviewed the the neighbors are the lowest in the US and betrayed your. Could cut or not crazy and they like them. They could well. Will get the Buffalo News on that right away because that is their speciality all right thank you very much I appreciate it's -- -- humor. Leggett said water off -- -- back. I -- as same as Jack the Ripper. What more do you want for me anyway I wanna thank John Sherman thank you John. And our thank -- gates right gates folks say thanks for having me into your life I'll leave it with you wouldn't know yourself.

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