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Social Media Trying to Track Missing Plane

Mar 17, 2014|

Dr. Greg Wood

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WBM. Live line as we continue to investigate the disappearance of those Malaysia airlines jetliner our guest is doctor Greg would. McGregor is the chairman of the marketing and information systems department all the way this school of business. And finished college -- Greg good morning and thank you for joining us who are the the Internet and social media's involvement in this mystery. Could it help or hinder the truth here. Well I don't think. It's going to. An impact on the facts of the story one way or the other. The it's the Internet and -- -- these social media. Sites are really value for people to find out information about the story got. As it unfolds. Is there any doubt in your mind that the story is consuming. Social media. All right I think itself portion of what's going -- -- there's so. You know it's probably it's about the same play on social media that does -- traditional. Media. There's just -- -- so many stories out there that are competing for our. All the excitement going on over Ukraine and as Russia and and and elsewhere in the in the world but it is I think because of some mystery. It probably -- Lend itself more to speculation and conversation on social media site. And because there is so much speculation because everyone sort of has a hunch that 101 AM I guess we really have to realize and understand in the case like this -- A -- him is often interest name but maybe rarely conclusive does that work. All right I think that's probably true peace in the we got to remember is that. Social media. Is really a driver of bomb. Audience two traditional news sites. You know that you get a lot about people increasingly going to social media sites the news state by. Traditional media like television. Print and radio combined still have a primary. Source for news. Both social media does -- serve as a driver and we that we you don't want to open by FaceBook and Twitter. Perhaps you interact with our our grounds but huge stories. They're discussing. And that very often times world. Leads to our policy not -- and that will take us to I traditional site what online. Greg there's an interesting story that we have on WB and dot com today on crowd sourcing and wondering if -- familiar -- this is using. Millions of volunteers. That are assisting in the search for this missing Malaysian -- But letting them scanned satellite images on their computer screens in their tagging anything that they see that might be suspect in sending and a. Yet -- person of the really need social media pop phenomenon has been used a lot of different ways. It was originally. He used to do very very large. Projects you know -- on the flight data entry of millions and millions of pieces of data breaking -- -- having. Individuals these just little pieces about them organize and it back into. Large. Completed work. Other using it even for a fundraising produce startup businesses and put something on our web site describing the business. Starbucks -- that were -- -- new ideas for their product they have web site that people go. We've ideas about how they look like the Starbucks. Prosperous cities -- server copy better and essentially. Instead of going -- starting about the dollars on. Market surveys of the wipe out those companies get all the information for free and in this case here. You know imagine surging almost smiled devotion and I guess they've also cherry who looked at land. Where the plane might have on. If you get a bunch of people to contribute. Who is looking at satellite images. Certainly. You know all of -- Doctor Gregg got a good -- -- -- new this morning thank you for your time. -- OK happy saint -- video doctor Greg -- chairman of the marketing and information systems department at the Wayland school of business and commissions college. And if you're looking for more information on crowd sourcing this morning and got a story and.