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Missing Plane Search Starting To Grate On Nerves

Mar 17, 2014|

Shannon Van Sant

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- to China with the latest on developments with the missing Malaysian jetliner correspondent Shannon Van Sant is joining us this morning from Beijing. Shannon thank you. And this investigation. Now turning to the pilots and -- confirmation today that it was the co pilot's voice heard in the last communication. Also word of another person on the plane who had flying experience. Is there some anchors a much frustration there to these developments which are coming up more than a week after the plane's disappearance. Are you at their judgment that McNamee anger and get Trachtenberg and public and a quick and they number passengers. There cheerleading. A lot of them conspiracy theories of government aren't they're deeply suspicious that the -- -- and about the green and the fact that the -- the trouble to our -- -- that. Coming out 685 days between the appeared in a lot of that can not a quick on Saturday during March the cut corporate parent. -- I had tremendous anger and confusion really and it -- like China and the Chinese Government. I is uphill. A bad about not knowing exactly like it starts I. Oh yeah I pitched tremendous amount since a confusion and like other countries involved. Districts and frustration about the lady information and -- and that would be -- Shannon do you folks in China thinker feel. Because of the way of Malaysia has handled this matter but authorities might know more than they're telling us. Government has not directly said and they haven't -- -- -- even decried that. But certainly the Chinese people here can excel and and I look at the diplomats from other current major countries who who expect that that may be the case. I had I had about a quick speculation that point and it could very well. Beat the fact that Malaysia it is developing country and that the country. Asian countries are not America being transparent particularly good direct communication. All of these things could actors here and and it could ultimately curing complex and -- -- for people who are involved in the search effort. So that you -- I think a lot of people. And the Chinese public advocate and remembered. Do you believe that phenomenally in government. But it but it anxious speculation. Are the families still waiting together. If you look at them they'll hold up in the hotel here and be seen a lot of them are using to leave -- and -- -- -- have gone down it actually. But a lot of them that we're not gonna go home until he aging. Until we know what -- happened that claim that they feel like -- -- -- and the war and the Chinese Government. And family advocate for GAAP and non in the book about the stretched pretty desperate pleading -- -- of their family. And the tiny candy remembered here I remember from other from very -- social economic -- A lot of them are not -- while you're not a crowd here in China. A lot of a lot wired. Then -- emotion and the sentiment are dying in an accord Camry in China at record it throughout the economic call and -- -- -- think he got that eating. And about one -- to keep in mind -- the American girlfriend. The only adult American onboard his name -- look -- -- out actress and -- -- in Beijing an act -- crime occurred while. And that and she she won't give up hope she believed that are still alive. I actually believed say this -- the pilot attempted hijack the -- or somebody on the plane attempted take control plane. And and he is fighting hard for me and then and shall wait here. Get confirmation of what happened about our. Generals. Another development that -- surfaced over the weekend. A flight simulator was found in a search of the apartment of -- co pilot. Of the Malaysian jetliner I mean is that a real significant fine I mean this man was after all. A pilot so what is the usual Obama qualified pilot had a possession of flight simulation software almost unable to combine a. It's not a usual and that in yet but -- record a very good record airlines and and at least and are now. It's suspected emotional problems that are high -- DC -- -- -- decent. You're right having a -- -- -- doesn't mean anything. Every now investigators that he can control about -- -- and they have read cocaine and the police station and column color. And extra day -- -- returning and look under every known but I think he about it and because it. If the evidence I need it and the scenario that investigators have. I he -- are correct. Somebody I'm not going to go to the green and and right now there's -- download -- as to why because it. They're looking at patents. Anything about it publicly about Iggy and the church. When you city's families you know are still holding out hope. Do you think some of them I think this plane landed somewhere. Not completely -- a lot of the things got a lot of men think that that plane landed half on a remote islands. Or in a valley and centrally daddy is Beckett and I -- in the -- and apparently you lot good for planes landing. Either a lot of different Mary -- and out. By everybody you're speaking at a camp remembered diplomat journalists are covering the story. And that and and not trading at and I think that. -- can be given my treatment and you don't -- Africa Patrick. And the American girlfriend or will it parity -- she she -- him funny at HP said. What can this claim. Could've landed somebody passengers could still be alive he hit some people making it impossible that the impossible has already happened. Industry cut somebody twist and turn. It's your hands chant thank you for joining us this when we really appreciate it. Shannon Van -- she's covering the missing Malaysian jetliner from Beijing China.