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St. Patrick's Day Market Outlook

Mar 17, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- lesson jurors with us this morning CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money Saturday's four until sex and WB and happy Saint Patrick's Day jail oh yes you as well and will it be sham racks -- shenanigans for the markets today. I think she acts so far it looks like we're looking up about ninety points in the premarket for the -- and that was after a pretty rotten week last week. Dow is down. About 2% -- that -- two point one. Most of this ban would jitters about. Things going on beyond the United States. Worries about a slowdown in China and isolated situations Ukraine causing investors some -- rest so. That now that the vote is done the referendum is done I think and it. There's a little bit of sell the rumor by the fact right now but I still think is going to be some. Some volatile -- We can understand China but tell our listeners how events like. The unrest over Crimea affection investors' minds. Well -- -- say -- reasoning would go is this he say OK well. -- is no big deal right but if there is some further action into Ukraine. And that disrupts the flow of oil and gas from Russia to Western Europe -- could be significant impact. And energy prices could rise across the globe which would also mean maybe here at home the -- at the pump could go out maybe by a dime herself. Now that's not a big deal in the short term but in the long term if that were to persist I think that he do start to get people a little bit worried. About the real economic impact and frankly if there's so there's a trade war that is starting to royal between the United States and Russia. It's going impact Western Europe and -- in -- Western Europe than it does impact us so there is. Some chance that this could get to be a bigger deal than just oh you know San -- the -- to secede and join Mexico. Who is there any market impact direct or indirect from the Malaysian -- disappearance. Well I don't think so I mean. In the past with these things happen that the airline itself may get hurt in terms of its stock price but -- there's that there's really no impact that big. Right now the big movers -- would be China because obviously the second biggest economy in the world. Uncertainty over Ukraine and then there isn't a bit of worry over at the US economic data that's been a little bit softer than we would have hoped for. A lot of that's being explained away by weather but you know within the next couple months Nancy rebound then there's going to be another round of people worrying oh with the US slowing down again. What is the buzz in your office about -- missing. Malaysian jetliner -- Well I mean obviously everyone at CBS news is very uptight about this and really having that same questions -- -- are the ones that take place in your dinner table which is what how. Happen how could be possible that you know we we here in using GPS defiant about any you know some remote area. -- -- across the globe. We can't find this yet so it's it's you know because you think like in that plane who wouldn't think that right it's like the worst fear that flight someone as a passenger on the flight. -- -- Well let's check in with you will soon thank you Aaron go bra or whatever they sent off very good thank you very much the top of the morning team of its chills less injured are CBS news senior business analyst and host of chill on money.