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3-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB -- I wore us down upon the -- with great -- and then yeah -- -- the whole movie. Muslim tensions and my brother. That we have to pass the bill says that you Kenya find out what is it. But that's not my responsibility but if you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a they're ready if nothing like a shortened to you. Today please don't mind these -- 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. I'll -- this is awesome idea has got email from somebody. Well I have to listen you all the time but lately it's -- is that your only talk about stuff you're interested in. Oh well what was your first well the fact it is about Asia -- up. That's exactly what I -- thank you base so precept that I talk about stuff in which I haven't addressed thank you don't like it. The -- also suggest that I re acquaint myself with what entertainment news. Sir or madam. I just have one of the strongest ratings books in the afternoon shell this year -- adding years. In the afternoon show so all. I guess I'm doing something right I'm sorry you don't think what I do but you know. You can't please everyone I have this discussion all the time I always joked I can bring in the ghost of George Washington. Ben Franklin and James Monroe for a conversation. I'm the constitutional conventions. And we still have the age but -- and saying stick with B shares. This is it important. This is it important. It's like if you think. You can please everybody doing this for a living. You're in the wrong -- seriously. So that person just went into the I don't ever really -- in an email from them again file because I don't because they don't know what they're talking about if I listen everybody like that. Over the last 35 years. Probably be much happier working -- -- law so. I probably have. You can't use it it's what I get back to -- it's interesting that I read -- after -- talked about Morton Downey junior. That's another thing Morton Downey junior -- you're good you know you're -- do you do. And I think Marv Levy used to say something about if you listen to the fans pretty soon you're going to be one. In other words and that's to get I don't pets but. I don't wanna deal with this -- the -- a long time I don't know what I'm doing after thirty odd years there's a there's a problem. And of course a smaller man Mike made reference to the fact that I was just named the 92 most important radio talk show host in America by talkers magazine. The only local talk show host to comment by the way I have -- copy of the buffalo broadcast hall of fame but you know getting that national recognition is a it's cool I guess not real big awards ago. It's okay it's nice made a nice phone call the mom -- -- about it -- -- effect and that -- all and that's another -- -- You can never think that you know at all and you can ever think that if you were as good as you're ever going to be. Guys that day it gets that is today you got to hang it up because you've always got to work. And you've always got to be entertaining and you've always got to do something. That is of note an import to people. That they care about. And you also can't listen to the you can't listen to the people on the left. Who want you to be something that you are not so that you get positive mentions in their blocks. If you're worried about what people think about you you're really in the wrong business. Seriously. You can't. You can't. And the other people who live and die. By being radio talk show hosts or. Television talk show hosts and out that's never been me. I don't hang out with media people. Very very rarely do. 'cause I just don't like him I mean I just don't I don't have a lot in common with most media people except what we do for a living. I don't trust them don't like him I just as soon hang out with other kinds of folk like farmers. Took the liberty of milking your Cowell -- look out we have a well. That graphic moment from kingpin with Woody Harrelson. Anyway I promise you that I would go over the you guys remember. I can tell you kids grew up in the suburbs are all right but also act. I wanted to share with you what we got to this hour or the last hour actually it looks like -- violent pro Second Amendment protest today. Is going to be march 31 which will be the day before the April 1 Albany rally. I'm thinking about this the Albany rally starts at 1130 is going to be over with by the time I would want the year so it's kind of pointless for me ago. There would be no benefit do you ride for Google. For me whatsoever. More importantly there be no benefit derived from you for -- going there because it would be over by the time I was there. Unless I did the now they're not gonna think -- -- the year for that now it it's not gonna happen I just don't see it but if you. Like information about shooters committee on political education scope and why. Now what you wanna do is go to their website I don't wanna give up their phone number on the year it's on my FaceBook page. Because. Phone numbers are hard enough to remember. So it has given the FaceBook network via the website address scope NY dot org scope as in what you look through before you. Gently squeezed the trigger scope MY dot org scope NY dot org. I don't need Scopes I don't use Scopes if I can't hit something with my bare lie in it worth it. Sorry maybe someday I'll learn how to do the sniper thing but until then. I like my bare lie. To be my only targeting device. Because I'm just a little bit whack a doodle like that the little well so anyway that's that now. A law. Folks. It's still is. Amazing to me. That. We still have all of these conspiracy theories. About the missing a Malaysian flight. And I noticed it was reported I heard this city beach -- show that the guy Eddie simulator. That the pilot. Had a flight simulator in his whole. Now what are the things it really wasn't clear -- was that Microsoft. Flight simulator 2014. Or was it a real flight simulator -- -- -- a real flight simulator costs. OK a lot of money like six figures. At least six figures. There expensive. Like you know maybe some rich -- Spaulding lake as a flight simulator like that in her basement but then again she's probably also federal Lear jet. So. My guess is it would have been like Microsoft when -- fourteen that's just the guests. But that wasn't real clear. The -- also a site and you can access it by going to WB EN dot com and I hope you'll forgive epic is simple water. You guys think it's water -- mean. Well believe me it's water so. The other thing is. Is that there is a company. That has about a gazillion images. That it is taken from space. And are calling it. Out crowding out what what's -- what's in it. Basically they're letting you download images they're letting you take a look at however many pictures of satellite data you'll look at this if you find anything suspicious. OK you can spend as much -- little time doing that as you'd like. Now the -- and project that did this many years ago -- -- -- remember -- -- From the kingdom of not it's Art Bell. He was still -- still always be the best to me I love George Noory a lot -- elbow to me it was just he was something special but anyway. They had a thing with the radio telescope and others radio telescopes -- pick up. Our radio waves from outer space at one point. Those radio telescopes had gathered so much data there was no way the earthly PCs could possibly analyze at all just wasn't enough electronic capability. So they did the same. They allowed you to download. X amount of data. Your computer would do the work even when you were off line. And anything noteworthy was that sent back to the radio telescope for further analysis. So it's certainly not the first time this has been done. And who knows maybe that's the way this case will be correct. I still believe. That we're not talking about anything nefarious here in terms of some. Muslim political statement religious statement hijacking. I don't believe that. Because. Again as far as I'm aware there is absolutely zero evidence that anybody's taken responsibility for a now what's the point to kill a whole bunch of people a question say hey we kill the whole bunch of people a lot are what what what you know it's like. Seriously -- park the words in it your best one ever who cares if nobody hears. It's the same thing with this. If -- hijack a plane to kill a whole bunch of people were holding them hostage if nobody knows when to give -- And I still think that ultimately at the end of the day this is going to be a pilot error slash mechanical issue. Possibly. And this is just speaking out of my -- Possibly involving the plane hitting an altitude. Beyond its capabilities. The passengers blacking out may be the crew blacking out. And then doing the Payne Stewart thing of slowly descending descending ascending descending until the fuel ran out and the plane went down. I think that's going to be the answer to this -- Altima. Because some of the theories I've heard frankly are just ridiculous like while they -- to Pakistan. So they can repay that -- -- flight into the Kremlin. Okay folks. Believe -- Pakistan. And Muslims in Pakistan have enough money. They can easily by a second and commercial airliner and achieve the same result. Okay. Terrorists around the world money has never been an issue for them especially when -- funded by our good -- the saudis. And most of the -- Oops I've started that I say something that major uncomfortable you are good friends the saudis. They play us for more on which we are. Because on the one hand they're scared of the job at the in the and the Islamic fascists on the other hand they like having the move budget demons and the level fascist because. It gives them a leg up on negotiations with us. Okay they see the bigger picture. It is that are risk for the Saudi royal family restaurants. But. Bottom line is. If you're a terrorist an ear to bottle precious money is the last and the least of your concerns. All right. Well the Chinese haven't they wanna retro engineering. Folks. That don't need debt. We've got people in the industry who would sell their mother's soul. To the Chinese for the right amount of money. They don't have to go through this kind of public thing to get the info they need on how to design their all. A competitive 777. If that does not make cents. Are we need to get the traffic right now and hopefully it will make sense for your drive ladies and gentlemen I present to you the man desires on every camera in Western New York including your home security cameras and we don't like with the melman has been doing your rose bush here's Alan Harris. Now -- don't worry 27 degrees the sun sinking in the west and you and I both know that within a half hour you just know what's gonna happen right. I hate the -- things but. This in our first rodeo I just have that feeling. Anyway Acura that's me always the optimist. Four tonight mostly clear and -- the overnight -- ninety degrees tomorrow partly sunny milder in the afternoon and -- 480. So what do we have to start talking about Lexington green and flooding when exactly. Right now it's at 22 at news radio 93027. Twenties and who editors ready at 930 WB Ian coming up on 422. Right. Now so loud out there what -- this is a show that I started to do last Friday I had it set up conflict. It was a masterpiece. Of preamble. Not rambling but free -- it was a masterpiece of setup. It was brilliant. I was all set to talk about mysteries. And then along comes Donald Trump. -- week. And he threw a monkey wrench into my entire program on Friday. And that may be very sick. So I have two questions for. And I know I've asked these questions before. But I'm gonna change -- around just a little bit. Do you think the disappearing airliner. Was an accident or deliberate. I'm going with accident. I still think that is the most likely explanation of any explanation. I'm still going with accident based on the information we think we had. Because of it is it an accident. Where we're as. Where is exactly. What where's the rubble -- the debris. If that thing went down on some deserted island. Or if it went down in tact in one piece in in a 100 Adams of water -- thousand albums -- water. And everybody is still locked in -- tell me what's gonna float to the surface. Unless it broke up what's gonna float to the surface exactly. A tire. You wanna spotted -- in the entire ocean at what that. I still think it was an accident you. Can't just about the disappearance of the Malaysian air flight. Which mystery. Do you most want solved. It's got to be a mystery of which most of us have -- out there. This is the show I wanted to do one Friday but Donald Trump boldness. 8030930. And it was not the best sex ever 8030 my thirtieth news radio 930 WBE. He does anybody else Childers -- Roberts back. I do. I really do -- also -- the guy who played Briscoe on law and order. I went through the whole spiel on him about that long ago folks the Malaysian jetliner. It seems like it's almost a daily topic and you know what your way our. A week out I'm still -- people talking about it and I wanna know your theory is whether your theory has changed. And that if this incident. Which mystery. Do you most want salt just brought something to my attention that earlier in my FaceBook pinch DB Cooper anybody remember that DB Cooper story. Now maybe he'll come up during the show here's Paul. And south buffalo WB Ian Scott you've got an unsolved mystery of great concern to user. Hello sir. Heidi. Don't don't make -- asked the question again. There's there's two mysteries -- really certainly I'll let you shoot just -- you budget chief since. A million air our engine off. -- Well let's see I'm. Her heart is intriguing it. Because nobody quite knows where here she went down plus at the time she was a celebrity of the first magnitude it would be like Lady Gaga -- except somebody who actually accomplish something with her life with talent. Going missing at the very apex of her career so of that what is interesting. Jimmy Hoffa I think we can agree the question is not what happened to whom we know he was whacked the real issue is by hole. Why and where did they put his remains what are you. Yes I agree -- you where is Jimmy hoffa's remains was this so many years not even as settlements of Israelis have been filed. I mean it's been so long you know really nobody ever -- anything. Well I daresay. That it was a mob hit probably the people who did Jimmy -- -- themselves were shortly thereafter done away with by the mob. And probably the people who knew what happened to the body were probably themselves done away with by the mob they were too new to go to as it were. And probably the people who know whatever happened to Jimmy hoffa's remains. Are long since dead they'll never find it here or hide a Jimmy Hoffa. You wanted to go to real reason why all achieving our storage -- and so much term -- -- Because. It's seems as though in this country. In the man that stands up for the common -- and his -- there and either is exterminated for comes up -- It is seems to me like -- what was -- we could to make sure the common man. It worked -- for his family could could receive the benefits that he was -- or artwork. And this -- just came on the satellite is like it was a chance yet for the continent and it just came -- Well he also let's be honest you're faced some well he also kept some rather unsavory. Company can we agree on that. We kept some unsavory company and also let's face -- the time during which Jimmy Hoffa disappeared was also a time when we found out if you watch the movie casino that other unions I eat the Teamsters were very heavily invested were co invested in enterprises with organized crime. So I would submit I would submit to you the Jimmy Hoffa was wet because he knew too much and why have a guy who knows too much walking around. And don't forget he'd already done time they might have been able put -- away for the rest of his life. Which would have made him an ideal target to be shall we say put into the program to be spilled his guts. -- I said there was engine cop on the Jimmy Hoffa and Sam Giancana and Johnny Razali roughly disappeared at about the same time Jim Connor was whacked in his basement. And Johnny Razali they found that an oil drum up the coast of Florida. He is come together. You. It's always you always so insightful so intelligent well a -- you'd give if I love. Well Paula that's -- creditors say thank you thank you very much I wish I was more intelligent and I wish -- you're connected -- even better. But. The Jimmy Hoffa story and I think we can all agree he was -- by the mob. The real question is why and as far as making somebody disappear. I don't -- to be graphic I claim to not to have any special expertise along these lines. But it's not impossible. -- it's quite easy to make somebody disappear it's a big earth. And really all you gotta do is make him disappear for fifty years. Because you don't have to worry about making him disappear forever just fifty years one of the best ways to do it. Is to put in my car crushed the car meltdown the steel no more Trace that you might have part of Jimmy off figured gas -- right now. It's conceivable. Let's go to our next caller. Who is next on hold this is Dick in Orchard Park. Dick -- what do you think definitely airliner and a what are mystery did you want solved. Well. I'm -- pilots from 68 years so. What should it ought to -- I was -- captain for a company here -- I got you so you were up. Jet and we talk and jets we talked and properly talk. Oh in Asia and -- a little local beach eighteen -- those. The script and answer. Now while on Long Beach there in Long Beach is sort of -- radio and we will Oakland. OK that's OK not overly impressed thank you. So what do you think happened. Well an affiliate news the other day and I'm glad get a couple there's but one I threw out there for the on the that I should. -- -- -- directory -- definitely a bit of a volcano. But he. And they said in -- rides. Well lit bit the bad guys got it there and make an -- bomber. -- and I I actually strike that would be remembered more than one. -- indeed vacation these guys in the book and in the ocean. You know it's just hard to speculate on that up. Why go through. Why go through that why go through something that is gonna generate this much publicity where there are commercial airliners for sale all the time all over the place for anybody who's willing to pay for them. Well you got deployed I don't know you the -- May -- a new -- -- -- they were. That guy was strangled on some older they're just put in the prisoners are adamant quarters and they just came from the -- -- Maybe is distraught about that I I don't know but it seemed nervous and planned out pretty good. Well I don't particularly ministry and then maybe. They -- -- -- -- about what actually enter they were laughter Indian Ocean which is only like 121000 feet deep. What -- just went right turned and left it marianas trench which is 3912 country think of an iguana early each particular article above replacement bill. Well again this is assuming human in tenth and not some kind of mechanical or how about the idea that by the way I'm looking at a picture of the Beechcraft model eighteen that's what you're talking about. -- -- -- You flew close. I knew I hate your. I hate you I hate you would have beautiful airplane oh my god -- while one. Well. The sort of philosophy and the BJP and the other engine takes direct direct to this you know -- accident. Here back in your own. -- -- -- And I looked over at the fairgrounds. That the -- thing that they. When you're there and that lady I wanted to show -- the one you're talking. He that was a sorry I'm sure you had to witness that. An expert right now actually and my girl I just one of the potential -- Where -- -- the guy with the glasses. Yeah I'm sorry that you had to witness that and you know again I tried handling it as best I could just by leaving and not make it a big deal out of it. Not issued shoot so. We're a pretty good yeah -- know and a cellulose what I try to carve out well actually there was talk about that from the school. Here's in 1956. About fourteen in the and might. Or somewhat assault our parish school I was in there and such as sport and brother in law was -- that ballpark here at least retired state trooper and who was teaching insult our. And which direction -- in the trunk of the car. My sister and boyfriend are. And afterschool equal productive start Suzy who reportedly at an annual tradition and -- -- the back there. And musical frozen -- afterschool. And you on the head and -- comments like that in this day and age. Well you would have been violating the gun free school laws for beginners and god knows what else. And I'm still riveted by this picture I'm looking -- of the Beechcraft model eight team. I'm sorry but to me that is a cool looking aircraft but I wanna tell you my ultimate fantasy my wet dream and I could never do it. Is I wanna fly at 810. I want to take it off I wanna fly I don't -- landed I just wanna take it off and fly in it's never ever gonna happen and that makes me very sent. But a trend there and they might have a true shooter. Little -- teacher -- I don't know install operating them down there. I think that's only a -- I think that's only if one seater and I think anybody's alone those of or has already qualified and in other aircraft with the -- -- ROR is offering an obvious. But I'm I'm very I'm insanely jealous and does so you think. -- -- -- -- That these guys inadvertently went so high that they -- themselves out in the engines kept running because fuel was still going into them. And they went thousands of miles -- kind of that a Payne Stewart. They just kind of went down belly first into the ocean -- sank they -- -- Sully Sullenberger except that in survived you're done -- Bill Leonard this scenario. And -- an area I would've been hijacked the plane and moniker for the past years they took them 45000 feet and -- to kill them. And I eventually they torturing and in the navy and the pressure chamber and everything else. A trigger a public and to the 40000 feet doctor Kaplan. All I can -- and it then I want you to write your name. Well all I can say is thank you for serving sir thank you for I'm wearing the uniform and thank you for undergoing such rigorous training. So the guys like your humble host could be on the radio. I do appreciate your sacrifice very much. And I know that you got you only to be thought of as a hero -- kind of -- to me thank you very much. Well they're welcome. My administrative likes elbow late in the life. Obama still in office have to bend reality and then everything else -- everything that you just burst in -- Well you know why is a long time ago doesn't really matter anymore sir. -- I thank you very much. All right. All right I've -- good good Calder and you know you pilots out there. It looked just -- you know I don't -- claim. I have never claimed. To be the world's best pilot I've just gone up a bit of just solo I don't -- a -- I do not have a license -- solo in the single engine. You know that the piper cherokees -- up on that. And yes I do had natural piloting abilities it is true I have is I'm good at it. And this is one of the things at a discount took to like swimming. Why don't I have my license because they just haven't found time and at the time I'd small kids and at this point. Well maybe I will. But I do like open cockpits. I have to tie yeah I I think open cockpits are so lost like your convertible in the -- John. 447 news radio 930 WB EM what do you think -- that missing jetliner and what other mystery do you want salt Jimmy Hoffa. -- has come up I'm really hard very famous ABA Atrix who went missing. Along with her navigator way back when and again folks this would be like a Lady Gaga except somebody who actually did something of note. You know being the world one of the world's premier female pilots back in the early days when -- don't do those kinds of face and she went missing. And a great mystery to this day. And AccuWeather basically says for tonight clear and cold that overnight overnight low nineteen right now 27 degrees tomorrow we're going to be up to 42 who. An app and a happy saint Patrick's very I would do an Irish voice but I suck at Irish accents to. Can't do the only one I can possibly even come close to doing is -- Always have to be lucky charms and that's only because that Austin Powers so I don't mean I would not -- insult the Irish by doing such a bad job with an Irish accent that you guys would probably beat the crap out of -- sorry I like -- I loved -- but I just don't do the -- -- real well. My apologies but a happy saint Patrick's. Let's go to. Gatorade on WB and hello Gary you are on what do you think. But Tommy. Right now they're Larry. I know let's get to the subject shall we. That's -- they brought me to wrote okay about the -- Malaysia this time I hope -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the guy and a -- that client want all of them that would allow mob that these -- that speaks volumes to. Took about Muslims who have no intention on flying a plane into an ocean and killing somebody and I don't think I mean let let. It's a reality took it out today today in the world over a billion Muslims didn't kill anybody. I mean did you read -- paper a couple of weeks ago about the likewise six. What happened. It's not its outlook unless unless they were flying played it's really not germane to our conversation. Not every Muslim even with the -- one wants to kill everybody on the plane. I agree layup but I I get killed when you Morgan dollar and then you're not. We may appear backfire among them I have more faith in the back slider and a I don't love bottom any day. Explain to me explain to me what do they game let's just say. This is an -- -- I just finish my question but let's let's just say that you're right. That this guy was a devout Muslim who decided that he was gonna take up a play in the passengers and the entire crew. Tell me exactly what he gains and what is gained four Islam by this if nobody knows about it. Well time will tell -- do a lot of there's a lot of possibility that could be game. One of the possibility the caller that he had before I thought it was an accident caller. Got to know little about planes. And I think it's very possible that they couldn't. Took a plan after the 454045000. Feet kill the people on the plane brought down. So whether someone else probably at this moment maybe explosions possibly. State till I hear Israel is concerned about. Benjamin and now look concern about the -- plane. OK but. But what's gonna happen when that the plane when a sudden blip that is unidentified on the transponder. Takes off from that part of the world and nobody knows what it is and they hit and the pain comes back is being the size of a 777. You're right that's right I was talking my brother about that he's got a good point there excellent point. But it only takes all allow. How long -- gotta ask yourself that question how long does it take before they -- out what. What planet is they know this item that they can they can zero out every other size plane but that plan and they want it -- -- because between between the Chinese military radar the Russian military radar and all the awacs and assets the United States has in the region that plane is not gonna get very far if they identified as 777. And they believe that it is up to no good shot right down out of this. I agree but count me as it may be again maybe -- can tell -- this -- question. What what about black by actually going to plot about blacks -- -- they shut that off ordering them play. Well if -- -- If you -- the thank you I'll try to Nancy after the news but please don't answer the question of the follow me with another question before -- -- it's the first one that's -- -- -- And nasty it's rather hateful. 455 -- W media.

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