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NYS GOP Chair Ed Cox & More on Donald Trump

Mar 16, 2014|

.. and the NYS Governor's race

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It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and for the next twenty minutes or so and including after the news of the bottom of the hour were going to be talking about Donald Trump's decision. On Friday the real estate developer tweeted out that he would not run for governor in New York State. He has said it actually in three different tweets he said I have clearly stated that if New York State Republican Party is able to unify I would run for governor and win. They can't unify sat. And the second week leading up to the final decision the top leadership of the New York State Republican party's totally dysfunctional they haven't won a major election many years. And then the one that started the big flurry of news. While I won't be running for governor of New York State race I would have won I have much bigger plans in mind stay -- well happened. I'm no real political genius here I think the handwriting is on the wall a lot of analysts said that they certainly saw this one coming from -- it started come together. During his speech Wednesday in Syracuse up until then trumpet spoke of the declared candidate rob -- to Reno. But seldom that he really suggest he was -- wasn't running he never used words like whatever candidate you choose or in whatever direction one ago. But in Syracuse is speech he started to do that that's what I noticed. So I would think that. Whoever you folks in a very wise manner decide to choose I'd just say this. The Republicans. Really do you have a chance you know look at all the polls I think that -- state. Could absolutely. Be one. And he goes on to say again a couple time to set things like or whoever you choose. In Western New York we have one of those who started the draft trump moment operative Michael Capuano occasional host here. Was one and those that try to get him to run he spoke about -- Friday evening with WBN's Tom Bauerle. A month ago when he asked if I we're we are right I saw this thing turning in the wrong direction. It's one yet but -- meeting with about about 63%. Of the weighted vote of a Republican chairman and his office and we were supposed to. Get together put down an exploratory and -- didn't bat I realized that it made me look in the other correction. -- -- started talking about trying to -- -- for him to questions were more focused on. We were trying to describe for him what are brokered convention would break -- Out of a convention fight a -- -- where it would happen to eliminate. At the -- by getting more than 75% of the vote on war. If she yelled at bat which is probably what we were going to have to do. If there were some treachery. Among the Republican -- which they're all way it is. Then we would have actually you know in a primary. All the way until September and it would have been. You know is -- you know. That all along the way I think that's what. It did not want to do. I've -- under its spring economic and I thought sparkle and felt we started talking about a brokered convention. And I realized that that -- armed with a program if you want it more acclamation the. And then to put alliance say in this part is interesting that trump didn't bow -- because he couldn't win. Just because he didn't necessarily enjoy it or want to be a part of the process anymore loyal supporters according compute -- a heat could still have one. None of our our our hope have been diminished me he explained to him want to veto once again in review in the last couple of days. Are what we thought the path to victory was -- frankly Tom. Traditional. You know -- -- conventional wisdom. Are kind of political consultant or candidate an old -- guy with Tony -- where. But the reason why the numbers work for Donald Trump. Do in the only work if you believe in the radical change in the electoral landscape if its formative it -- -- would bring. Like you talk brought on years somebody who has. Of the name Mikey and money to attract the independent and Democrat voters have prepared the persona that they break. And it -- -- invent the wisdom you -- it never went if somebody who believed in a transformational candidate. You start at the Victor and he saw that at. We went into him again the last couple of days but I speak in the end. You know if he doesn't want to. Jump in the game with whether it's state Republican Party and its ailment that helped them. I don't respectable in the. Exactly could these state Republican Party have done for Donald Trump but he couldn't do -- himself see me again we get back into this said jerking us around thing. I don't. I don't think you were I don't think he'd jerk you around common -- and we went and he said no is every bit and that thank you very much a little salute. And we we've been able and the result was that him. Reconsider which did a month later he said he would it's something you would period we do if we invite. The idea that he had that -- now. The entire Republican Party ought to drop dead -- unite around him. Well I mean I believe that Donald Trump another candidate to beat you with they were all of it asked for special consideration. I think if it was something that. What you are without their -- it sounded like art too much but as -- be fine for him what what unity was. He didn't act arm or union it would be -- for unity look at it every single time he carefully chosen words. You want to look at -- present what he wanted was possible. But in the end I think he thought that many -- remember. But he thought it was possible that. Bit of wind it's -- -- pretty property woods but there you know they are going to be some threats. And it just the right and -- in the Republican Party in your. -- -- -- That's Michael Caputo coming up next live at Cox the chair of the state party -- thanks for joining us thanks for taking time on a Sunday and -- that it. Good morning everybody happy attorney Patrick stay in buffalo. Same -- you share from your point of view does the trump not. Running announcement change anything does that mean perhaps that -- best Reno can start to fight sooner. -- -- Robbers didn't chip right. Step right on the path that he's there and ever since we. First. There are now -- almost felt too slow roller really they get the most out there. And we had dinner together and he talked about it I urged him to get him. And that you said well here's what I have to do. Mike Kelly started doing it. Where do I took him to the Republican governor association -- part of that short since 2000 -- yet been out there you know what. Chris Christie you know like Chris Christie and which trustees -- And that help. -- understand apparently understand what they had to do it. He mixed with the governors should run or here's reporter running again about what it was done. They advised commit to a timetable. Had embargo on that timetable. Was late February early march announcement which backed equities. Really that -- and everything she had to do to get it to the -- and a and while it's art taught them about when trumps that you asserts the arrest that the -- thrilled that he would -- it at all. -- -- He drilled a -- trump would get and also and a but he stuck on a fast so I don't think it's changed. What he would do it's in in anyway. You said you urged him to run and I know -- Donald Trump as a possibility you have to maintain a little more neutrality. Is it safe to say that you were asked to Reno supporter from the beginning. Well auto and Serena looked the only potential really strong charitable but our strongest and the bit. I in my role as chairman RD -- party everything I could do peca meant. Complete December early January where Arnold helped people into -- That's the that he within eruption that -- the my role and it late January we had a meeting. I expect that to which to -- -- -- -- County chairs. They answered that I would like. And at this about -- and even darker helpful album they're etched. The outrage. I were made huge post or is so unify the party -- -- and all the other. That the -- could be helpful and Donald Trump by offered to him. We'll be made its first foray. Outside Europe city that is going to buffalo. I gave him from that mission he could use against all the -- off the Opel which they happen. -- just that I had not much -- Buddy by the executive director of the party a protege of yours is now his campaign manager. Did you financially support -- arena because a lot of the trump supporters say that behind the scenes. You weren't exactly supporting trump that you were kinda working against -- rebut that. Look at now early on and look forward trump to leave and fought. I've wanted to let. Rob knows and keywords that would be -- our strongest candidate and he is seriously. Thinking of getting him. I -- Emeka maximum contribution I could do to his Westchester cal as he didn't have a a a state account that. Just to let that -- that I was anxious for him to get into the rates but. That whole equation changed when. Donald Trump staff and the Internet that you would seriously considering. That was in late December early January but. And that as such that changed a whole equation at that point I started becoming obviously more neutral at the minute he. Optional actually. Where it's headed to buffalo like all the men offered him whatever help like good including. The -- -- cookie if you want a bit. Step the experiences statewide rate hike could suggest people who would be helpful to. Do you acknowledge that trump would have had certainly. Better name recognition and probably more money to throw at it. Think he would attack both of those but. It's in that first meeting with this staff I said look he's got. Two things that he really test it concerns about one is she's got tremendous business that's interest that's part of that success story. They both high quality thing -- well known for that building -- golf courses. And down here in Palm Beach in particular he had to put all boats both sides. And yet she can do that it stamp which really run those sensitive chips actually. And then it got to put thirty million up in the way that people know that on to compete air if that's what it takes you to a range and they settled I would want to vote you'll. What about the idea of a third person out there the Syracuse post standard this week. Wrote that there are rumblings of maybe another candidate and and that doesn't mean Carl Paladino but yet somebody else beyond that. IE I have heard nothing about that night don't have any idea who that third candidate might be. There might be others would go to the screening process of I'm not sure that'd be announced candidates. They are would be people who are probably given a good Republican message I would welcome them up and going around him. Being part of and getting used to it appears to be a statewide candidate because it's. Down the road or -- -- -- than they might indeed it up in the camp but I I don't think there's anyone who -- At the moment of the caliber of Bob Petrino who has chicken getting into the race and that includes you would say Carl Paladino locally. -- are a part although obviously the predicate that he has run a rates and IE. I'm not sure I units that he'd. Of getting him on the Conservative Party line. On the other hand Mike along aware of the Rochester you know Balch. -- Long made it clear that he was backing rob actually. What -- Paladino on the conservative line scare you because what it could mean to the ballot line and Republicans after. Well I think attorney hypothetical because he has a Republican and -- Wilson Pakula. From from Michael Malone in order to get -- To the to get tickets are lot so I'm not sure that that's combat. When trump announced on Friday he did it on Twitter and it was actually a series of tweets the final one said. I'm not running the one before that though this is what he said I want you to respond to it the top leadership of the New York State Republican Party is totally dysfunctional. They haven't won a major election in many years. The the -- there are cycles in this we have the governorship of New York retreat term so that tremendous. In 2006. Now the Democrats have had its four. What. Part two Serbs. They had Spitzer and Paterson and and now. And now Andrew Cuomo and obviously between that period. The they -- it button about sixty billion dollar budget has increased by fourteen billion dollars. Actually have been raised by the same amount Andrew Cuomo despite what he says actually raise taxes and broke. On the people upstate New York -- are still be. The least bit that's probably state the highest accurately state that among my highest energy cost. Among the highest education colts weren't very mediocre -- excerpts of her role should be to all your press releases. Three democratic governors over the last seven year. Those attributes we're not that power have about the fact they've won two elections yes. But I think the people of New York one to give them a chance. They haven't succeeded and I think at this year's -- trump I think -- united shall. Republican can win and I think rob that's Reno -- now only -- channel that this really superb. Political leader and and I know that that and I think. Just about the all the insiders you know. Andrew Cuomo is giving a lot of respect to rob -- -- is really very good opponent. There's been some speculation out there that behind the scenes. Cuomo is recruiting Republicans at least as donors and may be as supporters of his own candidacy in order to undermine rap -- -- what you stand. That showed his respect to rub that's really -- -- on the minor AD into in the back rooms. The -- hero that you value of the election. Fact is Bob Petrino got 30% of the democratic votes last November in Westchester County which is that the one democratic county. That's 61% of Hispanic vote should he got a quarter of the after the American vote endorsed by several apps to American leaders. And Hispanic leaders. The easiest choice of former chairman and likely has won three. Two. Actually one and three very difficult general elections in -- to a democratic Westchester County York -- -- to the one democratic. I want to jump back for second governor Governor Cuomo has not had any topped. General election campaign he. Is running scared of -- that you -- about -- you'll expect from I suspect rather street I was gonna get a lot of democratic you know Democrats -- -- I'm sure that. That global Republican Turkoglu and actually these elections were. I want him back out to the trump tweet in his announcement that he's not running he said again the top leadership of the Republican Party I got to thinking means you. Is totally dysfunctional addressed and addressed the unity factor please. Well it well I -- getting him we can collapse Wednesday I decided I'd better. That what Donald Trump and let him understand. Romney. That exactly. Where it's -- talked over the -- we're. Almost had two meetings but he was found here couldn't get back to New York this -- the whether -- like that. But it gets you sought to down to Palm Beach. And that yeah and that we had dinner together a good long dinner and -- On -- understood that the 62 county cheers. Has made it clear to me. That I. Could not unify the party in elections around one candidate for the other that would be like couldn't help -- -- -- and open up the ammunition issue that that culture to. I wanted him to understand because how much are really understood that between we haven't -- to me convention and -- And that two month period that it was really -- -- theory. Interviews and screening. That would be done by the candidates and that's -- and private process really looking to. Yet the support of the almost 500 committee men of the state committee and be designated. Our candidate at the that the committee the media. It bit that way in which. Whoever gets 51%. Would be designated and then we would all work to make sure there's not a primary going forward after a public primary. I want him to understand that and we went through that. And I went through that just to be sure he understood that with the process. And that there are tour that would not be a primary going forward and win it all work toward that not the primary if in fact. He want to dance music channel. Do you think his announcement leaves the party in disarray a little bit. Those who thought that he would run vs those who prefer arrest -- Well and chairmen like worthy has looked paltry unity I think -- that they saw him as perhaps or a candidate for various reasons. He of course. There -- as a candidate. He had his own obstacles to overcome. In treat different polls over the last too much different favor abilities we're in the 60% range. And he had almost a 100%. Maybe not -- And that would have been his barrier to overcome. Just has dropped barrier is raising the -- that he needs teacher gets its message so -- These chat up -- who would mean that they had overcome. And and I'm sure that although that never really came up and order special unsure. That that was part of Donald Trump's considerations. -- going forward and the are we destroyed no. We're fact. On the -- out that the -- committee at 62 county chairs the -- in which a lot. Back -- late January and we got a process to candidates would go through. So in. In looking to go to that process like -- cycle that they were in or out there now trump -- in real interest in the -- seriously considering getting in but it has picture look it's got a lot of other things you can do all of the other position interest rates are really likes to they would do well. And they -- clear that boat that -- -- something that I don't think you were willing to give up. For sure sure to make a run for governor. All right chairman -- we are out of time thanks for joining us this morning. It should be which nets at Cox chairman of the New York State Republican Party.