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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

3-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. I watched the look and he would write. And think yeah if India holds look. -- -- My brother maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain -- again like so stupid. But apple people in charge. I'm not only -- I -- know what that. Good. Kind of -- people know. I'm very happy. These mediums including you know partner one simple request. Somebody asked to have sharks let her shirt -- They Sony so if we're sure about one of the proud parents with a bullet through the windshield and probably unfortunate standup. -- last night. I I think part of it was the posted but I don't -- jam up the the officer who sent it to me so. Just let me go here is I'll be happy to put up that if you know -- -- around your corporate sheriff's deputies buddies I do not gin people up on the job. And the trojans will back me up on the -- I could tell Jim appeared well. Hello. Deaf person with -- -- worked well three actually. Actually our house is set series' finest senators probably better than -- it Zach he's the culprit is the letters got that headphones that. Up propped up like you would happily. Sellout anyway yeah surveys the picture of the windshield will be around through it. -- maybe that was just for my at a vacation maybe you want -- that again please now. I I'd rather ask you guys operator okay than -- anybody up on the job have you -- have to do paperwork for the browser you in the sergeant I would just assume not had to go through that. Anyway. Or worse yet the zone sergeant. Anyway all weekend it was fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was just okay because I yep I've found myself still reeling. Under the realization. You can real under realization two words it's like but I mean two different -- I was really got to the realization. That you're so it is going to be ought to be fumbled and all over the next four years now. Don't shoot the messenger I don't -- -- all pissed off that may. The blonde blue signs up voters in New York State that's your eyes. I'm the one who goes to vote I mean I don't but I've not the one who put him in office. I am not to -- for this. I'm not to blame for the fact that New -- and bounced his approach to upstate. It's not my pop up problem was a problem but it's it's not my fault. I don't Rus Thompson feels the -- that it's basically. It's basically over and it's basically going to be four more years -- equal ball and I believe unless I'm grossly mistaken in my. Observation of what my -- of said he feels the same way. So all folks if if you want somebody. Here's here's my basic Credo and light. And this was -- to be a long time ago back and make -- -- at a bar across from the buffalo international airport before it was BM RI AA. And not a gentleman Nate Morton Downey junior told leaders. -- that a junior used -- talk show out of New York City. You can still let's see some of what he did on line and it still is priceless even thirty years later. But Moore told me and I know that he respected me. He didn't really have a chance to hear that much he did hear a little bit did not have a chance to -- regret much but. I knew that he cared enough about -- spent a good solid hour give me career advice and believe me. When your Morton Downey junior you're not gonna spend an hour giving somebody solid career advice unless you think they're on the road to greatness in broadcasting. Even your humble host I don't waste my time. With people I know have zero chance of making -- I'll be I'll spend hour upon hour upon hour with people I -- have a chance because I think it's my responsibility. But why encourage the on incorrigible or the incorrigible. It's pointless is a waste of time for them and -- your humble host. Because I've seen too many people in this business put in 2030 years and he -- And they end up basically you know broken hearted penniless and that disgusted and demoralized. And I have every simple -- unless you can show some forward progress in five years in this business or any other business you're in the wrong business. You gotta you gotta show some forward progress you've got to show some advancement you got to show that you've got to takes. But anyway Morton Downey junior. If I may be allowed to drop his name. He told me that. One of the keys to being a success is not to spoon feed people. Not to tell them what they want to hear but tell them what they must year. Not to just give them liberal puke. And two and to back -- up. And if people don't like the truth. Then it's your job to make them at least understand the truth even though you might not like it either. So all these lessons folks. Up is -- playing. All of these life experiences that a head. Have added up to one dysfunctional pass -- now that they've added up to the guy you're listening to right now on the radio. And Morton Dionne junior told me years ago tell people what you really think -- cheerleader telling you really feel. And -- I really feel is -- -- Reno has zero chance to be elected governor the Republican Party is letting us down again. And it will be four more years of Andrew Cuomo after this current election happens in that 2014 and -- happy with that now. But I challenge you to look at the map and tell me it's going to be any different it's not going to be any different. Even if it was the only possible chance. And this is a long shot. The only possible chance after Reno dance. Is there and everybody. Who owns a gun in New York State. Realizes -- -- the regime of Andrew Cuomo has been and will continue to be. And everybody registers to vote and everybody votes for a -- -- that is the only chance we have. But it is is that Steve. Who who's on the line anybody that I might have asked to call and I guess on the Renault -- it is it's true. Yes I asked him to call and therefore we should -- put money here. It is 34 -- at WB and quick maybe speed kills speed kills you play hockey deal lolly gag at the blue light meter race for the open -- how to watch you play hockey dude. -- how you do is lolly gag to the -- with the escaped the pocket let's get the -- and keep your stick on the ice still. All right let's there. I just called out John Sherman with the brawl. Yeah yeah that's about twenty years the government paid for plan given the paper for -- work on -- maybe. I need somebody bigger ego. Smaller than I am it would be fun. Gates -- updates he's big enough. Other -- -- that's been -- prestige and that you know seriously job no disrespect intended but. You know it wouldn't look good I think somebody in towers over me not somebody my same size. All right let's go let's go -- stable start right now with scope. The shooters committee on political education and -- one of the things that people want -- W as we spent some time talking about the Grand Island controversy last week. Is that how they get kids size T shirts. That promote the Second Amendment because I have to be honest with -- I have found the NRA website to be among the most. User unfriendly web sites I have ever seen -- political organization. I don't know how they exist because I think even if I wanted to join the NRA right now I don't even -- -- ever hit the web -- did it. Your website however is very inevitable and easy to use first the ball. -- contact at all with Ross Thompson because I think that any protest on or about Grand Island. By nature has to include Ross who is on our side with the Second Amendment that you guys have a chance to talk about possible protest dates. Yeah secretary it was such speaking worse so that's just not too long ago. Talk about -- -- possible they. Monday the 31. Which is the day before the -- rarely and opening on April 1 and which pretty chilling. Ordered Al -- and school board meeting. So there are it was just talk about Indonesia. To protest that and then on the same day. Are these certain -- -- -- while gross who. What sort of on the church. Well and again. I realize the Grand Island public who says this is not about the Second Amendment and I believe that like I believe somebody try to sell me used -- quite frankly. These shirts you have got two words you go in there -- that not everything that happens. As far as the scope shirts do you guys have a niece -- anything similar by the -- scope is not the -- -- scope is a political organization. Pro Second Amendment shooters committee on political education -- I'm a lifetime dues paid member beautiful. Our scope analog dot org is the web site. Do you have T shirts are similar to the T shirts over which the young man in Grand Island was -- from school or given in school suspension. Well we have such -- -- Second Merrill what part of not shown up in essentially you understand and accept picture or mustard on their. That will probably still go very well and I always have them in reaching some small and simple act so we should be able to candidates that plus -- all while few people who are. Willing to bikes. On a very strategy issues to donate to Japan as well so. Or just wait for the word from Russia and I was by the T shirts and what it. The other eight are two things that need to happen number one a date these to be established for the protest and in this case said today it would appear to be Monday the 31 of march 2014 the day before the April 1 rally so that would seem to be a good date. Secondly you're gonna have to make sure that you've got enough T shirts because I have to tell -- -- -- go to Grand Island schools right now vilified a -- if I had a kid on any school right now unless there was a uniform dress code or something in the dress code that expressly for bad. These kinds assurance. I would certainly want my kid to Wear a Second Amendment sure if like it was in sync with the Second Amendment to the constitution. Looks any idea how many of these things you're gonna need. I am I don't know we are chicken probably some -- Shirts but after that last that. Not to worry we have plenty of church and shot. Not only the -- that sculpture but we also. Have -- say picture so there's so much of the sign but that's. What sort of various sort torture -- it's. You can check down. -- organization. Scope analyze generally sells the shirts in all sizes as you sit anywhere from small to triple X I used to Wear extra large now down to large. If not -- depending on the cut of the shirt involved but small to triple X and what are we talking about cost ones. Well we provided them as -- reward I don't for a donation. Of sixteen dollars. Or are generally own or are you get them on -- wedge shaped. And -- the situation and certainly should ask. And who is gonna cover the the are a shirts and -- of interest to people one of the by a whole bunch of the NRA shirts the likes of -- -- -- Kenny was wearing Grand Island high school. And and what what kind of budget restrictions. Are they operating under. I have and I anonymous donor is -- the shirt so we're just waiting for a insulation on how many sure sort social media. I trust you have context at the -- -- that are better than mine -- I honestly I've tried. And I cannot devote more than a half power to try to track not anyone particular stores especially Steve since you're so easy. Well. Actually my I don't have. Netflix and takes a little better subsidiary. OK okay well that that's fair enough I don't think there's fifty shirts will be enough I have to be brutally honest with you because I think there are a lot of people understanding on the -- machine Kenny on this one. And I believe that many many more than fifty people wish to show their colors as Second Amendment loving Americans and again Steve I I this I can't stress this enough. And it's like every time. I tried to make this point. The hate just comes my way like you wouldn't believe from people who claim to be all about tolerance and diversity. The fact that. The Second Amendment protects all of us the fact that the Fourth Amendment protects older is the fact that the First Amendment protects all of us and if you don't believe that the First Amendment protects all of us you really can't call yourself an America. Because if if you're only intent. It's too as Rush Limbaugh suggest destroy. Everything that is not progressive Communist but you're not really an American and we might as well just arm up and -- -- they have civil war to. When I owe that to let that. The bill of rights protects our rights but only if we get that just didn't get involved in stand up for rights as a result they're just going to go away. So Steve people are gonna ask now all I'm just I'm thinking ahead because have been down this road before people listening are gonna say damn I gotta get it one of them T shirts from scope NY or maybe one of those in -- eight shirts what is the single best way for people to get in touch with you so they can get these T shirts out by the 31 of march. I'm well except probably officer 7169413286. Or relationship. In touch -- -- to a traditional scope and -- dot org. Okay that phone number again is 94132. 86. -- what I would suggest also you know on your website and your web master by the way is great because every time I suggest something your web guys on like -- -- -- for people who want church it is important to know how many of which sites they want. Because obviously you know triple X is not gonna be good for somebody who needs a medium. Although I've seen several people who need a triple X trying to Wear a medium it's called a muffin top and it doesn't work. Probably not too many of them and the then they can. No probably not and I don't know about you but when I was -- I did not really like my man boobs and I tried doing everything I could to cover them up including shaving the -- -- 941 of the situation too much and hey you left eye socket. Show on the Internet friend escaping a razor and mister so you call a permanent. Not the only one. I may however be the only dumb person to -- did. Anyway it's 9413286. For scope. Steve good did you or are you close. But I do I make an announcement it's well. You're not coming out of the closet area has really it's been it's been that kind of a day for me. That's today but we at least got our final lineup of speakers are -- April 1 -- -- -- you're really in the opening. And you -- -- to actually got online as well at -- or such but that's in addition my shelves until the church and -- -- -- -- -- -- Got to work here until Miller delivery. Repeat this from the Connecticut citizens sent me. Ken Blanchard -- -- there -- -- on a certain cultural deal. And we're told we can announce now we have a special guest will be stationed down. I made reserve and refuse comment on that. -- well you I. But there's huge -- has fallen approximately sixty you know. The issues very important and he's going to. Take time off sort Summers -- To be sure to appeal to some people sourced in the opening. While we where you had me up until then. By my voice in my excitement level has noticeably decrease that with the mention of that name which has become anathema to -- -- And -- at all to respect. Again I'm gonna give out your up phone number and and your web page on top of my FaceBook page says that people want these T shirts or more information on the April 1 rally can do so. And the I mean I think it's worth it to go. And nobody says you have to stay and listen to Donald Trump maybe don't want to. Sorry Steve I feel hurt. Well it's not -- else. It will get us some national media you know actually you're 121000 people and -- at the local media if you had had a really like gas or any other issue that you think Hayward and and I United States and State Capitol it would have been national loose. Well I got the last one -- you don't see what I can do it by employers and I don't wanna take a day off because I get enough of those but if there's anywhere can be either. I really would like to be -- all well let me think about -- about -- -- -- my employers what time is a really start. 1130. Band and there surprising her patriarch where the end check them out on YouTube. I won't start violent turbulence about an hour and -- little speakers war. Going out at about twelve or eat lunch about eighty minutes. Well will be over by the time I would get on the year but in other. Steve -- put all -- can put the top of my FaceBook page you know I love you like your brother you know I got a rag on you like your brother and I hope we'll talk consumer -- -- -- stuff which scope shooters committee on political education and -- dot org I'm sorry I'm late for the break John it's all John Sherman's fault I'm throwing him under the bus John Barry Gallup. You elect Barack Obama's white grandmother -- 31. True. Old wounds that hurts. This song has to court America. To courts. Three. They didn't -- among. I don't know why does the real Leonard -- kick lately I don't know why you know what I have a simple -- life you can't go wrong with -- scattered never. Ever. I'm likes -- scattered sweet home Alabama. Free bird seriously might come. That's my mom was the coolest mom in the world with -- to grow up you know all it's kind of funny because like I look at her now as -- please understand I love my mom. -- I understand right with very very much. And I always have thought about just how weird it was issues with my dad. Because my dad I don't think ever got out of the 1940s or 1950s until later on in life like when he was in his seventies and that he started dropped an F bombs so that it became cool in my outlook and my eyes. But my mom used let me go upstairs all the time. In the my brother's room and played Donovan was yellow -- the stolen I can't get no satisfaction. The Beatles yellow submarine. And that our show is at the station on the rock station and the my dad would always put the station on the news station in the morning. Until he left the mob would put it on the rock station. Or what back -- would have been our rock station. And she actually believe it or not ladies and gentlemen don't laugh but -- is one of my mom's all time favorite albums. Are you gonna laugh -- in addition to sting doing the stuff from the middle Middle Ages queen and -- at the opera my mom is eighty years old. And she could probably saying every song from queens night at the opera. Now how cool is that you wanna talk about growing up with a mom who instilled great values in the all of which I blew up the great ones. But who still was cool. Seriously mom thank you for being so cool she really was the cool lady and she still lives and I know she listens to me. My dad. He's no longer -- this Mike I definitely. He definitely thought it was a weird. But you know what he respected that. He didn't have the -- me -- respected. -- right it is that is that's straight from Tony Soprano. You know likely that breaks my heart which new respect. All right that's what I told about his death but you know anyway it is at 338 -- -- your -- thirty WBM all -- you some funny family. Played hourly -- story. Right telling tales out of school on this one but just Asia background. Don't find this funny aside. Because I said before the break quoted Shakespeare misery makes sport to -- itself. Which is why again folks the big major stuff. It happens to me personally I don't let bother me. Like water off -- -- back of my favorite expression of direct. And one of the reasons I like that and I don't know how your family is -- help figure a way to work this into a talk show topic. Let's at one point. When my dad was at the hospital one of my Brothers went that is that at that point my one brother was not in the best dish it you know albeit a whole bunch of medical issues himself going. So he auctioned -- McCain and everything and my dad looks -- and says are you look like. Insert euphemism for crap. You know great way to say hello to your -- right hey you look -- And so my brother talked to for a little while -- left fast forward three years my father in his casket. I'll never forget those I don't ever forget -- -- otherwise accepted him in front all of us. Looks around -- us looks down at Evans says Eric well well looks like crap. Funniest moment ever seriously. That is lead this functionality. Whence I came and I wouldn't have it any other way seriously. Don't get the emotion. Don't give a crap don't give me the -- it tears. Give me laughter. Allow -- collapse. He was 78 years old that is the natural order of things. It is at 340 that news radio 930 WB yeah. Not presume that calendars into a traffic today because I've heard nothing that would indicate we ran into another a situation like we did on Friday naturally when I was on remote. Now if in the event you get into a traffic situation and looking around -- I haven't moved in twenty minutes call all the traffic -- let us know where you see mayhem. And 8030321. Is DePaul number that is 80303. 21. That is enough phone number by the way. RW BEM pothole patrol I thought Tim Moyer over the weekend because I actually have to let take a trip in the G-8. Now Jeep handles -- very well it's got a nice suspension system on a carry but we're early. And can you got. There's a Tim Hortons there Charlie the butcher there used to be gas station and there's a bank. Were early and -- Uga. All MFG. Ice that thing I know you just -- -- about two years ago at John how bad it was. What you go through that intersection you're just got coffee it would all end up on your lap. Are they fixed it but now it has to be fixed again. We're early in case you got. Looks like the tundra of the -- it looks seriously expected to see the martian rover actually. Plunging across the hills and valleys that were -- and Uga I saw some other doozies on -- Sheridan drive. I was gonna get out and take pictures. But I figured the people behind me doing forty miles an hour might not appreciate my sudden stop to get up to take pictures Norwood by insurance carrier so I wasn't able get a shot for your sorry about that. Remember if you see. Picture if you see pot holes. That are so enormous. That that is where you'll find the Malaysian jet. What I want you to do is take pictures of them as long as you can safely do it. And send them to us newsroom at WB EN dot com newsroom at WB EN dot com. Just let us know where the pothole in question may be found. And before you start yelling at me and saying that that was -- cruel joke yeah it was ansari. But I also want to remember something. -- I have been on a mission the past few weeks. A mission. Because. As a UB graduate but more importantly as a resident of this area. It breaks my heart every -- To see the Chinese are mostly Chinese the Chinese students who were here is our guests. Okay you're paying out of state tuition for the most part. They are our guests in the United States -- from China. Every day these kids were here to get an education have to put their lives on the line crossing -- sport that they have to put their lives on the line. I'm Flint which is a curvy winding road on which there are no sidewalks. They got to walk the story. Then they got to -- their lives again crossing maple to access the flipped. Entrance to -- Ladies and gentlemen I implore the powers that be once again. Build pedestrian overpasses. Please. Tunnels I think would be unnecessary and probably more expensive. Then building an overpass plus an overpass that limit is gonna be safer than a tunnel where anything can happen. And usually does. Folks we have a responsibility to our guests. To our UB students. And are all. Because today there are some kids from west Seneca who might live on one of the off campus apartments on Miller's work that are cross in the same street it doesn't matter. But it would be ashamed. To see any of those kids wiped out by traffic and the report maple or -- just to get this school. And I'm sorry but -- -- was never made for pedestrian. Highways and what happens as you got the people who were heading southbound and or sport there's a deal. Right before you get a flip of somebody's ass that's what they do they -- to about seventy miles an hour. And by the time they realize they've got to stop there's no way they're gonna stop so they -- it's a more. And they don't even -- report Chinese kid who's trying to cross the damn straight. So there's got to be anywhere. With all the money taken in by SUNY buffalo in particular the student activity fees they're asked to be a way to do what I've suggested. -- pedestrian walkways over ball Miller's -- And maple to access the flip entrance of UB. And beat. Sidewalks on flipped I don't think that the general taxpayer should have to pay for this I think the UB students should pay for. Through activity fees. Answer whatever is budgeted for public safety. Because that is a public safety issue. What is it gonna take to get it done. Because folks I'm telling you it didn't happen this quarter but it's only a matter of time. Before. Some of our guests. Are gonna get killed. And I think that we bear some of the responsibility for that if we don't provide adequately for their shape. So that that's my mission. Am I I think it's very important. I really do because. How would you feel if your kid was in Beijing's study. If you saw the same kind of traffic accident waiting to happen you'd wanna know why the government. Why the school didn't do something to take your problem that is obviously -- number one and number 20 is is just a death or serious injury accident waiting to happen. Correct I don't wanna work. I would say hey welcome it and that would contrast. So -- at some point maybe we'll get some results on that. But I just want it and all of your UB student and you're listening and one of the nicest compliments ever got came from a Chinese student this is years ago. Said Tom I listened to you because you helped me with my English. Like really. That was years ago when I wasn't millions erudite as I am now. And I would even teach in a lot of drop out object. That came later in life. -- again we will. Repeat how you get in touch which appropriate a lot of phone calls on that which I will get to after the break for traffic and weather it is hourly you're -- live radio from buffalo. And once again I do thank you for making your part of your busy day. I had definitely appreciated very much hope you do as well John Sherman is a master control and Ryan gates is call screener today and I'm trying to work it out -- that I say it wrong. And I try to work it out so I can get the two of them to square off against each other to have a brawl. Because I'm not sure what put my money on but it would be. Now the our policy now the fact that your not a fighter makes you makes me wanna do you. Because that would be a feather in my cap meet verses you which six point one. Come up that's very defensible but your honor he was so much that I what was I supposed to do I. The break is like. Probably got. Are right it is at 347 news radio 930 WB yet had a little fun with you on a Monday I hope you don't mind effect in about twelfth. And I don't watch wrestling anymore so there's. You know Alan I was thinking after he got -- the year last week with a flower truck blew it slowed -- I was thinking to myself we miss the obvious lying about the people who still own Delorean is racing over their. Robert John Delorean good is gold up. All right if those of you have no idea what Alan and I are talking about look up Delorean on Wikipedia and you'll get the answer or whatever website July. As far as AccuWeather is concerned today. Mostly clear and cold actually the overnight low tonight is gonna -- out in ninety degrees tomorrow we're gonna be up up 42 days yeah. A baby and -- 27. I write that down correctly 27 at news radio 930 WB the end at today's deal of the day from my buffalo -- is -- 250 dollars or didn't get. For a twenty person party at any master Jones Taekwondo location for just 89 dollars this to our party includes pizza drinks a beginners class and more go to WB -- dot com and click on the -- buffalo perks logo that also led to that. That. Self defense being able to without weapons. Is one of the best things I think you can possibly do. For yourself because not every situation are gonna find yourself -- merits deadly physical force and all the latest offer one suggestion now. Okay some people like your humble host -- short arms. Boxing is in a real good thing for me to -- my ass kicked every single time and I don't like doing things where I get my ask your. There are other self defense techniques which are less are intensive and more mathematics and anatomy intensive so whatever works for you that's what you should pursue. And whether you wanna pursuant to a black belt or not is up to you. But I strongly. Strongly strongly. Strongly. Suggested. Because believe it or not even at my advanced age. There are still people John. Who never grew up. Who think that. They can take liberties and it's nice being able to incapacitate morons. Without having to break a ball. It's nice to good feeling so anyway that's master longs. And never go looking for. Never go looking for. That's another word of advice never ever go looking for but also don't back down. -- placed myself after it was there now no more is -- Howard stays with you a long time getting your ass -- only hurt for a little bit. In fact I'm gonna demonstrate validates that's a -- so 350 for a -- to you really -- -- Wait a leg -- one you don't -- you don't wanna see got one that's nasty. I it is at 350 foreign news radio 930 WBE. And let's just say that it's human anatomy has several structural weak points on it if you know where those points are in you know the angle at which to hit them. With a minimum of force I don't hear how big big guy is he's going down and it's gonna hurt a lot. Just say. All right it is he -- and its German reveal that that no report but I think it's an important thing to know how to go seriously. Doesn't mean you have to be a bully but it does mean you never oh -- and never ever ever know. By the way. Most of which speaking of which. For. Today we are at Hamburg gaming. And I just want those of you who were nice people to know. That my intention after the show. Why is to hang out with some of the guys with whom I could not speak during the show. Because all kinds of stuff was breaking on Friday I literally had to be behind I had to be in position for breaking news breaking information I had to be either I had myself photos using that is my pocket computer if you will. And I really wanted to hang out some of the cool guys who were who would have been off to my left as I said onstage. Unfortunately. Those of you who were there had to watch a woman. Basically yelling professional and personal insults at made. And one of the things about life that you have to learn is you also have to know when to walk away. And I decided that. It would have been more disruptive to just stay there and hang out even with cool people order. That it would be to leave so I decided to leave because that was the least friction yes I did say something to security but I want nothing to do. -- getting into yelling match with some 75 girl woman at a at a gaming enterprise in Hamburg. Because I just don't need that might like that this particular point in time thank you for understanding I didn't wanna hang with the cool people debate I can't do it during the show. 356. At news radio 930 WB EN it has hourly. -- information coming ups are up and the paper where you're a cell phone Hannity panda -- at W --

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