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3-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. You would. Think it. The whole. And welcome to the New York City. If they got -- street and conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- Until then. His ball club. Tom now or leave it right what you showed that there is spot -- -- 930 check of the big Braylon. Have been no. The way he sucks the beverage down. Not only foreshadowing. But also metaphors he's basically sucking breath life out of him via the cup. I should go on a film school anyway. Relevant how much analysis can you really do the best of -- theory when it comes right down to it it's at ten minutes after five -- news -- 930 WB. ENF. John sure what is it master control and gates. It is name as simply gates Ryan gates is your calls -- -- by the way odds. By the sabres are giving kudos to Thomas -- back and down. A classy move from a and organized nation which there is going nowhere in the immediate future and I don't have a chance to say this but I -- number one I know I had a chance to savers. Those of you who were giving Ted Nolan ringing endorsements when I was not. I think I still think you were right. I think he does deserve to come back as coach of the team. So I concede that point that I can see that at the very date they hired him because you guys made some really good arguments in favor Ted Nolan. And -- he's about the problem. -- right number true. I don't know about you and I don't to sports bureau thank god there's actually have to talk about other stuff I don't moment but. I don't know sports show but I want to tire grip the team had to be blown up I'm speaking metaphorically. It had. The team head to be reconstructed. Totally. Okay. And if it's going to be reconstructed totally debt means you got a trade your assets in you have to start afresh. Because the old regime and where it had been taking the team was was not or a Stanley Cup so yes there will be eight. But I have to also say that were triple AT and the Buffalo Sabres I think they can be proud of the effort to show. They're showing effort. Now they're not finished and polished prop up a product. And once they get scored on they start to run around like chickens with their heads cut off but that will come in time. So I'm not gonna unlock the jump all over the sabres. Why would because I would want them the -- this team now for awhile. Because it was obvious they were just one or two players away a lot of players -- I'd ever -- the whole trite that all it is but to -- organizers to it will be just fine never bought into that. All right it is. Twelve minutes after five news radio 930 and a by the wherever you are happy saint Patrick straight through those review. The emerald isle dissent. And showed to talk about today including more on the disappearance of people wait. Of the Malaysian jetliner now I know that -- the pilot was made about Muslims. The folks you have to look here's here's one of the things that I've learned in life. Just because somebody is it about Muslim. Does not mean that they have a death wish. Just because there -- about Muslim does not mean they have a death wish. There are is liable fascists who have a death wish. There are Islamic fascists who we just assume blow themselves up and a busload of schoolchildren. There are Islamic fascist right now Africa who were rounding up Christians Andrews. And slaughtering them on mess. Because -- dumb -- squabbles over religion. And in some cases over water a precious resource more precious than oil in the final analysis of what you need as a human being. But the Malaysian pilot. Just because the guy I was a devout Muslim makes him no more of a threat. Then a guy who is a devout Catholic or guy -- a devout Jew or -- guy who's at about heat and missed. It does not mean the guy had a death wish because he was a devout Muslim. And guess what some Muslims get suicidal. Just like some Catholics get suicidal and Jews becomes it was and all of us. From time to time may have suicidal thoughts. So. Again if this wasn't overt act of terrorism. What do you gain. When you don't even announce it when you leave nothing. Now obviously get information comes out saying hey we found a note on this guys computer you know one of those I know our notes well obviously that's new information and one's opinion -- to change. But it is still my opinion in the absence of such new information. That this was a mechanical thing. Probably mechanical slash human error that there is nothing nefarious and nothing terroristic about what happened. If I'm wrong I'll be the first to -- But I think too many people are presuming too much. Based on two little. And I think we'd all be wise to follow the sage advice that I bring up all the in matters like this of a philosopher named William. William -- opt out and those of you were unfamiliar with his basic premise sees may find them if you go to my FaceBook page Tom dot -- And by the way William. And was taught to me you beat by a very great professor named -- doctor Charles Kazuo. Who actually became very close personal friend of mine for many years doctor Charles result. No longer -- this is beautiful daughter who used today is a mathematics professors -- more in the some more out west. Very Smart guy and he introduced me to options razor. I'm gonna confess something to your bit later on in his life doctor can result despite being a skeptic. Because of certain experiences we went through together. He became less skeptical of the paranormal the older he'd be candid. And a lot more open to the possibility. Of a world that is unseat. And this man was a trained deep bunkers. So just keep in mind. All right let's get back to the call shall we 8030 lead thirty start I'm 3180616. WB Ian what do you think -- the jetliner and is there another mystery. Like Jimmy Hoffa. To me -- office not really a mystery except who killed them where and where they dump the body. A millionaire hearts and mystery but again you're talking about a small. Relatively small plane at a real big Pacific Ocean. And by the way Pacific Ocean. That was being exploited explored by the Japanese military at the time. And it wouldn't surprise me at all of the Japanese military had something to do with the disappearance of familiar air -- But I guess the question is well in later years why didn't somebody come forward and say I know what happened to work week older. Or a guy in my unit before I was transferred told me week older. To my knowledge that has never happened. From any credible source the most logical explanation being she -- on an island. The remains were overgrown or she ditched in the ocean it was never felt. I'll let's go do I was next James cell phone 8030 lead thirty James welcomed by -- show what you -- it. The conspiracy they are are. Or Jerusalem. Some people out there -- worse also urged all audio all robot. All hell lot doctor auction acts that -- order at. There -- 80 -- at. Radar and actually -- to -- Full it acknowledged. It in our. -- -- much what what. What are what. Oh wait you out there were involved. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Estimation. That column. Where it you know. Oil portrait or bad it's what job. It. Ought to go -- It came up with thirty apple like a share. And you'll fly under our our our. -- ocean. So quite like a British airline air air planes on its way. Here in New York City. There and basically I. Doubt just yell. At the crash hell water -- juror. I mean it. There are only -- as far as I know sure there are only a handful of Americans on that planet. So I don't know where your information is coming from about the cloaking technology and the cloaking experts that -- on that plane -- their countries of origin number one. Number 20 just like. That -- don't you think that every intelligence agency and every military radar installation. The United States China and the Russians have between them is gonna be on the alert for a 777. Anomaly a military radar. You know a lot but it -- Twelve. What you're -- elation and the other or Chinese. They have got this -- -- At Italy's anti and boycott -- well. Are. A lot. But it would be so much easier not to give the terrorists any idea but it would be so much easier to send this sail boat up the Potomac. And launch missiles from where. Take a -- watch watch the movie. The jackal not the day of the jackal but the jackal -- Bruce Willis and Richard you're. That's a much more if you -- intent on attacking Washington. Were New York or Chicago that's the way you do it. Nobody expects it from a war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A parent or client but all are just yet. -- -- -- You know old but terrorism is all sports not just -- that note the United States we. But but sir how well what I'm saying forgive my interruption it's route and I apologize but but what I'm saying is don't shoot again we get back to what I'm sent. Every -- 777. Blip on the radar. And our radar is going to pick up even the best of stealth. No don't you believe that that plane is according get very far before it is escorted down. By either the United States the Chinese -- the Russian Air Force's. Well you're you're. The only thing that would that they are upset worse. And base. It if you look at it. As dropped it -- throughout the world there are some. 46 although there is cattle along polite public -- airline not error airplane surprise. Almost like always actually went Louise. On hold I just just for a moment -- I wanna I wanna give you more time on this because they know offered this theory before I want talk with you about it without cut you off what -- huge red. On the that was my first one of the week I'm entitled four more. Let's go to traffic right now with a man who is eight traffic information bag here are my friends is Alan Harris. Who was broadcast my 23 year old daughter she got any beads this weekend is that just wrong. Anyway AccuWeather for tonight just says. John Germans thought it was hilarious is how I judge our Equus is clear and cold it within and usually family. The overnight low in nineteen tomorrow partial sunshine milder in the afternoon high 42. Right now -- -- -- is that news radio 930. You believe he. And -- asked my advice to my kids has always been don't live like your dad has lived don't do it. All right now let's get back to. And James -- if you wanted to have an act of terror. Arthur easier ways to do it did involve a hell of a lot less risk of being spotted. This one to -- -- a terrorist this involves risks I don't need to take in order to have a high body count. -- look at the Boston Marathon bombings. You're but I guess my thought is that you have com. Yeah. Looks like that it will say British Airways flight 70. -- -- to -- On an easier go in and New York City. -- also play. Not. Patent yellow and that. Some errors that they fly in building up and what that. -- -- People are going to be. Shall I call I mean it'll be like okay trust. But I have to do my hand. Handshake it's gonna have to do a handshake with our transponder receivers. And the transponder receiver is is it's not gonna recognize -- handshake from dismissing Malaysian -- at least that's what I understand that if a pilot would like to correct me. But it's kind of like you know it's it's try to log on with -- adelphia addressed even though it's road runner and -- gonna. You know what I understand -- -- -- but we don't know. What technology. Are out there that they don't have a lot either. I kind of do have a clue on some of these technologies to be brutally frank with you and if you want a high body count they're held a lot easier ways to do with a lot less risk Richard gonna get busted before the plot comes off. -- There at all I think. Did you sit there are a lot of fear out there. What is the most likely see I'm going with the most lightly theory. And to me the most likely theory is the same as it is with every plane crash mechanical and or pilot error to me that's the most likely. Yeah you know don't but I I Goldberg. Like that it's got a crowd somewhere. -- -- -- I'm sure it's on the ground somewhere but is it on the ground under the seat or is it trashed and an island somewhere. Are you a lot it. Here you're right there are I decided that anyway that Atlantic it somewhere. I mean what better way to make. To make it appear to have hopefully disappeared then that they like that. -- and you know through the middle of the night. Or nobody's really. You know and an area died in an area the world. -- I -- if I I hear what you're saying and you know what your theory is every bit as valid as my point at this point because were basically reaching for answers in a sea of mystery which is why so many people are talking about this a week later thank you very much for the -- -- very good to hear from you I appreciate your interest. Coming up. 526. This is news radio 930 WB. All right John I got to know this is where the about Terry Kath K eight T eight president -- with the is it that is it very gap it's obviously Chicago it but it with -- recap it's a cover bands. You're gonna have to look up I'm sorry any Chicago we planned this song it's got to be with a recap of otherwise in a Chicago. Tanglewood 1970 it ought to be -- kept that for when he joined the band but would have been it should have been him. Unless it was a later addition. Chicago with -- care. Because. -- Chicago has been through Sony personnel changes over the years the ADB's they had hit songs anybody remember stay the night. John might stay the night -- That one. And I was flat at the last note that lightning are at 530 section is ready at 930 WBD. And a huge fine. John what -- though this is it acceptable Chicago's so. Go ahead John it's okay. Eight by eighty standards. I'll take this. This as music. Song is so cool that I was big black -- at the time. And he did she thought it was here to say. 537 in his radio and I -- WPE and he did it a black girl yet to -- not at the same time but the could've happened all right let's I get back to the calls were taught -- circuit we're talking about. We are talking about I'm sorry I got to be serious about this because folks -- -- not just talking about a missing airliner. About almost 300 missing people. And these people had families. Pets and children jobs. -- It's -- aspirations goals dreams things they wanted to do. And nobody knows what happens at. I suspect strongly they're all bad. I suspect strongly that bad because of a major malfunction with the plane and the pilots. And unfortunately I don't think it's gonna be resolved anytime real soon. To ocean. And given the fact that the engines kept running again folks. I know you've heard this before but the -- -- story I know there are differences. But basically everybody and Ian Stewart's chartered private jet went unconscious. The thing. It's kept flying them it was on auto pilot it flew until it ran out of gas that was followed by one of our military planes it finally went down in the Dakotas in a deserted area tragedy but the good news is nobody felt anything -- -- That's the good news that. It's still a hell of a way to check out. 538 at news radio 930 WB yeah let's go back to the calls what. Is the mystery you want to solve the what do you think capital this missing plane here it is I can happily we're still talking about it. But the fact we're still talking about it to me. Adds fuel to the fire that I don't think there's anything all that mysterious about it. Meaning. I think it went down pretty much in one piece. And I think everybody in there are still locked partner in nothing's gonna float to the surface until rust and erosion with salt water. Dugard natural thing and then -- might see bits and pieces start to come to the surface. That's just a guess on my part. Here is a day in and buffalo WB and Dave thanks for holding Euro WBE -- welcomed the soon. Not all -- -- I. Know what I hate I was there is here. -- Well I think that's rather obvious that's why we called him as. -- -- -- -- -- And the only news. There. -- It. -- It could be. Are you probably do. It. And there. -- -- -- Well. Heroes are there are a couple of things I would doom and I know that this sounds barbaric uncivilized but if I'm Israel what I say is. If this plane -- loaded with nukes and becomes anywhere near Israel. We're going to blow up the entire city of Mecca and islam's most sacred shrines will cease to exist and if I was President Obama I'd say the same thing. But I don't think there's going to be that. I hope not. Take our area. You know those are all -- all. The -- I got the Pentagon it is -- it does Israel really think this or is Israel just try to get more money out of the American taxpayer for its own defense and intelligence system on an. Let's let's put it this way the Chinese are all so they also have reason to be leery of Muslim terrorists because they're dealing with the quakers. A Muslim separatist note note that those winners but a bigger is that our. Don't want separatism a separate state within the People's Republic of China. The Soviet I'm sorry the Russians. They've got their own issues with the Chechens in fact if you will remember that evil man Vladimir Putin actually offered Obama and her own CIA that's. Marathon bombings and our administration at the time did absolutely -- -- -- bowed. Out there. Ordered. To talk this. -- Sorry Austin Powers three and about it. -- -- All right look. At this point -- at that. Everybody ought to be concerned. Blew up against Joan V Islamic fascists have a raging HO the Israelis the Chinese the Russians and the Americans -- at this point the other Swedes as well. The Norwegians. I honestly don't think that's the case though I re I honestly don't think so -- look at logically. If you are running the military in any of the countries I just mentioned. And there is a mystery -- The size of a 777. -- thousand miles from your border what are you going to do. It. You're gonna scramble jet fighters. You're gonna ascertain the jets identity. If the identity of the tail numbers do not match up with any known jet -- what happens. Think that things going down. I would like -- -- -- If that plane has a passenger manifest of crippled children it's still going to be shot down. -- I I agree. And that's -- that's just the way the world operates on market see you don't don't worry about the arts. Not because our awacs are actually resource is believed me. The minute they find a blip that is unaccounted for the size of a 777. Everybody's gonna know. And our fighter jets can still -- that. Faster than a commercial airliner. What our administration to -- if you're. Well the bush the bush Cheney did that oops I mean I believe bush Cheney did in Shanksville. -- -- They have to it's a no brainer. It's it's a no brainer the fuel for the many pitches it's as old as the hills trust me it would be. You would do they would do with the Russians would certainly do if they shut down Korean air flight 007 and that was August September of 2000 we're 201983. Because it was flying over come chopped up peninsula. And that the Russians have -- KAL before Korean airlines guys you're flying over military bases the plane's number was double 07. Like -- just put what did you do is put a big sign on the plane saying hey we're spying on you. It shouldn't -- This. We -- we shot down and -- jetliner. Erroneously stupid as well it was a stupid mistake. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right thank you thank you very much other difference is the Soviets intentionally shot down the Korean air flight. And I would point out they pulled the Korean airline people time and again. -- apologist for the Soviets but I also don't wanna get -- -- BS. KL was warned don't go there don't go there don't go there they went there they what they went there and finally guess what. The Russians said screw this it's going out. As far as the Iranian vessel that was a mistake. Our -- was in the Persian gulf are believed. At an unidentified transponder was taken off it was headed directly up for our assets and we decided to take it down. And I'm sure whoever made that decision. Probably. Has not enjoyed a good night's sleep ever cents. Because. It's heart wrenching figures that per you know that person knows. That they made a mistake to cost over 200 people their lives. And I'd like to believe that we don't that we don't live in a country where we had people who just do that Willy Nilly and go about the business as if nothing happened. You know -- and a lot of guys with -- with a high school who went into the navy some of them and that of commanding submarines. And I don't know one of them that would've gotten off fund that they would have been greatly affected in a negative way. 546 at WB -- what do you think capital the plane and if -- the plane what mystery most intrigued you by the way. The stupidest thing efforts so far for anybody on any radio short won't name Michelle. But somebody said the aliens. The the extraterrestrials. Kidnap the -- If you're NET. Why would your kid and a plane that is gonna be so far inferior to you or technology you get nothing out of seriously. You get knocked them out of you don't go through worm holes and defy the laws of physics as we understand them. Just to get some primitive spear for music you don't know what. It's 547 WB. And accurate report tonight gang it's gonna be clear it's going to be cold the overnight low ninety degrees. Tomorrow we're going to be up 42. It's at 29 editors ready at 930 WB EM and up by the way gay potholes are back we got a respite last week because of the snow. But. I was having this -- craving for chocolate glazed doughnut at Tim Hortons at Worley and Uga. And my Jeep hit. Basically -- -- I'm pretty sure nudged the bottom of Thailand that's how deep the -- can pop -- hole was. So I hope they get on that immediately. And that is the same area of road which have been an issue for years. They just patched it up maybe two years ago and now it's back already at I -- city -- mentioned there's this is a great point. As communities why don't we hold the guys to whom we award the contracts for paving what do we forced them into -- ten -- Warren. Why can't -- guarantee either work for five or ten years why. Did install my driveway I got a great security at -- at the out of him which is not it up Rick it's cracked it gets replaced. You know for a longer period of time then but this one lasted -- and Uga. Seriously. The placed -- oh yeah. Unify the Malaysian jetliner in there watch. I shouldn't even say stuff like that this is absurd because their people is not a jetliners that people on the jetliner that was stupid comes. Here is Greg on WB and Greg you are on -- -- Are you doing some. I have a nuclear view that that you know most likely scenario -- that it's you know crash and it's you know you know done it. But I have a conspiracy here I was thinking of that. Maybe this is orchestrated by our friend Vladimir Putin in order to distract us from the take over the idea that he had with all that voting in South Carolina. Okay but here's my question how would that materially change US policy. All that that I that I don't know. It what it won't. A distraction let's put it this way. A distraction would have been this happening on December 8 1941. But we know that Barack Obama and his administration will do nothing with respect to our Crimea and the Ukraine and by the way I do believe they -- I think that's up to the Russians and their part of the world to resolve as George Washington said something about avoiding. Foreign entanglements. You know that that that my future you know that that might be what happens but I -- it is an issue that you know it's an important issue going on over there that you know that media isn't. You know focused on is talking about. What what Amy does not focused out of it was the lead story every newscast I listen to over the weekend. Rights for its day but now it's Damien Woody what you're talking about on the radio after what everyone on the radio is that we wanted to do was stop talking about -- where is that we're missing. How many people well let me ask your question how many people opt out of 100 on the street. Could you show a world map and say show me crime area shortly Ukraine. You're lucky maybe one out of a hundred. You're brought it to be you but probably the only one we have almost able I don't even know what what area of the world. US people how many of flown in the last two years how many people say yes probably 50%. More people why they can identify Ukraine work -- -- Read about populace wants to talk about it you know. But but that's the way it's I mean. Is Perry's tent and frankly do you really -- I have to ask you. Would you really want a world war three over Crimea. Ukraine. And I hope we can of the file can be resolved peacefully and hope you know we even though it. Russians want -- sphere of influence just as the United States wants its sphere of influence. They are doing nothing more luck come out here to defend lot of -- -- But the world of real politics is they want nothing more than what the United States has maintained since the 1820s with the Monroe doctrine. They want a security buffer just like we want one which is why we got so pissed off when Fidel Castro took over Cuba well that we lost out of all the mob gambling money for political points. Very true very true I definitely definitely agree today you know everybody wants -- -- wants that offers accounts be -- about the worried. Was there's always. I'm curious mr. -- -- there's always that was as a buffer between you and mr. Corleone a lot. A buffer somebody in between you have apparently have lots of buffers. You might find this funny mr. GG but I assure you this committee does not sorry they're showing the godfather to -- Cinemax on demand along with one and three. So for you by god father references. Yes well I'm glad you enjoyed that thank you very much all right thank you very much. Is it true Michael. Never asked me about my business just just moments. Just this wants. Is it true. 556 -- news radio 930 WB the end.

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