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3-17 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello all how all of his region dominate. Yes I'm having sinus problems you're having sinus problems -- having sinus problems Chris is having sinus problems. But it doesn't matter simply because we have fresh fresh pastry from the bail out from the kitchens of Randy bush over. I shot one ladies and gentlemen and enjoy enjoy they are delicious. -- Brandy made him by himself as a moderate chipped in and helped allow whether or not but he could -- -- stand on the side of the road these are good. These are really really good I've had some from bakeries. But I never had a better in the eighties I love the reasons you guys like those things I'm asking Tony and -- the last time we saudis look slugger chipper shredder who is just -- -- a gone gone -- by -- I do enjoy it from the very get very nice -- exciting exciting as a basketball being played around every so that was a good teams. Goods and so that's that's always fun and they bring in their own crowd. And yet excited except I I admit a mistake of leaving the radio. On ESPN overnight OK and when you do that in your sleep you still can hear the radio. But you're not sure if it's in your dream or if it's real. And they run nowadays they rerun a lot of stuff on ESPN and they had excited crowds on all night so I hardly got an excellent. -- -- put it sure NPR on by the time I I would hit their dial position obviously. That would that would be more like it you guys leave the radio on that nine. No I used to while growing up I had to have musical blood. Not anymore I'd like silence I have a I have a set of headphones it's actually placed inside a headband. Okay and they gave they can tie into your iPhone or iPad any of the -- stuff. And often times I'll Wear those emblem a -- music -- on my iPod 5000 songs on there. And put that on on -- play in the and that's good but when you we have voice on -- night people get excited you wake up and then you're you -- like a dummy because. It wasn't really happening quite a Christian leader -- -- I don't. Intentionally but sometimes if I'm listen to something -- watching me gamers and they will flawlessly -- and that I actually did dead during a hockey music is their sabres are getting. Hammered for the most part against the islanders and I'm not you're down a couple goals that closely and general got excited and looked up. We didn't score. I'd Jenrette is so exciting that is if you feel guilty if you're sleeping while he's on. However I I don't know if I should tell you this is sabres are in such bad shape they asked if I would illegals yeah and yet at just lay across the crease as the analysts now and now let's go -- we bring up something goofy happening. In a community. And by and large it usually is Hamburg. For some reason the village of Hamburg the town of Hamburg is usually member of a somber days and they they have goofy stuff there. And I haven't had time to read the hall a letter to the editor but I do have the headline in my hands in in the Buffalo News today you ready. Hamburger officials have dealt Woody's an unfair bowl. Now I just getting. Them that our community against what is. Back how was there ever heard. That by the time I guess the court I mean they're at the evidence all standup. I'm glad it's not a it's not gonna happen but that's sort of says Hamburg officials have dealt what he's an unfair blow. Slump again if if you're not looking for -- unfair blow I would suggest you step in Hamburg but that's that's that obviously with the letters. Hamburg some board members should be ashamed of themselves for their dealings with. Woody's beach club offers a -- beach -- Our d.s name have to be woody in order to be here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For him to run his business I guess it's a it's a beach club so but just remember -- the headline hamburger officials abilities and her blow. It's my attention I'm like yeah that's what else is going on. Oprah. Crime committed shall have to take yen borders or something pretty so because. You know the corporate networks not doing well she made a gazillion gazillion dollars. Oh when our show is not because for one thing she was not only the talent she owned she only a big distribution companies -- a lot of money. And general studios it's not like she started with king at the -- I think she ended up doing -- herself but she's got a lot of money but that's today. Oprah is selling Harpo studios in Chicago eventually you'd think -- kick in a few bucks and -- BS -- it will bushel actually have a studios there until 20 am. -- studio for issue was in 1990 either 2011. And they'll be there for a couple of more years it's three and a half acres. It'll sell for 32 million dollars a good battle outside or over so you buy that bag she was looking out. In Switzerland. And Novak and go hey remember that have Persia and every report I just sole property and I'd like the entire company -- you very much. That's that via -- was. In Chicago home is in 85 and look at the media were meteoric rise I mean she rarely she is basically. A female version I think of a prior to talk shows but she did so well everybody bonded whether she's like Phil Donahue. Going out into the audience with a microphone stuff like that that wasn't really -- a lot especially. By females and so she met a lot of money she earned it and now she's made a lot more. I was that night and make a bid on Harpo studios. All right yeah parade. A Saint Patrick's Day parade. In New York is today strangely enough because it's Saint Patrick's Day we have our parade here the day before. And you must those people froze their shamrock soft yesterday it was called guys go to bread no there was no way not with most of the temperature -- call for US policy was sixteen that's not too bad what I'd have to bring beckon us to -- for all of us to call phonetic. Good excuses he has anything at anytime you don't wanna go to something I -- You know it's it's got to be at least at this age this taller. Something like that so that's a good get out of jail free card -- -- in my fallback that is -- -- -- you got -- who'll fall bags that's good now. See -- Chris and I don't have that we have to live through our team that went on to something or goes on our. You have a standard way to get out of thanks -- I just that a wife is working the best I like that because I have a whole article is not today's show. On how to gracefully saying now a lot of people can't say no. I don't buy this article I went through high school and trying to get to the prom like for warriors open. I know that but today they don't and they don't know how to gracefully exit and then what they'll do is they'll try and hedge their bet. The united idea I really can't do it maybe next time don't ever do that because they put you -- -- clock. Next time you can cut. Pardon me you can count on them all choked up you can count on them being there absolutely. I always. I always have to check my calendar. Which I've written on my calendar something for every day if he is out. There if I get out of that I well. And that's just the way it is OK when we come back your blog talk about today -- give us a big break down in New York has pulled it I saw that yeah kinda you know major sponsor. Because the the midair mr. sensitivity. Did not follow one because gays are -- it. Did not want -- march in the parade he's being criticized not only by via the game of smoke. By Bloomberg. -- his predecessor who says it doesn't make any sense and you don't gain anything by not marching. Is it supposed to Europe Tamara all the city these are people who are from the city he should be -- you should be march -- -- say that I said that I agree that. Should I just said it. I don't agree -- what I say why am I even hear not what's that the tree. Get -- got a trio fall for sure and did you see sixty minutes sixty minutes last night that whole special. A segment on entire twenty minute segment on drones. Our whole. These are you know and military -- there -- their civilian grounds they are still slick and this guy was so good at guiding the drone. There were branches coming out of a tree from say the middle of the top and they formed a circle. Very tight he rambled the drone -- throw it. And then back I mean that's how precise they are and they put cameras on them and the overhead shots -- fabulous as a whole different perspective. So that's kind of cool -- If if they weren't -- -- in my probably -- to have one what do you think Sam what goals is to pick up goodies usual though here's what will bill will buyer drone if you Geisel chip and me. And then we'll peak in people's windows. What do we start -- -- Tom what -- thing that I. Friendly Eid al-Qaeda. Everywhere what we're back we're more on his radio and I'm third in his -- -- company I'm sandy beach. And Tony is -- looking for part time job because this kid lost another two. And they -- -- forty -- its -- of truth and not get money for it and so this is like it's cold front section is missing. And how much does he get a what's the going rate when I -- that took this -- -- I got a quarter I'm sure it's much more now it's up to a block a black four times that I should've held out. -- Generale Broncos baby teeth all these years I got to quadruple my money. And so that's -- don't hear how well the arms polo and you know as well the dollar and I swallowed one almighty better revenue and hours and yes they did this money down -- drain go get an X ray improvements there. Is you know happy to without merit as a manager buck yes they'll -- a quarter that day I did that that was always fun thinking that the Tooth Fairy. Was going to come along and and it takes the teeth and that's more puzzling to give up other body parts -- -- kind of money really. This is that too when what we know he's gonna put -- broke and Allah at least that the gets brush back at the plate by some fire Boller in his new baseball league he won't have to worry about is a losing any front seat there already gotten right and it looks like Bobby Clarke of the -- -- is a hockey I think -- A lot of those that a lot of soccer players look like or Jack Lambert the Steelers have their vampire looked serious sign him up for Tebow always this is first -- -- -- No he played in the in the our church league last year. It was nice just kinda get introduced to it now we're gonna get into. A league no uniforms and diamonds. And the whole nine yard line is some good instructions like baseball you feel -- about -- likes watching -- and you know he's not. The he's got the most coordinated or skilled -- he's just not -- it's for him to have fun. I was a terrible base where I mean terrible terrible Terrell the -- I was on the team and I was on the team. Is because my best friend was the best baseball player in town it later on did it and that some of sports it's hurt you guys are really good. And -- on the team because I was like them you know how. If you ever see horses come out of attract they have a stable pony -- them they just get used to having the stable -- -- comes and -- whatever they're comfortable with it. I was is stable. And -- A basketball that was fine but baseball was Tara how bad was are reverend a coach or one game were behind and like anything laughed and there was wasn't much chance we're gonna win and meg coached call my name and is that each. Each each. Oh yeah I -- that's okay. It but. Wire time ever I guess everybody gets a moment it one time he was playing and anomalies that come on over where I was looking for guys like I went -- -- -- them. And -- the score was tied and I couldn't had a fastball save me aren't. The ball comes smoking and high -- my -- out there just so I would look good swinging right accidentally hit the ball. Right up the middle right of the middle for the winning run it's the only thing I've ever done in baseball and I just went. I just put the bad out there just hoping it will go well he struck out look at how good it looks -- it was gone for the prince's right. I was as surprised as anybody including the other pitcher that I hit that ball. It was strictly by accident of course I told anybody and it's too if it it's -- have commendable and now. I had I don't like baseball that much I liked basketball better. Because that any good about it -- -- Chris was good at what position to -- -- high -- and I've played outfield who pitched all right brush people back that's what I would go. If I can controller war but just. I would do if I couldn't control I -- are hard enough there to scare anybody it was a problem or you didn't OK because you can. If the first time they've ratio you brush them back to sell -- right -- just -- it right back and take care of debris that you feel the breeze passing their nose in -- afterwards they're not so eager -- it. I remember. In high school must play for berg are what are my friends grown up I was playing for Bennett Steve Posner -- he could. -- are so I have to face -- -- -- in the batter's box first what caused by and I made up my mind made their you know what I'm just gonna start backing out of the lowest. Back right so he doesn't -- -- stay out of the way he could you have as well Chris yeah I could. I would rather face the best moment anything that moved that would throw me out more like a lock in at a fastball and what you are doing like my wife anymore. There was little or no movement at about all the branch of regular -- Bob and we got some athletes who played football Tony who played based Barkley basketball got to cover notably hockey -- it. You played hockey to played. Little League and one year for burger where you're an enforcer. I play defense -- our -- no no no well. I would take a break we'll be back here we're more aware of the Beijing government -- us are subject today it is a subject that. -- people who are more than I am which is almost everybody. Would not do what I'm gonna do now because I'm a lesser person I'm going to raise my hands. Over my head. And say I told you sol one as surprised Donald Trump is not going to run for governor I am shocked. I am so shocked I can't tell you. And there will get into that and more on news radio I'm thirty we are WB yet. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on WB. Eat and. Tiger I don't continuing new story all morning long actually started last night let's get around to the town of Boston and Dave -- Dave what do you what do you have for us. Well we are breaking news sent the at this point that standoff is and it. You're going to be under -- -- equipment just speaking with reporters here moments ago. And that the suspects surrendered voluntarily. Within the past and managers felt. No injuries are reported all of this unfolded after domestic violence call. Started around nine last night ended with perhaps some back and forth. Fired when -- first arrived. Police presence here all night. And just now the past ten minutes or so it has been resolved the man has been taken into custody after voluntary. The voluntarily surrendering. We expect them more information about this with the news briefing in about an hour but the official word from the scene here as. But the standoff is over the man is in custody. After turning himself in with in the past 1015 minutes. That's ago I'm sure you'll have more information -- the -- don't they just have one question if you can answer it maybe -- committee can't. Is this a result of negotiations or bargaining or any just society had enough walked out without that. They did say that he just came out I don't know whether it was a result of them back and forth discussions and -- there was obviously a lot of activity through the night whether that included negotiator or not we just don't know yet. Are there it will look forward to your next report thank you very much alike. -- David they're all all the during the time it's our last night that is over the person walked out no one injured that's good certainly. As eleven Boston. For first off again for -- embossed that I can be tough. Because a lot of his very heavily wooded very hilly depending on on exactly where you are and at night -- -- almost impossible task. So we're glad it ended peacefully without any further gunfire. They will attend that press conference he said it's going to be in about an hour and we'll keep you informed of what's happening there. Meanwhile. Remember when. A group of local politicians. Decided. -- -- going to go down and see Donald Trump because the only way we can know we can win big governor's seat. Is we have a high profile person. That has terrific name recognition even though he does have some baggage certainly. In the state of new York and that would be Donald Trump. When they made the first trip. I said they're wasting their time this guy is not going to run. I don't care you know your -- your soothing his ego -- -- stroking his -- -- -- around. And a plain and simple reason is is obvious why he wouldn't run. He has a multimillion improbably a multi billion dollar empire. One in which he is the he's the king of the empire. With a reputation of the art of the deal. The man who can get it done the dealmaker of the person who can outsmart everybody else he's not gonna take a chance and run for governor because of the lost. Then his whole brand would be damaged not just -- a personal defeat. But the trump brand the trump brand he's going to protect at all times but that didn't stop them it went down and a and talk -- came back called Gideon exciting -- hasn't said anything yet. But all we should see his office. They had kid that isn't right. -- minute I think and at least three trips. And every time they get down there and they deserve. People who should know better season politicians' names we all know. They would come back full of hope and I said every single time he's not gonna run. Well guess what I said husband and I said it's -- because he demanded that the Republican Party. Be unified. That they're not be a primary in other words he wanted to coronation instead of election. End up because of that. I said not only is in Iran he has the get out of jail free card thank you I'm flattered whatever but the my conditions were not met but he. Party is not together. You know couldn't have a -- claim there would be your primary so I can't do it. And guess what app that's exactly what he did that I mean he he he -- here's how much we got out of Donald Trump for all of our. Fawning and in all my god look at that plane. All of his trump building is fabulous Bob Bob problem bought at the end of the day here's what we got. We got a tweet. That was a tweet saying that he was not going to run I know it's. Hello again and -- -- never press conference you know why because somebody may have estimate. Like why did you string us along this long. And he kept he kept buying time -- don't remember the last thing he -- that thing before last that he said. They wanted to answer. But he kept buying time it was playing -- that's exactly what happened. And then of finally. He said okay Friday which was last Friday. Probably announce something. Okay last Friday. Well I knew of course that when he postponed that. And said he would after tape is. His. A show on television is NBC show. That that was a sure sign that he's not running cause if he was going to run he wouldn't take the TV show because he wouldn't be allowed to do it. There's no sense -- -- and show you know -- knocked -- out to a once you are. They declared candidate that's the law the law says that equal time would have to be afforded. So it's Aziz said he wanted to tape the TV show I knew it -- running and I said on the -- none of us was secretive foreign. You know between B and -- and Chris it was a right out there on the Airways. So he gave lawyers hand right then. And I said he'll be a thanking us or are considering him blah blah blah. Admitted to meet his conditions blah blah blah but it wasn't. And he didn't is exactly right now I know a bigger man like me would this would say would not say I told you so. But that doesn't preclude me from saying it here watch my lips I told you soul about it and that's exactly what happened. And you know we -- get feedback from these other political sides one you know is it is that Russia. Chance there was no chance right from the beginning. And you know one person that I. Almost that kinda made me read not everything can change my mind but I -- -- album in the right columnist. I think. I was Karl -- Paladino seemed to. Feel like there's a good chance that under the right circumstances the run but third and that's a disclaimer the right circumstances if you put that in there get out of this thing. Because you can make it up as you go on. The others you know the other political types that went down to see him just were hoping I'm sure they would run. But they're Smart enough to recognize. Maybe take a push -- I doubted. The long campaign. If he loses he loses more than a race he loses a lot of his -- he was not going to do that. Someone asked you did trump play us that's the first question. I think he absolutely played -- your message to Donald Trump because you're not Donald Trump and he's and I clearly stated that a New -- there Republican Party is unable to unify I would. -- I would not I would run for governor -- if they work. They can't unify it and he can't but Denny said much bigger plans in mind stay tune. Here's my message to Donald Trump. Screw you leave us alone. We don't need it anymore we saw your plane we saw your office we know your daughter's beautiful leave us alone. While we try and win a race that you're -- not obviously helping us. Will be back tomorrow -- them. It. -- -- -- ST it is regional and you know we're talk about sports a minute ago for -- back to the subject I think we should all have sports nicknames. I'm going to assign nicknames. For -- as Chris pitched OK and Chris has got that look you don't wanna beat -- secrets on the mound. Bearing down on so why don't call him wild thing that's why I got a Charlie sheen's character from the movie that's good and a crowd chants wildly as he comes -- amount and just scares the hell out of every slightly at the vendor. Must -- and somebody you know that's good for him. -- -- -- -- -- -- Because you're in a martial arts and for -- I want you to come media don't. -- after Conrad told knoller and that would assure you that I'm not the kind of guy you wanna be at the bottom of the pile -- of trying to get a football. Perhaps on the wrong choice some white means a little fighting and scratching they didn't ask the and now. And that burning your house down after again you think that's basically where Alec. That's at Oregon wild thing which got Bruce way. And they'll so that's it no more or refer to sports those would be -- -- toughest radio show when exactly will take on anybody you know to talk about. Chicks there. I laugh at you guys those are just dismissed him -- -- like that. I don't know what -- A real people know -- -- that. Now be trump Donald Trump granted us a tweet. Isn't that -- the people of New York State. While -- politicos were trying to trying to will him for a lack of about a term in -- running for governor. He each weakness that was. An important person might god. And but he says. He says it's teasing way. You know states known much bigger plans in mind and I say states in my you know lots. I could care less -- about his business and that's that the questions. Did trump play as well of course he played us get more publicity getting closer to his. Our show going back on television. Your message at trump I gave my admire a special message you. Are we breathlessly awaiting news of his bigger plans are you and if so I've got some swamp -- I'd like to -- you. -- as you know the old expression lead follow or get out of the way. Regarding politics. I'm trump does not seem to want to leave because gently -- and it OK and IE definitely is not a follower. And he doesn't get out of the way because besides not running. He decided to let everybody know what we already know but let's reinforce that. That the Republican Party is not you know running like a fine oiled machine in New York State so we -- somebody within our own party. To publicize that and -- -- bill race against Andrew Cuomo. And I was going to be tough anyway under any circumstances with any candidate so let's let's let's kick the party -- down -- And also it became well known during this playtime. The ads ask Marino rob restaurant -- would be the second choice everybody went to McCain in -- you first. You'll you'll be our first choice would you wouldn't we go to the prom -- -- promise you will say you well. And he said no and so now we know that our candidate. Is going to be second choice he's a left over. Got a no matter how good he is he's always going to be second choice and that's a psychological thing he knows that the voting public knows that you know it. Cuomo knows that. Didn't get the best the best person to run up against he might have been the best person but the most well known and most anticipated person might be a better way. For me to say that. So he -- -- He can't follow and you'll get out of the way the big question here Wichita reminded me -- will -- Iran. We haven't heard anything. From Paladino that I am aware of regarding his his plans last time media he he made it known he was in the race that's for sure did very well here. Obviously and went but will he get back at him because that's one of things he was talking about do you think Kim he'll get back and it. That's a tough call. It costs a lot of money to go up against formal what is it like. 33 million dollars -- some guy and torture us or chance at him that's sizable. Challenge for anybody it's tough. Cause if it was easier to call of the year trump not going Bennett is to call whether Paladino will go or not. Paladino is. Is definitely not a standard type candidate. IE you never really know what he's gonna do so there's no way to really call that. It will be interesting if he did but he's already done it and didn't win. And cost them a lot of money I'm sure -- there are people like Zimmerman again but there again. Would that just dilute. Asked the -- -- wouldn't will we be better off -- -- terino. An encumbered or gore or restaurant -- becoming third choice by the time they get through via ballot box. I think because -- Reno has zero and I do mean zero chance. Throw anybody out there right now guy you're right he has no chance I mean I don't know we're kidding but it was really nice of the Donald to throw a hand grenade in there at the end. Not only is he gonna do it. He didn't even -- -- good good soldier might have given a little encouragement. Saying there's a lot we can learn about a Serena just do some things just struck just a little -- shoulder just some. Things nicely and -- bother it's all about him. I question. At length ones I've. Whether he would give a full commitment even if he didn't choose to run. Or is this going to be a part time hobby. And what really bug gets his -- going uses a reality TV show on NBC I think we're really found out is that Donald Trump is nothing more than intentional war while they he has there's no doubt there's no question all he's the last one to arrive at the party. Dressed in a fabulously -- an entourage by executive jet but the bottom line as. When the sump pump breaks is not the kind of guy that you're gonna want to come and help you cozy and he won't be there for. Are 839301806. On 692 visits are 930 did trump play us I think he did your message to Donald Trump. Are you breathlessly awaiting news about his bigger plans. Will Paladino Iran. I'll let us know it 030 I'm trio will be back after news.

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