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3-17 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It back to his vision -- aware is above playing forwards everybody is asking nowadays. Is it on water is it on land is has it been totally destroyed is an intact. Are the passengers still alive but was this done note. The purposely. I mean -- pilot having a simulator at his house. Mean maybe that's normal and on an airline pilot but that seems strange to me. But the simulator would be at the house. And -- a pilot. Would would need the simulator at his home for a -- what purpose. I'm thinking in the simulator if he needed that for future use might be at a central location where other pilots could use it but they found it at his house they dismantle that. And they brought it back to headquarters. And they vote put back together again in and I assume that a simulator like that would have some kind of memory function and they'd be able to see what was done just like computer as a memory function. See what was done and might answer some questions but I think we're we get into trouble discussing something like this is that. We are allegedly rational people. We make rational thought process. And an end up where they rational. Decision. Something like this may be totally irrational and if it is -- deal. Francis the planes on him and suddenly the transponder shut off. And for lack of better terms as sharply leftist taken. That is not violence stock but as sharp left. Why if it were some things that systemic something in the system. I can see the plane going down I -- see the plane stalling. I guess there's a lot of things in its statement. Not making a hard left and then they're estimating that it could have been in the air six or seven hours after it. So. There's so many unanswered questions most of them are unanswered but we like your opinion. I I feel sorry for the relatives. And friends and neighbors or whatever of the of people on the plane because they are absolutely totally as you would understand distraught. It's it's bad enough that they didn't show up when there was supposed to. But not having any idea what's happened to them is going to be just mind boggling -- -- to Guam Bob in Boston -- on WB yeah. Laura do last collector a little bit of my founder and a couple of yacht thing is that it was a sort suicide mission. It this year previous match and they usually leave a mission statement behind it. And especially if you're gonna crash the plane. -- -- -- -- -- And you look at who would on the -- Them locally -- it would be collected. We have what three Americans at a time playing like that so. Is telling viewers the passengers that were there a target. The other thing the simulator. How much -- the pilot makes for better lie to the compared to the -- in the simulator. Somebody blocked it could mean I met I a cab driver. Who used to be an airline pilots diners and Central America and that I make a lot more money the cabdriver in Florida and I did at the airline pilot. So I mean did you beat him the resource is Steven buyer of a piece of equipment or what it subsidized by. That's a good question because if there -- airline training it would be held in a central location wouldn't be in an individual's home. Right and but you have to know the electronic. He had to have little electrician. Setup on the and that. -- statistical you know you would have the pilot you know. All the the other thing is that he what he trains -- train a land like an poppy field. You know there's probably happy if the plane is still intact is probably one of the country's dependence Stan. And I think it was that important has come down so hard on them problems. Like Chechnya. And the fact that they had the Olympics in Sochi bid although like that as a -- The via mobile population here that he suppressed. And member of the because via. Almost contradictory and disrupt via the Olympics. And they did it because he's kept the reason he's kept the boat pretty much under throat. You know one of the first things I thought about -- disappeared -- -- the country's Missouri large Muslim contingency within the flying capability of that plane and you have to wonder that had anything to do that. Right now we don't know to me the scariest scenario is that it was land that is being retrofitted as a weapon. Well -- -- that left it at the as they. But the jetliner like -- 9/11 to you know it up with fuel and our vision that target would be crap the crowd went. Well I mean there's so many scary scenarios and trying to I mean that it gets our mind working. Based on the history of what's been done before but would nobody claiming anything so far. To me that's still a work in progress. And you agree that. Yet because that's the other thing is that if -- the terror attack and -- statement. No group coming to take and take credit report the fact that they know that it was that the communications were deliberately shot off. So -- you you're thinking OK that it could have been a pretty ghastly for the crew and all the passengers are overcome. You know any -- -- and a passenger list that big we have international travelers. That somebody would. Several people look at satellite phones there would have been a there would have been a record of phone while phone calls being made from the plane. Yeah that's what I'm thinking of a satellite phone is probably the only way you could have communicated. As a as a passenger. And those are hard they're rare -- are expensive but doesn't mean there was a lot of board. And I didn't want my kids at one because he would travel around the country the the bombing around even when he was a Pallet but he had a satellite phone -- -- always being contact. And I don't think you know what I hated when you think college. I had enough sense to -- developed slowly Paula you know there's got to be international travelers that they do it because we've got to just. The cost of doing business. Well I think that basically logically if they say if they cockpit. Was. Intact which it should be because reinforce since nine elevenths. Then there's only a couple of people a matter of parliament Coppola and insult and unless they were together there could have been a brief struggle what's -- -- line if it was catastrophic. There will be some signal coming from the plane and it was nothing like that in fact the signals were ended so that tells me that it was man made and enough mechanical. And black art out. The company and the paying only goes for a certain amount of time until up until the batteries die and about a month. OK so that's not a longtime thank you are a good good suggestions thank you Bob. Appreciate it. Right now it's a mind exercise for us what do we do week we always go back to what we know well the biggest thing like that what we know is nine elevenths. That's the scariest part for me. Because if the plane was landed safely and retrofitted. Or just landed safely and and and the passengers were dispersed. If you take it up in the air. Yeah I could be shot down by jets but if -- over any kind of metropolitan area and who says that they might not repaint it. Repaid any numbers right -- of fire identifying marks and if you didn't have any identifying electronic signal. Then who would know that that was the same plane. And while you were talking with our our last caller about the flight simulator. So I looked up just out of curiosity how much one officer experts in this says today's market you might be able to pick up used working full motion simulator. One point five to three million at all and then another person -- attacks as. -- to spend about ten million but it that this is where really gets important. Is if you get one you meet high capacity electrical system. To run it hydraulic system especially stressed concrete floors to withstand the weight in the motion. While so that would take it well how was he using it at his house that that's that's how you know with what you just described that's certainly not the kind of vote foundation -- beyond. For both aspects the instability and the electricity less it was in a basement -- some -- been at the electricity would be a big signal -- I mean around here when they look for the look for a added electricity using -- growing pot. But with something like that might be enormous and they said that they sent people there to dismantle it and bring it back in and reconnect it. So that's not the kind of thing that you just put in a suitcase and set it up and practice a little bit when you're on. And that the three million dollars up to ten million dollars that's not affordable by just -- -- a regular generic airline pilot. Supposed somebody somebody bought it and somebody said an up and somebody used that what the values of four and anything that technical. I would have to -- absolutely positively as a memory. Solid as a memory they can just Trace back and see what kind of maneuvers Williams and that might be the answer. So let's hope hope that it's that will be back afterwards because -- company and we're asking a simple question forwards where's the line. No one really seems to know what we're getting more more information note. Of thereof via a allegedly have removed any simulator from the pilot's home. And they had dude you know take it apart. And bring it back to headquarters and put it back together again. That might give some clues about the so far been a lack of information about it certainly a lack of any kind of evidence. Let's go to a damning Clarence we understand your pilot Dan thanks Colin. Yeah. By over there and you're in a lot of them you're familiar with the whole area. What I think that I noted. The but not mentioning what what might that in part will be and in my years in the -- -- We've period gold shipments many times if you armed guards go along and everything to look at the -- -- up airplanes so Ford Escort everything. Then. You know that could be a possible that this is -- though hopeful things that you. They landed somewhere in -- in the process of getting it out of there in getting this far away from wherever the plane is. And maybe all the people are you know wandering around them. Field in the middle of desert somewhere trying to find a way to get on you know or something like that them -- There are -- terrorists. Pure beaver re saying where -- -- to kill anybody that's my hope for the whole thing in the -- you know they could survive it. Now they set a World War II movie were a lot of small airfields. By the military. How how big guy you know landing you think they would need for a 777. It all depends on whether you want the things you want to fight airplay there is so important. You could landed. That you could. You could land better player most airliners in a lot of places. That airplane interview -- when it landed but did you could lead and survived the way -- you know I mean. It depends on you know they -- the scary scenario is. They landed somewhere he's part of -- morsels but suspect that the captain. -- Leonard is somewhere in or get them loaded up with radioactive stuff to dive into Tel Aviv or someplace you know. That would be the scariest and there scariest scenario. The decade than the people on board are probably going to be a lot but stuff. The but it doesn't seem to me that he is doing what they they clearly they knew what they did and turning all the stuff off and it it -- there there's the mission of some sport in the question is. Is it terrorism as a crime and I hope this is crime. That's you know -- -- good point nobody has mentioned the cargo at all I would assume being a non flyer but I just assuming he'd. If it was going to be refitted or use for some purpose after his land -- they need more room to take off the McDougall -- Yeah out in you know what it is assuming if the captain which when you start look at these spoke in the rabbit. Supporter of the the other party over there in Malaysia culprits of the might be a political motive in this whole thing. But it is assuming it's the captive. You know -- he he made -- mayor -- I care about what what happens to the people. And the scary part that I. Heard in the beginning and in these reports that change in law constantly but they said the airplane and one up the 45000. Feet which is above its normal operating altitude. Shortly after they turned off court -- the scary thing to me is he might have depressurized the -- and try to kill everybody in the back well he's oxygen. If you can shut the oxygen system off from the front and that would be a real scary scenario. Would that be like for Payne Stewart incident when he was on a private jet. -- the same thing -- it was a slightly around fuel. Except the pilot and oxygen in this case. But. You know there's so many things that could happen here. The other thing that I don't see mentioned is -- let's suppose that was crying. Where would you go with a load of gold or whatever. Where you could expect to be helped by people who think like Q and so forth the place to joke about my mind is Mogadishu the pirates are. All they had run and they've been run and pirate operation other elected decade with hundreds of people held hostage and paid ransom -- ships. And everything you know a little -- captain Phillips deal and the whole western world is just. You know in many cases paid off the pirates otherwise the killer people. And the ships they've got a bunch of the ships that. And we as a western -- tolerated it now for many years and someone at school and clean it out like the shores of Tripoli in the Marine Corps song that was him in the early eighteen hundreds. And this might if if I'm right that's where the airplane is. Then you know -- they got a maybe they do have a lot of gold or something like that which you could see how something like that could be worked out people who think like that. And I'm really surprised that the Mogadishu's never mentioned by anybody here. Nor our car door crime Miami New York I think you've got some very good this salient points there. Let me ask -- this as they up. Commercial pilot to commercial pilots undergo regular psychological examination and if you or rabid. Rabid political views with the show up on something like that. Well it probably fire me if they checked my. Well no. Although in -- in Georgia and we do we go through all of that in the hiring process but. In the -- -- our job -- volume your hiring. You know pretty cup people who begin already been. Under the gun for military and so forth my case. Flying for years and everything and so you're you're currently work with them with the parties saying group of people but it's not to say that you know out of -- out about your iPod can have some of -- problems you know. But the the issue -- art it is we are ineffective intimately working with caller so called pilot and so forth. And you we would know it somewhat get weird and you know we would put up -- -- And I don't really know that with the mentality is probably think of everything over there Malaysia. They've made a comment that the captain would regard -- as they quote good Muslim myself that somewhere. And that. You know the 9/11 terrorists were good Muslims. Is scissors. The stuff that. Was. Spewed by terrorists. Soupy lot of people don't understand they're actually in the -- are not making it up. And in this -- to be a real stickler for all the details some of the more negative things of the -- Then you might be regarded as the model. Okay well I you're an excellent excellent -- and thanks for giving us a lot more to think about that we're already contemplating safe flying Vietnam thank you. While commercial pilot. Like some -- we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- company that was are good colleagues pilot commercial pilot as an on screen he piloted and does 740 sevens which are you know humongous. And gave us a lot to think about is the eight. A -- things that hadn't been brought up at all what was what was the cargo what was in the cargo bin. If there was -- could be diamonds can be almost any thing I'll tell you one thing that wouldn't happen. The airline would not announce it. That the plane that went down was caring golden diamond simply because. You would have everybody that knows how to fly out there looking to a bar to retrieve the cardinal. Or in different places at different islands. It would be like a gold -- -- they thought there was a cargo bin full of gold or diamonds or anything like that. But when Dan said very could be you don't could be terrorists but also going to be crime. Which is interesting because nobody's brought that aspect of it. Well worth very caring what was -- board that would make it valuable to take down and if zawahri for war crime. They were probably trying to dig down on pace it wouldn't crash. So there's so many. Things that think about it and I I think Dan thanks accidental back call because. Gives us a different areas through to a goal over -- in my we told -- beginning to show there's a company called Digital Globe. There out of long on Colorado they have five imaging satellites in orbit. And what they're doing his of their servers can hardly keep up because though the way it was described to me whether it's an app or a paid program I'm not really sure. You get to a general area. Of the globe okay say the Indian Ocean. And then your take a square out of that general area. And it's it checks the square and it becomes up with -- anything election now and if not. You move to another square until you've covered the whole area that you outline. And the company says that there are so many people on this now as is I just told you that. That it would be able to detect. Wreckage life rafts oil slicks things like that but they're saying that that their server can hardly keep vote they said -- quite overwhelming. And nobody's gotten anything yet and -- people look at and you have a 26 countries. And you have not only via the search and rescue operations. Especially search. But you also have I'm sure the intelligence and military operations looking too because a lot of people wanna know what this points. And so you've got a lot lots of lots of people and and think about it like this with that many people on the plane with the world looking Florence. How tight without intelligence have to be if it were down and safe. To make sure nobody discovered it. Or if -- -- down and racks that there's no there's no evidence at all of wreckage. So it is a grand mystery grand being large not wonderful. It's and its variants actually. You and you could as Dan says that I hassle about the World War II airports that were made for the military. You've -- land if you didn't care much about the plane. And survived that but taking off would be a different story so if you were going to retrofit it as a weapon. Either put things in it to retrofit and as a weapon or just the use of as a weapon after you dispose of the passengers. You would have to be able take off so I assume that all of these -- have been pursued already and it is still not known. Let's go to another day and this is -- Intel wanted -- on W via. Yeah see you in the pirates of -- my under what you're noticing that I -- -- as if our government goals were the planes like that your unit in the issue are probably on the USS Kidd or something like that. It's ready to do so on paper rescue. And the reality is just distribute teachable moment we should make. All planes. Were you kid access that we Q Internet respondent -- -- because it makes no sense why they would let someone -- -- They said the transponders these these assesses what's the other is a require a circuit breaker and -- more -- -- -- what is the purpose is there any re any legitimate -- I should've asked and the pilot this. There -- any legitimate reason to turn off. I mean I'm not a pilot but I can't think of any reason you would turn off way tracking device. Yeah I would understand why they'd want to turn it up Peter but I don't know if you go 45000 feet in the air. It's compressed urged the cabin and if you compare some -- and -- Well that's what it that's where that's what he said if the if the captain and co captain or just the captain on whoever was wearing a mask. If you could kill everybody in the plane just like that that you know that happens and -- in a private jet with Payne Stewart years ago the -- the golfer he and several staff members were going somewhere and that exact same thing happened. And then they had to wait until I ran out of fuel and it was escorted by military jets that in one at that. Crash into a metropolitan area and it didn't but that was scary and that was three or four hours this they say could have been six or seven hours. Yeah I remember that. That they -- -- -- -- Atlantic electric use it to recoup over the ocean -- innovated a clean hit -- orchestrated knew it will not have a degree field somewhere you know and I think that they've been looking for a long -- not you'll find something saw. There's a lot applicable in a play and all the musical 35 -- to keep -- -- feet. -- -- they're playing and I it's there probably is some sort of the next hurdle that that they want like colder or something else. Good point good point thank you very much appreciate it that's about it in that section of the world. There's a lot of intrigue that goes on from time to time things that maybe you -- not that familiar with. And to take that sudden beer a sudden change of direction once the transponder was show -- That's not an accident right there OK if you don't want somebody in now that -- you made that turn. And you shut that off it's it's lesser -- way to track it then. I think that's trivia pretty obvious that that would be intentional not accidental or if you're taking all of the plane. And you didn't want people -- know where you're taking it is shut the transponder off and then America -- -- be the same thing. So either way. Not good -- the thing that scares me the most besides obviously the loss of life of innocent passengers in the back and maybe the -- and go violent as well. Would be that different were -- landed him being retrofitted as a weapon I mean there are certainly enough weapons around. But they're usually under the guidance of some kind of structure. If you have some -- are you know some cowboy in has this -- up in the air as. Some of said he could take -- Israel could take it anywhere and use it as a mass weapon. If especially for or repetitive it was a big organization that repair of the -- -- tail numbers things like that how would you know if the transponder was off. So it's it is there's a lot that we don't know back a lot more than we don't know. I'm like your opinion that's what it's about today in -- and I'm trio -- -- -- 616 nights of the -- -- nine there it is -- company a -- asking a simple question but without a simple answer forwards. Where is the plane the plane of course. It is the 777. Malaysian airlines flight threesome in the 26 countries are looking for it. Not to mention -- besides the usual search and rescue people I'm sure of the intelligence agency's rules countries erratic too. And they're talking and everybody they're looking at everybody everybody they're going. Background checks on all the passengers we do and all of -- two passengers had stolen passports. At first that seem like a giant alarm until we realize that they said that that happens frequently there are only three countries. Actually check those Interpol passport lists of stolen passports what does that -- Britain. And and Middle Eastern country Niger to Saudi Arabia but that's set in fact Saddam. And they had the vice president speak out on that. About that issue of the information is there it's electronically file why why doesn't everybody is but we don't know the person's. That you as a stolen passports had anything to do with the despair is that this plane but I do. The thing that the idea of a day and gave us nobody's mentioned and because nobody's mentioned might be worth looking to. What was in the cargo holes. If there was valuables and Al vegetables to take any form could be gold. Could be diamonds can be any kind of precious metal could be any kind of vote. Highly intensive. Products that people would wanna get their hands on because they're worth a lot of money. Might be a reason for taking it down if you took it down the new one crash -- -- so -- download the information. And it seems extremely. Strange to me just thinking as a layman. That a pilot that would be in charge of a 777. Would have a simulator at his house. I could see a simulator at the company headquarters or at the airport or something or they can be used by everybody but. In your house that doesn't seem right -- I'm sure it doesn't brush up his skills. So so what would he have a therefore and they took it apart. And brought it to wherever they brought it to and they put back together and I think that that could possibly. Have some information stored in that the could be useful. And -- pick -- the economic and hadn't been. Something and it's computer as far as assimilated goes because again what I -- Structurally I -- terrorism -- -- their -- and our cost. Yeah I -- big computer driven the assembly because. I mean I think about a like this is certainly no game. But we play computer games which are very similar. Two it's a real life maybe is something hooked up to a computer. That has an extra set -- vote. A machines or whatever bug that way so we don't know I wish we did we don't know meanwhile we have everybody's speculating. Including Ed in block port -- you're on W idea. I -- Okay -- couple things -- they can -- but. They are they aware that they went and you know you got -- places. Canada went -- -- put that thing down to get a bad -- But look for participation. In or recent activation in the area turns voices the vulture looking over airplane bestow. Because they bury all the people. Like you'd be great. Well yeah it's possible and Coca Arpaio said you -- landed in a shorter field is even care about keeping appointment. OK but if they want to get longer by Yasser. Here's the only thing. Could they pulled. Boats and river. Our landing in the ocean and try to keep in terrible. When he knew -- -- -- a bit. To get the product out of the cargo are certain people out of this thing if they wanted to -- like such a year but they wanted to kidnap you. In particular. That's a good question I don't know how long -- 777 will be buoyant before it sank. But that's certainly if they could keep it afloat that certainly would make sense. Then if they shut that in also great shot everything you know they get or stop well they shut the doors. And it's saying. Who'll be you know just like -- you know. The war. The water she did it just so slowly maybe get a somewhat contained. -- -- Yeah I you know yeah and it's almost like him and somebody mentioned this earlier like the plot of James Bond film which was similar event will look like -- they went above their normal are high as far as flying. And then I could kill the passengers right there we have the pilot was wearing an oxygen mask. Then take it down. And then take it -- on him bland and take what you weren't out of -- thanks and let it sink slowly and we'll actually sort. So it wouldn't. You know up the doors so everything would just stay in there and go down -- and just like they own a vineyard look at it like gosh ship -- where. Well there's there's the cable there's -- person. Yeah I like that Titanic when they when they discover that Titanic. What you bring up some very interesting points in something for us more to think about thank you very much. Yeah I think about like this that they got the valuables and the valuables don't have to be. Happy I mean what -- forward diamonds if there Thursday and they want to use that to finance and international terrorism something like that. Could be a diamond shipment and one thing it's not going to happen. Is the airlines are going to tell you what was in there and -- last thing they're gonna do you'll never see. Representative of airlines say it not only do we fear of loss of people which would be our primary concern about also. There was treasurer board were diamonds -- -- more or gold or anything like that. But keep in mind as I said diamonds away much if it was a diamond shipment. As -- way you could you could offload that -- So have they took the plane up and killed up the passengers that they didn't beauty of the our -- and show off the oxygen system. The them pilots wearing one everybody in the back is dead. Bring the plane down like he just says bring it down landed in the water. Off load the the valuable cargo if you have a vote in the in the vicinity of where you're supposed to land -- Boom and then on the boat gone in the passages and still be strapped into the Israel would be bizarre beat my car -- almighty god thought of that is it is. Breathtaking. So there's a lot of scenarios. None of them to my mind have a good and I cannot see this plane being found in the passengers being cared for and -- all that. And the bad guys in cuffs I don't see that at all and hasn't happened yet. I don't see it. I think something to break but maybe nothing ever break I've heard season people say who know these kinds of situations -- We may need to find out and a week month or never. Never like he brought -- the project -- longer Titanic was under before that was discovered. In the bottom of the ocean. Now this and it will be I think really really hard. For summit -- supplying unless it wasn't the Indian Ocean by the way if it's there. Is I think the third deepest of I'm not mistaken he's trying to get all this information had his people are saying it. So if that sunk to the bottom there might be really difficult to ever find it again. OK. Let's go to or -- next in Akron candor on WB again. Yet still mortgage it and I don't have much time but I just wanted reiterate a little bit on that flight simulator. Watched -- pretty good judge newscast our net if you poll they add up on Internet you're gonna find at. He actually can. Struck the debt. And sell you'll notice three computer monitors. That create the scenery or aired on the view out the windshield. And then another monitor I don't laptop they chose to control and he's got a little wheel and a little joy stick -- actually put together himself. While so why would he do that if you're already accomplished pilot. If you're training pilot you can understand it but if you're an accomplished pilot why would you do that unless you wanted to do something you didn't want your boss is the find out about. I I agree with you see a guy gets the point I'm trying to make this forget that make it up for all it was I mean obviously didn't spend a million and you know. And -- -- -- and not only some help and in constructing that it's -- you're well. We've all got in a very interesting theories thank you thank you very much more about Tony because something ecologists say you have a small George there. Is that the beginning of something we should be concerned about the team with the PlayStation 2 o'clock -- all. I got about wraps it up ma'am we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under is right and I'm thirty way RW via. We'll we'll. Wish they never dreamed could be used.

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