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3-17 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Something like are there natural gas in Cuomo won't let it harvest. Bring. More -- or considered to -- -- period that are hurting so you're -- -- Al Michael about a brawl on Donald Trump and inhibit my when trouble is in town. He shot from his hip like usually doesn't insists that it casually dismissed anything go going on -- -- that there's nothing going on buffalo. When indeed we wish there were more -- we're sure faster pace but there are things going on buffalo. But that's the kind of remember when I criticized him I got criticized for criticizing him. But if you're going to get in two way race. C gave all the signs of not getting into. If you're gonna go into a race you can't issue for me up like that. As if this -- actual race and he said there's nothing happening above all of the next time Cuomo spoke or spokesperson for Cuomo. They would give a laundry list of things that are happening in buffalo. That isn't the way he's used to dealing used to dealing just saying whatever he says without having to back it up. Anything publicly. I by suspected right from the very beginning. There's not enough in it for him to risk his brand and that's the bottom line governor of New York maybe a lofty position for some -- of a billionaire. What does he need for except more publicity or publicity -- But if you lose you damage your -- can afford to do that and so there was no question in my mind it was a run and it didn't surprise me that he didn't decided not to run. But everybody was still -- after from out of follow -- like a little puppy dog. Suggesting that there's a chance he might know if you only he would look our way that would make you know make the rest of our -- incomplete. And in the end we got -- we got thrown to the curb with a tweet. Odd tweet that solely guy he might have been on his way to the bathroom. And he tweeted that he's gonna run that's it. I mean that's all we. So I think has done I think there's a lesson be learned their if he leaves us alone let's leave -- Malone did trump play yes of course pointless. In my mind he did may -- you're sitting home breathlessly thinking that he's really serious this. If -- -- -- and around that he wants to run for president again I hope nobody takes it seriously or get a lot of stress doesn't even bother covering. When he talks is I don't wanna hear it. At a loss so did to me he has no serious. Nothing serious to say about running for anything else after this so. Did he play as he your message to trump I gave you mine earlier. Are you a breathlessly awaiting news of his -- bigger plans he said standby because they're bigger plants okay. That that what will be bigger than governor of New York you're right president forget it forget it might actually have to do something from that one. And there will Paladino around that's a question. You think he should and he certainly made them made himself Null and made some of his positions known as a candidate maybe learn from the first one. But I think he's gonna be -- got to be a tough uphill fight there will be costly not much question about that. But today did better -- a lot of people thought he would do including getting the nomination by should should Iran. And give us call you like to discuss any of that we have a FaceBook posting a Chrysler yes we do this is from Rachel she said. Trump clearly stated that the GOP through somebody else in the race but he was not going to run and I don't blame the Republicans are -- they're not serious about winning. And it wasn't serious about running. So if he's not Sears our running in the republicans' answers about winning wire why are we bothering going through an election. The cost of an election. All of that stuff we have to go through the emotions just to do it. We have to do it that's the reason that they have elections is sometimes. That's a reasonably good game sometimes. A surprise happens -- -- can be Guatemala takes in today's political atmosphere. With the kind of communication we have all it takes is one big mistake. And he hasn't made it yet but who knows he could stuff bestow but that's how way to run a race hoping that your opponent in the race falls down. And that's that's no way to go. I think even if if something where -- while some sort of you know scandals thing about Andrew Cuomo he would still win the even -- -- -- that's how bad the state is because I think what you're gonna see is a lot of Republicans. -- look at -- Reno and say why bother him they're gonna stay home on Election Day united we -- I think derided -- and their their right he does look like potent. That's not a good thing look like you know to look like -- JFK well RJ of their -- -- as Merrill. But if you're if you're like JFK that's one thing does look like -- even at the right here for potent. -- it it his Adam has looked as a little off but not a lot he could he could win the -- lookalike contest which isn't a good thing to have when running for. A New York State governor. Although we did some good tables at let's go to Japanese or are just -- on WB yeah. Are all over here. I think any example when he got -- and I'm that important -- you guys here say that you know Republican -- stay on wheat we can't. You know it is so important to get rid of -- governor that. You know Israel might in the but not might strike well who agree with you I never bought a double wrong never bet on him. I I like -- But you know what was I wished I would be behind after you know everybody and could do what the final and not. I'm not a one issue candidate who you talk about the date back well -- very important to me because you know. Quote listening -- -- it not to kill -- that the country like I didn't service my son in the Marines he yelled what our weapons are for. But we really need to get behind history you know everybody no action breaks what jobs that we could do it I don't Democrat that are. And that -- -- them along for the state back both you'll could earn a. You know how we could do -- Jeff if we had a lot of people like you who are energized and charged ready to go. But I don't sense that I we don't like the same effect and I know Matt. A legend says -- one one issue guy and Jeremiah. But I don't think there's enough motivated Republicans. Who think there is a chance and if they don't -- this chance. They're not gonna contribute and are going to do not going to volunteer and sometimes it won't vote. I will definitely I don't hear it involve any other issue is acting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that market because it's acting with you down from Detroit and Albania -- are open -- New York. It was -- -- stay on for anybody to build a commercial truck that's how long -- -- the market. When an out there what -- in the pipeline and they were and we want lacking in most areas now and there was opposition it's really going to be here for well it's -- weeks -- -- They'll break well one market and it's one that's not the I think that not double album Dominican wanted to and I will be local believe me. Well but I keep up the good work will delete campers are you were selling great truck computer -- boy that's the king of the road there. And and and really big name -- and I'll tell you that -- keep up -- keep -- the enthusiasm appreciated thank you very much I don't seem like a downer. I'm a Brussels. A realist I understand things can happen. Dewey beats Truman famous headline who was holding up Harry Truman. So nobody expected Harry Truman when there's lots of races like that but -- this. -- you know these there I think there are more un motivated voters and there are motivated as far as Republicans are concerned. The Democrats are motivated as they wanna keep the gravy train coming. And they keep a job for their uncle and Iowa department but the Republicans. Not so much and I don't get an impression that there is day we can beat this guy this time attitude. Just look at the amount of takers in the state compared to people who are actually contributing. Yeah and their -- at -- They wanna continue the perfect storm of making it even more comfortable we said the Bosnia always -- Maradona in the city for about a minute and a half. In the already wants to have special ID cards for -- run and documented and undocumented which in the real world means. On life and I'm not -- and illegal as well we're more or. Illegal immigrants people who are here illegally wants to get them cards so that that they cannot be unidentified. Right away so they can get the benefits sooner so it's not enough to just feed the kitty with people who are here they're importing people through security. In the hope of a future amnesty and things like that 80393010616926. And I'm thirty will add another question. Can Cuomo be beaten. -- so the questions are. Did trump play us. Your message is trump. Are you breathlessly awaiting news of his globe bigger plans. And can Cuomo be beaten if a -- talked. Tunnel for the ball well -- -- on the Republican candidate out there and do. -- -- By beating Governor Cuomo in the general election TrueCrypt Gartner in a pro growth policies to bring jobs and -- dirty. State. From Tom precious article in the above windows over the weekend trump tweets that he won't run for governor. After all that the recording in them and so scraping and borrowing and fawning. That's who we ended up with a tweet aren't and according to Tom precious is article. One of of people. In the air county who was hoping trump would run is nick -- worries the Republican chairman he met with trump and other Republicans straight times. In his office in New York are lying or he said. He told trump he wanted a trump told him you want no part of a primary and I told everybody that. It looks now. And then after 28. Like we might have one candidate not to that's the question I've been waiting to have answered and now it looks like we have a clear field for for rob according to land were. So there again. It's slang word anyway as. OK hang around kid in case -- quarterback. Busted a knee you might get into the game now it's OK. We had confidence in your -- that's that's I don't like about politics. Why oh why Dick around like that with a public. If you're gonna have those meetings have -- secret. You know what I mean have a with it quiet not a not a grand a news. A news event every time you get on -- New York not everybody saying you know we feel pretty good about it could have blob blob blob blob block. And so what happens as genuine candidate somebody wants the job asked the Reno we don't know a lot about. A sits on the sidelines to wait to see if the cherished won the anointed one decides to get into the race. That when he doesn't then the Republican. Chairman of the company can say the party can unite around rob. -- somebody else shows up. I -- employees -- -- -- was among those -- according to this article who believed trump was serious about running as said the businessman despite his many private sector interest. Did did much homework the past few months. On nick I wish you had done more homework he did so much so -- what it was in buffalo is that nothing's happening here. -- there that's a much -- And -- so -- as the past few months and and held numerous meetings and strategy sessions about challenging Cuomo. On. I think line or they can get a job following the elephant with the big aluminum shovel if he believes that. The bottom line is if there is it you know if indeed. They could have I've gotten him convinced that he's the man for the job it should've been done away from the public spotlight. So it didn't diminish a legitimate candidate who's left afterwards. Right now we know that when we go to the supermarket as far as this convention all the good stuff was sold out as far as this so election. All the good stuff is sold out audio what's left on the shelf and that's exactly what restaurant awareness instead of keeping it quiet. -- keeping it secret and then if he says yes then you got a major. A major news event and mall mental. Instead come on c'mon he might he might we're gonna see -- again it's looking good the planes and sound he's doing a fund -- why would he do this and then now he's got to do it. Which was the end of the line. Four for any kind of momentum now -- -- has to convince you go to vote farm despite the fact that everybody was wishing somebody else was running. He tried going back. Where's where's the excitement for asked Serena probably in his county I would assume it's got to be somewhere there so he asked to go through the uphill fight of letting people know. Who he is. What he's done and what he'd like to do if he became governor. Instead of any kind of momentum up so now it's flat and I'd like to believe that we could still rally around somebody or whether it's as the rain or somebody else. But in the real world I think that once you vote what did you -- -- like that it's it's hard to get back in a we have some -- postings please yes we do this. -- from Pauly says trumpet is a big publicity blow hard all he wants is to constantly be in the spotlight. You'll never run for public office and right now I don't think that's such a bad thing. Yeah well I agree I agree because here's what happen if he does run for because he said remember. Some exciting news some bigger plans. -- ruling as if he does I think not only will the public remote -- I hope the press is more watery. The press is a little more cynical instead of fawning all over this guy I think they're trapped in a promo. When he was in town we -- promo we -- Promos of all the shows. About how. -- Information about the visit was about the trappings of Donald Trump. The plane. The plane was -- prior. He was going to -- two hours to certain VIPs of the point and that security people said no not a good idea. His office it was described it had to go and point. His other life that on the television personality. But this wasn't really on a guy who could do a better job and Andrew Cuomo as governor it was on how cool it is to be Donald Trump and that's the card he played. And I can understand that that's how he keeps his brand in in front of the public. And he puts his name on everything but the your panels and their probably on the journals and in the -- to our. But the bottom line is. He never intended to the first voice but he got a lot of publicity -- will wait till the next time. All right that's about doing it for Donald trouble we come back we're gonna ask the question nobody has the answer to. Where is planes will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo W. You DN call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. We have backward Beijing company name and another question everybody's asking -- talking about everybody's speculating about. It is so where can we find the airplane. And by the airplane we're talking about the Malaysian of flight MH 37 -- 777. There is gone. And there is more more information being -- at all times -- from satellites and from neighbors and things like that day of the focus seems to be on the two of the pilot co pilot now. And one of the things that seem strange to me now obviously not a commercial pilot. So I don't know about these things going your commercial pilot may be able Telesis. They went authorities went to have -- home of the pilot. And retrieved a simulator. Now do most pilots have a simulator at hole. I can see the -- having a simulator but what will be the purpose of a pilot having a simulator at home. Is gonna practice -- -- fly the plane I just don't get that so neighborhood they'd be constructed the simulator. Brought it back to headquarters and they put back together and adrenaline from I would assume. That it has some got a memory chip that they could tell how it's been used the what is good news for. But all kinds of things are coming in to up our focus that the plane that had severe altitude changes. A direction changes. That by the time that it's the last human voice heard on the plane was the co pilot. Saying goodnight trivia one of the traffic controllers. Wasn't the pilot's voice there's no there's no question that people don't know more than they don't tell. But what we do know is confusing. So whether it was a a suicide mission by the pilot -- -- pilot. Whether indeed the oxygen just left the cabin depressurized or whatever -- don't know a lot of speculation but among the experts. That they talked to a Sully Sullenberger man who put the plane down in the Revver. In new York and them and he's not really sure -- nobody really is. A -- asking you to speculate. As to where the plane is. Is it intact. Has -- been destroyed. Has -- been hijacked and landed somewhere. Will we ever see the plan again everybody is using the disclaimer all the people and that they interviewing the aviation business. Using the disclaimer of -- don't necessarily think we can have a quick. Solution to this week it may take weeks. It may take months years it may never happen and I've heard several people say may never happen. So think about like this they've never found a millionaire -- blamed rebels lost my homer and I think the only two people aboard -- navigator. So that was that are playing the size of a 777 you have to say. My goodness we can track a cell phone. In China from here. Well how come we can't find a 777. And then there are questions on how long the kings last. That a big -- opera and how long the battery is for them. So there's so many questions I just like your opinion because everybody's speculating. And I felt we were -- public speculation -- no expertise in Europe when safety or carjackings or anything but. I hear the same things you're here so let's go to Jerry. In Amherst -- you're on WB then. I'm funny Gerri what do you think. Ideas what do you know it's it's it's anybody's rights situation is -- and we did have the solution of the problem. In the James Bond movie it was a sequence with a stolen and English fighter jets -- on the arms and it right and the guy -- it. In the ocean. I saw that. -- Right now -- -- into the bottom. It's like in this case they think could be 151000. -- It's already happened it was a suicide mission delay and the plaintiffs like that that in New York City. The lately is intact. There's no debris nothing absolutely nothing and the planes -- the 151000 feet goodbye Sally there's your answer right there. Well I yeah I know is I. I know was in our nose in -- James Bond but there's a difference between even a fighter jet which is sizable and and a passenger jet which is enormous. -- but the point is if you're in the middle of the ocean. This 151000 -- -- you -- the middle ignited 2000 miles from any shorts to probably that it probably 1012 hours to think. That's a good white guy it's his it's his guess as anybody else's -- While. I thank you thank you Jerry. I mean it -- I mean it's movie. It was fiction obviously is moving but if -- is -- guess is anybody else's because they haven't found any debris anywhere. Any kind of floating debris no kind of distress signals given by anybody. There were no of course everybody always asks the same thing they assume that there are cell towers everywhere including on the ocean. I could put some on the ocean Hitler wanted to have Sylvia economically feasible. I'll but they're all saying you know with the how many passengers they have lived a 239. People on board. Nobody had a cell phone include get a message out or get a message and nothing like that well if there is goals fizzles out our. The only ones that would be a deal that would via. Satellite phones now some somebody may have had a satellite phone on there. But we don't know we have no clothes ball. And we've got so what how many they say twenties and 26 there are 26 countries looking for this morning. And it what are really cherish your heart out as I saw. A video blow a meeting with the relatives and friends and neighbors -- whatever of the 239. People aboard. And they're furious. Of course they're frustrated it's not like anybody's keeping information from them they don't know. In in today's society -- we not only want one and no we wanna know fast. And there are some things it can't just be done like that despite our best communications or whatever there's also a company called digital lol. Digital our goal is and long on Colorado. They have five imaging satellites in orbit and here's how Digital Globe works I guess it would be an out or maybe you by the program sure. Say you settle on a part of the ocean all right and you've got that on your screen. That what you do -- is -- square box that'll take part of that ocean and you click on that. And it'll it'll examine what is in that square box. And if there's anything showing it'll allergic to that. If there's not you click a button and it goes to the next digital box. And you can throw your ball screen like that then you can move the whole thing so they say digital people. Say that it's they're calling -- a crowd sourcing campaign. The company plans daily updates of the images. It's available for you whether you're not on their or not our servers are having hard time keeping up what he said because people are following it at home. And because we have equipment at home that gets us what we want instantly usually very fast. We can't understand why they can't fight it and this company says that they're being overwhelmed this Digital Globe company. 00 win their crowd sourcing campaign so everybody's checking all over the place and nothing nothing now thing. So I'm sure didn't disappear. I'm also sure. That. That it didn't go up. As we head though one listeners say the other day also. Timeout I gotta tell you -- George minority of today it wasn't Georgia was somebody on -- show somebody filling in for George today because it's Monday usually not on Monday okay. They were talking about some someplace in the United States called. A county of -- I'm not making that up the county of move. I don't -- our crack part supplements show overnight but -- thing is our cows come from. But it was accounted -- I'm sitting there like they have 43 names were Jesus -- not Jesus that's not good enough. -- -- mile -- -- because have been moved were all you know or remote. But the bottom line as of the people have active imaginations. Like the last caller you know that's not Ferraro it could be -- as good -- suggestion as anybody else's nobody really knows that the plane has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. But if it's a suicide. It's a suicide mission think about like miss. The pies at the pilot all heard the co pilot they would have to subdue the other one. There might be some disruption some kind of distress call whatever because now other -- seemed to be looking at these still. The pilot having simulator if anybody is a commercial pilot. A parent like I'd like you did tell me if that's normal for pilot of an airline. A company to have their own simulator at home. If he's a pilot he's already gotten a certain degree of proficiency in flying the plane. If if he needs other kinds of information about flying a -- Wouldn't he go to where the simulator. Instead of a simulator going to his house just doesn't seem. It's like Coca and it comes setting up a studio in my house so -- -- practice radio I don't think any of that. And neither should this pilot let's hope the pilot doesn't need training at his house while he's flying 239 people. It trailed Montreal on it under 60692 for six iron 930 what happened to plane is it on water. Is that on land is it destroyed is -- intact give assure your best guess so let's look at these statistics here 26 countries are looking. For the MH three yeah seventy flights. 777. Malaysian airlines 26 countries. Imagine that there were -- ten cent a search operations. Around the world are going on since I'm 239. People on board. I'm so I think one thing we have to do is broaden our imagination. The guy everybody in the airline industry is is looking for this everybody do you know thinking of what could -- the pilot could be playing whatever. But keep in mind if it was something nefarious. Then there ground would have to be involved with a true. If if they were gonna bring the plane somewhere. The ground they have to know where you're gonna bring that up that ground support. If they help people hostage they would have to feed them they would have to be more food that will be of -- -- a normal flight. So about that kind of work will be there so the intelligence agencies of I assume all 26 of these countries have intelligence agencies. Where are working on it too so you've got to the ground and the air looking at the same time and so far. No -- thing. -- guess now we're getting more more a little bits of information about what was turned off what was turned on and whose voice was. But that's about it nothing and nothing that can say okay this was a hijacking no this was a catastrophic failure which is in the via. And -- disregarding and now as a possibility but you know Evernote. So we'd like to hear from you give us your take on it. Let's go to two Lorie in Clarence -- here on WB again. -- a lot of relating you know on and talk about -- and so the chance. I'm just gonna run down a couple things that it can bear with me. We now. -- -- The transplant there was at least partially turned. And -- limit yet and it went deliberately. Off course. If this gentleman. Was going to make it a suicide mission. -- -- -- Trulia Philip saying number one. I think he would get to kill himself before hand the number two what was his mission statement. And bringing the plane down. We don't know of anything that was left behind by him saying he was doing their fair whatever reason. And for him to AMP simulator. I think he was trying to figure out ways. That this transplant there could be totally turned off. How low he might be able to build safely without being picked up in some other communication way. And if there was no way we had the transplant is that there was still a ways to communicate. With some dynamic ground. While you bring up some excellent points like that transponder. From what I've heard from pilot said that's a simple one that's just a switch but the other communications systems. Would require a circuit breaker to be taken out. So that's a little bit more complicated and you bring up a good point -- If at that time that he has commanded an airplane if it is suicide message as suicide mission one I've just taken down right there are broadcast why you're doing it and then take it down why would you fly they're saying now six to seven hours longer after that. It was a suicide mission -- announce why you're doing it you've taken down. Exactly. And -- -- Pray that the passenger paralyzed I don't know but there's no doubt in my mind that this plane did that crash. There would have been and -- the if someone would have seen an explosion. Somewhere there would have been. -- -- floating somewhere. There the theory to be searched and we have nothing man I think something looked pretty planned. I think it's been some sort. Warehouse -- -- some thing. And people and obviously known about them and -- talent there it's not being here my biggest fear. Is that this plane is gonna show up when we least expected it after all day 2000 forgotten. And it's gonna and that Jeff -- and I am a lot of them. Well that's a concern though it is being retrofitted. To do on a mission like that lets hope -- that is not correct thank you Laurie thank you very much. -- yeah I also heard that in that area of the world during or true there were thousands of airports built. -- during the conflict so. I don't know exactly how many feet that needs the land but maybe that was part of it -- to find out where can be landed. With the least amount go vote. Observation although certainly the -- little island and suddenly this giant 777 shows up. I mean. It's it's not a normal normal thing to happen we'll be back after this.

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