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Erie County Sheriff's News Conference on Standoff

Mar 17, 2014|

Concord standoff news conference.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morey goes and gets around and here come here. Vehicle pure power and that's me where we're extremely. Please we'll announce the successful and peaceful lending. And curriculars. Over the last fourteen hours recruited very easily result in. Tragic ending didn't. And do because of cooperation from the agency's use these people who today. Or sit down. Your comment that. A lot of police officer in May make him. Brussels to comes just think what it. The statue of saint Michael and is that they know and patrons in law enforcement is this was the truly game that we don't like to be. Thankful for all we visited once again is if your power. I'm sure mark Reverend Wright. Seated next to him it is highly you've written FBI he's taken both office. You're rooting for your time refuse service. Services and in my left if you grip in the tech an embarrassment to please. Once again we just representing. That many people involved in this instance today you know also I'm right Houston they have been internal reports appear when the job. Weird is there a future hall of New York State we should respect. And I don't want him last night two week domestic related incident. In the home country. Relevant country. We write to cars. 90909. PM compared location. Deputy read beyond. Hand. Came on the ground no room in the works for her and as they approach to residents. Or shot at apparently shoddy and in revenge for both vehicles. You know these these three times. We do know that we streaming. Serious incident. The call came from Cam Newton story recording male subject in the house. Before in the mail servers and brought him distraught once again massacred Vinson did it just turned or we head. You mentioned your opinion users finding wasn't bad there jobs are being fired inside the residence. And what can never you know it was a group in your a lot of residents. Once in the current return. I'm on the road now in the driveway. When when the cars Shia patrol cars were. That he's a good sense to immediately veco and seeking. Seep through a secret spot. Million and our cars I'm seeing were Ricard from New York State Police and Leo. A whole list of agencies that were involved and when you're done you'll mention on the night. And we quote or renal Ramon questions. It's important we do have because you Bauman of all the agencies. Truly what brought this to a successful. Successful law. And in we have to mention again that he's stepping beyond time. Deputy Hannah when you're prepared and the supervisors working. Lieutenant Joel Bellman and start on your home made some initial calls it really critical you know this is still investigation. What you like and location. What you realize that he's the subject was alone in the house. Masterpiece in the household time. What we used entrepreneur and very very short fiction and they're playing time you there were reasons certainly wasn't holes and which ones from. It though we worked on all night long we're gonna our negotiators the FBI negotiators. Establishing contact with the subject. Often I took hours. Cell phone calls and texting to establish that it was in the news. A long long process we should also mention is so extremely. Well we're very very proper. And the issue Kennedy. Of vital role in this and ultimately we did. What you were on it long and 9:30 this morning. The incident and use walking on the other residents. We do know that on multiple shots required. There are a lot of things we are are seeing yen after holding there. You just don't handle all the answers yet we don't give them information. How's it been was there. Steve who's watching this morning and I entered when he came out. And house has now been secured. Winning this reform we're going so I do anything for their. Most importantly. For the Russians to lose right. So a lot of what you're doing here. He introduced alongside the house and we can happen yet. Once again on the me quickly and the host nation reals in them was in danger holes in security atmosphere waiting to hear what. Search warrant and the house. We do know that the system uses a rifle. This is what's on the rifle. I don't know him and we do know that at least on the outside of the house we found. Sixty shell casings. Us. I mean we've had a full investigation. That probably 25 of those shots ring that are whose cars. Another or cures so it was probably around. Vehicles on the war swat team was strong and sustained no damage was wrong. And on higher ground. What can we. Confusion on all. Would assist the family and you know this morning and I entering. Now we get and here we did we didn't take throughout the night we increases when we immediate evacuation of all of which three houses. We did it one neighborhood. See you next week they went and their treatment and they and they're facing very thankful for their cooperation. Obviously. And their safety but he also group RC. And it's easy position. And I'll never be it wouldn't be hoses. In the neighborhood. The rural areas you know he would not want to hold it right next hole. We hit the houses that we determined that we were. You know potential. A danger zone so I kind of summed up this morning they hope is that we had and you know hopeful and very very very quote. Could not have been more. Understand the significance of what we did you into making freshmen post war reality tonight. At that point in time although fairly certain he was in the house we weren't complete in the house. And he's won the limit excessive areas to make you want holes over three hours. We hear a lot of hope departures from that stage we took more so than it closure we certainly appreciate that. When American agencies are involved I know so long was pulled. It's important this year and in wheelchairs office that we make you mentioned looking from one press release. What do a lot of agencies they made this thing. It's been really important in this cooperation quote. Doesn't happen just overnight this is years and years and years and years and years of people working together because here and I mentioned before in addition to sheriff's office within your state police. Ladies and in the civil civil rollers. He made this happen for us you're kind of emergency services Smart teams. Two doctors don't back there. That's what the general public protector plot and people. Obviously would the original public and B if I'm grateful citizens. Mentioned UC police FBI once again Orchard Park police department assistant to maintain. We've Border Patrol they funeral home. I'm hopeful that I don't understand what they include the role we appreciate your efforts under state conservation officers locations this thing. On the Boston counterpart in Q infield. Play a huge role you are all worse. It became the immediate thought placing you bring your family. And that was so good to have dropped nearly all night long and him appreciate that. Are going to mention how long road closures of homes rose. He's gotten hurt him more points for our company on north Boston. Hillcrest where we're coming Langford. We have north pounds of Alabama squad involved in Boston camels on standby. And less penalties. Rumor and once in and and Murphy play pictures from the helicopter. Out who we're country he's privileges to die there if people force we appreciate. You all again people didn't really. He's won me. We do a lot of things what we think we'll hear this morning and helped him over the future. Oh yeah we did I was a bit short there on a subject American anymore at this point in because it is. Essentially domestic violence and some people means there's a forty year old male. We did free pancakes and remember in the past. To a worker very minor. And when that was well on. Minor type of domestic and in the house. On nothing that would suggest it was in 2000 called. And minor incident. There's nothing suggested it would be resolved and and in this today. We do from all information we obtain. At the subject was. And some medication not human I don't know I didn't want and they'll tell you what we do this medication ball. And we also an indication that was on them all alcohol use and yes which may fourth victory after. Wolf you hope you questions wolf we appreciate it we'll do it through this year and then he pulled his table make comments as they may have been. Just to first base just a little redundant and in Western New York is noted for this and I don't think anywhere in the country it's done better. But he did a global operation that's enjoyed between emergency services. People in Western New York. On the who's uncomfortable than anything else that we know of anywhere in the country so our thanks and all of our our partners in this and then secondly in the way of a bit of an apology. To the media we know throughout the night you've been looking for information. When we do know that the individual was monitoring the media. It was potentially using the media to find out what we're doing so are reasons for not getting backed you with more information. Was it was exactly that put us at a disadvantage. Only if he was becoming aware of what we were doing so. What else. Indeed there's a bit earlier. Are reported that the situation was over into the world know. Known injuries. She's been told when I got there to be commander homestead. When the deputies that responded. To be original once again he's going to museums emea glass fragments in his eyes from Wendy's board it is what you. Can receive first and foremost and it's to question. Our first concern of course is their receivers including his safety at this point we've carried them on the mental hygiene law. Where valuation. Who we promote charges privacy rights in that. I can't looking and it takes it was going to be our first concern was getting in here I Mickelson. Because there's other suitors and mission here and want to be addressed. We'll charge you roll call. If need be evaluated by the district attorney down absentee terminal illness. Issue. Com the direct line of the half of them deal bullets. Humble bullet struck both look good in B. When children and direct line of clear on what the operators so we open up with how lucky we Wear. That the outcome of this but that both of those. Multiple shots were fired in the into the direct directly or leave the occupants of the police vehicles. That. I'll issue I do apologize wasn't and so the hurtful on. Almost at times and resolve this morning in the no no they were they brought in what can we really reached out to. Additional teams and what now and then and truce and resumed their own ideas that come and apologize to them looking. It. Compared procedures are prepared compared. What. We we think we're gonna do a photograph of her lucky to give you an amenity shall he the damage to those cars but the areas of Quinn not. Home for. Processing the scene. And we think it. We've we've also spoken with them home and congratulated them for yours survival on lead the league seem today to be in. The greatest experts we don't question them about the you know flashbacks. One of them is a reason to returning from from a military service. Said that what happened unless they was very much different than what happened to him. I mean in combat they both good talk with their families. Told them that their well. I'm again it innocent the vehicle of possible class in the when deputies eyes but. They. They looked great follow us on what you don't know what happens afterwards and. There. We reduce formed a union that. You know we do right when they were wrong to be acquired with the weapons over in the house and went and we've sealed. And we got to lose right. Entry in the house what we're I. Received in the house you know. More. Is that is. You remain on duty throughout the night. I'll probably only needed to lose things come pounded the we'll begin to sense that irritation in his eyes he had never mentioned and anyone duty. Earlier in the evening. But once he did much of that is nice hell Cindy you're pretty we decide. Mom who didn't even try to do first aid flushing them the recommended procedure was taken to a hospital so we went to UC MC Davis. Eyes examined there. Well didn't. We're I got to understand first and foremost. On Hollywood the FBI. He played in you went wrong I. I think it's a situation we're in negotiations. And get grabs him and that the bureau. Responsible publication. Marie was it new. Critical making it nanny and assistant and then and then a lot of assistance was I've got better performance. It's. Here. Shortly after the event started at 9 o'clock the sheriff called our office and ask for assistance from. We provided some tactical assets are swat team responded her hostage negotiators. And the sheriff's office had been negotiations well under way we got there and read. Collaborated together and it was truly joint after joint partnership is the sheriff's collaboration amongst the federal and local law enforcement. Is unparalleled. Anywhere else in the United States it's the best in western new York and it's because of the relationships that we do the other. While it was essentially twelve hours of conversation. That the situation was complicated by texting which is which is a new form of a negotiating enough in the hostage negotiating business. Com as you as you know you can't fully appreciate the context of a conversation. Overtaxed. And so to that degree it was complicated a little bit. The communications were on going all night long often on at times he was talking a lot at times he was not talking for ninety minutes or more. We've successfully engaging the family the family was tremendously helpful to us and. I just think over time he just came to the route realization. That. The only seat for the only appropriately and this thing was to come out peacefully which is where you get. Looking for Chevy cruise or more focus. I can drink town Jeep Chrysler dodge and links golf. Before you make a decision quick Karen let me show you why Kelly we'll we'll call the new 2014 got start the court's new cars under 181000. Colleen. Eight HO LL wind Hubert H you being here to. Well he was educated through the night. As the sheriff said probably complicated my prescriptions. Drugs and. Alcohol. So at times he was. Complacent at times he was angry at times he was educated at times he was. Yeah yeah very subdued. And when he ultimately came around I think he was probably tired and just wanted to and it. Here. Well when we have an indication that somebody is going to come out. There's a conversation that happens between the crisis negotiators in the swat team so there was a lot of conversation with the sheriff's office swat team commander. To coordinate the surrender. And essentially the negotiator. On gave him commands and hand him back out of the rear of the house and surrender himself to the sheriff's office swat team. MO. Is there going. We. I'm we talked about that only earn it like we. Do we do we have a tactical plan we we were planned for every contingency they were having those conversations. The entire night. Let down it's part of our job to remain professional and come and drop on her experience. And mutual respect for each other. And have a good open forum and an honest exchange of ideas and collaborate together on these plans which is what we did. And. Okay. I. And I think he I think the joint effort has to eclectic mix is different it is really number responders. All what we Rhode Island situation where things may have in this situation is different because things did it. And I've been here. Fourteen years and I nursing care global creator. When. This is different and I think that and here he mentioned me. It affected you just mentioned profession. You know our our hope that it's a long night. What could the mayors we know person alone. We would rather tall and well. Lot of what went out to our deputies. Who were involved and didn't come out. Yes you can't help used in standard procedure we did we know we can get around it. We're told accurately boom got to meet performance concerned. With the RCD in history. And news minimal or you came out he was simply law. They underground and. What. And once I. Your religion culture and she could do. There is to issue several calls and thinking of my house next door. Which hosts next door was it was a relative of of the famine match which and we. Although we UC. More than one called. And I don't wanna see if it was the wife for an came from the house next door as if they don't have that information. It is if we think we did everything for twelve hours for the very busy for hours but came from the house next door initially. Other calls came from neighbors reporting on gunshots. Yeah it's a local people meters. Following or so important gunshots. That he issued multiple times. For more from location to leave. In the house of the house but on the initial call came from the hosted in. So from him and can be vacancy that chiefly. Knowing yes no answer no nobody was injured fortune there are other hosts. Kim if immigrants and when they knew things weren't weren't good. You move forward call your house. And yes the family does he use a one on one of the almost as Ali said on this and warned us to maintain the Fed these are. There's evidence but the famine there really very important very helpful role. And in the negotiations. It. That. All. I don't wanna comment to deepen their because it is them domestic issue once again we have we have several. Victims in this in this case when domestic but if it. I think it's safe to say there was an argument ensued in the house. There are going to really. Back pain. Or an. I think are better remind restarting thinking he's still a time what will be next but the patient and really there was no time there was no time. Schedules are that you'll does I have my eleven call when nothing like that was set we have to think what what to do next. He would like to sewage and talk forever you you can't because at some point. He may be at risk. So that it's always been planned but we were at the point of saying. Let's set a schedule for going. He just into the political spectrum plan that people believe overall procedures involved and number this one type officers from a multitude of agencies. A lot of and locations. And he changed the direction so so for instance and he come out of the house. Once again declaring that that would have prompted. It was kind of helped him to to escalate this again but there were personal standing by. Whose job it would've done to deal with that if he engaged and in this predicament where. You know we'll. The house wasn't close but we weren't sure did what we were all over in 99. Knives injuries in the house we weren't a hundred entries in the house at that point. And all of 219 was. It was in for about a mile I have. Sort of moon walking distance in just he's secure that entire area to nineteen all roads just in between he was real doozy and it did it perimeter. 11 that we did mention to we have to mention here. Key player was our our air support. Are played Ulster are blitzing or. Individuals. Shouldn't feel we're in the helicopter for hours we also received support from your state police helicopter. Where are pull out of there for hours and hours he refueled several times in debt. And that's because that gives us. The really bird's eye view and uses where unit which it in the right unit on it long and in the real watch an example of what they're seeing answered pretty impressive was that we've got to mention them they hate. They prepare for a long time that it's it's difficult and and the state police as well. I. We're. Yeah. It. We still that's part of the investigation. Unit. On. This part of investigations. That we that we don't believe they weren't with this part of investigations 11 too cute on it. And. They say it's helping get credit first of all they never stop expressing. Their concern for his wellbeing. If we know this much since they wrote of all the officers there and very tired but they were kept in company of police offices throughout the night. In May were very helpful very cooperative but never stopped expressing concern for us in this domestic drug and he was usually right. Were. And the middle to maintain the visuals happening nobody was psychological meaning to. He would have heard helicopters he knows it and you can watch. And it's it's important to us that we. And Teddy Kennedy fled the house and you would have been picked up. When it again at the time that the helicopter was there in the direction of travel he was moving toward or away from the different personnel that were surrounding the house. That's certainly was one of the appearance that. Activists. Who. We're. What he's charged arraignment we'll we'll follow him once again we're we're concerned first image you. Actually in some regards as a victim we're we're injury he's taking care of them will look at them the next step. I it should only account on that. Future been in and she's got doesn't use up Connick. We've undergone a huge effort news bring all of our deputies. After should response or deputies are going to risk any discrete job Homeland Security training academy in all of our deputies are being. Trained and active through responsive although we oftentimes what would the rover and think oh well crowd events but this really was an active shooter. You never know. He. It's. And it's important he. Your. Yes giving us survived something similar. Silver in. Mining in every crowd out problem. Enabled me to topical for the officers and and maybe forget some of the feelings that they are going to. On to experience. And encourages them to share the thought of other people to make sure it doesn't. Overburden them. And not just these two doctors all the officers and remember the settlers and it was a member of the state police here. Years ago her. Looks awesome track up the but it is vehicle so. I guess you just saying that it. It did you learn from everything that you are involved in. And you try to make something good come from the most evil things that your experience and and I do think that data need me to. Two. Talk better with all of the deputies tonight this morning. Egypt looks right now we're oversold. Investigating what each vehicle assisting Iran's. The front of the vehicles and and and if you should mention these these weren't random. And shots these are shots were directed. At the vehicle to drivers vehicles. Not random random story. More credit photographs we don't get to does where he lived here it is an older reporters very good. And we'll also he knows also in my town we know you know and so. Oh. Yes we do. Exactly what they just they did a revision brought out immoral war and read it. It was wrong. All we we were. Every effort Ballantine. In Johnson him. By Jonathan Hannah movement at all partially Woodbridge prevailed and Johnson and aging and in a and one of the deputies Susie and dog handler and the others members but I. Time flies relative to years of president out about twelve for bread and maybe. Six for John believe that information. Cameron vigilant behind you over or risk for you folks three shots in the in the front hood and windshield. If we demo also released you know. We believe anyone's guess on what they've they've got this in the negotiations. And a question sports or not we will follows up with a press release and I heard comments today. And more information immunity so we'll brutally by press release thank you.